Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh Say, Can You See?

It's the 4th of July, y'all ... I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to the United States of America -- Woot! Woot! I hope all my fellow Americans are having a great day today ... eat some dogs, shoot off some fireworks (er, better yet ... leave the fireworks to the professionals, your fingers are more important than bottle rockets) and have a great leisurely day! Holla!

There is goss to be had ... so let's get to it ...

Kevin Federline has emerged from seclusion to run a few errands for his dear wife Britney Spears and his meal-ticket son Sean Preston. It looks like Britney had a craving for Fruity Pebbles and potato chips ... and Sean P. needed new diapers ... at least we know that K-Fed is good for something:

BOOOOOOOOO! I miss Perry the manny! He was a much better grocery shopper ... when Perry shops Britney gets bottled water, when The Federline shops Brit gets zits. It looks like our savior Perry Taylor has been sacked for good ... we haven't seen sight of him in weeks. I'm trying to hang on like Journey says to ... I Don't wanna Stop Believein' but it's not lookin' too good. [Source, Source]

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest had its UK premiere over the weekend and the stars came out to celebrate the movie's release:

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom looked pretty good, as usual (but I do have a question -- does Orlando only have that one suit?) ... Natalie Imbruglia looked cute as hell. Mischa Barton looked like she needed to urinate in the worst way. The poor thing prolly should've hit the loo before she hit the red carpet. [Source]

Keira Knightley was at the UK Pirates 2 premiere as well ... er, or should I say some young, skinny, flat-chested boy was at the movie premiere ...

Denying that she may have mimicked the Tinseltown trend to become too skinny, a waif-like Keira Knightley told reporters at London's premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on Monday night: "Whatever people say about my weight they are all wrong." Defending her appearance, the 21-year-old said, "Hollywood is all about the way you look, and I don't think that's the healthy thing for anyone. But, if you're strong and comfortable with yourself, then you're going to be fine." WTF? I have mosquito bites bigger than the poor girl's breasts. That dress hangs on her frame like a wet, gold lamé rag. Where did her body go? Well, if she's happy with the way she looks ... I guess that's cool, right? [Source]

Are you ready for some supercuteness? The Jolie-Pitts invited the Stefani-Rossdales over to their humble abode so that their children, Shiloh Nouvel and Kingston James, could have a little playdate together ... is there some match-making going on here? Check out these pictures:

Are these the cutest families or what? Since Kingston and Shiloh were born about a day apart it looks like they're going to be tied to one another for all time ... like they were made for each other? Uh, I'm prolly jumping the gun here but it's never too early to start speculating about future Hollywood hookups. The boys left the girls and the babies back at the house and went for a little ATV ride together ... you gotta love little Maddox in his safety helmet. It looks like everyone had a really fun time! [Source]

Lindsay Lohan spent part of her birthday celebration putting the moves on young'n that she scoped out on the beach ... she saw this fine hunk o' meat from afar and decided that she was gonna get with him ... she was gonna throw his ass down and show him all the tricks that she learned from Wilmer Valderrama ... er ... until she realized that it was her hot younger brother, Michael Lohan, that she was putting the moves on:

Photo credit: X-17

Uh ... oh who cares ... it was her birthday after all! If you can't put the moves on your buff younger sibling on the your 20th birthday, than when can you? Woot! [Source]

Rachel Hunter is a fine specimen of a woman ... and she likes to show it off ... unfortch, by going topless she has shown the world the secret to her success:

Click above to see the NSFW uncensored pictures

I had to obscure Rachel's massive boobs with the PITNB censor star so you aren't able to see her boob scar in these pictures. Click the image above to see the full-size, uncensored images at the Splash News blog to check 'em out. Whatev, fake plastic boobs or not, Ms. Hunter looks hawt! [Source]

Kylie Minogue is scheduled to give her first televised interview since she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year to Sky One on July 16th ... but parts of her interview have already been released to the media. Here is a screencap of the upcoming interview:

The Australian singer showed off a cropped bleached-blonde haircut and healthy glow in her first television interview since she was diagnosed with cancer. Miss Minogue, 38, who is convalescing after treatment for the disease, filmed a documentary with Sky One in which she talks about her year of hell since the diagnosis for the first time ... Speaking for the first time of the moment she found out she was suffering from the disease, she said: 'The moment my doctor told me, I went silent. 'My mum and dad were with me. Then we all fell to pieces. Then I was saying "No, but I'm getting a plane". Then they said "No you are not getting a plane. You'll just sit down'. As revealed in the Daily Mail, Kylie has recently returned to the recording studio and is working on a new album. She has said she is feeling 'good' after extensive cancer treatment.'I'm taking it slowly. You know, baby steps. We're taking one baby step at a time. It's early days and I'm not sure what shape things are going to take yet,' she said. Although no announcement had been made about new tour dates, she is said to be in talks to headline at next summer's Glastonbury Festival. Kylie looks amazing ... the woman has the mettle of a superhero and I love her to death! I cannot imagine what hell she's been thru in the months since her diagnosis ... but I'm ecstatic that she is doing so well. I'm really looking forward to seeing her on the stage again and I can't wait to have new music. Yay! The full interview airs on Sky One at 9pm on July 16th. [Source]

Check out these supercute pictures of the Ciccone-Ritchies hanging out in Central Park in NYC over the weekend -- aren't they just so adorable?

They all look so genuninely happy ... Rocco especially. You can tell that he is really close with his daddy. Lourdes is the perfect mini-Madonna ... that girl is gonna grow up to be an exact replica of Madge. I kinda hate the fugly tracksuits that Maddy is so fond of (ugh, and the Ed Hardy cap is a bit too K-Fed for me) but I'll cut her some slack. She does rule, after all. [Source]

Um, what have we here? It looks like Brandon Routh did a wee bit of "acting" before he was plucked from obscurity by Bryan Singer and made into Superman. I'm not sure what these screencaps are from and I really don't care ... let's just check out the nekkidness:

These scenes look a lot like they came from the late-night MTV sex-crazed & homo-friendly soap opera Undressed that was so popular a few years back. Hmm ... while Brandon looks hot, he's not quite as buff as he appears in Superman Returns. I wonder what other skeletons Mr. Routh has in his closet? [Source]

And finally, let's round out this 4th of July post with 4 hot All American Guys who seem to have a deep affection for the Stars and Stripes ... meet the 4 Hot 4th of July guys:

Our nation's symbol never looked so ... goooooooood. What better way to celebrate our nation's birthday than with a few hot guys posing with or near the star-spangled banner in various states of undress. Enjoy!!! [Source]

The News:
I got a lot of shizz done yesterday ... spent some time at Target picking up a few essentials for my big move out to LA which takes place in 2 short days. I spent the evening hanging out with Mark and Sarah at their place before we went out for a a few drinks at Cheli's in Dearborn. Along the way we got to watch the Dearborn fireworks display. While at Cheli's, I got to run into Pink readers Deanna and Kim who came over to say hello :)

We didn't hang out long because I needed to get home and take care of a few other things ... Today, we're driving out to see Zakiya and Tracey for a bit. It will be the last time I get to see my princess before I move away. Tracey tells me that she's walking already ... apparently she's walking around all over the place -- the problem is that she doesn't know how to stop and keeps running into things. !!! I can't wait to see her.

Okie ... that is all ... I have to go. Have a great 4th of the July, y'all!! XOXO

I'm out.