Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Match Made In Heaven

Woot! It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal made his choice ... a couple of days ago I was wondering if Jakey poo was going to choose either Matthew McConaughey or Lance Armstrong to be his new bicycling BFF and it looks like Matthew won out:

I can't say that I blame him ... Matthew is tres hot -- and we know he likes to party -- so I applaud Jakey's choice. They make such a handsome couple, don't they? [Source]

Jakey's ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst ain't losing any sleep over her ex-boyfriend, she's bizzy taking care of her own business. Here are pictures of Kirsten moving some of her shizz into her LA home ... she's moved back to the West Coast since she's finished filming the NYC portion of Spider-Man 3:

Photo credit: X-17

Believe me, I feel for the poor lass having to move her stuff in the California heat (and she really should be lifting with her legs, not her back) ... let me just tell you, I'm glad all my heavy moving is dunzo. From here on out, any big purchases are going to be delivered and set up -- either that or I'm gonna give Kirsten a call and ask her to help out. [Source]

Supercute Kylie Minogue is back in London after spending some time in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, here are a couple cute pictures of our fave little Aussie pixie -- who admits her struggle with cancer is far from over:

Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue says she is far from fully recovered from her breast cancer ordeal. The 38-year-old singer says she is lacking strength and stamina, but her fight against the disease has made her more understanding of the struggle some sufferers have to go through ... "I have to get on that walking machine and I've never been in this situation before where I have to start from the beginning. I don't have strength, I don't have stamina, I don't have everything I took for granted before. I've got a mountain to climb - but I don't fancy hanging around at the bottom of the mountain. There is a general perception that this doesn't happen to younger people and I'm not here to scare people at all, but it does happen - so beware." She looks so happy ... I love seeing her smile. Kylie is back in the studio working on new music ... and even tho our dear Kylie is still struggling a bit with her recovery -- it's great to hear that she's back to work. [Source]

Well now ... it appears that Lindsay Lohan and her new beau Harry Morton are becoming quite an item these days ... the pair have been taking their new love affair all over town:

Is it like Californian law that all new Hollywood "It" couples have to christen their new relationship at Disneyland or something? Actually, the picture of Linds kissing Harry's back is kinda sweet. I'm surprised she would allow such a private moment to be photographed. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes of this new pairing up ... will it last? [Source]

Speaking of new couples, here is a new picture of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo STILL trying to be nonchalant with their burgeoning relationship:

It's funny, I think they make such a great couple because they look so much like Nick & Jessica. Even with the darker hair, Vanessa is a pretty good replacement for Jessica. I think it's about time they come out with it already and make their new relationship a public affair. [Source]

Whoa! Who in Hollywood is crazy enough to go out in public without wearing any make-up in this day and age of the all-knowing, all-seeing paparazzi?

Photo credit: X-17

Eva Longoria is a brave woman ... who knew she was so ... white? I had no idea that she had freckles ... what the hell kinda Latina is this?! To be quite honest, she doesn't look bad at all ... she just looks really different. [Source]

LOL! Paris and Nicky Hilton spent an evening out together over the weekend and it looks like they were babysitting someone's little boy:

I'm shocked! Shouldn't that little kid be in a safety-approved rear-facing car seat? Someone should alert Child Protective Services. [Source]

Here is a picture of Jesse Metcalfe and his mom Nancy walking along the beach over the weekend:

I just wanted to post this picture because Jesse is a fine specimen of a man and his mother should be commended for his good looks. She should try and get him to chill out on the over-tweezing of his eyebrows, but overall she's doing a great job. [Source]

Nicole Kidman is continuing to become a "regular person" since getting married to Keith Urban and moving to his place in Nashville, TN ... here are a couple of pictures of Nicole leaving a public gym:

I bet she was mortified to find that not only would she have to share the gym equipment with other, non-famous, people but that she would also have to change in the locker room full of these non-famous people as well. She doesn't look too happy does she? I'm not sure if she's gonna make it in Nashville ... Keith better get her ass to a Sonic or a Chick-Fil-A to get her more on board with the normal living thing. [Source]

I can't believe that I'm about to say this but ... check out these hot pictures of Mischa Barton from the Prince's Trust Summer Ball last week:

She looks pretty, elegant and not at all the colorless ghoul that she usually does. She's gettin' major snaps from me on this look ... well done, Mischa -- now dump Cisco Adler and you'll be all set. [Source]

Um ... it's about to get really HAWT around here ... check out these AMAZING screencaptures from Chris Evans' latest movie London:

I haven't seen the movie, I have no idea what it's about and unless I hear there is more nekkidness in the movie beyond what we seen in these screencaps, I'll prolly not see the movie. All I know is Chris Evans is really, really freakin' hot. I figured y'all'd enjoy them as much as I do. [Source]

Speaking of really freakin' hot dudes, here are a few pictures from the very nautical 2007 Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign:

D&G really know hotness ... and they know that most peeps are really big fans of sea men. It's a win-win situation for all! [Source]

And finally, my very good friend Jeremy is featured in the new issue of Giant magazine. Jeremy, who is based in NYC, runs RoidRage.com and is the hottest Polaroid papparazzo around:

He manages to snap the coolest pictures of the hottest celebs ... I'm so glad that he's getting mad love from the media. Head on over to RoidRage.com to check out his work ... you can even buy copies of all the pictures that he takes.

Things are coming along nicely here in LA LA land. I managed to order my refrigerator yesterday to have it delivered today and I got my very Vikingesque looooong dining room table all set up and my super kickass couch (comprised of a love seat named Jennifer Love-Seat Hewitt and a chaise named Nick LaChaise) situated just right. Everything is taking shape bit by bit.

Last night a few of us went out to the Abbey for an impromptu dinner/drinks thing ... Sarah, Jim and I met up with Davey, Aaron, his boyfriend Rod and Adriana and much hilarity ensued:

Unfortch, Sarah is flying back to Detroit this afternoon. I'm gonna miss her so much ... she and I usually see each other almost every day and now she's going to be so far away. Fortunately, she's always available by phone or email at all hours of the day or night so hopefully I won't have to miss her too terribly. Oh, who am I kidding ... I'm gonna miss her terribly anyways.

David is flying in to LA tonight to spend a couple of weeks with me in my new place ... I can't tell you how excited I am to have him with me again! He will be here just in time to help me celebrate my birthday tomorrow :)

So ... I guess that's it for now ... I am out.