Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hero Worship

Wee! I am so glad that Perry Taylor is back in Britney Spears' employ ... he is the perfect guy to be working for her ... mainly because he looks clean and I bet he smells nice. He wears actual clothing (nary a wife-beater t-shirt in sight) and even shaves! He's perfect! Here are more pictures of Perry doing his thing ... trying to save our dear Britney:

Photo credit: X-17

Lord! Britney's hair looks HORRENDOUS but just look at how Perry looks at her ... that's lurve, y'all. I really hope he can infiltrate her inner sanctum enough to extricate the cancerous K-Fed from her life. The Supermanny is back ... and this is nothing but good news ... Woot! [Source, Source]

Miuccia Prada threw itself a huge party for Waist Down Skirts and of course the hottest Hollywood "It" Girls (who were here in town) showed up at the event:

Nicole Richie looked amazing ... that dress looks like it was made for her. Michelle Trachtenberg looked great as well but we need to get that girl a wee bit of color. Maybe I'll drag her to the beach one of these days. Lindsay Lohan looked a bit scary (I think it's the eye make-up) ... but nowhere near as frightening as Mary Kate Olsen. I swear, she must jump out of kid's closets to scare the hell out of them late at night just for kicks. I suppose we should be thankful that she left the headband at home. Thank God for small favors. [Source]

Paris Hilton has been spending a lot of her time lately pimpin' her new album in NYC ... here are a couple pics from her appearance on MTV's TRL:

Okay, is it me or has her head gotten really, really big all of the sudden? Her face looks really ... full ... Hmmm ... I wonder when this happened? It's not a good look for her. [Source, thanks Lyn]

Kelly Clarkson continues to thrill audiences on her new Addicted summer tour ... which is great ... but she also continues to NOT thrill me with her choice of stage outfits. Is her tour being sponsored by Talbots or Lane Bryant?

I don't get it ... is she trying to win over the soccer mom market by dressing like a soccer mom? She is so cute ... but this haircut + these clothes = Lynne Spears. Boo! [Source]

While bicycling seems to be the "it" summer sport of the year, a lot of celebs are also doing their fair share of jogging. We've already seen hot pics of Lance Armstrong and his BFF Matthew McConaughey doing a little bit of jogging ... and today we have pics of Matt Damon doing the same thing:

Now, I'm not a big Matt Damon fan but I really think he could've tried a little harder to look hot. Hello, shirtless? Sweating thru a t-shirt is so unsexy. He needs to take lessons from McArmstrong on how to do the jogging thing right. [Source]

Speaking of Matthew McConaughey, here is a newish promo picture (taken last month) of him with Matthew Fox on the set of their new movie We Are Marshall which was filming in Atlanta, GA:

Matthew Fox looks cute in his little 70's outfit ... Matthew McConaughey looks dorky ... he looks much better all sweaty and shirtless ... but that's just my humble opinion. [thanks Arjan]

Blah! Why does Beyonce feel the need to try so hard all the time ... check out this ridiculous hair-mess she's got goin' on in these pics:

That pile o' fake hair all up on her head needs to G-O! [Source]

Here is your first look at the first of many posters for Spider-Man 3:

Isn't it awesome? I love it ... I really hope that Venom is featured heavily in the new movie. I simply cannot wait! [Source, thanks Joe]

And finally, a few Pink readers have given me the head's up on a new product that showed up on the Hot Topic website ... it's a button/pin ... check it out:

LOLOLOLOLOL! Here is the product description from the website: Pink Is The New Stupid Pin -- Do you have friends who live vicariously through the lives of skinny popstarlets, snooty heiresses and B-list celebrities and check gossip blogs every hour, on the hour? Well, wear this button and tell them how you really feel! Holy shizz! You know you've reached a certain level of pop culture notoriety when stores like Hot Topic make products about you. I love it ... Pink is the new Blog is the only blog site that they chose to skewer -- and I'm touched! XO [thanks Kim]

Da News:
Welp, it's my first weekend here in LA and I am *so* loving everything about it. I'm settling in nicely, I'm getting really good at navigating around my new neighborhood. I got my cable installed and found a coffee table. I did my first run to the grocery store (spied Ray Toro from My Chemical Romance going into the store as I was coming out) and am already on my 3 dishwasher run. Isn't that awesome?! My bedroom is a nightmare tho ... I still have no bedroom furniture because I've yet to find a furniture store that sells bedroom sets. That's going to be my main priority next week ... I want a bed, damnit!

I've been meaning to post a quick update about my VW Beetle ... I left her at home in Detroit. My mom stopped using her Honda Accord when she got a Lincoln Navigator last year so she gave it to me to bring to LA. I put my TR3NT license plate on it and Voila! -- the new Trent Mobile.

Still not up for making any big plans yet ... David and I will prolly go to the movies or something ... but I'm pooped out on shopping and partying ... I just wanna chill.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.