Monday, July 17, 2006

More Bazaar

Well now ... it appears that the fine folks at Harper's Bazaar magazine don't want to see a good outtake picture go to waste (especially when it looks like they spent a lot of money on all that Photoshopping) ... here is the subscriber's cover of the August issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine which features the just leaked Britney Spears outtake photo:

Apparently, the other cover will be used for newsstand issues of the magazine and magazine subscribers will receive this cover. I'm not sure I'd want this photo staring up at me from my coffee table ... I just keep imagining Brit uncrossing her legs ... and then ... YIKES! [Source]

Sky One in the UK aired the long-awaited interview with Kylie Minogue yesterday and released these promo photos to go along with the piece:

Click HERE to visit the Sky One Kylie: The Interview website that has interview clips, photos and downloads ... or head on over to Finer Feelings (the Kylie Minogue fan site which caters to Kylie vid clips) to download the entire interview in 3 parts. I downloaded and watched the entire interview this morning and loved every moment of it. Kylie sounded so real ... she didn't really hold back at all ... she let her emotions show thru ... it is a very stunning but poignant interview. Check it out if you can. [Source]

A-HA! We finally have proof positive that Katie Holmes actually exists ... er ... wait ... well, anyways ... here are new pictures of Katie Holmes lumbering around her Colorado compound:

If you squint your eyes and picture it in your head, you can kinda make out a red baby carriage on the back porch in the last picture. This is supposed to lead us to believe that because there is a red thing that may or may not be a baby carriage then there must also be a baby Suri Holmes-Cruise. Yeah ... I'm not really buying it. I'm fairly certain that we will see some "baby" at some point but I doubt that I'll ever believe that it is a real live baby borne from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They're gonna hafta try a lot harder than this. [Source]

Speaking of Tom Cruise, here are new pictures from Saturday night of the crazy one presenting an award to his once dear friend Steven Spielberg at the Chicago International Film Festival:

Walking out from the wings and handing Spielberg the Golden Hugo award after festival founder Michael Kutza kidded that he couldn't find it, Cruise spoke of his admiration for the director of Jaws, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler's List and Cruise's own War of the Worlds. "I had the great pleasure of meeting Steven," Cruise said, reports CBS News. Then, addressing Spielberg directly, he added: "You took me to dinner when I was a young actor. I've seen every one of his films many, many times. I actually study his films." And though there had been reports that Spielberg, 59, and Cruise, 44, had clashed over the star's behavior while on the promotional trail for last summer's War of the Worlds -- during a Today show interview, Cruise notoriously lashed out at Brooke Shields over her use of anti-depressants to treat her postpartum depression -- there was no sign of any friction between the two men on Saturday. Yes, it appears that the bad blood between these two has been long forgotten ... I mean, you don't just hug a man and press your crotch into his if you're cross with him. That's genuine man lurve right there. [Source]

Awww ... check out these cute pictures of Hilary Duff and Joel Madden as they enjoy a lovely bike-riding date together over the weekend:

Photo credit: X-17

It's always so nice seeing Jilary out and about together. They're always so playful and affectionate. I love how Hilary can't put her caramel latte down for one second. LOL [Source]

The latest Hollywood love birds to pair up, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, seem to be warming up to being seeing together as a couple. Here are new pictures of the pair, also being playful, as they spend a nice afternoon grocery shopping:

Photo credit: X-17

You know it's serious when a couple goes grocery shopping together ... how very domestic of La-Nessa to be picking up a few groceries together. I wonder whose home they were shopping for. [Source]

Gwen Stefani felt it was appropriate for the ever-growing Kingston James to take his first visit to the beach over the weekend ... here are pictures of mother and child as they head for the beach:

Seriously, that kid is growing so fast! I wonder if Shiloh Nouvel is growing as fast as he is (they were only born a day apart). And to be clear, Gwen is carrying Kingston at a beach resort ... I don't think she actually took the little L.A.M.B. out into the sun ... but at the rate that he's growing, I'm sure it won't be long before he is out there playing in the water. [Source]

Wow! You'd think I'd eventually get used to the sight of Pamela Anderson and her protruding assets (since they're always being splashed all over the place) but I gotta admit, they never cease to amaze me ... here are new pics of Pammy pie busting out all over:

If you stare at them long enough and then move around they seem to follow you. Go ahead, try it. [Source]

Speaking of nips that seem to follow you around, here is the latest picture of Mischa Barton and her amazing, escaping nip:

Click the star to see uncensored image

I don't think they make a double-stick tape strong enough to reign in Mischa's goodies. Either one or the other of those little suckers always manage to figure out a way to break free to say Hello! [Source]

What's the first thing that a World Cup player does after his team DOESN'T win the championship? Well, he doesn't go to Disneyland (they only take winners) so I guess he has to make due hanging out with a few family and friends in his hometown of Madeira Island in Portugal ... here are a few pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his crew having some fun playing around:

Dang! You know, I don't really mind that Cristiano didn't win it all in this year's World Cup -- he's still got time. I also don't really mind that he's running around this beautiful island wearing only these skimpy little shorts. Yeeeeah, I don't really mind at all. [Source]

Hmm ... I know that Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis are good friends ... but I wonder just how close they really are ... especially when you see how cozy they got at Lindsay Lohan's recent beach party:

Are Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis really just friends? It's certainly open to question - particularly after these new pics of them emerged. The pair were snapped enjoying some private time at Lindsay Lohan's beach party in Malibu. Yes, that is the Lindsay Lohan that Brandon was caught on film saying mean things about recently ... But anyhoo, back to Paris and Brandon - the pair seemed to be acting a bit more pally than usual. And what with them both supposedly single at the moment, could they be the Hollywood It crowd's new item? Gross! Personally, I think these two were made for one another ... they seem to be really compatible personality-wise (and that isn't really saying much). If it weren't for the fact that Paris Hilton really likes to date pretty (but stupid) guys, I'd bet the farm that these two would end up together. Blah! They really are a match made in Gossip Hell. [Source]


I'm not sure why, but this picture of Paris Hilton really speaks to me:

Paris likes to fancy herself a modern day icon, the Marilyn Monroe of our time, but I think this picture really sums up her true place in our culture. [Source]

One last bit of Paris news, her pet ferret (I believe it's the one she named Dolce & Gabbana) heroically tried to escape recently ... and he almost got away ... but unfortch for him ... he failed:

Photo credit: X-17

The poor thing. It looks like if he really wants to escape his horrible existence he's going to have to do so in a more drastic manner. I wonder if ferrets know how to make nooses with those little hands of theirs. [Source]

And finally, we all know that Lindsay Lohan is the newest face of ProActiv Solution and here are a few screencaps from her first commercial for the product:

Click above to watch the video

I'm always so touched by the brave actions of celebs like Jessica Simpson, Diddy and Lindsay Lohan for having the strength to step forward and say "I have zits!". My favorite thing about these commercials are the BEFORE pictures ... when they show BEFORE pictures of celebs you only see one or two blemishes on their faces -- when you see BEFORE pictures of the regular people in the commercials you see a sea of blemishes all over their faces. I want to see what Jessica and Lindsay's faces really look like! Eh, on second thought ... maybe not. And thanks to ProActiv Solution I'll never have to! [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent yesterday afternoon lounging about, doing things around the apartment ... er, I should say I did things around the house and David enjoyed his Starbucks and New York Times. We had a quick late lunch/early dinner in Beverly Hills (well, at the Baja Fresh in Beverly Hills -- which isn't posh at all, in fact, it was kinda janky in there) and then spent the night in. Most of my boxes are unpacked, much of the apartment is put away ... my bedroom furniture is on the way ... I rule! I'll be so happy when everything is all settled ... at the rate I'm going, it won't be long now.

It's supposed to be a hot day today ... temps are supposed to exceed 100 degrees ... OY! Welcome to Southern California!

I'm out.