Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here Comes The Bride?

Hmmm ... there is deffo something afoot at the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, CA. Pink reader Walter lives near the Scientology Centre on Franklin Ave. in Hollywood and posted these curious pictures on his blog Rebels:

Walter seems to believe that this shindig might be little Suri Holmes-Cruise's coming out party but other celeb watchers tend to believe that the Scientologists are getting ready to throw the a wedding ceremony for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (if Katie ever had a chance to run for her life she better take it now). Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if these fine folks were getting ready to greet the Mothership ... perhaps it is on its way from planet XELNOR with instructions from lord XENU to drop off little Suri so that we can all finally get a good look at her. The only way I'd believe Tom Cruise fathered a child would be if I saw it come off the spaceship with my own eyes ... and even then, you know it'd be an adoption. Whatever the case may be, something is about to go down amongst the Scientologists ... and so we wait. [Source]

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson-Rock are into their 4th day as husband and wife and appear to be still going strong ... see, I knew they'd stand the test of time. Here are pictures of the happily wedded couple showing off their new wedding rings:

Ice, ice, baby! There's a whole lotta bling on those fingers. Now you know why Kid Rock is fond of drinking the PBR ... he needed to save his pennies to buy that rock for his blushing bride. [Source]

Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos are also about 4 days into their relationship and also appear to be doing well ... here are new pictures of the pair hanging out in St. Tropez, France:

It's strangely comforting seeing the reunification of Parisopolis ... at least now we can be pretty sure that Stavros will stop crying like a little baby ... well, that is until Paris dumps him again. [Source]

Victoria Beckham has gotten herself a new look ... gone are the mile long locks (extensions?) that she has so famously been rockin' for the past few months ... check out these pictures of a newly shorn Posh:

It was nice of little Brooklyn Beckham to try and shield our eyes from his mother's bony face ... it's too bad he wasn't around with his little notepad to cover up his mother's protruding collar bones. I bet you can sharpen knives on those things ... OY! Anyways, getting back to her hair ... I don't think I like it. I was a fan of her longer hair ... it framed her face better and hid her scariest bones. This new shorter 'do doesn't cover anything up. Boo! [Source, Source]

Madonna has been honored with her very own Square of Fame outside Wembley Arena in Wembley, London ... here are a couple pictures of Maddy hamming it up for the cameras:

Pop queen Madonna said she felt like "an honorary Brit" as she unveiled a cast of her hands striking a pose outside Wembley Arena. The diminutive singer's tiny hands had been cast in bronze to become the inaugural star at Wembley's new Square of Fame. Cast makers flew out to New York while Madonna was on the US-leg of her acclaimed Confessions Tour to prepare for the plaque. They used Alginate, an organic moulding material used by dentists to make casts of teeth, to create the original imprint. They then brought the impressions - created while the star was in her dressing room preparing to perform at Madison Square Gardens - back to the UK to turn into a bronze plaque ... Organisers hope it will become the British equivalent of Hollywood's famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The singer's hands have regularly attracted attention as the only part of her anatomy which betrays her age ... After kneeling on a cushion to pose with the casts she said: "They're great, it's a great honour. I did it because it makes me feel like an honorary Brit." LOL! I cannot believe they put that thing in about Madonna's hands betraying her age. I'm sure she loves hearing that. Anyways, congrats Madonna ... on your new square! [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... what do we have here? I wonder what bizznazz Michelle Williams has to be hanging out alone with Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe? Check out these curious photos of the pair sneaking around together:

HMMMMMMM ... I wonder if Heath Ledger knows about this friendship between Michelle and Ian. The first thing I thought of when I saw these pictures was that scene in Brokeback Mountain where Heath and Jake Gyllenhaal start making out by the stairway. Isn't this all verrrry interesting? [Source]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is such a cute little dork ... but she's really not as dorky as her boyfriend who appears to be very fond of dressing up like his girlfriend:

Gah! They look so cute and innocent, I wonder if these two have made it to third base yet. [Source]

Kylie Minogue was all smiles as she attended the London premiere of the new dance show Brasil Brasileiro this week. Check out these awesome pictures of a very happy looking Kylie:

It is still so great to see her looking so happy. I am loving following her successful recovery from her cancer treatments. Woot! [Source]

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are spending some time together since Ash wrapped up her summer concert tour this weekend ... it looks like the reinvention of Ashlee Simpson is on-going. Not content with merely a new nose, Ash appears to be looking for an entirely new identity:

Photo credit: X-17

Looking like Mischa Barton barely works on Mischa Barton ... it surely looks ridiculous on Ashlee Simpson. I think Ashlee needs to quit while she's ahead, otherwise she's going to ruin all the great progress that she's achieved in the past few months. [Source]

So ... over the past few months, I've learned a new appreciation for the sport of soccer thanks in large part to David Beckham and the World Cup. I was previously unaware of how ... stimulating a sport it was. Now it appears I need to take notice of another formerly unfamiliar sport to me ...

... Polo looks HAWT, y'all! Prince Harry looks very ... adept at this sport. I'm not sure what it is exactly that he's doing on his back with his legs spread like that but I'm very interested to find out. Who knew that polo was so intriguing? [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' campaign for the Fashion House of Versace:

JRM is a sexy beast. He looks good in almost anything ... but I think I prefer him in almost nothing. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera is on the cover of the new issue of the UK version of GQ magazine ... here are a few pictures from her photospread:

Boy, she is really working that blonde bombshell look, ain't she? While these pictures look okay I can't help but think that she's already done this look and photoshoot so many times before. [Source]

And finally, I have another fun little game for y'all. I bet you can't guess which celebrity is hiding underneath this fancy blanket:

Click above to find out who it is

No, it's not Michael Jackson's youngest son Prince Michael Jackson, II (who he affectionately crazily calls Blanket) but it is a pretty diminutive celebrity. Do YOU know who it is? [Source]

Last night I met up with my new friend Irene at Safari Sam's to check out the band Bright Light Fever. Ultragrrrl was DJing a set as well so I really wanted to check it out. The party, Check Yo' Ponytail, was really fun. I got to hear some awesome music, meet a bunch of cool peeps and dance my little booty off ... here are a few pics:

Bright Light Fever were amazing ... they sounded a little like the Killers with a little Hot Hot Heat thrown in for good measure. I really loved the TeddyBears ... their performance was awesome ... it was part DJ set, part multimedia experience with a dude in a scary bear head mingling with the crowd. They were pretty damn awesome. The band Gliss was playing as I walked in but unfortch I didn't get to snap any pics ... from what I heard, I really liked them too.

I got to meet a bunch of really cool Pink readers ... among them Amaya (who some of you may recognize), Mariel, Brooke, Jeff and Andy who are all pictured above. I also got to meet Stephanie, Melissa, Elise and others. I have been welcomed to LA with such open arms ... it's been really incredible.

I guess that's it ... I have to haul my cookies out to Santa Monica to do this thing this afternoon ... I also have to start packing for my weekend trip to Detroit. That is all ... I'm out.