Sunday, August 06, 2006

Party On!

Woot! We had the best time all day yesterday ... the early part of the day was spent celebrating Zakiya's 1st birthday and the latter part of the day was spent hanging out with a bunch of friends at Sarah's place ... yes, I managed to wake up today to post a little somethin' for all y'all ... let's get to it ...

Woo hoo! I love it! Check out these new pictures of Britney Spears doing a little shopping with her mom Lynne and her little sister Jamie Lynn ... and check it ... Perry Taylor manny/bodyguard extraordinaire went along with them:

I can't believe that I *still* get so excited to see Britney Spears all cozy with Perry the manny. Call me a crazy romantic but I still think there is still a chance that these two will hook up and run away with one another. I promise, Brit, I will forgive you EVERYTHING (including your insane love of the fugliest clothes in creation) if you dump K-Fed for Perry. I'll let you skate by all future transgressions as well ... you'll be able to enjoy any public restroom you like, barefoot if you wish, from here until the end of time. You can have as many babies as you like without one word of reprisal ... all I ask is for an album every once in a while. Just runaway with Perry ... thanks! [Source]

Pink readers Tina and Melinda alerted me to the fact that Pamela Anderson Ritchie has updated her official website with the news that she and Kid Rock got married for the second time here in Detroit yesterday afternoon:

Because there is no intense scrutiny by the paparazzi here in Detroit Rock City, I've yet to come across any photos of this Detroit courthouse wedding. I suspect we'll have to wait and hope for pictures to come from her official website. I'm glad to hear that the second-time newlyweds will be honeymooning here in Detroit ... maybe they'll have a party on Belle Isle or something? At any regard, I want to send out lots of Detroit Lurve and much congrats, again, to the wacky-happy couple. [Source, thanks Tina and Melinda]

The new Penelope Cruz movie Volver had its UK premiere on Friday and I was previously uninterested in this news until I came across these pictures of Siouxsie Sioux who attended the premiere:

Siouxsie is THE only person on Earth who can pull off this look. She looks amazing ... I mean, hello, Siouxsie is a legend. I was very happy to learn that she has recently signed a new record deal and will be releasing new music soon. Woot! [Source, thanks Mykah]

Mariah Carey opened the US leg of her world tour The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour in Miami last night and in celebration, has unveiled a few new wallpapers, avatars, etc. of a perfect looking Mimi:

Stunning! I wonder if she'll look this good when she takes the stage each and every night? [Source]

Yeah, no such luck ... Photoshop doesn't work live and in person ... but I still think that Mariah looked great nonetheless ... here are a few photos from her opening night show in Miami last night:

The hooch is alive and well it seems. I'm not sure what happened to all those awesome costume designs we saw earlier this week but the bra and panties look really works for Miss Mimi. By the looks of these pictures, you can tell that she is really working it out! This tour looks like it's gonna be a hot one ... I hope I get to see it at some point. [Source]

Pink reader Becky ran into Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas on Friday night at Six bar ... here are a few pics:

Looks like the boys really got their drink on ... but I wonder where the third member of the trifecta was? [thanks Becky]

Awww ... poor Jake Gyllenhaal was left home alone all by himself in LA ... here are pictures of Jakey poo doing a little toy shopping for his babies, Boo Radley and Atticus:

I bet he's a sweet daddy. Who needs those mean ol' biker boys when he's got his doggies to keep him company. He does look forlorn, tho ... I bet he is missing out on hanging with his boys. [Source]

Wow ... this is what Mary Kate Olsen looks like when she actually smiles at the paparazzi:

Photo credit: X-17

And now I'm kinda wishing she had a blanket to pull over her head. I think I prefer it when MK hides her face ... whatever you do ... DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO HER EYES ... AHHHHH! [Source]

Awww ... I'm just kidding ... she's not really that scary ... well, maybe a little ... but I digress ... Pink reader Daniel sends in these pictures from his friend's Facebook profile. Alexander Lewis is an up-and-coming fashion designer and it looks like he's BFF with MK herself:

I really hope that Alexander isn't the one responsible for getting Mary Kate hooked on those ridiculous headband things. I'm not used to seeing MK show any kind of personality in pictures ... I'm not sure what I think about these pics. [thanks Daniel]

Here are a couple new pictures of Xtina Aguilera going for, what looks a lot like, a drunken ride in an old car ... have she learned nothing from the firestorm of controversy that Mel Gibson's DUI arrest caused?

Someone get this woman a designated driver ... STAT! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Sean:

I'm of the mind that we can all use a little dose of rippling muscles coupled with washboard abs every Sunday afternoon. Personally, I think it's way too hot for jeans but I'm not really gonna complain. I hope you all enjoy! [Source]

Sorry, No newslinks today :(

Yesterday was the funnest day ever ... Zakiya's birthday party was the best ... she got the most amazing presents and we all enjoyed the most amazing food ... it was a blast. It was really nice seeing old friends and loved ones at her party. For those of you who are dying to know ... yes, I got to hang out for a bit with Zakiya's other godfather Erik. David and I got to meet Steve, Erik's new boyfriend without any drama at all ... we all had a very nice time together ... here are a few of the many, many pictures I took at her party:

Check out the back row of the group photo ... see ... it's all lurve all around :) Miss Thang, Zakiya Bibi, had to change her outfit no less than 3 times because she is a diva like that. She received the coolest presents from everyone ... lots of cute clothes, lots of noisy toys, her first car and a teddy bear that she immediately fell in love with (which was her gift from Unkie David).

After her party, we all chilled out for a while at Tracey's before we trekked out to Sarah's place for my going away party. Sarah organized a little get-together so that we could all hang for a bit before I have to go back to LA. I was SHOCKED that my very good friend Diana flew in from Washington DC to be my big surprise at the party ... I almost fell to the ground when I saw her walk in. Here are a few photos from my party:

This was the perfect opportunity to see many of my beloved friends ... even tho I'm not able to see some of them as often as I'd like (except for Candice's booty ... we all get to see her ass anytime we like) I'm glad that everyone made the effort to come out to see me. My friend's really mean a lot to me and I love them all dearly ...

Today David and I are double-dating with Sarah and Mark for dinner and a movie ... I'm already late ... so I'm out ... I'll be back tomorrow at the same Bat-time on the same Bat-channel. Lates!