Friday, August 18, 2006

Mean Girls

People magazine claims to have Britney Spears on the cover of their new issue (on newsstands now) but I am having a hard time believing this is our dear Britney. It doesn't even look like her ... what the hell did they do to her face?

It kinda sorta looks like her ... only the third picture really looks like Britney. ANYWAYS, I do approve of this rebranding ... it's nice to see Brit Brit all cleaned up for once. Britney reveals in this interview that baby #2 was an accident: At eight months pregnant – she says she's due "in a month" – the 24-year-old singer is about to become a mom for the second time – "in one year. And no, this pregnancy wasn't planned. "It just kind of happened," says Spears, who insists she and husband Kevin Federline, 28, don't know the baby's gender. Either way, she says with a laugh, "I'm going to wait a while for the next [one]!" The timing of baby No. 2's arrival may have been a surprise, but expanding her brood was never a question for the domesticity-craving pop star. Sean Preston "is going to be traveling on the road with me, so I think it will be good to have [a sibling] there with him," says Spears, who has dodged the morning sickness that plagued her the first go-round. As for the prospect of double diaper duty, she is taking it in stride using her mom Lynne's advice: "It's one day at a time" ... Having her family around will be even more important when Spears – whose last original album was 2003's In the Zone – makes her postponed return to the music world with a new album due next year that she describes as "cooler than ever – fun, upbeat and sexy." "I've been going to the studio lately, and we've been trying out different nannies, but it's hard," she says of leaving Sean Preston. "It's personal because this person is with your child every day. I'm so torn right now" ... By now life with "Poo-Poo," as she affectionately calls her son ("Boo-Boo, Poo-Poo, it changes all the time"), has settled into a happy routine. On a typical day at their Malibu home, "he gets up around 7 or 8, and we'll play in his room and then go for a walk," says Spears. "My backyard is like Disneyland! I have the kiddie playhouse and sand box, the pool and his miniature pool." Sean Preston's favorites? "He loves books. He likes choo-choo trains, anything with wheels. He loves Baby Einstein and the Wiggles." At bedtime, around 10, "sometimes I'll sing to him," she says. "I make up stories, too." I'm glad to hear that she's working on new material ... I'm weirded out that she calls her son Poo-Poo. LOL! [Source]

While a heavily Photoshopped Britney-like person smiles on the cover of People magazine, the real Britney was recently spotted out in Malibu, CA hanging out with her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears ... and it looks like Britney has been teaching JL some bad habits:

Photo credit: Splash News

NOOOOO! Not Jamie Lynn too! If we lose her then what do we have left? [Source]


Some of you may have yet to watch the season premiere of Laguna Beach so I won't spoil it for you ... I finally got to watch the episode yesterday and ... well ... I'm not exactly sure what I thought about it:

I didn't expect them to go for the obvious Mean Girls thing this season ... I mean, I love the bitchiness just like everyone else but the overt meanness of Cami and Kyndra (can you spare me that Y in her name, btw?) just makes them look ugly (well, more ugly). Even so ... they are just little high school girls. The fact that both Alexes and Jessica are back for more this season is kinda sad. Is Jessica seriously trolling around for high school boys? LAME! So far, there isn't anyone that I like or want to root for this season -- I guess I feel sorry for Rocky but that's not a good thing. If every episode is just gonna be catty, mean bullshizz I think I'm gonna tire of it real quick. [Source]

One more thing, does Cami remind any of y'all of that mean, bitchy little girl Sophie from the first season of My Super Sweet 16?


I also finally got to watch the finale of this season of So You Think You Can Dance? yesterday and have to admit ... I was a little bummed that my pick didn't win the whole competition:

I really was rooting for Travis to win ... I honestly think he was the best dancer this season ... but whatev. Benji won the chance to dance back-up for Celine Dion ... so maybe Travis was the real winner in the end. Anyways ... congrats Benji! [Source]

Fergie pimped her new song London Bridge on the SYTYCD? finale and was spotted wearing a HORRRRRIBLE pair of capris! I almost gouged my eyes out:

Additionally, Gwyneth Paltrow was also seen wearing the horrid short pants at Madonna's birthday party earlier this week. Blech! Hopefully this sick trend will be dunzo soon ... I'm not sure I can take much more. [Source, Source]

Pink reader Caite was in NYC earlier this week and she happened to catch Xtina Aguilera performing on the Good Morning America Summer Stage and she sends in these pictures to share with us:

I've been listening to Xtina's new album Back to Basics ... and I think it's growing on me. I don't love it all but it's an interesting album. I still think she's gone a bit overboard with the old skool '40s thing but she has made it her own. It's really not that bad. [thanks Caite]

Nicky Hilton is trying to stay relevant by embarking on her new hotel venture. Here is a picture of Nicky with a very interesting-looking chart showcasing her new South Beach hotel -- do try and stay awake, will you?

While Nicky was boring people in Florida, big sis Paris Hilton was in NYC promoting her new album at the second of MANY cd release parties. Unfortch, according to Pink reader Mel, the party wasn't all that ... not at all. Paris is having another cd release party tonight here in LA. I think I'm gonna skip it ... I got a date with a couple of chicks to see some snakes on a plane. [Source, Source]

A new and improved (well, improved as of late) Katie Holmes was spotted shopping her little heart out at Barney's this week ... here are a couple pictures of the beaming Miss Holmes:

She looks happy and content. Looks like we've really lost her to the dark side forever. Sad. [Source]

Check out thse adorable pictures of Jude Law spending some daddy time with his son Rudy:

That little boy is so damn cute. They're both so damn cute. Love it! [Source]

Here are new pictures from a recent Dannii Minogue club performance in Sydney, Australia:

She's hot ... I love Dannii. [Source]

Madonna and her crew have taken over ... here are pictures from the newly revamped H&M website:

It must be said that I have a bit of a crush on Stuart Price ... and he looks really hot in this pic. Actually, all of Maddy's peeps look really good in their individual photos. [Source]

Madonna really looks great in all of her individual photos:

Starting on August 24th, you can pick up your own Madonna tracksuit which will be available in three colors including black, white and purple. Expect to see all boys at MisShapes wearing their new tracksuits the following Saturday night. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Vicky sends in this picture of the 2007 Official David Beckham calendar:

Such a sexy mothereffer. I'm deff gonna hafta get me one of these calendars :) [thanks Vicky]

Da News:
So yesterday morning I did a quick interview at CNN for Showbiz Tonight ... my tiny piece on Tom Cruise aired on the show last night but you can watch the segment online HERE. [thanks Nick]

After the interview, I met up with my dear Michelle for lunch at Toast on 3rd St. here in LA. I had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich ... if you ever go there try the Not Your Mama's Grilled Cheese -- I promise you'll love it! We randomly ran into Natalie Imbruglia who was also lunching there ... she is so tiny! Aussie women are so beautiful ... she looked amazing. I also got to meet Pink reader Pam who was having lunch with her mom.

Last night I went out to see the my FAVE NEW BAND The Oohlas play a show at The Echo ... here are a few pics of the kids rockin' out on stage:

Ollie was soo sweet ... she dedicated a couple of songs to me ... it was very sweet. I am so in love with The Oohlas right now ... I can't wait for their album to be released so y'all can hear it. It comes out on Sept. 26 and I'll deff try to remind y'all to check it out when it hits.

Tonight I'm meeting up with a couple of hot chicks to see Snakes on a Plane ... if we get drunk enough maybe we'll make a cameo at the Paris Hilton party ... or we may do something fun. That is all ... I'm out.