Sunday, August 20, 2006

Choose Or Lose Control

Is it actually possible that Britney Spears got herself all dolled up, not once but twice in the same week? Well ... okay ... she didn't really because this is the same outfit that she wore on the same day in the pictures that were posted yesterday but I'm so happy to see her all dressed up lookin' nice that I can hardly contain myself. I was a little worried when I found the first picture (is she seriously rockin' the top pony tail -- prolly with a **shudder** scrunchie?!) but she does look great in the rest of the pictures (love the headband) ... I don't even mind the stupid hat!

Photo credit: X-17

Um, on second thought (and upon closer inspection thanks to a few Pink readers) I do mind the nasty stain on her dress:

Lord have mercy on this girl ... she is trying, tho! It looks like Britney has been shopping up a storm lately ... could it be that she is looking for the right thing to wear to an upcoming event? Perhaps an event like the ... [Source]

... 2006 Teen Choice Awards? This year's awards air live on Fox tonight at 8pm ET and will be hosted by Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook -- this is definitely the can't miss awards show:

Not only will many of your fave celebs be in attendance and not only will Jessica be hosting an awards show where her ex-husband Nick Lachey (and his new girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo) is nominated for an award but we will also get to see the world wide debut performance from Kevin Federline! Dawg ... you gonna miss that?! We will get to hear Lose Control, the first single off his debut album, Playing with Fire, for the first time ... and we'll get to see if the homie g-dogg can sing rap live. My DVR is set ... I plan on being in front of a TV for the live show, too! Woot! I *can't* wait!! [Source]

Here are pictures of a very bored-looking Paris Hilton at her CD signing appearance here in LA this past Friday night. It's hard to tell if she's really just unenthused, bored, sleepy ... or if her wonky eye is in full effect:

Pink reader Josh and a few of his friends were on hand at the CD signing event and report that the event wasn't as fan-friendly as one would hope: My friends and I were all very excited about going to see Paris and have our cds personally autographed, so we arrived early, around 5:30pm. The signing was scheduled to start at 7pm and go until 9pm ... Anyway, so were standing and moving a little in line, all wondering what we are going to have her sign, what to say to her, and what our favorite smile will be when we share a Kodak moment with the heiress. Unfortunately, while we are waiting patiently in line, Paris Hilton promoters come out and tell us that we are Not allowed to take photos with or by her, have anything signed except for the Hilton's book or cd lyric sheet - nothing else was permitted! ... Finally around 8:30pm my friends and I get to the front of the best buy doors to be escorted to another shorter line. I must say that the Best Buy employees were Very rude and they treated us as if we were cattle ... By the time I got to the final check point before meeting Paris, the police officers told me: "If we see any camera, cell phone with a camera, or anything off that sort out, we will confiscate it!" I thought that was incredibly stupid and not quite sure if they had the authority to remove our belongings for no apparent reason. Apparently they did though, they took my friend's sidekick because it was barely sticking out of his pocket! However, we were told that we will be getting all our belongings back when we were done with the signing process (which was true) ... It seemed as if we waited for 2 hours for a signature and that was it ... All in all my friends and I left disappointed and left wanting more, I hope that this doesn't happen again in the future. Boo! This doesn't sound like a fun event at all ... Paris really shouldn't be treating fans of her music like this ... she's lucky to have them as fans at all. I realize at an event like this, things have to be done in a certain way (i.e. there is no time for pictures with every person in line) but it would seem to me that an "artist" with a debut album might want to make sure her fans felt appreciated. If I were a fan waiting in line and this was how I was treated I'd be disappointed too ... so to reiterate, BOO! [Source, thanks Josh]

Here are pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg and Alyson Hannigan looking lovely as can be at the In Style magazine Stuck in L.A. Summer Soiree this past Thursday night. You may recognize both outfits that the ladies are wearing ... Michelle is wearing the same dress that she wore to Rumer Willis' 18th birthday party and Alyson is wearing the same dress that she wore to The Art of Elysium Fundraiser and karaoke event (both photosets were posted yesterday):

To be fair, both ladies wore their same dresses to the two events on the same night so I guess I can't give them too much shizz ... besides, they both looked hot in their outfits. Tho, it must be said ... if Mariah Carey had to appear at two different events in the same night you best believe she would have two different dresses to wear. That woman changes her clothing at the drop of a hat. [Source, Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have stepped up their public appearances in the past few days (and by public appearances I mean being seen at "normal places" where they know the paparazzi will photograph them) ... here are new pictures of TomKat emerging from Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA this past Friday night:

Photo credit: FinalPixx

They really have been underground for a while and now, all of the sudden, they're showing up all over the place -- they must be getting ready to reveal something ... perhaps the next phase of their SHAM! If the couple really did let Vanity Fair magazine photograph their alleged "baby" then we may be close to seeing those pictures. Bring it on ... fake baby or not (but it is) I can't *wait* to see what it looks like. [Source]

There appears to be no more bad blood betwixt Janet and LaToya Jackson these days (in fact, it seems that LaToya mended her fences with her family a few years ago) ... here is a new picture of the sisters hanging out together:

I'm actually shocked that LaToya is the prettier of the two sisters in this photo ... granted, LaToya is aided greatly by the fact that her face is almost completely hidden but, still ... shouldn't Janet be the hot sister? [Source]

While we anxiously await the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards that will air live on MTV in just 11 days, we are able to content ourselves with all the promo shows that are airing on MTV leading up to the VMAs. I caught All Eyes on Xtina Aguilera this weekend and have to admit, she really has become the pop star that I can respect:

Xtina spent much of the interview with John Norris talking about her new album, Back to Basics, but when she talked about her life now with her husband Jordan Bratman I really just grew more fond of her. It's cool that she can stay relevant, still put out good music and live her life with a measure of integrity. I'm fairly certain that MTV will reair this TV special up until the VMAs happen on August 31 so I urge you to check it out. You can head on over to MTV VMA section of Overdrive to watch some clips from Xtina's interview. [Source]

My boy Tim Stack who writes for Entertainment Weekly magazine has a little blurb in the new issue of EW where he sticks up for the Fergie song London Bridge:

I couldn't agree more ... most of the props should go to Fergie's producer Polow Da Don because the music/beats are what make the song so infectious (tho, I love her lyric "The Grey Goose got your girl feelin' loose" LOL). I'm so glad that my love for this song has been validated by an illustrious magazine like Entertainment Weekly. Now I can stop loathing myself for liking it so much. [Source]

Pop songstress Skye Sweetnam and photographer Jordan Letkemann took some time out of their recent photoshoot to send me some Pink is the new Blog lurve:

Skye is getting ready to release her new album Sound Soldier ... you can read all the latest updates on what's been going on with her at her official My Space profile HERE. I'm floored that she would take the time to send in this supercute picture ... I love it! Erik and I really love her first album Noise from the Basement ... he's a fan of her song Tangled Up In Me and I really love her song Billy S. Thank you so much for the awesome lurve!!! [thanks Jordan]

Here's some more amazing love from a few more Pink readers ... Alli (rockin' the black PITNB t-shirt) sends in these pictures from Lake Saiko and Mt. Fuji in Japan and Sine and Fisse send in some pink love all the way from Denmark:

Hahahahhaha ... I love these pictures. Thank you again so much for sending them ladies ... I'm sending all my love back to you! XOXO [thanks Alli, Sine & Fisse]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to the beautifully blue-eyed Jerod:

I thought I'd keep it simple this week ... no speedos, no super-muscles ... Jerod is just a cute guy, plain and simple. I hope y'all enjoy ... Wee! [Source]

El News:
Yesterday I spent the afternoon running around town picking up a few things in preparation for Davey's birthday celebration last night. Before we met up with Davey for his party, Jim and I popped in at the Cat & Fiddle pub to celebrate his friend Boomie's birthday. She was an absolute dream in her white dress ... it's too bad all the photos from her little soiree are on her camera because she looked amazing. We met up with Jeff and Keith and then Davey stopped by ... then we all went across town to the Nuart Theater for the midnight showing/performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, it must be said that I *am not* a fan of Rocky Horror ... not in any way, shape or form ... but I wanted to be a good sport for Davey. It was definitely worth going because it was what Davey wanted for his birthday but ... well ... I'll just say that it wasn't the most ideal night for me. I shant bash the performance (all the fans in attendance seemed to really enjoy themselves) but the whole thing just isn't my cup of tea.

It's another beautiful day here in LA ... I'm gonna go out and enjoy it. I hope y'all are enjoying your respective weekends ... I'm out.