Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Fresno-no

Kevin Federline is getting ready for the release of his debut album Playing with Fire (due to hit stores in October) and to celebrate he is already throwing cd release parties ... here are a few pictures from K-Fed's most recent cd release party:

As you can see, he is also working on his various poses and stances. Mastering all the different ways that he can try and convey that he is one bad-ass mothereffer takes a lot of practice. He has to make sure that he has them all down perfectly ... after all, he has a lot of people counting on him ... [Source]

... take for example, his hometown -- Fresno, CA. Fresno's most beloved son is already being honored by his city just because he's a bad-ass mothereffer. Just yesterday, the Fresno Grizzlies dubbed last night K-Fed Night in honor of their game against the Sacramento Rivercats ... the first 3,000 fans who attended the game were treated to a tattoo giveaway:

The Fresno Grizzlies are proud to announce that Saturday's game versus the Sacramento Rivercats will be dubbed K-Fed Night in honor of Fresno native Kevin Federline. The night full of laughs will be kicked off by a temporary tattoo giveaway which the first 3,000 fans to enter Grizzlies Stadium will receive. In addition, fans can expect to be entertained by video clips illustrating Federline's career and a skit from Parker, the Grizzlies mascot. Federline was born and raised in Fresno, attending Bullard High School ... Fans attending the game are encouraged to dress in a style similar to Federline and celebrate the career of a Fresno legend. I'm certain that any K-Fed fans who flocked to the game last night were prolly disappointed by the fact that the "free tattoos" were merely rub-ons. Ah well ... I am a bit saddened by the fact that Kevin Federline is considered a "Fresno legend" ... it's actually quite disturbing that he is considered a legend by anyone at all. LOL! [Source, thanks Jennifer]

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal spent a nice afternoon together recently hanging out in NYC ... it appears that Maggie still gets a kick out of teasing her little brother:

Awww ... poor Jakey poo. Older sisters can be so mean. [Source]

Here are new pictures of Shannen Doherty hanging out with her former Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs (and her son) earlier this week ... it appears that the former TV sisters are still pretty good friends:

First off ... EW! to the bangs and WTF? to Shannen's massively freakish hair part. You can see that thing from space ... you don't suppose she's balding or anything like that, do you? Secondly, while it's nice to see Shannen and Holly getting along I wouldn't count on seeing any pictures of Shannen and her other Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano hanging out. I'm pretty sure those two still hate one another ... [Source]

Reese Witherspoon is among the first celebs to be seen using the newly reissued Motorola Dolce & Gabbana gold RAZR ... the RAZR has been released in pretty much every single color (including THREE shades of pink -- thanks Jessa) but the gold one is the most coveted one. The D&G RAZR was released in a limited number last year and was only sold at D&G stores ... Motorola has manufactured another batch of them so that "normal" people can own them as well:

This new RAZR is pretty sweet ... the whole thing has been upgraded and now features a megapixel camera, removable memory chip, iTunes software and it comes packed with crazy D&G ringtones that sound like club cuts from any random EuroGayDiscotech (when you turn it on it says "Dolce Gabbana" in a sexy Italian accent). I'm not sure if the gold RAZR is going to be as big a phenomenon as the pink RAZR was last summer but it's a pretty sweet ass phone. I love it. [Source]

Here is what Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, will supposedly look like in the live-action movie of Transformers:

I don't know what I think about this new version of Megatron ... first off, I am not totally convinced that these pictures are real. Secondly, I don't think he's very scary or menacing. Thirdly, he's not even remotely similar to his original incarnation. Megatron is supposed to be a handgun, not a Lord of the Rings Sauron rip-off. I really hope these are fake pictures because the more I look at these pictures, the more I hate them. [Source]

Okay ... so yesterday I managed to catch a few episodes of the new A&E reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels and immediately fell in love with it. I have seen the billboards advertising the show but never thought to check it out because I never watch A&E. While flipping thru the channels yesterday I paused to check out one of the episodes and was totally hooked:

The thing that struck me most is that this reality show about an aging heavy metal rocker and his family is way more engaging than that other reality show about an aging heavy metal rocker and his family. It's very much the anti-Osbournes in that Gene Simmons still has brain cells and is very intelligent, Shannon Tweed doesn't cuss at her children and the children, Nick and Sophie, appear to be extremely well-adjusted. This show is really cute ... it's cool to see the blood-spitting, fire-eating Demon from the band KISS all settled down with his very normal family in a sick mansion in the hills of Hollywood, CA. I think this show is being hurt by the fact that it's on A&E because who watches A&E? I'm glad I caught it ... I deff plan on watching all the episodes I can. Check out the show's official My Space profile HERE. [Source]

Sidebar, I don't have any cool KISS stories except for the fact that one of my college roommates from OKC, Melissa Thomas, used to date the most insane KISS fan ever. Donnie Dorn spent every bit of his extra money on KISS memorabilia ... his room was a veritable shrine to all things KISS. I was amazed and a little frightened by his devotion (he loved that I was from Detroit Rock City). I'm pretty certain that Donnie is out there watching this Gene Simmons show somewhere out there.

Xtina Aguilera is showing her love for her massive gay audience by gracing the cover of the new issue of The Advocate magazine:

She looks cute ... she's not overdoing the '40s thing at all ... hopefully this is the first sign that she's easing off on that stuff for a while. [Source]

DNA magazine is about to release it's issue showcasing the 20 Sexiest Men Alive for 2006 ... I'm not sure who made the list but I'm pretty fond of the model who scored the cover:

You can never have enough hotness (i.e. nekkid mens) on the weekends ... [Source]

... which brings me to the official Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Kelly:

Kelly has a pretty nice 6-pack, don't cha think? I think he makes a nice compliment to the undie-only model in the DNA pics to round out a nice bit of hotness for the week. Enjoy! [Source]

And finally, I have to give a shout-out to a bunch of really kickass Pink is the new Blog readers who took the time to send in some pretty fun pictures. Here are a few pics of Pink readers from all over North America ... the Gladstone Gladettes and their coach Denise hail from Oregon -- Cindy, Jason and Linda are bizzy doing important science type things at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver British Colombia, Canada -- and Pink reader Dorina wants us all to meet the newest PITNB reader, her newborn son Matthew, who was born on August 3rd:

Thank you all so much for your fun photos. I have to say it again, it means so much to me that people would take the time to let me know how much you love my blog. It's amazing to me that so many people get a kick out of what I do. Thank you all so much! XOXOXO [thanks Denise & the Gladstone Gladettes, Cindy, Jason, & Linda and Dorina & Matthew]

The News:
Yesterday afternoon, I met up with my new pal Lizy for a great sushi dinner in West Hollywood. We got to hang out and chat for a bit over a delicious meal ... and then we went off to stuff our faces with pie for dessert. It was glorious! After dinner, I met up with Davey and we hauled our cookies all the way down to Laguna Beach to meet up with Jim for a night of fun at the Boom Boom Room. I've heard about this place forever and we thought last night would be the perfect night to finally check it out:

Jim was emaored of the go-go boys, Davey was all about mackin’ on the new guy he just met and I was just trying to keep up with them. We had a blast ... there was a little dancing, a little drinking and a little sad game of pool. I also got to run into Pink readers Ralph and Shena who I have to send out MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BIRTHDAY LURVE TO ... she was celebrating her birthday last night:

Happy Birthday, Shena ... hopefully we'll get to hang again soon! Send me all that LB dirt you promised ;)

The Boom Boom was very fun ... we're deff gonna hafta go back sometime soon!

Blah ... we drove back from Laguna after the club closed so I really slept in late today. But you know what ... that's what weekends are for :)

I *think* Jim and I are going to a pretty cool event tonight ... I still have tons to do to prepare for my trip to NYC so we'll see if we actually make it out tonight. Hope y'all have been having a great weekend ... I'm out.