Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTV VMA Forum: Kelis

Oy ... it's been a long day ... many of the big names didn't show up -- no Justin, no Xtina ... but I'll get my chance again tomorrow from the red carpet. My last interview was with Kelis! She was so damn cute ... I told her how my ringtone is Bossy and she loved it!

She was in high demand so I didn't get much time with her but I did have the chance to congratulate her on her new album, Kelis Was Here. I love it ... every song on the album is hot.

I am tired ... I have to run off to another thing this evening before I meet up with David for even more events ... I think. Sarah arrives tonight so it's gonna be ON! I'm so excited to see her ... we're gonna have fun:

So ... I'm out ... it's been a crazy day. Tomorrow we'll be back to normal!


MTV VMA Forum: Amy Lee Of Evanescence

Amy Lee, frontwoman and neugoth queen, stopped by to say hey ... I'm not the biggest Evanescence fan in the world but I absolutely love the song My Immortal (but the Band Version). As some of you may know, I'm a pretty big fan of some goth/industrial rock bands and, to me, Evanescense is the pop version of that:

We talked about the band's new single and new album, The Open Door, which is due for release in October. I love that Amy showed up at this event without her crazy goth outfits ... she was just cute little ol' Amy.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Amy Lee.

MTV VMA Forum: Alex M

Alex M, from the second season of Laguna Beach, just stopped by to say hey ... she mentioned that she and the other Alex (the H. one) love to read Pink is the new Blog all the time which I thought was very sweet:

We talked about the new album that she's working on and her new single which is due to come out in October (tho, it may get pushed back) and we gossed a bit about the new season of LB. Alex swears that Kyndra and Cami aren't really as mean as they're coming across on the show ... but I suppose we'll have to take her word on that. I'm intrigued to hear her new stuff ... I'm pretty sure it'll turn out better than Talan's efforts thus far.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Alex M.

MTV VMA Forum: Danity Kane

The ladies who have the #1 album in the country this week, Danity Kane, just stopped by to chat with me for a bit. The ladies were looking really hot ... this picture doesn't really do them justice:

Would that I could, y'all could've seen the hot pants outfits the ladies were rocking. DK and I talked a bit about their debut album which went straight to #1, their upcoming tour which begins in October (with a live band, mind you) and a couple of the girls gave me their fave VMA moments. The ladies were definitely showstoppers ... they just caused a huge melee right in the middle of all the action when they posed with Snoop Dogg for some photos ... unfortch, I didn't get there quick enough to take a pic myself.

But I did get a pic of the girls chillin' with the MTV Moonman:


UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Danity Kane.

MTV VMA Forum: The Craziness

It's a mad house around here ... a few Pink readres have left comments asking what the mood/vibe is like here and basically it's nuts. There are different media outlets spread out all over the room and publicists and handlers are running their talent around to the different interview areas. I stepped away from my post to snap some pics of some of the stuff going on:

Hulk and Brooke Hogan, Richard Patrick (from NIN and Filter back in the day, here to promote his new band Army of Anyone), the hot DJ from NY's Z100 and Teddy Geiger ... just a taste ... there are interviews going on everywhere ... musicians everywhere ... it's really insanely fun.

And so, without further ado, behold Pete Wentz' booty crack:

:) I was scheduled to interview Fall Out Boy but I just found out that they had to leave early. Ah well ... I'll try and catch the lads on the red carpet tomorrow. I suppose we'll just have to make do with booty crack until then.

MTV VMA Forum: Jason Statham

Yeah, I'm about to die right now ... I just got some very cozy alone time with the INSANELY hot actor Jason Statham. Jason is here promoting his new movie Crank which hits theaters this Friday:

Okay ... I'm not even kidding ... he was, like, 10 inches away from my face talking into my digital recorder and I almost swooned onto the floor. He is such a cool guy. We chatted a bit about his movie (I had him describe what it's about) and I pretty much gushed the rest of the time over how much a fan I am of his movies Transporter and Transporter 2. You better believe I had to be in the picture with him! Woot! Woot!

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Jason Statham.

MTV VMA Forum: JC Chasez

Woot! I just got to have some one-on-one time with JC Chasez who is here at the Forum talking up his new single Until Yesterday (due out this fall) but is basically just here as a fan of the MTV Video Music Awards:

JC revealed that his new single, which he produced and wrote with Justin Timberlake, is more representative of who he is as an artist right now. His new album, due out next year, is a more cohesive body of work as opposed to his, literally, Schizophrenic debut solo album.

I opted out of asking him the obvious "What do you think about Lance coming out?" question because I think it's fairly obvious that he supports his friend. It's too bad Lance and Reichen aren't here because I'd love to talk to them personally.

I gotta say ... this is the funnest Wednesday that I think I've ever had in my life. There are still a lot more interviews on the way ...

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with JC Chasez.

MTV VMA Forum: Ashley Parker Angel

I just got to chat with former O-Town and current solo artist Ashley Parker Angel ... we talked a bit about the blog and how he likes to read it and we talked a bit about his MTV reality show, his new album and his tour with Ashlee Simpson:

Ashley even whipped out his wallet to show me his most current pictures of Lyric, his baby boy. We talked a bit about how maybe we might be able to set up a playdate with Lyric and Zakiya some day :) Wouldn't they make an insanely cute couple?

OMG ... it's a serious madhouse, there are celebs EVERYWHERE ... it's fun, chaotic and totally exciting. Fall Out Boy (who I'm scheduled to talk with later on today) are doing an interview with a radio station right in front of me ... I have a sweet picture of Pete Wentz' booty crack (courtesy of his low-rise, super-tight white pants) ... I'll post the pic later on when I post my pic of the band from our interview :)

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Ashley Parker Angel.


My first interview was with the superkickass band OK GO. The band will be performing their current hit single Here It Goes Again LIVE ... just like they perform it in their music video -- and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you have head on over to to check it out:

We talked a bit about their upcoming VMA performance, how I was introduced them by way of a love mix-cd and their new philosophy towards making music videos.

Enjoy the pic ... I've determined that I'm not as adept with the digital recorder as I thought I was so I'll have to wait and edit the sound files later on before I upload the MP3s. I promise tho, I'll do my best to add the MP3 files to the individual posts.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with OK GO.

MTV VMA Foreplay

Hey y'all ... okay ... so today MTV invited me to participate in their 2006 MTV VMA Forum which is basically a chance for all sorts of media (TV, Radio, Internet) to get to interview some of the talent that will be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards. The Forum is taking place all day today (like, right now) at Radio City Music Hall here in NYC:

These are a few pics of my arrival here at the Forum. I'm all set up at my own section and I'll be getting to interview a whole bunch of insanely cool celebs all day long (and by interview I mean I'll be stuttering the best questions I can muster while I try not to lose my shizz from nervousness). Keep check back throughout the day ... I'll be posting photos as soon as I can after the interviews. I'll also be uploading the MP3 interviews, but that will prolly come later on (not sure when I'll have the time to do this but I will try and figure it out).

Today is the only day I'll be posting like this ... never fear, I'll be back to the regular format tomorrow.

Okay ... that's what I'm doing ... my first interview will be by within this hour ... I'll be back. OK I have to GO now ;)