Sunday, September 03, 2006

Game On

In all the craziness that was the 2006 MTV VMAs this week I totally forgot that this weekend is a long 3-day weekend. Having Sarah here in NYC to hang out with David and me is really fun as well ... it's vacation time all over place. Even Prince William is spending this weekend taking in a little R&R with his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. Here are a few fun pictures of Wills and Katie enjoying an afternoon on a yacht with some chums of theirs off the coast of Ibiza, Spain:

There is something sexy about a shirtless prince doing back flips into the Mediterranean Sea ... yeah, I think it's pretty much the "shirtless" part. It looks like they're having a lot of fun ... that Kate is a lucky chick. I wonder where Prince Harry is? Maybe Wills' idea of a good time with his ladyfriend doesn't always include a tag-along little brother. [Source]

Beyonce is on the move these days ... after spending some time here in NYC for the VMAs (I finally did get to watch her performance ... and yes, it did remind me of another performance that I had seen before), she did a little partying to celebrate her birthday and then flew off to do promo in Japan ... here are pictures from Beyonce's birthday party and pictures of her arriving in Tokyo, Japan:

Her B-Day dress is cute ... her oversized sunglasses are not. Typical Beyonce, tho, she has been so hit or miss lately. I've heard B-Day, her new album, and I have to admit that I'm not that impressed with it (actually, I haven't heard of many people being very impressed with this new album). There don't seem to be as many hits on this album as were on her last album. It'll be interesting to see how things play out with her new album ... is this just a matter of the sophomore slump or has Beyonce finally run out of steam? [Source, Source]

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are chillin' here in NYC together and spent a lovely afternoon yesterday enjoying a lovely lunch ... now, we all know that Cam just loooooves to be photographed by the paparazzi but I think that she likes it best when she gets photographed while she eats:

LOL! Poor Cam ... her life as a celebrity looks so entirely burdensome. Hopefully she won't forget to pick the corn kernels out of her teeth before she leaves the restaurant ... she wouldn't want even worse pictures of her to be taken. [Source]

When I chatted with Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz specifically on the VMA red carpet, he mentioned that he was taking his own pictures for (and then he snapped a pic of the two of us). has uploaded a few of Pete's personal pictures (tho, they didn't use the picture of the two of us) and here they are:

Now we know how he gets his hair to look so frizzy ... it's intentional. I'm surprised that Pete didn't snap any pictures of him with Ashlee Simpson (or maybe he did and they, too, didn't make the website). He and Ashlee have become quite the hot little item these days. Pete and Ashlee were both at MisShapes last night and were seen being really amorous with one another. Unfortch, I didn't make it out to MisShapes last night (we got sidetracked, I'll explain at the end of the post) but a very good friend of mine was there and called to tell me that Ashlee pretty much spent most of the night sitting on Pete's lap, making out with him all the while. Hmmm ... I wonder what Braxton, Ashlee's bandmate and boyfriend, has to say about this. [Source]

Here are some really cool pictures of Madonna on her latest Confessions Tour stop in Paris, France a couple of days ago ... she's rocking out with special guest star Lenny Kravitz who joined her for her performance of I Love New York:

They sure look like they are really getting into the performance. If memory serves, the first time these two collaborated on a project was when they co-wrote Justify My Love in the early '90s. It's nice to see that these two are still really good friends. When David and I saw Madonna play Madison Square Garden a few months ago, Lenny was also in attendance. I wonder if he'll be showing up for any future Madonna dates. She plays Amsterdam tonight and tomorrow. [Source]

UGH! I really hope that Chris O'Donnell shaved his head bald for a movie role or something because if this is his attempt at scoring with the ladies I think he made a serious misstep:

He doesn't really have a nice round head so the bald look makes him look funny. From the side, he seems to have an oblong-shaped head. No, I do not approve at all. [Source]

LOL ... an industrious tabloid magazine managed to get a hold of a discarded Lindsay Lohan grocery receipt (dated July '06) and decided to go ahead and publish it for all the world to see ... here's the receipt that is making the rounds on all the blogs this fine Labor Day weekend:

I'm actually surprised that Lindsay buys her own condoms ... she doesn't strike me as the responsible type. It's nice for her that she has to get the Trojan Magnum larger sized condoms ... she does strike me as a bit of a size queen. You don't suppose that Lindsay likes popping Ginseng energy pills with a Nyquil cocktail chaser (regular and cherry flavored) before she gives those condoms a work out, do you? Yeah, it's prolly just me. [Source]

Kate Moss is featured in the new issue of POP magazine ...

... her clothing is not. Click HERE to see these photos in their NSFW uncensored glory. [Source]

Justin Timberlake is channeling his inner Vanilla Ice in this interesting photo shoot:

But, unlike K-Fed when he channels his inner Vanilla Ice, JT does it in a more fascinating and ironic way. [Source]

It's only September but we're already getting our first look at the 2007 Dieux Du Stade French Rugby calendar ... I am a *huge* fan of this calendar and the DVDs that feature the making of of the calendars (i.e. stylized video of naked rugby players getting photographed for a stylized naked ruby players calendar) ... this cover photo looks like it's gonna be another great year:

Yeah, these calendars are the only things that make me not mind how fast the year is flying by. At least I have something saucy to look forward to ... [Source]

... which is a nice segue into the weekly Hot Dude of the Week ... I don't know if Shawn plays rugby or not but he appears to have the beefy padding to do so:

Someone should get the poor boy a new shirt ... or better yet, someone should take that ratty thing off Shawn altogether. Any volunteers? [Source]

And finally, here are a few pictures sent in by a few Pink is the new Blog readers in this batch we're celebrating Bid Day at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge with the Chi Omegas of LSU with Julie, Kensy and Cynthia -- we're wishing Jason a happy Pink birthday -- we're partying with bachelorettes Lauren, Jenny, Erica, Julie Q (the main bachelorette), Ali, and Jaclyn -- we're congratulating the engagement of Amy and Jason -- welcoming the birth of Sarie Marie -- and celebrating the baptism of Julian:

Thank you all for these amazing pictures ... I heart you all for taking the time to share your celebrations with all of us. Congrats and love to all of you! XO [thanks everyone!]

The News:
Yesterday was a pretty crappy day ... it rained all day long so David and I pretty much stayed in all day. Sarah couldn't do any of the shopping that she wanted to do so we pretty much just chilled out for most of the day. Sarah, David and I met up with David's good friend Jessica for a nice afternoon movie ... we decided to see a nice little film called Crank:

OMG ... what an amazingly fun movie. It's pretty much an hour and half of intense action scenes ... there's blood ... there's sex ... there's quite a few glances at Jason Statham's booty. So yeah, I pretty much loved it!

After the movie, we had a fun dinner together and while we tried to figure out what to do with our evening we got a txt from Josh who invited us to come play with him and his friends at Dave & Buster's in Times Square. For those of you who don't know what D&B is, it's basically a Chuck E. Cheese for adults ... picture a casino-like environment with booze, hot wings and tons of video games. We decided to swing by just to say hey ... and ended up staying there for about 3 hours. That place is like crack ... once you play one game and win a few tickets you're hooked. The hours just disappeared but we had a complete blast. David, Sarah and I each won over 1,000 tickets each so we pooled our resources and let Sarah buy one big prize (since it's her birthday weekend). She decided to use the tickets to buy a rice steamer ... I shizz you not ... we walked in there empty-handed and walked out with a kitchen appliance. It was awesome. So yeah ... we never made it to MisShapes because we were too bizzy playing games all night long.

It was a freaking blast!

I spent the morning editing my MTV VMA Forum interviews and now have all the links all set for you to download the interviews if any of y'all are interested:

Click HERE for the interview with OK GO.
Click HERE for the interview with Ashley Parker Angel.
Click HERE for the interview with Jason Statham.
Click HERE for the interview with JC Chasez.
Click HERE for the interview with Danity Kane.
Click HERE for the interview with Alex M.
Click HERE for the interview with Amy Lee.

I think they turned out alright ... they were fun to do ... I hope y'all enjoy.

Tonight is Sarah's last night in NYC before she flies back to Detroit tomorrow. We're planning a fun dinner with her ce soir ... so I have to go get ready now.

Have a great Sunday ... and enjoy your Labor Day tomorrow my fellow Americans. While many of you will have the day off, I'll be back with a good ol' post.

I'm out. Lates!