Monday, September 04, 2006


It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Steve Irwin, the loveable - if whacky Crocodile Hunter, has died. The obvious assumption would be that the Croc Hunter Peace the Sporked Out at the hands (jaws?) of a crocodile but it was, in fact, another dangerous animal that did him in. The details of his death are a bit graphic, you may want to skip the next part if you'd rather not deal:

World-famous Australian "crocodile hunter" and television environmentalist Steve Irwin has been killed by a stingray blow to the chest while filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. The larger-than-life Irwin, 44, known for his fearlessly enthusiastic handling of even the deadliest of wildlife, was killed when a stingray barb punctured his heart during underwater filming off northeastern Australia. "He came over the top of a stingray and the stingray's barb went up and went into his chest and put a hole into his heart," said the ebullient Irwin's longtime producer John Stainton, who was with him at the time on Monday. "It's likely that he possibly died instantly when the barb hit him, and I don't think that he ... felt any pain," a tearful Stainton told reporters in the city of Cairns. "He died doing what he loved best" ... Irwin brought to the surface unconscious and underwent cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, Stainton said. He was evacuated from his research vessel by helicopter but ambulance service officials said he had suffered a puncture wound to the left side of his chest and was pronounced dead on the scene. Stingrays have several sharp and venomous barbs on their tails that they use to defend themselves when they feel threatened, but Stainton insisted that Irwin had not provoked the creature while filming. "I have never met a more professional person in my whole life nor a more passionate person in my whole life on wildlife issues," Stainton said of the iconic Irwin, who was making a show about deadly sea dwellers. This is the saddest news I've heard in a very long time. Steve Irwin seemed like the nicest guy on the planet ... yes, he liked to tangle with dangerous animals but it never seemed that he did so in a vicious or threatening manner. I've seen many, many of his shows and always found him to be very genteel with the creatures he featured on the show. It's a shame that he had to go at such a young age, but as the article mentioned, he did go out the way he prolly would've wanted to. I can't believe that he died happy, but at least we died doing what he loved best. [Source]

Britney Spears and Sean Preston thought it would be nice to spend this Labor Day weekend hanging out with Mama and Papa Spears ... here are new pictures of the happy grandparents meeting up with mother and child at their home:

You know who isn't happy ... me ... cuz Britney is wearing that mothereffing, gawd-awful hair scrunchie AGAIN!!!! BOOOOO! There are many things I can forgive Miss Britney ... the effing scrunchie is NOT one of them. It looks as if she added about 10 more feet of extensions to her head as well. She really has been looking cute lately ... today is not one of those days. [Source]

Meanwhile, Kevin Federline is still "hard at work" on the set of the CBS drama CSI ... here is another picture of K-Fed chillin' on the set in his real-life actor's chair:

I'm guessing that the filming of Kevin's role is taking longer than usual because he's having a difficult time with his lines. Despite getting "awesome-ass test scores" on his GED, I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin was having a hard time with the bigger words that he has to learn to read and remember. See ... I bet he thought he'd have an easy time guest starring on a show called CSI ... the poor guy. [Source]

There are some ridiculous rumors going around today that Kelly Osbourne got married over the weekend to her boyfriend of 5 minutes, Matt Derham. Um, I'm pretty sure that Kelly O didn't get married at all. Sure, she was spotted emerging from a church and yes she was holding a marriage certificate -- but the church was an inflatable church at the Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland ... so I'm fairly certain it was just a fake marriage:

According to Sky News, the mass fake wedding ceremony in the Big Love Inflatable Church was presided over by Reverend Duncan Pritchard. Altho, I really wouldn't put it past Kelly O to get married at the spur of the moment some time in the future, she did not do so this weekend. [Source]

Here are a couple more pictures of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton trying to enjoy their holiday weekend ... my, it looks like they really were enjoying the full moon as they swam:

No word on whether or not Prince Wills showed off his own full moon or not (tho, I'll be watching for the pictures, if any will, to emerge) but he did enjoy a lovely little mud bath. Who knew that Wills could be such a sexy metrosexual. [Source]

Kelly Clarkson made an appearance this weekend as the grand marshall of the NASCAR race in Fontana, CA yesterday afternoon ... here are a couple pictures of Kelly C yelling "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES" for all the race fans:

Race car driver Kasey Kahne won the race, but I am more disturbed by Kelly's bad hair. I don't think the bobish 'do does anything for her ... it kinda makes her look disproportionate. I love Kelly but she needs to get a hold of Jessica Simpson and ask her for some of that fake hair stuff that she's been sellin' lately ... the short hair gets a big POOP SANDWICH! from me. [Source]

Pink reader Bob sends in these great pictures of Reichen Lemhkuhl who was in Sacramento, CA over the weekend to play host for the Rainbow Festival ... a Lanceless Reichen came on stage to introduce performances by Tiffany and Deborah Gibson ... here are the pics:

Bob assures me that Reichen was extremely friendly and happily posed for photos with everyone. He is such a cutie ... I love the plaid shirt ... it makes him look like the Brawny man. MMMMM ... brawny men are hot. [thanks Bob]

Here is your first look at Cate Blanchett on the set of the new Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There. In the film, Dylan is being portrayed by a few actors like Heath Ledger, Richard Gere ... and Cate Blanchette ... take a look:

Cate Blanchett can play any role ... period. She doesn't even need that crazy wig for her to be able to portray Bob Dylan. This movie is very intriguing to me and I'm not even a Bob Dylan fan. It appears that they got some very strong actors to star in this film ... I might actually have to check it out. [Source]

Here is a new still from the Ryan Phillippe movie Flags of our Fathers:

Feel free to drool away. [Source]

Aussie cutie Holly Valance is featured in the new issue of Arena magazine:

Once again, drool away. Holly is one of those sexy women that can get any man to stir. I'm looking forward to seeing her in the upcoming season of Prison Break. She's a great little addition to that fine cast. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out all the BIRTHDAY LURVE that my little heart can muster for my dear BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD ... Miss Sarah Stanley:

Even tho Miss Sarah is bidding adieu to her 20s, she looks no worse for the wear. Actually, Sarah looks as beautiful as the day I met her back at the University of Michigan when she was barking at me to bring her lunch. It was love at first sight, y'all. Happy Birthday, Sarah ... I love you muchly! XOXO

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, after a nice leisurely day in bed/on the couch, David and I met up with Sarah so that we could take her out for her birthday dinner ... on the last night of her 20s. She chose a cute little Italian restaurant called Tanti Baci (on 10th St. off 7th) and we proceeded to have the best Italian meal I think I've ever had ... ever!

I'm not even exaggerating, you can ask both Sarah and David, we had a sumptuous meal that was absolutely delicious from beginning to end. Tanti Baci is a little place underground that is cramped but charming. The food is excellent. For Sarah, I would've been cool with anything ... thankfully she has exquisite taste in Italian restaurants.

After dinner, we walked around the Village for a while and then retired to the Blue Owl for drinks. Sarah had to fly home to Detroit this morning at 6AM so we had to say goodbye to her last night. She's home in Detroit now watching the Beverly Hills, 90210 marathon that is running on SoapNet all day long today ... of that, I have no doubt.

I believe David and I are meeting up with friends for a nice impromptu dinner tonight ... Happy Labor Day, y'all ... I hope you have a good one!

I'm out.