Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bonjour, Bitches!

Whew ... it's been a long night/morning/afternoon already and it's still the AM for you folks back in the US. David and I arrived in Paris, France a few hours ago and after taking some time to get to our hotel, get our room situated and get our Internet up and working I'm finally ready to get to work ... except I'm running on just a couple hours sleep and I'm ready to pass the eff out. But, there is no rest for the weary ... so I'm gonna post today a pretty regular post (sans newslinks because I really need to to sleep at some point) and things should be back to normal by tomorrow -- I hope.

One thing, thank you for your kind messages yesterday ... I even got love from John Mayer on his blog (which appears to have since been taken down) for my 9/11 post -- but really, it was the only conscionable post that I could have posted yesterday. Of course there have been negative comments but I could honestly care less what the haters have to say about anything ... as long as I make myself happy, I'm cool.

Okay ... let's get to it ... Britney Spears was spotted trucking along in Malibu, California in a newish Mercedes minivan-type vehicle for rich folk and she had little Sean Preston along for the ride. Thank the gods above ... little Sean P. was strapped in properly and securely in a car seat:

It looks like Britney has gotten over her "country"ness and realized that safety is important when it comes to transporting your child. Sure, this act of common sense won't be winning Britney any Mother of the Year awards but it's a good sign that she's finally doing things the right way. [Source]

Pink reader Shelli sends in this extremely clear picture (taken by her husband Ryan) of Matthew McConaughey at the Texas v. Ohio State game last weekend wearing a silver ring on his left ring finger ... interesting, no?

I wonder who gave him that ring and what it is meant to signify. Could it be a promise ring from Lance Armstrong that Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't meant to know about? Could it be a ring from Jake that Lance doesn't know about? Is Matthew cheating on the both of them with someone else? Hmmmmm ... enquiring minds want to know. [thanks Shelli and Ryan]

Personally, I tend to believe that Jakey isn't at all interested in Matthew or Lance in that way ... he strikes me as the kind, gentle type of dude who only likes to love one person at a time ... so while he bides his time until I come into his life*, it looks like he's busying himself with his friend Austin Nichols:

Don't they make such a cute couple? Shoot ... anyone and Jake make a cute couple mainly because Jakey is way too cute for his own damn good. Enjoy him while you can, Austin ... Jake can't be kept from me forever*. [Source]

*In an attempt to curb the numerous emails and comments that are sure to come from this, I must stress that I am only mostly kidding ... because I am very happy with my David. I'm joking folks ... joking so long as this "Jake fantasy" exists in my mind only ... should it ever become a reality ... well, that's another story ;)

UGH ... I am delirious ... I need sleep. Let's move on ...

AND SPEAKING OF THE OBVIOUS MAN LOVE ... check out these cute pictures of Jared Leto and Mark McGrath (formerly of Sugar Ray, currently of the TV tabloid show Extra) gettin' all close and cozy at the Fashion Rocks concert early last weekend:

I don't know about you but I can deff feel the love between these two. All that touchy-feelyness is really telling. It's nice that men can be outwardly affectionate and be so open about their feelings ... altho, what else would you expect from a dude who frosts his hair hanging out with a dude who likes to wear scarves and more make-up than Bozo the Clown? [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes continue to pop up in the strangest places in order to generate buzz for the next phase of their shameless SHAM! Here are a couple photos of TomKat enjoying one of Isabella Cruise's soccer games and a couple photos of TomKat at the Washington Redskins season opener football game last night:

Photo credit: X-17

Landing a superstar for your owner's box? Mission: Possible! Photographers went crazy last night when Redskins owner Dan Snyder escorted new business partner Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes onto FedEx Field before the season opener. Cruise & Co. were surrounded by massive layers of security and spent at least 20 minutes shaking hands with dignitaries. If that weren't enough, another of Snyder's celebrity guests, Jamie Foxx, gave his "Collateral" co-star a huge hug, triggering another round of paparazzi -worthy shots. Oh, by the way, the Redskins lost. LOL! Ah well ... not all photo ops work out exactly the way they are planned. Not only did Snyder play host at the game to Cruise, his fiancee, daughter Isabella, 13, and son Connor , 11, but even better: The entire family -- including baby Suri -- is staying at Snyder's Potomac home ... The new best buds bonded after Snyder signed a two-year development deal last month with Cruise and production partner Paula Wagner to pay $3 million or more a year for salaries and other expenses, just days after Viacom head Sumner Redstone dropped Cruise for his off-screen behavior. In exchange, Snyder (with partners Shapiro and Dwight Schar ) gets first dibs at financing Cruise's future film projects. Yes, it looks like money does make for long and lasting friendships. At any rate, the Family Phase of the TomKat SHAM! appears to be coming along nicely ... even the older kids are getting press again. Now, all we need is for the entire family, Suri included, to be seen out and about ... maybe at a park or a playground (possibly owned by Dan Synder) [Source, Source]

In other celebrity couples news, Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner have taken their burgeoning relationship to the next stage ... video rental:

Photo credit: X-17

It is quite telling that the pair would choose to take on a trip to the video store so early on in their new relationship. I know for a fact that trips to the video store can tear apart relationships (it's true ... I hate going to the video store because it's such a pain in the ass to agree on what to rent) so it's nice to see that Bichie have reached a level of commitment where they can agree on the same video to rent and watch, presumably, together. Ain't young love grand? [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is the new face ... er, feet of Sketchers shoes ... here are a few photos from her photoshoot for the new ad campaign:

While Sketchers are a lot cooler than, say, Keds (take that Mischa Barton) -- they're still not as cool as Adidas or Nike shoes so I have to rate this new ad campaign a C at best. I believe that Ashlee is taking over the reigns as Sketchers spokesperson from American Idol Carrie Underwood ... so that pretty much knocks her C down to a D. She does get props for representing a real shoe company (unlike big sis Jessica Simpson who is desperately trying to sell her own line of shoes ... and those dumb hair extension things) so her rating goes up to a D+. Hey ... at least shoes are a better product than, say, Vitamin Water is. [Source]

Beyonce, never one to turn out a great marketing ploy, somehow got talked into riding the NYC subway trains in order to promote her new album. Sales of B'Day aren't quite what she expected so ... down into the subway she went:

Yeah ... she really looks uncomfortable in these pictures. I'm actually surprised she's holding on to the bar with her bare hands, shouldn't she have an assistant there to hold the bar for her? Oh Beyonce, I love when you rub elbows with the regular people ... it makes you seem so genuine. [Source]

It would seem that Hulk Hogan's only son Nick needs to get his ass back to driving school ... I'm no expert, but cars aren't supposed to end up in a charred heap after you take them out for a spin:

A yellow Lamborghini reportedly owned by Terry G. Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, caught fire Saturday on Bay Harbor Islands. There were no injuries reported. Information was sketchy about the circumstances leading to Hogan's expensive car catching fire along the 96th Street causeway. The extent of damage to the VT model is unknown. Bay Harbor Islands police said the driver was a juvenile and the law prohibits the release of his name. It's unclear if the teen is related to Hogan. Um ... the photos of Nick Hogan standing next to the burnt up car seem to indicate that he was the juvenile in question. Hmmm ... I'm having a hard time understanding how information can be "sketchy" when it comes to a car fire ... and not just any ol' overheated engine car fire -- but a practically melted down to its tires car fire. Any guesses on how Nick managed to pull this off? Any guesses on what Hulk Hogan is going to do to him when he gets his hands on the lad? [Source, thanks Charity]

And finally, here is your first look at what is supposedly the new Autobot leader Optimus Prime from the upcoming Transformers movie:

It kinda looks like the good ol' Optimus Prime that we know and love but this new Optimus seems to have a lot going on ... his robotics look too bizzy. Granted, he looks way better than the new Megatron looks ... but I'm still a bit worried about this new live-action Transformers movie. They won't totally ruin my childhood, will they? [Source]

Les News:
  • Newslinks may be posted Soon!
Yeah ... I think I'm gonna hold off on posting newslinks for today ... it's already after 6PM here and David and I still need to get dinner and explore our new neighborhood. If there is time later on tonight, I may post newslinks, otherwise they'll be back in tomorrow's regular post.

Here is a cute picture of Cara, Aaron, David and me after our late brunch at Highline Sunday night:

And here are a few photos taken from the window of our Parisian hotel:

We're on a great, bustling street very near the Louvre. I still can't believe I'm here. I've dreamed of visiting Paris for so long ... and here I am. We already had a cup of coffee at the corner cafe and are really looking forward to dinner.

Sorry this post is shorter than the usual weekday posts are but, hey, I'm in France! I'll still post with all daily diligence thruout my French holiday but there may be a day or two (or more) where posting may be a little lighter.

C'est tout! Je suis audi! A bientot!