Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Wanna Divorce With Somebody

Yeehaw! It looks like the rehab is finally working ... Access Hollywood is reporting that Whitney Houston has filed for separation from her husband of 14 years, Bobby Brown ... altho, no official cause for the separation has been announced, the report claims that she plans on filing official divorce papers in October:

Entertainment Tonight is reporting the same information: ET confirms the news that WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN are divorcing after 14 years of marriage. Sources tell ET that Whitney filed the paperwork. Legal documents were said to have been filed Friday; Bobby was reportedly served with those documents on Tuesday ... Just hours ago, a radiant-looking Whitney made a rare public appearance with music mogul CLIVE DAVIS in Beverly Hills at a tribute for JOHNNY MATHIS at the 15th annual Society of Singers ELLA Awards. Wowie! Here are a few new pictures of Whitney from the Ella Awards last night:

She looks great ... well, she looks not as bad as we've been accustomed to seeing her. I never, ever understood the relationship between Whitney and Bobby -- but watching their interaction on the Bravo reality show Being Bobby Brown, I kinda just assumed that they were really in love -- no explanation necessary. I'm not sure what happened ... but I bet it won't be long until we find out. [Source, Source]

At any rate ... I think it's time we all salute the newly separated Whitney Houston with a little dance:

Come on, everybody ... shake what your mama gave you. Do it for Whitney.

Boy, Oh, Boy

HUZZAH! HALLEUJAH!! and all that jazz ... it has finally happened ... Britney Spears has, once again, given birth to another child ... another boy. I heard rumblings that she gave birth yesterday morning (I think yesterday, it's hard to tell apart the days because of the time difference) at 2AM but I wasn't sure how much stock to place in a news report that came from the National Enquirer. Please forgive me for not immediately believing their news report ... I haven't really believed any of their news reports since they lost my trust with that "Michael Jackson buys the Elephant Man's bones" report back in 1986.

But, apparently, they got the story right in this instance ... behold, unto us another Spederline child is born:

From Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have welcomed their second son together, a source close the family has confirmed to PEOPLE. The baby boy, who was born just before 2 a.m. Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital, was delivered via a scheduled C-section. "Kevin had a smile on his face. He looked happy and upbeat," says an observer. The whole thing, says a source, was smooth – just as the mom-to-be had predicted to PEOPLE back in August, saying childbirth "will be a piece of cake" ... The birth of their second child comes as Spears and Federline celebrate their second anniversary: The couple wed on Sept. 18, 2004. Hmmm ... this news story is pretty light on deets. I suppose congratulations are in order ... here's hoping that this is the last Britney baby to come for some time now (tho you know more are on the way). Miss Brit needs to get her booty back in gear, regain some of her old glory and give it another go ... before it becomes way too late.

Speaking of that old glory, do you suppose that Sean Preston is lamenting the fact that he's about to be cast aside because of the birth of Spederline Baby #2? Here are a couple pictures of Sean P. being held, presumably, by some unknown Spederline cousin (or something like that) at the hospital window:

Photo credit: X-17

The young boy does look as if he has a look of disdain on his chubby little face. He shouldn't sweat it tho ... he should actually take heart in the fact that he's the first born Spederline child. Something tells me that that his claim as first born son will be the only thing to hold on to when, invariably, all those other Spederline children will be born in the not too distant future ... and then will try and stake their claim on Britney's dwindling fortune. [Source]

In other news, Madonna has made her first visit to Russia this week where she is bringing her Confessions World Tour to the throngs of fans in Moscow ... here is a picture of Maddy as she waves to the Russian crowds:

I'm fairly certain there are many, many Russian Madonna fans who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Her Madgesty to their fair country ... and I really hope they aren't disappointed – especially when they have to take into account the getup she chose to wear. It may be colder there in Russia, but that is no excuse for a frumpy outfit like this. She must deff be saving all her mojo for the concert stage. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan continues to storm London this week as she hits, what seems to be, every single shop in sight. Here are a couple pictures of L. Lo wearing a very nice, stylish white outfit as she does some shopping by day:

Ain't she a sweet sight ... er, by day ... cuz by night ... well, that's a different story:

Click above to see the uncensored NSFW image

This is a new picture of Lindsay Lohan's, now famous, underwear-less nether region as she airs it out, again, for all the world to see. It would seem that Lindsay has taken her hatred of underwear to the next level. While we've gotten used to seeing her out and about sans bra, I think this is a sign that we should also become accustomed to seeing her go out and about panty-less as well. Move over Paris Hilton ... Lindsay Lohan is going after your crown. [Source, thanks Josh]

Fashion Week is in full swing in New York City and all the celebs are in town to partake in all the festivities ... here are a couple pictures of Victoria Beckham and Ashley Olsen at the Marc Jacbos afterparty:

It would seem that showing any sort of emotion on one's face is expressly forbidden at events like this. It is my understanding that if you so much as smirk, some impeccably dressed lackey with a sharp stick comes out and pokes you in the face ... which is dangerous when you've got overly-inflated lips to worry about. [Source, Source]

And speaking of the overly inflated, here are some new pictures of the newly sprung, newly released from house arrest Lil' Kim as she takes in a couple of Fashion Week events ... the Chris Aire show and the Marc Jacobs show:

Now, y'all know that I love me some Lil' Kim somethin' awful but the same cannot be said for the awful somethin's that she likes to wear. She really needs to stop borrowing clothes from Arthea Franklin and focus on her own look. She looks a might better in the second set of pics but her droopy boobs look like they're in dire straits. Whatevs! The Notorious K.I.M. is free at last ... droopy boobies or not, it's great to see her out on the town again. [Source, Source]

One last bit of Fashion Week news, Paris and Nicky Hilton were among the famous faces that walked down the Heatherette runway at their show yesterday. Pink reader Gina was on hand for the show and sends in these pictures to share:

Eh ... seeing the Hiltons on the runway aren't nearly as fascinating as seeing the fabulous Amanda LePore strut her stuff on the runway. Miss LePore is more woman than both Paris and Nicky combined (quite literally, actually). Snaps to Heatherette for keepin' it real with the transgendered community! Woot! [thanks Gina]

Boy ... kids grow up so fast these days ... don't they? Check out these really cute pictures of Maddox Jolie-Pitt strutting his stuff on the soccer field. Geeze ... he's practically a little kid now:

OMG ... these are the cutest pictures. He looks like a little man in these pics ... well, a little man with a horribly unfortunate haircut. While I'm not down with the mullet-mohawk combo, I can't fault the lad for staying true to his look. Hmmm ... I somehow foresee a future run-in with Brooklyn Beckham on the soccer field one day. My money's on Maddox for the win. [Source]

Pink reader Ann sends in these new pictures from the upcoming Transformers movie. Here is your first look at what Autobot Bumblebee and Decepticon Starscream will look like in the movie:

They really are taking liberties with the characters that we already know and love. So far, it looks like the only thing they kept about the original Bumblebee is his yellow color. At least Starscream kinda looks like he's supposed to look. I like that he's got guns for hands. I know I sound skeptical and maybe I am a little bit ... but I am just looking forward to this movie so much that I want to love everything I see ... and so far, that isn't the case. At least the 20th anniversary version of the original Transformers animated movie is about to be released ... that way, if they eff up the live-action movie we can still content ourselves with the original animated version. [Source, thanks Ann]

And finally, has posted a couple new interviews to their website to check out ... one is an interview with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and the other is an interview with little ol' me:

Click HERE to read Pete's interview. Click HERE to read my interview. While Pete Wentz' interview is by far the more interesting between the two interviews, I hope y'all like mine as well. Much love to the folks at Fred Flare for asking to talk with me ... XO.

Les News:
If you can read this post then that means that I was able to find an Internet connection that works. We have been having lots of trouble with our wireless connection here at our hotel. The main reason we booked our room here was because we were assured there would be a wireless Internet connection available. When we arrived, we set it up, it worked fine for a few hours (long enough for me to write yesterday's post) and then it pooped out. We had to wait until this morning to find out if it could be repaired ... the router was reset, the connection worked again but only for about an hour (long enough for me to compile today's blog info). It hasn't been working for the past couple of hours and I suspect I'll have to venture out and try and find a cafe or something with free WiFi.

I would hate to have to postpone blogging for the duration of my 2 week trip but I'm not sure what I can do without an Internet connection. If anyone locally has a remedy for my situation, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance -- email me HERE. But, as much as I love blogging ... I must take advantage of my time here in Paris. I envision some sort of worst case scenario where I blog textually from my BlackBerry and then update with pictures/celeb commentary whenever I find the time/Internet connection.

ZUT ALORS this is a bit of a nightmare.

I really hope this all gets sorted out soon. I'm out.