Monday, September 18, 2006

Take It Off!

It's a lovely Monday morning here in Paris. In preparation for today's blog (working up the pictures, searching for newslinks) I've already been treated to a Parisian sun rise, a Parisian rain shower and now we're back to a breaking sunny day. It's funny how these normal, run-of-the-mill occurrences seem to be extra special here. Today begins the last week of our little holiday (actually, less than a week ... we leave on Saturday) ... so let's get to the day's goss, such as it is.

Kevin Federline was not content with letting his wife, Britney Spears, enjoy all of the website revamping fun ... following in the footsteps of Britney's temporary site redesign, K-Fed as also posted a new, temporary lay-out on his official website:

While Britney's new site has a bit of artistic flair (if that's what you call it), K-Fed's new site is merely another advertisement for the release of his debut album Playing With Fire. We've yet to hear any official word from Spederline on the birth of their second child and I'm betting that is intentional. It would seem that our dear Spederline is taking a page of the TomKat Book of PR Mastery and will be saving the juicy tidbits of info for a later date ... prolly just in time for the release of K-Fed's debut album. [Source]

Speaking of TomKat, here are new pictures of Tom Cruise and his Stepford Wifey Katie Holmes as they take the field for yet another one of Isabella Cruise's soccer games:

They are really trying to portray themselves as the perfect model of familial cohesive happiness. I'm actually surprised they haven't started carting around their dear little Suri Holmes Cruise to these events. Maybe they're just more comfortable keeping that baby in the box that they bought her in? [Source]

Here's something you don't see every day ... Tara Reid walking upright on both feet in broad daylight. I can't be 100% sure, but it appears that Miss Reid might actually be ... sober:

I don't want to jump to any wild conclusions, but I suppose it is in the realm of possibility that Tara darling is walking the path of the straight and narrow. The fact that she can walk upright at all with those massive implants is a feat worthy of applause in and of it self altogether. Good on you, Tara! Keep up the good work. [Source]

Fergie Ferg apparently has no shame with being seen in public looking a frightful mess in curlers ...

... altho, truth be told, I think this is the best we've seen her in quite some time. [Source]

I am not the only one lucky enough to enjoy an amazing vacation abroad ... Pink reader Bryn is on holiday in Grand Cayman and she happened to stumble upon Orlando Bloom hanging out at the Ritz Carleton. Here is her photo of a wet and half-nekkid Orlando showering himself off after playing on the beach:

Apparently, Orlando is in town for the local premiere of his new movie Haven which was shot in Grand Cayman. Wee! Love it! [thanks Bryn]

In other topless celeb news, Pink reader Jay sends in this cover shot of Fotografie magazine featuring a topless P!nk showing off her goodies:

Click above to see the NSFW uncensored image

I'm not sure if this is a new issue, nor am I sure where this magazine comes from but I don't recall seeing this picture of a half-naked P!nk before. If you are so inclined, click the image above to see the full-size, NSFW uncensored image. It would seem that Mizundastood has a thing for body piercings. [thanks Jay]

Here are a few outtake photos of Xtina Aguilera's photoshoot for Newsweek magazine:

She ain't lookin' too shabby, if I do say so myself. I really like the first two pictures ... I'm not too nuts about the last two pictures. I really think she could get away with not having to pose in her lingerie in every photoshoot. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of the new issue of Latina magazine:

And while I think her face looks kinda funny on the cover (prolly due to poor Photoshopping), she looks very pretty in the other photos. I'm just glad she's not rockin' the matronly thing she's been doing lately. I don't think I like the ghastly influence that Marc Anthony has been having on her. [Source]

Our girl Kristin Cavallari has landed the cover of the new issue of CosmoGirl magazine ... here are a few pics:

I hafta say that I'm pretty impressed that she still manages to land magazine covers. She is really, really workin' her 15 minutes to death. But if I were here, I'd sue the mag for publishing that second photo ... it looks like a yearbook photo gone horribly wrong. Boo! [Source]

Here are a couple new promo pictures from Ashlee Simpson's upcoming stint as Roxie Hart in the London production of the musical Chicago ...

... and, for good measure, I threw in a couple new pictures from her recent Sketchers ad photo shoot, too. I kinda love how Ashlee seems completely unphased at all that her big sister just released a new album. With all the new work that Ashlee is getting, you'd hardly even know that she has a big sister in the biz. Well, at least Jessica has her fake hair thing to fall back in if her singing thing doesn't work out. Or, hey, maybe Jessica could be Ashlee's understudy? [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Michele sends in these scans from the new issue of Six Degrees magazine that features a little blurb on yours truly:

I have to send out much love to the peeps at Six Degrees magazine (the magazine formerly known as EGO) for putting me in their pages. You know, last year I was writing for EGO Detroit magazine ... and this year I'm being written about. That's kinda cool. Thank you so much for the love! XO [Source, thanks Michele]

Les News:
Yesterday was such a bizzy and productive day ... we spent pretty much all afternoon touring the Musee d'Orsay. I can't even tell you how much fun we had. The museum itself is a stunning sight to behold (it used to be an old train station) but the artwork inside is just magnificent. The size and scope of the art pieces is really humbling:

We spent hour after hour just trying to take it all in. We were spent after our little tour was finished ... I don't know how we're gonna survive the Louvre! After our museum trip, we walked around the surrounding area and surveyed all the closed shops ... today has been earmarked as a shopping day so we're deff gonna go back and do some damage with our fundage.

Last night, we made our way to Le Queen for some late night dancing ... and I mean late night ... shizz there don't get going until 1 am. On our way to the club we were famished and as amazing as Paris is, we've been having a devil of a time finding late-night food sources. Last night we finally found a wonderful little place called MacDo that was able to satisfy our late-night cravings:

That's right, I ain't gonna front ... we stuffed our faces with McDonald's french fries and we loved every second of it. After our snack, we went to Le Queen and pretty much danced our asses off. It was so much fun ... the place was packed and the music was very fun. We danced to a lot of stuff from the early 90's (CeCe Peniston, Technotronic, etc.) as well as the usual Kylie Minogue and Madonna. They even played the Amand Van Helden remix of Tori Amos' Professional Widow! I'm not even kidding you when I say that we only just got back to our hotel a few hours ago ... OY!

Today is our last day in our first Parisian hotel. David and I had originally planned on zipping off to London for a few days while we vacationed here in Paris but have since decided to just stay put here in France and really try and do as much as we can, while we can. Because we only booked this hotel for the first week we had to find another hotel ... so we're moving! As I mentioned, we're shopping this afternoon and then are planning on visiting the catacombs tonight -- ooooh, scary!

Hope y'all have a great Monday! I'm out.