Friday, September 29, 2006

The Grey Goose Got The Girl Feelin' Loose

Woot! As my search for the 20th anniversary issue of Q magazine with Britney Spears on the cover continues, Pink reader Brian alerted me to the fact that Brit's cover photo is from a new photoshoot ... so far, we've only got thumbnails of all of the covers (except for the Madonna one) but by the looks of it (grainy as it is), the Brit Brit cover looks hot as hell:

See ... why can't she be this hot all the time? While I kinda liked her Harper's Bazaar pictures I didn't think they were especially hot. This photo looks great ... hopefully there will be more pictures from this photoshoot soon. Love it! [Source, thanks Brian]

Oh Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole ... you continue to be soooo outrageous. "News" broke yesterday afternoon that Anna Nicole got married to her shyster lawyer Howard K. Stern in the wake of his shocking revelation on Larry King Live that he is the father of her newborn baby girl Dannielynn Hope ... but almost as soon as that story made the rounds Anna Nicole's publicist released a statement that the couple did not actually wed ... they merely "committed" themselves to one another:

ET has confirmed that ANNA NICOLE SMITH and her friend and lawyer, HOWARD K. STERN -- who claims to be the father of her newborn baby -- were united in a commitment ceremony early Thursday morning in the Bahamas, according to her publicist. Anna Nicole and Howard "escaped their house" at three o'clock this morning, according to their press release, "and boarded a boat to quietly sail the ocean around Nassau ... on a clandestine sail to recapture simple pleasures -- fresh salt air on the face, a sunrise on the ocean, and wind in their hair. And then a good thing happened: during the sail, Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern made a commitment before God to be there for one another, to be each other's strength during this difficult time. "By mid-morning, helicopters flew overhead, speed boats approached, and camera-equipped scuba divers invaded what had been an otherwise perfect moment of peace, solitude, and hope," continues the statement. "The event was intended to be totally private between two adults deeply in love with each other and needing simple reassurances that they could count on one another through life's ups and downs. The outing was never expected to be shared with anyone other than Howard, Anna, [her newborn daughter] DANNIELYNN HOPE and a few close friends and family." Although the ceremony was officiated, it was not a wedding and no marriage certificate was issued, according to the release. Could this woman's life be any more INSANE? While I feel the utmost pity and sorrow for the tragic loss of her son I can't help but be kinda grossed out by all this baby-daddy business that she's surrounding herself in. The more I think about it ... the more I'm starting to think that her lawyer Howard isn't really the baby's father -- that all of this recent crazy shizz (his revelation that he's the father, this crazy ceremony) is for the sole purpose of trying to keep the real father, celebrity photographer Larry Birkhead, from getting his grubby hands on her grubby money that she won in her own grubby fashion. I'm convinced this poor baby girl is the central pawn in a disgusting play for Anna Nicole's ill-gained fortune. Both the photographer and the lawyer have dollar signs in thier eyes ... it's really, really sad and yet, completely repulsive. [Source]

In happier news, Beyonce Knowles -- the good-girl of r&b/pop -- has found that she responds well to massive amounts of spirited drink. Either B is really, really plastered in these pictures from Movida nightclub or she's just really tired -- you make the call:

Shoot ... I ain't mad atcha, Beyonce ... we've all been there. I just hope she didn't puke onto and ruin her Manolo Blahniks. [Source]

Here are a bunch of pictures, taken by the infamous Cobrasnake, from Hilary Duff's birthday celebration last night ... it looks like her beau Joel Madden was having the time of his life:

Maybe all Hilary wanted for her birthday was to be embarrassed by her boyfriend ... well, it looks like she got her wish. I keed, I keed ... actually, she looks really happy and Joel looks over the moon. In all actuality, I think maybe her birthday wish was to have a boyfriend that loves her to death ... once again, it looks like she got her wish. [Source]

You know ... Matthew McConaughey is generally a super sexy beast ... and sometimes, he's just not:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or cry. Doing either would be appropriate. [Source]

The Daily Mail published this picture of a gigantic-looking Katie Holmes taking her miniscule man Tom Cruise out for a walk after they dined at the Beverly Regent in Hollywood earlier this week and I have to say ... they've never looked so good:

You know, if they really did want to avoid the paparazzi (but why in the hell would they want to do that?) she could've just put Tom thumb in her purse and snuck out the back door. I'm not going to comment on how I think this picture looks a little doctored because I want to believe that it's real. [Source, thanks Katherine]

Paris Hilton and Travis Barker appear to be carrying on with this strange new relationship that they've embarked on together ... here are pictures of Paris and Travis trying to pull a fast one on the paps ... you see, Paris goes into a club in the Red Light District of Amsterdam (actually they went to The Mansion club and Absinthe Bar) wearing a bright red dress and her friend Kim Kardashian follows her in and is seen wearing the leopard print coat ... so that Paris can try and sneak out not as herself but as Kim ... or something like that:

Photo credit: Splash News

Gee, I wonder which of these nitwits came up with this brilliant scheme? You know, they almost had us fooled. Anyways ... I really have to wonder what the eff is wrong with Travis Barker. I get that he's pissed at his soon-to-be ex-wife Shanna Moakler because he believes she cheated on him ... but messing around with Paris Hilton is hurting no one but himself ... literally. Dumb! [Source]

Speaking of hurting ... do you suppose that Lindsay Lohan is so distraught over losing her summer lover, Harry Morton, that she's decided that bathing is no longer something that interests her?

Someone get this girl a man STAT! She's starting to lose it. [Source]

Pamela Anderson is at it again ... well, actually, her boobs are at it again ... one of her nips wants to say hello to everyone:

Click above to see larger, uncensored NSFW image
Photo credit: Splash News

We've come to know each one of her nips so well, I feel like I'm on a first name basis with them. It's good to see Pokey looking so well these days. [Source]

In other boobie news, these pictures would seem to suggest that Christina Ricci is the proud owner of a new tattoo that she got on her right boob. While I am not 100% convinced that this is actually her (one should always be weary of alleged topless [or bottomless, for that matter] photos of celebs where the head is cut off) I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this actually is her:

Click above to see larger, uncensored NSFW image

While I question the logic in getting a bird tattooed on one's breast, I suppose I have to commend Christina (if it is really her) for taking such an avant garde risk in tattoo placement. I wonder where she'd put a tattooed bird's nest on her body? [Source]

Pink reader Nell did an amazing thing for me ... she and her roommate went to a Neil Gaiman signing and she asked him to sign something for me ... much to my surprise, he is familiar with Pink is the new Blog and was happy to comply:

Nell writes: I asked him to sign something for you and have attached the picture. He thought I was nuts when I handed it to him, but I explained that your blog is one of my favorites and how one of his books is on your right column, etc. He responded, "Oh! Of course. I know that blog. It hasn't quite made it onto my blog list yet, but I rediscover it every now and then through something else and absolutely love it." Anyway, I wrote "Pink is the New" on the paper and was hoping he'd sign it so that it said "Pink is the New Neil Gaiman." He did me one better. Because he was writing in turquoise, he wrote, "turquoise" and then signed his name. After my explaining what it meant and his realizing he knew who you were, he wrote a P.S. at the top -- the P.S. says, "Love the blog. Neil." !!! Nell rules all ... she is so sweet to do this for me. I'm also kinda floored that Neil knows my blog. I have been a huge fan of his for years and years and never once thought I'd be on his radar. Thank you so much Nell and Neil ... I <3 you both! [thanks Nell]

And finally, Pink reader Jessica sent me a link to scans of all the month's nekkid rugby players from a 2007 calendar featuring Aussie footie players (thanks CBC) ... and in kinda semi NSFWness (but not really because nothing is exposed but I'm sure that bosses might still have a problem with some of these pics) I present to you my top 6 fave month's of the coming year:

Ooooooh yes, indeedie! It looks like it's going to be a very good year. Enjoy! [Source, thanks Jessica]

Les News:
I pretty much spent all of yesterday cleaning, doing laundry and reading. I've finished 2 Augusten Burroughs books and am now reading the Antonia Fraser book on Marie Antoinette. I've also finished off the latest issue of The New Yorker magazine (David got me hooked on that mag after I read a couple articles in his his copy ... the article on how a handbag is created totally fascinated me -- no comments, please) having fallen in love with the diversity of incredibly interesting articles that they publish. Yeah ... pretty much that was my day ...

But last night thanks to Pink reader Sam and my good friend Kevin, Jim and I got to attend the official opening night of the Scissor Sisters' North American tour at the Shrine Auditorium:

The band was great but I'm not used to seeing them in larger venues. The sound was a bit off but the show was still a smashing success. The place was teeming with celebs ... I saw Joshua Jackson outside in the smoking pen, Jerry O'Connell with Rebecca Romijin in the beer line and Dave Grohl and (what looked to be) Ian Somerhalder up in the balcony. I also ran into a few Pink readers ... it was awesome getting to meet you all.

The show was hot ... we had a blast.

Tonight I have kind of a date with my new friend Irene. So the weekend is upon us ... I hope y'all have a great one ... I'm out.