Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stretched To The Limit

Oh yeah baby ... now this is what I'm talking about. I knew that this newly released photoshoot of Britney Spears for the 20th anniversary issue of Q magazine would be hot. The fact that these pictures were taken while she was still incubating her second Spederfetus does nothing to hinder her ... dare I say ... sexiness?

Yep, the pictures are hot ... and the accompanying interview is ... well, interesting. In the interview, Brit Brit reveals an intense love of ice and the music of Prince and Shania Twain and, in a way, blames Madonna for marrying Kevin Federline ... here is her quote about her MTV VMA performance with Maddy: That was kind of crazy. That was Madonna's idea for the whole wedding thing and she got me obsessed with marrying somebody after that. Damnit! So the reason that we all have to deal with Kevin Federline is because of Madonna! Britney also talks about the inherent sexiness of uniforms (referring to the school girl uniform she wore in her debut video Baby ... One More Time) and reveals one of her fantasies: Maybe in my next video I'll be a police officer. And I could be shooting all the paparazzi! That's a great idea! I love it! Hmm ... someone's got some pent up aggression. She better hope the paps don't lose interest in her ... her career is already flailing as it is. Anyways ... the rest of the interview is fluff ... her responses sound very immature (shock!) and abruptly hangs up on the interviewer at the end: Q Magazine -- [What was] your best haircut? Britney -- My baby's crying, I've got to go now. [Hangs up] Sometimes you gotta wonder why these magazines even want to talk to her anymore. That's our Britney. [Source, thanks Steff]

Matthew McConaughey is really all about the physical fitness these days ... from the biking to the surfing to the yoga to the jogging ... what else could be next for the shirtless athlete who shuns the conventions of modern cleanliness? Why ... it's the jungle gym, of course:

Photo credit: X-17

I really hope Matthew doesn't change a thing about his exercise habits. I can't wait to see what he's gonna try next. Nice abs there, Matthew. [Source]

It would seem that Matthew McConaughey isn't the only Matthew interested in physical fitness ... Matthew Fox is also hard at work sculpting his lean, hard body into peak physical shape ... altho, Mr. Fox likes to do his exercise regiment while wearing a lot more clothing -- and spandex appears to be his clothing of choice ... which begs the question -- who's got the better spandex bulge, Matthew McConaughey or Matthew Fox?

Matthew McConaughey appears to have the unfair advantage of having a rolled up sock (or two) stuffed down the front of his shorts ... so I give extra points to Matthew Fox for rockin' the spandex in commando mode. So whadda we think ... who wins the battle of the bulge? [Source]

Hmmm ... just a day after Harry Morton went on Extra to tell the world that he and Lindsay Lohan are taking "a break" from dating the pair were seen having lunch together at the paparazzi friendly restaurant The Ivy in Beverly Hills:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be honest, I'm really not as concerned over whether or not the couple are dating or not ... I'm more concerned with that wretched haircut that Harry got. Did his mother threaten to take away his inheritance if he didn't get this haircut? Boo! I do not approve. [Source]

Oh no ... something horrible has happened to Kristin Cavallari! I would seem that the poor girl is suffering from some sort of tragic neck injury:

I'm not sure why her head is no longer screwed on right but I hope she gets that thing fixed soon. Her 15 minutes are ticking away and no one is gonna want to hire a freaky-looking chick with neck problems. [Source, Source]

Yesterday, many people posted comments and sent emails regarding whether or not that picture I posted yesterday of the topless woman with the bird tattoo on her boob was really Christina Ricci or not ... Pink reader Marisa alerted me to the fact that Christina was on the June '06 cover of Vegas magazine where her bird-on-the-boob tattoo was clearly visible:

Huh ... so yeah, I'm not really shocked that it's her (nor am I shocked that Christina had a breast reduction [note the scars]). Kudos for the inventive tattoo placement. Tho, I'm sure sure that someday that sparrow is gonna be looking more like a goose. [Source, thanks Marisa]

Jessica Simpson must really be scrambling for funds ... or something. She and her partner Ken Paves have taken their fake hair business to the realm of the Home Shopping Network:

Geeze ... couldn't she at least have gone to QVC? I bet this stuff would fly off the shelves if it were sold on the air after the scrapbooking segment at 3AM. Lord! It's no wonder that Ashlee Simpson is getting all the better gigs ... Jessica is too bizzy thinking of ways to ruin what's left of her career. Anyways, if you're interested in getting some fake hair extensions, I'm sure Jess would love it if you bought some HERE. [Source, thanks Violet]

Here are a bunch of pics sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers ... I have to send out lots of congrats to Mandy and Heidi who recently each got married (thanks Kelly and Jana) ... I have to send out much Birthday Lurve to Lindsay who, thanks to her friend Suzanne, celebrated her 22nd birthday in PITNB style ... and a huge shout-out to Nasira, Steve, Justin, Meg, Marta, Meg, Kathleen, Liz and Noelle who tailgated at the Boston College home game (where BC beat Clemson) and sent us all some love:

Thank you all for the great pictures. It's always so cool to see how people like to incorporate PITNB into their festivities! Thanks again so much! XO

And lastly, but surely not leastly ... today is my dear friend Mark's birthday ... he turns ... er, older today and I am sending him lots of love all the way back to Detroit:

Happy Birthday, Marcus! Drink up for me, bud ... and knowing you ... you're prolly already working on your third 40 oz. of the day. It better be Schlitz, bitch! XOXO

Les News:
Boo ... I had plans to hang out with my friend Irene last night but I started not feeling well yesterday afternoon and pulled out of hanging out. I feel better now but I just wasn't in the mood to go out. Fortunately, I'm really into Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette book so I had no problem chillin' at home last night.

Thank god I've already got a BF.

So ... I hear that there's some concert at The Avalon tonight ... some band is playing or something ... yeah, I think I'm might have to check it out.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.