Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not Knockin' Boots

Paris Hilton breezed thru LA this weekend on her way home from her European vacation with Travis Barker and on her way to Las Vegas to get back in party mode. Here is a picture of Paris at LAX airport making her way to Vegas ... and it would seem that she really wants the whole world to know just how involved she is with Travis Barker:

Photo credit: X-17

As if all the face sucking at various clubs around the globe wasn't confirmation enough, the fact that she's wearing a t-shirt from Travis' Famous clothing line seems awfully telling. These two definitely make the strangest couple ... they just don't seem well suited for one another. I actually thought that Paris would've been over and done with him by now ... but it would appear that that isn't the case. Will they last? I suppose it would depend on how many Famous t-shirts Paris purchased. [Source]

Here are new pictures of Jude Law looking a little worse for the wear as he emerged into the North London streets looking like he had a pretty rad night ... the tussled hair actually looks sexy on him:

I wonder who he spent the previous evening with? Has anyone seen Perry Taylor lately? [Source]

Kylie Minogue looked absolutely amazing at the book launch and signing of her new children's book Kylie: The Showgirl Princess earlier this week:

Even tho she appears to be wearing a bit too many poker chips on the collar of that dress, she still looks stunning. I can't get over how healthy she looks. She really has put on a lot of great, healthy weight and I just *love* her hair -- she's looking like her good ol' self. [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made another appearance at another one of his daughter Isabella's soccer games this weekend ... I swear, that girl's soccer league plays more games than any professional soccer league on Earth. But, I digress ... does it look like Tom Cruise is shrinking to you? I know he's a shorty but lately, he's been lookin' especially short:

Photo credit: Finalpixx

Actually, he prolly looks super short because Katie is wearing those amazingly hot boots (yes, gotta give her credit for her outfit, she looks damn good actually). The boots look like they'd come up to Tom's chin if he wore them. Anyways ... it should be noted that baby Suri still hasn't been seen in public ... well, ever! The only confirmation that she actually exists comes from some photographs in Vanity Fair magazine. Isn't it odd that they show her off to the world in a magazine, you know, to prove that she exists, and then isn't seen since -- especially weird since TomKat have been photographed out and about almost every day since the magazine was released. You'd think with as long as they've been running their SHAM! that they'd at least start to get it right. Suri ... where are you?! [Source]

Evangeline Lilly (and the much of the rest of the cast) was on hand for the season 3 premiere party of Lost at Waikiki in Honolulu, HI yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

She looks great lookin' all natural (tho, the shine may be a wee bit too natural) but I think I really prefer her when she's all done up lookin' like a sexpot ... [Source]

... like, say, in these pictures of Evangeline in Parade magazine:

Once again, the hot boots make for a hot outfit. She is so cute, I can hardly stand it. I am so excited for the premiere of the new season of Lost this Wednesday night. There are so many questions left from the last season's finale that I wonder how many of those questions they are going to address in this first ep. I really hope everything starts off with a Bang! this time around. I'm really looking forward to getting all into the world of Lost all over again. [Source]

While listening to my iPod on shuffle yesterday, I was reminded by how much I love Leona Naess. I went to her official website to see what news there is about her these days and was greeted with this message:

Hot Damn! A new album! Many of you may not know who Leona is but I can assure you ... she is freaking awesome. Her songs are really amazing. You can hear 3 new songs at her site and a couple more new songs at her official My Space page. I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear this new album. [Source]

Pink reader Carmen was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) to catch one of Ashlee Simpson's performances in the musical Chicago in the UK and altho Carmen was unable to send pictures from the actual performance, she did send in pictures of the marquee and the show's playbill:

Carmen assures me that the show itself was "amazing" and that Ashlee's performance was "really good" and I guess I'll have to take her word on it. I'll agree that Chicago is an amazing show (Sarah and I saw it together on one of our NYC trips in days of yore) but from the clips I've seen of Ashlee's performance so far, I can't say that I think her performance is stunning. As much as I love her (generally) I have a hard time believing that she's got that razzle dazzle that Roxie Hart's character requires. [thanks Carmen]

Woo hoo! It's that time of the week again ... time to check out the Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Judson:

Isn't it so very nice of Judson to just take off his pants so that we can see how gleaming white his undies are? He seems like such a swell guy. It's so nice when guys will just take off their pants for you, don't you think? Keep up the great work, Judson ... we really appreciate your efforts. [Source]

And finally ... I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to my dear friend Tracey who is celebrating her birthday today. I have so many embarrassing pictures of Tracey that I had a hard time determining which one to use for her birthday shout-out. I opted out of using my initial photo choice because I just don't think the world is ready to see Tracey lying on the floor with her legs thrown back and behind her head ... so I chose this adorable picture of and her beautiful baby girl, my goddaughter, Zakiya:

Happy Birthday, Tracey! I don't know that I will ever be able to thank you enough for being the vessel for the most beautiful child in the world so please accept my thanks and love on this birthday. I can't wait to see you at the end of this week ... we're gonna party like you're 1999 ... which is actually, dangerously close to your actual age ;) Love you! XO

Les News:
So yesterday was a pretty great day ... I must say. I spent the day looking for an outfit for my friend Angi's upcoming wedding. I picked up a few things -- amazing things actually -- but none for her wedding ... so the search continues. Last night I went out to see some friends of mine play a sold-out show at The Avalon in Hollywood ... you may have heard of them ... they're called Good Charlotte:

The guys have embarked on a short tour to get back in the performance saddle ... they played all of the hits and a couple of new songs off the new album. Last night we got to hear Misery and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl which Joel claims was written about his mother (he even sang a couple verses of Keep Your Hands Off My Mom). Benji, for his part, told the assembled crowd about his My Space profile ... and how it's sole purpose is for him to find "true love" ... so of course every girl in the place went nuts. The show was so fun ... especially since every kid in the place was singing along with the guys. It was a total lovefest ... so much fun. Click HERE to watch a short clip of the guys closing the show with one of my fave songs, I Just Wanna Live. I have to give much thanks to Joel and Benji for taking such good care of me ... thank you so much guys, you're the best. Love to Hilary, too, for being such a doll.

I got to meet a lot of Pink readers at the show ... here are some pictures of a few Pink peeps:

I have to give a shout to Tim, Christie, Lisa, Candice and Justine and much love to Sophie for rollin' with me all night. I also ran into my boy Aaron who let me chill with his friends in their VIP box.

The show is way fun ... catch 'em on the road if you can. They'll be doin' shows for about a month so check em out!

I think I'm gonna have to go see a movie or something tonight ... I haven't seen a flick in ages and my list is getting long. Also, apologies to Antonia Fraser -- I have to put aside her book for a while because I just became aware that the new Neil Gaiman book Fragile Things has been released. I'll be spending my free time with him until the book is finished.

Happy Sunday, y'all ... I hope you have a relaxing one! I'm out.