Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Makin' Up Ain't Hard To Do

Woot! I love it when Perry Taylor, ex-manny and current bodyguard to the stars, shows up unannounced at various functions all over the country! Pink reader Teylor ran into Perry at the Grudge 2 premiere after party at Knott's Scaaaary Farms earlier this week:

Perry was on duty working security for the VIP section of the shindig. I know that my body would feel very secure if it were guarded by the likes of Mr. Perry Taylor. I'll say it again ... I always hoped that Perry would be the one to save Britney Spears from herself but it just didn't work out that way. I'm glad, at least, that Perry didn't fade away into oblivion. It's fun seeing him pop up all over the place. Maybe one day I'll have my own Perry sighting. [thanks Teylor]

So ... okay ... the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie reconciliation thing was the big news of yesterday and while there was much hoo-ha over the supposed renewed friendship there really wasn't as much crazy hype as I expected. I'll admit I was a bit surprised but I wasn't at all shocked. Nicole's people are keeping mum on the subject and Paris' lackey Elliot Mintz is only giving stupid little quotes on the matter. Here are a few photos of Nicole and Paris coming out of their now infamous "reunion dinner" and a couple photos of the ladies emerging from Paris' place the morning after:

Photo credit: Splash News

The two-year feud between former best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie appears to be over. The Simple Life stars were spotted dining together on Caesar salads and penne pasta at the West Hollywood restaurant Dan Tana's on Sunday night. "They looked like best friends to me," a fellow diner tells PEOPLE. "It seemed as if they had never gotten into a fight. They were laughing really loud and seemed more than happy to be together. There wasn't a slow moment in their conversation – they chatted non-stop. They left hand-in-hand, smiling." Richie's rep could not be reached for comment, but Hilton's publicist, Elliot Mintz, tells PEOPLE: "They had a meal last night. It's not my place to say what was discussed or the nature of the meal. But it's a good thing when people have a meal together." When asked if they're best friends again, Mintz said: "I wouldn't characterize it that way because I don't know if it was a business or personal discussion. Let's just watch it unfold" ... [T]heir reconciliation couldn't have come at a better time: The two are set to begin filming the fifth season of The Simple Life in late fall, and FOX studios and the E! network have required they shoot this season together. A source at E! denies speculation that the make-up was encouraged by the network or studio. The new season of the show is tentatively scheduled to air in March 2007. Hmm ... In the end ... who cares ... we like them as bitchy friends ... we like them as bitchy rivals ... I don't think the "bitchy" is ever gonna go away so we can just enjoy whatever they come at us with. It's nice when bitter exes can be best buds again. Good luck, ladies! [Source, Source]

Paris' latest conquest Travis Barker (well, one of her most recent conquests ... I think Andy Roddick came along after she started messing around with Travis) was spotted taking his baby boy Landon to a birthday party. It's a good thing that Travis didn't also bring along Paris Hilton ... who knows what Landon's mother Shanna Moakler might've done to her if she had shown up:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not sure I'm feelin' Landon's mohawk. It seems a bit ... severe for a kid that age ... but I guess if you're the son of a tattooed punk rocker like Travis then I guess it's okay. Incidentally, it would appear that Paris is still very enamored of Travis Barker (she's even started to dress like him) and is keeping her hooks in Travis ... the pair were caught canoodling again in Las Vegas over the weekend. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is keeping clear of the man-drama these days ... and I say, GOOD FOR YOU, LINDS! The one problem is ... her fashion choices have begun to suffer. Here are a couple photos of Lindsay Lohan making her way to The Killers show over the weekend:

I had no idea that the next generation of potato sacks were made of sweatpants material. [Source]

With all the recent Victoria Beckham sightings lately, it got me thinking about the Spice Girls and what they must be up to these days ... let's check in with those Girl Power! minxes and see what they've got goin' on. Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) made an appearance this week at the Breast Cancer Care Annual Fashion Show, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) was last seen out and about at the GQ Awards last month, Mel B (Scary Spice) is now a white woman and was spotted arriving in London at Heathrow airport coming from God knows where, Mel C (Sporty Spice) hasn't been spotted anywhere because I don't think she gets invited to things anymore but I took a recent picture from her official website so as not to make her feel left out and Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), as we're all well aware, has been seen lately in Paris, France plotting the destruction of our planet with fellow Fembot Katie Holmes:

It's nice to see that some of the girls remain relevant ... and it's nice to know that the ones who have fallen on desperate times (*cough*Mels B & C*cough*) haven't, like, thrown themselves off any bridges. Girl Power! indeed. [Source, Source]

Sienna Miller looks like she is quite enjoying herself as she hangs out with her father in Meadville, Pennsylvania ... despite the fact that she not-so-secretly hates the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Personally, I don't think her idiot attempt at a positive Pennsylvania photo-op is worth it. She should get her dumb ass out of the state and as far away as she can as soon as she can. I'm fairly certain that she has worn out her welcome. [Source]

Hilary Duff is lookin' pretty bad-ass in this leopard print hoodie ...

... unfortch, those horrrrrrible leggings make me want to poke my eyes out. I <3 you Hil, but BOO! on the leggings. [Source]

Pink reader Eunice was unfortunate enough to have a very rude run-in with diva Bruce Willis. Eunice and her cousin were dining at White Lotus in celebration of her cousin's birthday and in walks in Bruce Willis. The cousin politely asked Bruce if he would mind taking a birthday picture with her and he told her to "Get Lost!" Now, I can understand if Mr. Willis didn't want to stop for a photo but to tell a fan to Get Lost! seems a bit much to me. The jerk should be glad that people even remember his name:

So after dinner, everyone was outside waiting for their cars and Eunice snaps this great photo of Bruce as a souvenir of the night. LOL! Apparently he got really pissed off. Eunice and her cousin had a great night regardless of Bruce's bad attitude. [thanks Eunice]

Lance Bass and Reichen Lemkuhl really have become quite the social charity butterflies these days ... here are a few photos of Leichen at the 10th Annual Human Rights Campaign Dinner that took place over the weekend:

The guys really look hot in their tuxedos. I'm not sure, but I think that Reichen's head has gotten bigger in recent weeks ... has his forehead always protruded that much? It must be a result of his escalating fame. Ah well ... Leichen still make up my new fave Hollywood couple. [Source]

Speaking of campaigning for causes, Adam Brody recently spent some time volunteering in Ohio for the 50-State Turnout in NE Ohio campaign ... here is a photo of Adam on the phone calling up his fellow Democrats in order to make sure that they get out and vote:

Not only is Adam hot but he's using that hotness to help the Democrats take take Congress. You just gotta love a civic-minded boy. [Source, thanks Brandi]

It would appear that Angelina Jolie really is in India filming scenes for a new movie called A Mighty Heart where she plays the wife of kidnapped and murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl (altho, I still think she's been eyeballin' a few orphans here and there). Here is the first photo of Angelina as Mariane Pearl:

Jolie plays Mariane, widow of the Wall Street Journal reporter, who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 while researching a story on the links between "shoe bomber" Richard Reid and Islamic spiritual leader Sheikh Mubarak Gilani. Mariane was pregnant with their child when her husband was kidnapped. Jolie said in a weekend statement that she was disappointed not to be filming in Pakistan, "a country I love and have visited three times." But security concerns pushed the filming to the western Indian city of Pune, which was chosen because it resembles Karachi, Pakistan." Hmm ... she does look a lot like Mariane Pearl. I'm tellin' ya tho, I think there's another baby in Brangelina's future. [Source]

Made in Brazil, your source for all things HOT and BRAZILIAN, has these new photos Gisele in the new Dolce & Gabbana perfume The One ad campaign:

I love how Gisele always looks classy and sexy. It think it also helps her image that she doesn't date druggie rockers. Stay clean, Gisele. [Source]

And finally ... I gotta show some love for the new NBC show Heroes. When I first heard about the premise I was intrigued but not really interested in investing immediately in the show. I decided to watch a few eps and then make up my mind. Yeah, having watched all 3 eps so far I gotta say that I am impressed with what they're doing with the show's premise. I'm also impressed with Miss Hayden Panettiere who plays the impervious cheerleader:

I really like they way they are using the graphic novel to move along the story line. Even tho the show is very "comic booky", I think the story arc has enough beef to keep things interesting. Without giving too much away ... the emergence of the villain(s?) who also has super powers is very cool. I loved how last night's ep ended. I think I'm hooked ... Heroes, thus far, adequately satisfies my inner geek to a tee. If you missed last night's episode (or any of the episodes) you can watch them HERE. [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent the early afternoon with Tracey and Zakiya before I had to take David to the airport. After I dropped him off, I met up with my parents for an early dinner. I managed to get a haircut at my fave Detroit salon 6 Salon in Royal Oak before returning home to chill with my folks. I showed them all of my Paris pictures and then we watched TV together. I miss just hanging out with my parents ... it was a great night for me.

I'm gonna try and grab some lunch with Sarah (and maybe Sherri?) before I have to jet off to LA tonight. As soon as I land I have to drop off my stuff and make my way out to the Cobra Starship CD release party. Fun times!

I gotta jet ... have a great day ... I'll be comin' atcha from the Left Coast tomorrow ... I'm out.