Saturday, October 14, 2006

Training Day

When people say that a lady has a little "somethin', somethin'" they are generally referring to the lady having a little more booty or a little more voluptuousness that adds to the sexiness of the lady in question. I don't believe the "somethin', somethin'" that is protruding from betwixt Lindsay Lohan's legs in these pictures is of the positive variety:

Photo credit: X-17

Surely she cannot be hiding any man parts down there because we've all been privvy to a full disclosure of what Lindsay's got down there, so the question becomes ... what on Earth is she hiding down there? Is that where she keeps her cell phone? [Source]

While we ponder the mystery of her protruding nether region bulge, let's check in with Rumer Willis and her on-going training as a blossoming Hollywood "It" Girl. Here are pictures of Rumer taking a lesson from one of the masters of the trade ... L. Lo herself:

Photo credit: Splash News

It looks like Lindsay is breaking her in slowly. Introducing her to the nightlife, showing her how to handle the paparazzi -- you know, the basics. I wonder how long it will take for little Rumer to graduate to the level of nip slips and crotch flashes. Hopefully those lessons won't come until she's reached the legal age of maturity ... but I suppose if she's a fast learner then it won't be long til she's a bona fide Hollywood "It" Girl. [Source]

Victoria Beckham has returned to the loving arms of her insanely hot husband David Beckham and has joined him in Madrid, Spain. Maybe Katie Holmes ditched her, maybe her homing signal got triggered ... who knows. Here are photos of Posh and Becks as they emerge from an evening of fine dining:

Eh, she's only interesting when she's not paired up with Becks -- he tends to steal the attention away from her when they are together. He looks great, btw. The whole look is very stylish and he wears it all well. Ugh! He is *so* playing for the wrong team! [Source]

Incidentally, Jennifer Lopez and her scary hubby Marc Anthony are also spending some time in Madrid, Spain. They, too, spent a night out enjoying some fine dining ... here are pictures of the pair as they make their way into a restaurant:

She is so hot ... he is so not. You know ... I'd be cool with J. Lo and Becks hooking up -- Jenny is practically a gay man ... and that would leave the robot free to pair up with the zombie. That would be such a better match-up of partners. [Source]

Nicole Kidman was an absolute vision on the red carpet at the inaugural Rome Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie Fur yesterday:

Nicole Kidman premiered her movie "Fur" -- based loosely on the life of photographer Diane Arbus -- at the inaugural Rome Film Festival, which opened Friday. "I wanted to support this festival and Italy," Kidman told a news conference. "Film festivals are very good for small films like this one, the more we have the better." The film by director Steven Shainberg tells the story of the transformation of a shy 1950s housewife into an artist, a move triggered by a passionate love affair with Lionel, her mysterious mentor played by Robert Downey Jr. "It's a small, small portrait. In fact it's called an imaginary portrait. What counts is the creativity of the artist, what's inside," Kidman said. "My way of trying to play her was more trying to capture her inner self." Well, it's not like the world is in dire need of a new film festival but ... what the hell. It's pretty clear that Nicole isn't hiding any baby bump so maybe the persistent rumors that she is always pregnant will die down for a bit. Her big sexy hair looks great ... it's hard to believe that she was ever married to Tom Cruise. [Source]

Here are pictures of Paris Hilton with her new boyfriend, model James Neate. It appears that she is over her latest fling with Travis Barker and has finally settled down with a boy she can call her own. I gotta say, it was really something watching her lead the new boyfriend around by the hand everywhere they went on Thursday night. She seemed very proud to show him off:

James lives in NYC and Paris lives here in LA so we'll see if the long-distance relationship works out for the two of them. [Source]

Pink reader Amy tells me that she knows Mr. Neate from back in the college day. She also sent me a link to his modeling agency website so that I could check out some of his work:

He lost me with the capris and the tin foil but I guess if you're a real life model then you have to pose in ridiculous way sometimes. Is this finally the man of Paris Hilton's dreams? We shall see ... [Source]

Bono has unleashed his Product (Red) campaign upon the world in a massive onslaught of promotion. Here are photos of a some of his celebrity cohorts who are in cahoots with his charity campaign:

I suppose you gotta give these celebs props for coming the aid of so many afflicted people in the world who need assistance but something about all of this just feels as if we're being sold on something. I realize this campaign is meant to call attention to the fact that they're trying to raise money but it just seems like it's too much. If you're interested in finding out about the products being sold for this money-raising campaign you can find a list of them HERE. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson is powdered and puffed on the cover and within the pages of the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair magazine:

She actually looks much nicer when she smiles ... the pouty lips thing just makes her look swollen. [Source]

And finally ... I have to send out lots of love to all the Pink readers who have been sending in great photos ... from the t-shirts to the birthday cakes to the trips all over the world, I love recieving all the fun photos that people send in:

Much love to Sean, Kimberly, Amanda and Alley for the fun pics (tho, I'm sorry you have to deal with all that snow, Alley ... I don't envy you at all). XOXO

Les News:
Well ... David arrived safe and sound last night but not without the stress of almost missing his plane, the plane arriving late and the misplacement of his checked luggage (which meant we weren't able to make it out to my friend Kelly's event last night either). Needless to say, he was not a happy camper last night. We were supposed to leave for San Diego right about now but we have to wait for Delta Airlines to deliver his luggage to my apartment before we're able to do anything. Depending on when it arrives, we may not make it down to San Diego after all. I know he's upset, and rightfully so, but I'm just happy to have him here with me. He's gonna stick around for a few weeks and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Even if we don't make it outta town this weekend, I'm sure we'll be able to have a great first weekend together here in town. It actually rained yesterday ... which is very weird for Southern California but the clouds have gone away and it's another beautiful and sunny day today. I hope y'all have a great weekend ... I'm out.