Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bless You Boys, '06 Edition

At last ... a reason to believe in miracles ... yesterday evening the mothereffing Detroit Tigers swept the Oakland A's to become the 2006 American League baseball champs, securing them a spot in the World Series. I gotta admit, I am not a huge baseball fan (at all) but I am still very excited and proud to be from Detroit right about now. I'm actually shocked that I hadn't heard that the Detroit Tigers were doing so well a lot sooner. When I went home to Detroit last weekend EVERYONE was talking about baseball -- even my mother! It's really cool when something like this can really bolster the pride of an entire city and unify Detroiters all over the country:

The Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics 6-3 on Saturday to sweep the American League Championship Series 4-0 and head to the World Series for the first time since 1984. A dramatic three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning by Tigers right-fielder Magglio Ordonez broke a 3-3 tie to clinch the sweep, sending a raucous crowd of almost 43,000 towel-waving Detroit fans to their feet. Heavy underdogs to make the playoffs at the start of the season, the Tigers have now won seven straight post-season games by three runs or more, knocking out the New York Yankees and the A's. Detroit will face the winner of the best-of-seven National League Championship Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets, who were level at 1-1 after two games. All I gotta say is that if the Boston Red Sox can have a miracle then the Detroit Tigers can have one too. Before I moved this summer, I attended a Tigers game back home in Detroit and even then, the team was doing so well that all the seats were completely sold out -- we had to settle for standing room access only. I'm gonna call it right now ... the Detroit Tigers are going to stun the world and go all the way to become the World Series champs. There is something about this fairy tale season that makes me believe they're gonna do it. Bless you boys, indeed! [Source, Source]

Okay ... getting back to the usual fare, Kirsten Dunst was on hand for a special screening of Marie Antoinette at the NY Film Festival wearing a tuxedo-type dress-thing that kinda makes it look like her head is enlarged but isn't all that horrible after all:

This is one of many screenings of the film that will precede the official US premieres to come. [Source]

Here are photos of Kirsten with director Sofia Coppola doing other promo at the NY Film Festival for the movie earlier this week ... Kirsten looked amazing at the press conference that was held in NYC this past Thursday:

I am excited for the movie to open here in the US on October 20th because I must see it again. I finally finished reading Antonia Fraser's book Marie Antoinette: The Journey and now have a more complete understanding of Marie Antoinette herself. The book was utterly fascinating, if really super long. There are things in the movie that I didn't quite understand when I saw it last month and am looking forward to seeing it all over again with this new knowledge. If you are at all interested in the life of Marie Antoinette and want to get a true picture of her life and the circumstances that led to the downfall of the monarchy in France, I urge you to read Fraser's book. I loved it. [Source, Source]

Yesterday we saw photos of Victoria Beckham reunited with her hubby David Beckham and today we've got photos of Katie Holmes back with her paramour Tom Cruise. Luckily for Katie, she returned to his waiting arms just in time to catch one of Isabella Cruise's many, many, many soccer games:

It's a good thing she didn't miss this photo op soccer game ... I'm sure Katie hates missing any sporting event that Tom's kids participate in. I'm sorry, I just can't get over how contrived this whole relationship seems. Everything they do seem so choreographed and manicured. But as disingenuous as they appear to be, I am still very much interested in seeing how, if at all, their wedding will turn out -- especially since her family is threatening to boycott the nuptials if they don't have a Catholic ceremony: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding may be just around the corner, with her dress all ready to go, but the persistent buzz is that Katie's parents are still outraged that the nuptials -- whenever and wherever they happen -- will be conducted by the Church of Scientology [in which the bride is sometimes called a "girl" marrying a "man"], rather than in the Catholic tradition. And there have even been suggestions that the family Holmes is threatening a last-minute boycott of the wedding to try to convince Katie to have a proper Catholic ceremony, even if she does one Scientology-style, too. Katie is so deeply entrenched in all the Scientology bizz that there is no way they're not having a Scientology wedding. I wonder if Suri Holmes Cruise will be allowed out of her box to attend the wedding -- that's the real question. [Source]

Hmm ... Ryan Phillippe was absent from the recent premiere of his new movie Flags of our Fathers and it appears that we now know why. Here are pictures of Ryan hard at work on the set of the untitled movie he is currently filming:

I love how Ryan is in, like, 45 movies right now. Homie works hard for the money. Oh and he looks kinda sexy with that gash over his eye. That is all. [Source]

Michelle Williams and her babygirl Matila were spotted out and about with a dude who looks a lot like Heath Ledger but isn't Heath Ledger ... I think:

Yeah ... I'm pretty sure that isn't Heathy pie. This guy looks older like Heath's dad or other elder male relative. Tho the purple scarf looks like something Heath would wear. And suddenly, I'm wondering why I'm so fascinated by this. [Source]

Hilary Duff is among the latest celebs to be seen using the Motorola/Dolce & Gabbana gold RAZR. Victoria Beckham has been using one for months (tho, lately she's been seen with a (Product) Red RAZR) and Michelle Trachtenberg has been using one lately as well ... apparently Gold is the new Pink:

It's a hot phone and it's not as common as the Pink and Black RAZRs have become ... but lately I'm all about the new MotoKRAZR. I still can't shake my fascination with electronic gadgets. [Source]

The family and friends of James Neate, the NY model who is Paris Hilton's current boyfriend, have been coming out of the woodwork these days ... Pink reader Nicole went to high school with the boy and sent me the link to his My Space profile:

He's getting way more publicity just being Paris' boyfriend than he has just being a fashion model. Who knew that dating Paris Hilton could be so good for one's career? Tho, I'm not sure it's done any wonders for Stavros Niarchos. [Source, thanks Nicole]

Project Runway's Tim Gunn is on the cover of the November issue of Instinct magazine which pays tribute to their list of the Leading Men of 2006:

Dare I say that Tim has totally stolen the lime-light from Heidi Klum on PR? He has become such an integral and loveable part of the show that I can't imagine the show working without him. He really seems like a genuinely nice person, despite the fact that he irritated me on the first season of the show. He has really become quite the star -- I'm totally on Team Tim. [Source]

And finally, here is our Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Shane:

I am not a big milk drinker but I deff can see it's appeal. Someone should get the poor chap a glass so that he can drink his suggested daily dose of milk without having to spill so much of it onto his chest ... and his undies. That looks really messy. Do you suppose he needs to find someone to help clean him off? [Source]

Les News:
Boo! Our San Diego plans were completely ruined by the incompetence of Delta Airlines ... because David's luggage didn't arrive until 11PM last night we had to wait around at my apartment all day long so as not to miss the delivery. I think we're both a bit irritated that our time together has gotten off to such a crappy start but I guess we'll have to get over it and move on. This afternoon, we're meeting up with Adriana (and Brian?) for dinner and a movie. I believe we're going to go see Short Bus.

It's just a regular ol', lazy Sunday. Hope y'all have a great one! I'm out.