Monday, October 16, 2006

Party Time, Excellent

When you need to generate publicity for the release of your debut album or the launch of a new reality TV show what's the first thing a celeb should do in order to maximize their visibility? That's right ... you take your sorry ass to a wrestling match and stand around like a tool. Behold, Kevin Federline and Nick & Aaron Carter (pictured with Mike "The Miz" from MTV's Real World who has turned wrestler wannabe) are among the desperate celebs hoping to squeeze whatever publicity they can out of appearing on WWE RAW:

I'm not exactly sure what their appearances will entail ... I cannot for the life of me imagine that they would be foolish enough to get into the ring with professional wrestlers even if it's all "fake" ... tho, it would be pretty funny to see K-Fed get thrown around a bit like a rag doll. I might have to tune in just in case that does happen. The show airs tonight at 9pm on the USA Network. [Source, thanks Dee]

Last night, Patti Smith bid adieu to the world famous music club CBGBs in New York City. The club officially closes its doors on October 31st but the send-off concert, the last ever at CBGBs, happened last night:

The final chords reverberated off the black, sticker-covered walls of CBGB as the grungy, iconic club toasted the end of its 33-year residence in New York. Rock poet Patti Smith headlined the Sunday night concert, CBGB's last before eviction by its landlord — the Bowery Residents Committee, a homeless advocacy group that owns the property. The club will close Oct. 31. Hundreds of music fans packed the small downtown club Sunday, while reporters hovered outside. The mood was both somber and raucous at CBGB, hailed by many as the birthplace of punk. "This place is not a ... temple," Smith said during the concert. "It is what it is." She refused to wax nostalgic, instead claiming at a pre-show news conference that doubled as a sound check that "CBGB's is a state of mind" that will carry on elsewhere for a new generation. She later noted with relish that CBGB, at 33, was the same age as Jesus. Even tho the club will be moving to Las Vegas (!!!), I still think it'll be a sad day for music when CBGBs closes it doors at the end of this month. It's kinda sad to think that pretty soon the only thing that will note the existence of CBGBs in NYC will be a plaque ... or maybe there won't be any reminder at all. [Source, Source]

Lindsay Lohan really knows how to have a good time ... that is, until someone comes up to her and tricks her into signing court papers on the red carpet, in front of photographers, on her way into a party -- then she's really no fun at all:

Lindsay Lohan attended the 21st Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring George Clooney last night. Everyone was there including Julia Roberts. On her way out Lindsay was served legal papers subpoenaing her to appear in court. Standing right behind Lindsay, Rumer Willis got to watch the whole thing. Here's what happened. A woman came over and Lindsay thought she was asking for an autograph. According to our photographer, Lindsay said, "You're my first autograph". The woman replied, "You've been served!" Lindsay immediately dropped the papers to run after the process server. Lindsay was pissed! According to Antonio Almeida the lawsuit is for Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan. She is being sued by producers Antonio Almeida and Mitchell Chait for tens of thousands of dollars for violation of contract, fraud, theft, and other violations. OUCH! How horribly embarrassing! Anyways, if you're interested you can click HERE to see more pictures of Lindsay receiving her subpoena. LOL! [Source, thanks Susan]

See ... you'd think that getting served right there on the red carpet would really just ruin your night ... but that is not the case for our fave partygirl Lindsay Lohan ... she brushed herself off, grabbed her new little sidekick Rumer Willis and made her way into the Cinematheque Award ceremony:

Hmm ... it looks like these two have become fast friends. It's so nice of Lindsay to take little Rumer under her wing in order to show her the ropes on how to be a Hollywood "It" Girl (tho, she might want to leave out that part about getting sued -- it's so unsavory). You know they have to be super BFF because they're even starting to dress alike. I can't believe that Lindsay got Rumer to wear that awful figure skater outfit! Oh I get it ... maybe they're starring in the Ice Capades together. [Source]

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their cadre of kids are taking their whirlwind tour to all reaches of the Eastern world ... here are photos of Brangelina making their way thru an airport in Goa, India:

I bet they're in town looking for more paparazzi to beat up and threaten as they shop around for new kids to adopt. Don't the rich and famous live such interesting lives? [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg turned a very legal 21 years old last week but saved her celebratory party until this past weekend ... here are photos of Michelle whooping it up at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday night:

Wait, is she wearing lingerie at her own birthday party? Yep, the Grey Goose definitely got the girl feelin' loose. Happy Birthday, once again, Michelle! [Source]

Not to be outdone by the likes of Michelle Trachtenberg, a few little Laguna Beachers recently convened to throw a little party of their own. Nikki, who is featured in the current season of Laguna Beach: The Real OC (tho she is not a main character), gathered together a few of her closest friends for a little party ... she make sure to have all the necessary refreshments on hand -- you know, the chips, the dip, the Coke:

I'm not sure which of these geniuses thought it would be a good idea to photograph this event AND THEN POST THE PICTURES ON MY SPACE but I'm willing to guess it was the bright idea of the hostess Nikki. Nikki's My Space has been locked down to PRIVATE but you can head over to the Laguna Lovers messageboard to see all the pictures from this little party. [Source]

Good Charlotte brought their current club tour to NYC over the weekend and then Joel, Benji and co. proceeded to have themselves a little after party ... here are a few pics:

Head on over to Last Night's Party for lots of photos from their show and more after party pics. [Source]

And the partyin' just won't stop ... it looks like the beloved Disneyland characters are out to prove that they can throw down with the best of them ... they won't be outdone by no damn kids from Laguna Beach ... here are a few screencaps from a shocking video of a bunch of Disney characters getting their freak on backstage at Disneyland Paris:

RANDY pooch Goofy is seen ROMPING with Minnie Mouse in a Disney video that's definitely not meant for family viewing. The costumed characters simulate sex in an illicit clip shot at a theme park and circulated on the internet. The hilarious footage even shows kids' favourite Mickey Mouse in a GAY clinch with a snowman. Minutes after the backstage frolics, the characters go out to perform their regular Disney routine in front of hundreds of kids. An insider said last night: "It's Disney characters as you've never seen them before. Goofy grabs Minnie's boobs but the highlight has to be Mickey's gay romp." The incredible "orgy" is given an added bizarre touch by the characters' constant fixed grins. It begins with cartoon dog Goofy GRABBING Minnie from behind and pretending to have sex with her. She pulls herself away, but is then CORNERED for more fake sex with the giant snowman. Then Mickey gets friendly with the snowman -- and the gay action continues with Goofy having a steamy CLINCH with cartoon chipmunks Chip 'n' Dale. Finally, the horny hound CUPS Minnie's boobs. The 2 1/2-minute clip is believed to have been shot by another character or worker with a concealed camera at Disneyland Resort Paris. LOL! But, don't think for a moment that this sort of behavior is restricted to Disneyland Paris ... I have a friend who used to work at Disney World in Florida and he has many, many stories about all the wild parties that go on behind the scenes. And, to be fair, this video doesn't really show anything raunchy at all ... at best, it looks like the characters are hugging one another ... well, from behind but there isn't anything that shocking at all. Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube -- it's perfect for sharing with friends.[Source]

It's pretty common knowledge that David Beckham is the posterboy for Metrosexuals the world over ... but it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is looking to steal away Becks' crown as the King of the Metrosexuals:

Er ... or maybe I should say Queen of the Metrosexuals? Hey, when you start matching your purse with your snakeskin belt, you know you're deffo the man. [Source]

Speaking of Becksie ... my good friend Cara at wrote a great little article on man cleavage and the overall state of open shirts on guys. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the practice ... so long as it's not abused:

More terrifying than anything Halloween has to offer. . .it's out there, and it's coming to get you. Man-cleavage! Aahhhh!! Ok. Maybe man-cleavage (he-vage?) isn't horor movie material, but seriously, what is up with the onslaught of celebrity men airing out their breastplates? Unless they're on stage with a guitar, it just looks more lounge-singer than rock god. I understand unbuttoning the top button. I can even forgive the second button coming undone. But for the good of my retinas, that third button must stay closed! David Beckham is like the only guy who can definitely pull off this look ... Joey Lawrence cannot (altho, Joey's scary eyebrows tend to draw the eye away from his open shirt). I gotta agree with Cara, tho, if you feel the need to undo the third button, you might as well take off the shirt altogether. Hear that, Becks? [Source]

And finally, Matthew Fox is on the cover of the new issue of UK Cosmopolitan magazine:

And while his character on Lost is really starting to bug me, I promise not to hold it against him. He's far too dreamy to get too mad at. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a nice, quiet day for David and me. We had a great late lunch at the Pho Cafe in Silverlake and then we did some cd shopping at Amoeba Records and Virgin Megastore. Our plan for the evening was to hang out with Adriana so that we all could go to the movies but AY's car trubs forced her to stay at home. But, David and I decided to go to the movies anyways and we made our way to see Shortbus:

Okay ... I only had a vague idea of what Shortbus was about so I was very surprised by the movie over all. You know you're in for an interesting movie when one of the main characters autofellates himself in the first 5 minutes. I had no idea the movie was NC-17, nor was I prepared for all the nekkidness (and there is a lot of nekkidness) but once I got over the shock I found that I really enjoyed myself. If you get past all the sex, you still have a very funny and oftentimes poignant movie that is happy and sad at times. Writer/director John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) crafted a sexually graphic tale that really pulls at the heartstrings -- as hard to imagine as that sounds. I can assure you, this movie is not for everyone ... the sex scenes are very graphic (they show everything ... erect penises, vaginal penetration, etc.) but the plot isn't merely about the sex. You actually care for the characters and begin to root for them in the end. I really enjoyed the movie. Head on over to the Shortbus official website to watch an uncensored trailer that will give you a feel for the movie. You must register at the site and declare that you are over 18 years old to view the trailer. Enjoy!

I guess that's it ... I'm out.