Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sew You Think You Can Design?


It is unsure if there is anything left of the city of lights since the Fembot unleashed her robotic fury upon the land but one can only hope that there are some survivors left to tell the tale. Hmm ... I wonder if Becks knows anything about this. So ... while Paris is being crushed under the foot of the Fembot Overlord who wishes to lay waste to our planet let's catch up on what's going on on this side of the pond, shall we? [Source]


Okay ... let's get Project Runway out of the way first ... it's been a long season (didn't this season seem especially long?) and last night we finally found out who was named the winner of Project Runway 3. Over all, I think I was pretty disappointed with the final collections from all of the designers. Don't get me wrong, there were amazing pieces in each collection but when I think back to the first season and how fierce the collections as a whole were ... well, I can't help but wonder why no one this season seemed that adept. Jay, Kara San and even Wendy Pepper could've beaten all the finalists this season ... including the cocky winner ...

... Jeffery! Now, I'm not trying to be a hater or anything but I have a few problems with Jeffery being the final winner. Absent the fact that I truly felt that Uli had the best collection, I'm still bothered by the rules he broke for the final challenge. Not only was he not able to provide the receipt for those amazingly tailored shorts but he also went over budget. Considering how harsh they were on Keith and his cheating you'd think they would've been harder on Jeffery. BUT, if Kara San was allowed to compete after her "shoe incident" in the first season then I guess it was okay for Jeffery to compete as well. I was a little bummed that Michael dropped the ball with his collection -- he did have some amazing pieces but the collection looked like it was designed for a bunch of hookers. At least the viewers still had mad love for Michael -- he was chosen as the winner, again, by fan voting. Laura stepped up her game but there just wasn't enough variety in her collection (I gotta say, her show-stopping beaded dress was amazing). I honestly think that Uli should've won. She had variety, her pieces were chic and wearable and, to me, was the collection I felt would really do well with consumers. I was happy with all the praise she got from the judges ... and that was how I knew she wasn't going to win. Props to Jeffery, in the end, for winning the whole shebang. He may have come across as a raging asshole the entire season but he did work hard and he did win many challenges. He might not have been my pick for the final winner but I can't hate him for winning over the judges. [Source]

As I mentioned earlier, I just felt this was the weakest season so far. I really hope they step it up next season.


And I guess my disappointment keeps on going ... okay ... maybe disappointed is not the right word to use for Lost but ... I'm a bit worried y'all. We're 3 episodes into the new season (a season, mind you, that is about to go on extended hiatus) and I haven't really loved a single thing I've seen. This season will be make or break for the show ... if they irritate viewers (confounding them into not caring any more) and people stop watching the show is going to sink like a stone into the waters of shitty TV forever. We need to get some serious meat from the storyline very soon or I'm gonna have a big problem:

First thing -- I have to say that the show is getting a little bit too Twin Peaks-y for my taste. Last night's episode had too much weirdness ... and not a lot of explanation (much like the dream sequences in Twin Peaks, with the little person who spoke backwards to the sheriff in his dreams) ... if they keep this up, people are going to stop trying to figure stuff out and will stop caring about the show altogether. I dunno ... the mysteries don't seem so intriguing anymore. In seasons previous I was dying to try and decipher all the clues ... this season I'm just like "Eh, that doesn't make sense" and I'm worried that I'm gonna stop caring myself. Last night's episode was supposed to shed some light on what happened after the incident that closed the last season ... all we know is that the hatch imploded, Desmond lost his clothes and the people inside the hatch made it out alive (tho, Mr. Ecko became captive to the polar bear). Yeah. I think I was expecting more. John's flashback was ... interesting but in the end I was not sure what the eff it all meant (and not in a good way). It was good to see Boone back in the dream sequence ... also the band Geronimo Jackson popped up again. I was most intrigued by John's old friend Mike who I think is definitely an Other (tho, I'm not sure if he's Zeke -- he looks like Zeke but I'm still not convinced). Boone mentioned that John was meant to "reunite the family" or something like that ... an obvious reference to John's old family (the pot farmers) but also referring to Mike who is an Other (tho, I don't think John knows that yet). What is up with Desmond and his premonition? That was new ... [Source]

... as was the appearance of the 2 new cast members for this season -- who were briefly introduced at the very end of the episode:

I love how, suddenly, these survivors are interested enough with what is going on to join the principle survivors ... LOL! Anyways, I'm not sure how I feel about the polar bear (who seems to have no problem eating anyone -- good guys or bad guys [ie. the Others]). I thought it was just figment of Walt's imagination ... or maybe he conjured it up with his mind and it was left on the island afterwards? See, if you throw Walt into the mix it gets interesting again. They should bring his ass back. Also, it appears that John just keeps getting betrayed by people he trusts ... will this trend continue? Who else is left to betray him ... his old friend? Ecko? The Island? Next week looks like it's gonna be a good one (tho, I thought that last week). Sawyer is in for some big trubs ... will he survive? [Source]

As Madonna and her family await the arrival of little David Banda to join their family the criticism over his adoption rages on. David's father has spoken out against Madonna's critics and has pledged his support of the adoption. Here are a few photos of Madonna and co. being staked out by the paps who are also waiting for David's arrival:

The father of the 1-year-old boy being adopted by Madonna has asked groups seeking to block the adoption to stop. "These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone," says Yohane Banda, father of David, the boy in the singer's custody ... On Tuesday, a coalition of human rights groups launched a legal challenge to the adoption. The objection: Malawi laws state that only residents of the African nation can adopt children there ... The pop star and husband Guy Ritchie were granted temporary custody of the boy last week; the boy is in London. Madonna's representative, Liz Rosenberg, tells People in its next issue, on stands Friday, that when the singer saw David, "It was love at first sight." It shouldn't be long now, tho. Little David will be united with his new family and they will begin to live their lives together. [Source]

Here are more photos of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard out in NYC ... but this time they've got little baby Ramona with them ... er, I think ...

Either they've got a ham in that crock pot that Peter is carrying or he is actually carrying some new fangled baby carrier/car seat and his newborn daughter is locked up inside. I suppose that's one way to keep people from photographing your baby. [Source]

Christian Bale paid a little visit to Good Morning America this week on the promo tour for his new movie The Prestige (which opens in theaters this week) and he was lookin' mighty damn fine as he came out afterwards to sign autographs for a few fans:

He is deffo one of my fave actors. Whether he's running around as a nekkid and bloody psychopath in American Psycho, running around defending the world from killer dragons with Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire or running around Gotham City as the hottest Batman there ever was in Batman Begins ... I've got made lurve for him no matter what he does. I will deff be seeing The Prestige as soon as I can. It's got half the cast of Batman Begins and an X-Man -- what more could you ask for? [Source]

Speaking of hot ... Nicky Hilton is down in Florida working on promo materials for her new hotel called Nicky O -- no, she's not the hot one ... but the nekkid models that she employed for a photoshoot are deffo hot -- especially the full frontal nekkid dude on the right:

Click above to see the full-size NSFW uncensored image

Sure, you can tell that Nicky Hilton is featured prominantly in these photos but once you see the NSFW uncensored images she kinda disappears altogether. Try it! [Source]

Kirsten Dunst paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday to do promo for her new movie Marie Antoinette (which also opens in theaters this week) ... here are a couple photos:

Yeah, the pics aren't that exciting ... the least she could've done was show up in a powdered wig or a hoop dress or something like that. She didn't even bring cake to let the audience eat ... lame! [Source]

Yay! The reports of Tinkerbell's demise were great exaggerated, it seems. Paris Hilton pulled little Tink out of the mothballs and decided to drag her around town once more:

Photo credit: Splash News

That poor dog ... you know she prays for death on a daily basis. [Source]

Seriously ... any picture with Gavin Rossdale holding his baby boy Kingston James has to be the cutest thing ever ... which is why it's so unfortunate that Gwen Stefani has to fug up the whole thing:

Photo credit: X-17

What the shit is she wearing? Plastic pants make from Glad yard trash bags? Did she steal those shoes from the Wicked Witch of the East? She looks ridiculous ... at least little Kingston, in his cute little furry outfit, makes up for her scariness. [Source]

What is wrong with this picture of Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler?

Yep, everything. [Source]

Pete Doherty had himself a little court date earlier this week ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... pretty much like the court date he had last week and prolly like the one he'll have next week. Well, at least he's taking all this court business seriously -- he is showing up, after all. [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of Pete and Kate Moss all lovey dovey with one another as they arrived in Italy this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

They are deff my fave gross couple ever. [Source]

And finally, those industrious kids at Oh No They Didn't! uncovered further evidence of Papa Joe Simpson's depravity. Here are screen captures from that credit Joe Simpson as the photographer of sexy new Jessica Simpson photos for sale on the site:

WireImage has since removed the Joe Simpson photo credit but the screen capture clearly proves that he was the photographer of the photos. Forget that he's pimping photos that he took of his daughter in all sorts of sexy poses (well, okay ... don't forget it, be grossed out by it) but isn't it strange that Papa Joe is using his behind-the-scenes access to his daughters for further financial gain? What won't this guy sell of his daughters? Blech ... it's all so ... smarmy. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Um ... what's the weather like where you live? Cuz it's amazing here in LA these days. Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and in the high 70s and we're supposed to be getting some temps in the 80s today and tomorrow. Woot! I need to grab David and get our butts out so that we can enjoy it!

Have a great Thursday, I'm out.