Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't Ask, Don't Live To Tell

EGADS! It's happened again!! Victoria Beckham, the heartless and utterly cruel robotic wife of David Beckham has moved her destructive onslaught to the land of the rising sun. Having wreaked her havoc upon the helpless city of Paris in France, she has moved her campaign of death and destruction to Japan ...

... can no one stop her? Are we forced to watch her move from country to country crushing her helpless victims beneath her incredibly fashionable Christian Louboutin high heeled shoes? Where will she strike next? And why won't her husband just turn her off when she gets all destructive like? [Source]

OOOH I see ... hubby David Beckham is too preoccupied in Madrid, Spain chillin' with the common folk to be bothered with his monstrous wife. Ah well ... here are pictures of Becks as the center of attention at a tennis match earlier this week:

A kiss here ... a kiss there ... men, women, it don't matter ... Becks is cool with just being loved by everyone in sight. Woot! And just look at him ... wouldn't you want to be lovin' up on him too? Where do I sign up?! [thanks Vicky]

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman (among others) were on hand for the NYC premiere of their movie The Prestige earlier this week ... here are a few photos from the event's red carpet:

Holy Lord that's a whole lotta hotness they've got goin' on there. Well, mostly I'm just talking about Christian but I guess Hugh is kinda okay as well. But ... yeah ... Christian Bale is the absolute hawtness. Yeah, that's pretty much all I've got to say about that. [Source]

Kylie Minogue believes in giving back to charity, after receiving so much love and support thru her recent bout with breast cancer ... that is why she decided to throw a little work Boy George's way. Here are a couple photos of Kylie and and the Boy back stage at his comeback concert in London this week:

KYLIE MINOGUE was first to start Spinning Around on the dancefloor at BOY GEORGE's comeback gig. And she jumped up on stage to congratulate the ex-CULTURE CLUB star at London's Pigalle Club after he performed new single Time Machine with singer AMANDA GHOST ... I can also reveal Kylie has hired George and Amanda – co-writer of JAMES BLUNT's You're Beautiful -- for her new album, due next year. A source said: "He was the first act Kylie saw live. She is thrilled to work with him." It is so nice of Kylie to employ Boy George to do some work on her next album. He has really come a long way from his recent arrest and conviction for drug possession. I gotta admit, I'm really intrigued by a collaboration between Kylie and Boy George. It should prove interesting. [Source]

Robbie Williams likes showing off his ass. That is why he's ready to drop his trousers anywhere, any time ... just like he did last night at the MTV Latin America Awards in Mexico City ... here is the money shot:

Click above for the NSFW uncensored image

Robbie Williams was back to his cheeky self last night as he bared his bottom on stage at the MTV Latin America Awards in Mexico City. After performing on stage he set upon a very lucky girl. However, she might have been concerned about his intentions as seconds later he put his hand down his pants and bared his perfectly pert bottom on stage - before he snogged the fan ... Robbie Williams bagged the Best International Act award at the awards. Well, if I won the Best Internation Act award I might be inspired to bare my ass on stage as well ... tho, I'd make sure I waxed first ;) [Source]

People magazine is reporting that Brody Jenner has confirmed to them what we have known for a couple of weeks now ... he and Lauren LC Conrad are officially together:

Brody Jenner and The Hills star Lauren "L.C." Conrad are "seeing each other," Jenner tells PEOPLE. "I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other, we're having a great time with it," Jenner tells PEOPLE. "She's an amazing girl. That's all there is to say. She's fun to be around. She's sweet. She's kind. There's nothing bad to say about her." There had been speculation about a romance between the pair, who arrived together at Wednesday's Rock & Republic fashion show at the West Hollywood club Area ... Conrad, however, was coy about her relationship with Jenner, saying only, "He's a nice guy" ... Earlier this month, Jenner split up with Nicole Richie, whom he'd been dating since August ... Asked if he's still in contact with Richie, Jenner tells PEOPLE: "Yeah, of course. Me and Nicole remain good friends. Nothing will change that." Well, it's totally out in the open now ... his new coupling with LC just means that we'll definitely be seeing Brody on the next season of The Hills. I am glad to know that he and Nicole Richie are still friends ... they were so cute together and things ended so recently. Hmmm, I wonder why LC is being so secretive? She lives her life in front of TV cameras for Pete's sake. At any rate ... I bet she kinda loves that she ended up with Kristin Cavallari's long-time boyfriend. [Source]

So I guess now we'll have to refer to Brody and LC as BC?

Paris Hilton is going around town flashing wads of cold hard cash ... but what I want to know is why doesn't she spend that money on nice stuff ...

... cuz the tacky shit has got to go. I actually quite like her new hair (real or fake, who cares?) -- she looked amazing at the William Rast fashion show earlier this week -- and it's a shame she has to hide it underneath that fugly hat (which looks like it was purchased from a Santa Monica Pier gift stand). The hat coupled with the hooker boots are horrible! I know Paris can do better than this ... just think of how embarrassed poor Tinkerbell must be to be seen with her lookin' like this! [Source]

Um, can someone pass along a little message to Lindsay Lohan (currently in Paris, France) for me?

Yeah, just let her know that Halloween is still a little over a week away and Amy Lee wants her cape back. Thanks! [Source]

LOL! The folks at have come up with a fun little game to play ... Dress Up Suri:

Now you can help Suri Holmes Cruise channel her inner alien just in time for Halloween. It's too bad the site doesn't offer different toupees for her to wear as well. Click HERE to play! [Source, thanks Bethany]

The folks at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum think they're kinda funny ...

... er, is it wrong that I think this new exhibit that they hastily put together is just a wee bit funny? Right, right ... it's wrong, wrong, wrong! [Source]

Now this is really wrong ... NBC has decided to censor Madonna's Confessions Tour concert special, set to air on November 22. The network has decided that it knows what's best for its viewing audience and has decided to heavily censor Madonna's performance of Live to Tell from the show:

Backing away from a confrontation with religious groups, NBC said Thursday it has decided not to show pictures of Madonna mounting a Crucifix when it airs a concert special with the pop star next month. The concert, which lists Madonna as an executive producer, is scheduled to air Nov. 22. During the provocative passage in her concert, Madonna is shown on a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns. She has explained that it was meant to illustrate a theme of confession. But this angered some religious leaders, who called it a bad-taste publicity stunt. Several religious groups in the United States told NBC they would organize a boycott of one of the concert's commercial sponsors if the cross scene appeared, and were meeting next week to decide which company to target. NBC didn't explain its decision, with a spokeswoman saying the network doesn't discuss how its editorial decisions are made. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly ducked out of an industry function in Los Angeles Thursday before reporters could reach him ... NBC will still show a performance of Live to Tell, but use different camera angles so that Madonna isn't seen until she gets off the cross, the network said ... Asked about it an interview late this summer, Reilly told that the crucifixion scene would probably be in the special. He said Madonna "felt strongly about it." "We viewed it and, although Madonna is known for being provocative, we didn't see it as being ultimately inappropriate," Reilly said then, according to the website. What a bunch of bullshizz! Either they air her show the way she performed it or they don't air the show at all ... I don't understand what the problem is. I think it sets a dangerous precedent when outside groups, whether they be religious in nature or not, have enough influence over a media outlet to have them censor their programming. I don't understand why the censored portion can't be left intact and the offended parites just not watch the TV special. Doesn't that make more sense? [Source]

And finally, MTV news has put together a piece on the new Sofia Coppola movie Marie Antoinette and decided to throw in a little bit of Pink is the new Blog-ness into the piece. Because gossip pamphlets (the "blogs" of the day) were widely distributed during the reign of Marie Antoinette, the folks at MTV news decided to create a fake Fabulous Life Of ... piece on the teen queen and her exorbitant spending. At the end of the piece, one of the pamphlets shown in the piece is of the PITNB variety ... here is the Pinkified pamphlet:

The segment airs on MTV all weekend long but you can head over to where it begins playing in the upper-left hand corner of the screen after a quick ad. Additionally, you can click HERE for the deep-link of the piece itself. I cannot tell you how geeked I am that my tiny influence was included in this piece. I would have loved to blog all about Marie Antoinette if such a thing was possible back then ... she was like the Madonna/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan all rolled into one of her day. Much love to Jim at MTV News for deciding to include PITNB in this news segment. [Source, thanks Jim]

Les News:
Yesterday, David and I spent much of the afternoon in Pasadena. We had a late lunch and did some shopping and just had a great time enjoying the weather and one another's company. We passed by GAP and noticed that they had a couple of Product(RED) t-shirts in the window ... I was actually surprised by what they said:

I can't believe the shirts actually say HAMME(RED) and BO(RED) ... doesn't that seem wrong considering what the campaign stands for? A quick perusal of the Product (RED) items available at shows that these items are not listed at all. Hmm ....

Anyways ... we rounded out the night at the Beverly Center before coming home to watch TV and snuggle on the couch. Yeah, we're pretty disgusting.

I believe we are meeting up with some friends to see Marie Antoinette tonight at The Grove. Woot! It's the weekend, y'all ... bring it on! I'm out.