Saturday, October 28, 2006

The San Francisco Treat

Woot! We are having a great time here in San Francisco! Despite the crushing loss by the Detroit Tigers last night, we are having a blast. I'm not sure when this post will actually go live since Blogger has been having publishing problems since yesterday afternoon. I will post this as soon as I can ... let's get to it ...

Halloween is still a few days away but the celebrations have already gotten underway. Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos have been spending quite a lot of time together these days ... here are a few photos of Parisopolis on their way to a Halloween party in the Hollywood Hills last night:

Photo credit: X-17

Props to Paris for the cute, ironic costume ... much props to Starving Nachos for looking so damn hot in his little priest outfit. I'm encouraged that the pair are hanging out again ... maybe they are rekindling their failed romance once again. [Source]

OH NO! Here are a couple pictures of Dolly Parton at the CMT Giants event honoring superstar Reba McEntire earlier this week ... but what do you suppose has got Dolly quaking in her boots?

Photo credit: Splash News

What could be so terrifying that it would cause Miss Dolly Parton to fill her Depends right there on the red carpet? [Source]


Photo credit: Splash News

Shoot ... seeing Dakota Fanning up close like this in person would make we wet my pants too. [Source]

But as scary as Dakota Fanning is ... I don't think even she is quite as terrifying as this:

I ... just ... have no words ... to describe this ... this ... Joanie Lauer mess. I really hate my eyes right now. [Source]

One last bit of Halloween fun for today ... can you guess who's hiding underneath all this gangstaness?

Here are a few hints -- it's a woman, she's in Australia with her rapper boyfriend and some say that she's bootylicious. Hover your cursor over the picture to find out who it is. Click HERE to see more photos from this concert. [Source]

Aww ... why do you suppose Mischa Barton was seen recently crying in a hysterical manner?

Images Removed by Request

Yeah, those bangs make me cry like that too. [Source]

MMMM ... nothing says I'm a sexy beyotch like a fresh pair of moist pit stains steaming in the afternoon sun:

Photo credit: Splash News

Justin Timberlake is a lucky dude! [Source]

Pink reader Jennifer sends in these photos from the Macy's window in NYC that is showcasing Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia's winning designs:

Unfortch for Mr. Sebelia they managed to spell his name wrong on the window. And they seem to think he is the "winter" of Project Runway instead of the winner. Whoopsie! It looks like they need a copy editor in the worst way. Click HERE to see more of Jennifer's pictures of Jeffrey's designs. [Source, thanks Jennifer]

I have to send out lots of Birthday LURVE to my good friend Geordon (1/3 of the uberfabulous MisShapes) who is celebrating his birthday today:

If you would like to help Geo celebrate his birthday you can do so tonight at the MisShapes danceparty at Don Hill's in NYC. Geo's favorite bands The Horrors and The Littl'ans will be performing. If any of y'all go ... give him a big wet kiss for me. Happy Birthday, Geordon!!! XO

And finally ... speaking of birthdays ... I have to send out even more Birthday Lurve to all the Pink readers who have been celebrating their birthdays recently in fine Pink is the new Blog style!!! Here are pictures sent in by -- Carrie of her friend Lindsay celebrating her 20th birthday with her friends -- Rebecca with her friends Liz, Katherine and Ellie celebrating a couple of 21st birthdays -- Lauren and her friend celebrating her 24th birthday -- Nick and his friends celebrating his 30th birthday:

Happy birthday, y'all! Thank you so much for sending in your pictures :) XOXO

Les News:
Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in San Francisco. David's brother Aram and his girlfriend Shaine drove us all over the city so that we could get a good feel for everything that San Francisco has to offer. We got a bunch of fun pictures:

And we really had a great day hanging out together. For dinner we had a freaking awesome Mexican meal at Pancho Villa where I got to meet Pink reader Amaya:

It's always so nice getting to meet peeps who like to read the blog :)

After dinner, we all met up with Aram and Shaine's friends and were joined by Miss Molly from for a bunch of drinkies at a bar who's name I can't remember right at this moment (yep, it was that kind of night). We pretty much drank and talked all night long ... it was so fun.

Today David and I are planning to spend some time shopping in Union Square and we might hit a couple of parties tonight. Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm out.