Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome To The Family is reporting that Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser, M.D. himself, has confirmed to them that he is, indeed, a gay man. In an effort to set the record straight (as it were), Neil is coming out of the closet to reveal the truth about his sexuality:

Neil Patrick Harris is gay – and wants to quell recent reports that he had denied it. The actor tells PEOPLE exclusively: "The public eye has always been kind to me, and until recently I have been able to live a pretty normal life. Now it seems there is speculation and interest in my private life and relationships. So, rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love." I am so excited that Neil Patrick Harris has decided to reveal his sexuality in such a public manner. He did not have to come out but chose to do so anyways. I'm sure this is just more validation that people should feel free to be open about who they are if they choose to do so. The more actors/celebrities that come out, the less of a stigma or taboo it will be to be gay in Hollywood. Thank you so much for doing this, Neil. [Source]

8 Is Enough

Woooooo lord ... last night was fun ... but late. I think it's safe to say that Sarah's first night in LA was a pretty fun one ... deets on that in a bit ... let's get to the day's post ...

Yesterday MTV Europe held its annual Video Music Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark. Justin Timberlake played host and even walked away with two of the night's big awards ... here are a few photos of from the event:

The U.S. pop star and heartthrob, whose latest album "FutureSex/LoveSounds" has topped charts in several countries, was named best male and best pop act, eclipsing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who converted just one of their four nominations. The U.S. rockers won the best album category with "Stadium Arcadium." Madonna, who stole the show last year, won nothing despite being nominated three times. Gnarls Barkley won best song for "Crazy" and the future sound award. Best female act went to Christina Aguilera, who beat off the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and Shakira. Best group was won by British veterans Depeche Mode, best rock by The Killers, best hip hop by rapper Kanye West and best alternative act by Muse. Best video went to Justice Vs Simian with "We Are Your Friends." Yeah ... and about that Best Video award -- well, apparently Kanye West felt that he should've won the award and jumped up on stage to tell the assembled audience just what he thought about the fact that he did not win the award:

Rap star Kanye West was named Best Hip Hop artist but still came off as a sore loser at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Kanye apparently was so disappointed at not winning for Best Video that he crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the award was being presented to Justice and Simian for We Are Your Friends. In a tirade riddled with expletives, Kanye said he should have won the prize for his video Touch The Sky, because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons." "If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility," Kanye said. Um ... Kanye West is talking about other people losing credibility?! What an ass. It's clear that he is a very talented musician but for him to get pissed off and make a scene every time he doesn't win an award that he wants to win makes him look like a childish jerk. LOL ... it's funny as hell tho, he really does have a pretty high regard of himself. Congrats to Justice and Simian for winning the award! [Source]

Here in the US, the outstanding Latin musicians of the year were honored at the 7th annual Latin Grammy Awards, where Shakira was the big winner of the night. Here are a few photos of my fave Latin Divas from last night's awards show:

Colombian bombshell Shakira won for song of the year and best female pop vocal album at the seventh annual Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday, dominating a show celebrating music from throughout the Americas and Spain. Shakira's album "Fijacion Oral Vol. 1" and the single "La Tortura" were also nominated for album of the year and record of the year, awards due to be presented later in the show. "Fijacion Oral Vol. 1" also won best engineered album ... Shakira won 4 awards total ... Jennifer Lopez looked amazing in her black dress, as did Thalia. I did not watch the awards show so I have no idea what is going on in Thalia's performance ... but it looks hot (and very Madonna Vogue-esque from the 1990 MTV VMAs). Woot! Give it up for the Latinos, y'all! [Source, Source, Source]

Here are a couple photos of Ricky Martin, honored by the Latin Grammys this year as their Person of the Year, getting all frisky with a couple of the awards last night:

You can tell that he really likes those long phallic looking awards. I've never seen him get so excited stroking the usual oval-shaped Grammy awards ... hmmm ... I'm just sayin'. [Source]

Also last night, Motorola celebrated it's Moto 8 Party at the Palladium that featured a very special performance by Xtina Aguilera. Sarah, David and I were very fortunate enough to be invited to attend this incredible party. The usual suspects were in attendance (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jesse Metcalfe, etc.) but the biggest thrill of the night for me was getting to meet Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe on my fave show ever 24. Here are pictures of the hot ladies of the evening, at least for me, Xtina and Mary Lynn:

You know, I don't even care that Mary Lynn was wearing capris because when I met her all I could say was Oh My God over and over again (yes folks, I'm a huge dork). Sarah, David and I ran into my friend Devon and his friend Matthew and we were all standing around talking when I got a tap on the arm and I hear "Are you Pink is the new Blog?" I turned around and there was Mary Lynn standing right in front of me ... I totally lost my shizz and kinda freaked out. I heart her so much on 24 (and in all the movies I've ever seen her in) and I was not expecting to run into her. She was very sweet, very complimentary and was cool enough to take a picture with me. The rest of the night was so much fun ... but I was really most geeked that I got to finally meet the woman behind Chloe. I got to meet a few other celebs but I'll get to that at the end of the post. Xtina put on an amazing show ... hot enough to have Paris and Lindsay (who were hanging out in their own little booth all night long) dancing around. [Source, Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Brad Pitt, who has finally put down his hammer and tools, flying out of the airport in Pune, India making his way to the US so that he can attend the Hollywood premiere of his new movie Babel:

Even tho I really love Brad's manpurse, I would still like to see what homie looks like in a tool belt. I'm not sure what it is ... but I find the thought of Brad Pitt in a hard hat and a tool belt extremely fascinating. I have been hearing absolutely amazing things about Babel and am very excited to check it out and which opens in wide release this week. [Source]

Jessica Simpson was on hand to promote Blockbuster Video's new Total Access membership program yesterday afternoon. Um ... yeah ... anyways, here are a few photos of Jessica doing her thing for Blockbuster:

I'm not sure why Blockbuster hired her to make funny faces at their event but I suppose they have to do something to try and compete with Netflix. This particular hairstyle is not very flattering for Miss Jess ... it kinda makes her look a bit like Amber Von Tussle from Hairspray -- the Haylie Duff version! [Source]

It seems that Madonna has pretty much finished out all of her media appearances and is now just chillin' in NYC until she and her family go back home to London ... here are a couple pictures of Madge wearing a too-tight red jacket on the streets of NY yesterday:

You will notice that Madonna is carrying a drink in one hand ... but you know what would look great in the other hand? That's right ... a baby ... a baby boy like David Banda perhaps ... that way she can juggle her baby and her drink in both hands while trying not to drop either one in the street. Nah ... who would ever been dumb enough to do something like that? Altho, I wouldn't mind seeing Madonna take little David out for a stroll while she's in town. [Source]

Brody Jenner is a mack daddy ... a straight P.I.M.P., y'all. Here is a fun picture of Brody with a bunch of babes out for a fun night on the town:

Photo credit:

Altho he is going out with Lauren LC Conrad, you can't expect a playboy like Brody to content himself with just one chick. LC may be cool for his Fridays thru Sundays but it's nice that Brody has options for the rest of the week. [Source]

Paris Hilton is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine and here are a few photos from her accompanying photoshoot:

C'mon ... you kinda gotta do the Paris/pussy cat joke with pictures like these. It's in, like, the blogger's code of ethics. [Source]

Kylie Minogue is featured in yet another publication this month (along with her appearances in Vogue and Elle). Here are a few pictures of Kylie in this month's issue of Gala magazine:

These pictures come from the photoshoot that Kylie did for her 2007 official calendar which we already saw a couple of months ago in THIS post. Woot! I love her! [Source]

Here is the cover artwork for Gwen Stefani's new album, due for release on December 5th, titled The Sweet Escape:

It's an interesting look for Gwen. She utilized this same look for her L.A.M.B. Spring '07 show at Fashion Week last month. It's a good sign that she's not going to overdo it again with the Harajuku Girls. It'd be hot to see Gwen kick it gangsta style. [Source]

And finally, here is your first look at the poster artwork for the play Equus that will star Daniel Radcliffe (from Harry Potter fame) in a daring role that will feature the lad nekkid on stage:

I love this artwork. It gives a great allusion to the nekkidness in the play without giving away too much or being too graphic. You can already purchase your tickets to see Daniel in all his glory HERE (the show goes into previews on February 16th). Tho, you should note that This play is not suitable for young children. Please do not plan to buy tickets for the entire family if your family includes young children. All those little fans of Harry Potter will be so crushed. [Source]

Les News:
It is so great having Sarah here in town with David and me. I always forget how much I miss her until we get to hang out again and I start wishing we could hang out all the time again. We spent much of the day chillin' at my place (which involved the TV a bag of Doritos and well ... hey, it's how we roll) before Sarah and I went out to shop a bit. Last night the three of us met up with Adriana and Jim for a great dinner at Rambutan before Sarah, David and I made our way to the Motorola 8 party. As I mentioned before, Xtina was the entertainment for the party and she really put on an amazing show:

My new friend Matthew absolutely loves Xtina and he was over the moon thruout her entire performance. Every time a new song would start he would whip around and show us how excited he was. It was great.

The event was full of fun peeps and I was very lucky to meet some incredible people. As I mentioned, meeting Mary Lynn Rajskub was my thrill for the night but I also was quite excited to get to meet Robbie Williams (!!!), Rodrigo Santoro (the new hottie on Lost) and Miss Xtina Aguilera herself:

I never thought I'd ever get to have a conversation with Robbie Williams but last night it actually happened. He was very cool, very friendly and was really great to met. Rodrigo is super hot in person ... and Xtina was a sweetie. As soon as she was finished performing pretty much everyone left but she stuck around afterwards to meet a few fans -- very cool.

We had an absolute blast last night ...

... much love goes out to David Pinsky and his amazing ladies Bianca and Victoria for taking such good care of us. Thank you so much!

David leaves for NYC tonight ... but at least Sarah is staying with me til Sunday. I hate to see him go but he's got biz to take care of in NYC and we'll be together again soon.

I gots ta jet ... have an AMAZING WEEKEND y'all! Lates!!!