Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thar He Blows

As jubilation continue to break out the world over in celebration of the Peace the Sporking out of Spederline, Britney Spears appears to be on the fast track to making a serious go at a comeback. Since she has finally decided to listen to the advice of very intelligent people (ie. her former manager Larry Rudolph, who was prolly the person who counseled her to give away the soon-to-be released photos of her second son Jayden James so that K-Fed cannot enjoy one penny of the profits) I have renewed hope that she can once again soar to the top of the music charts and implant herself fully in the hearts of her fans once again. It's been a pretty great couple of days, if only because of our renewed hope. Here are pictures of Britney Spears making a late night visit to a Sony Music Studios recording studio last night/this morning in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

While I don't think it's absolutely necessary for Britney to be recording new music in the wee hours of the morning (if that is what she was doing at Sony) I commend her for getting back on the horse and getting back to work so quickly. She looks so happy. We haven't seen her this happy in a very long time. I'm not sure what's going on with that hat (it certainly doesn't go with her lovely black dress) but, at this point, I could forgive her anything ... er, well except for a reconciliation that is :) [Source]

Meanwhile, Kevin Federline was spending last night in Chicago, Illinois watching his brush with fleeting fame (if you can even call it that) quickly dwindle away to nothing. Here is a picture of K-Fed making his way to the House of Blues for his free concert last night:

The show was so undersold that Kevin had to give tickets away in the hopes that the venue would be full of people. I think he was afraid of looking ridiculous by playing to an empty house on the day after it was announced that his meal ticket wife was dumping his ass. The poor thing. [Source]

Pink reader Abby was lucky enough to attend the Chicago concert last night and she sends in these pictures from the show as well as a pretty elaborate review of what exactly went down last night:

[T]he crowd was pretty much wasted--there was a whole group of people dressed up AS K-Fed who could barely stand up by the time he actually came onstage. But when he did, the place went a little nuts. After a few songs, a some people were shouting Britney's name and some guys were shouting FED-EX and had signs. Eventually, the guy K-Fed raps with said, "Yeah, we have FedEx accounts... and for all you haters, thanks for supporting our cause!" At which point the place erupted in laughter because NOBODY PAID FOR THEIR TICKETS! It was like a $2 "convenience fee" or something, but HoB was giving them away online. Kevin also made some crack about "keeping the Ferrari," which illuminated a rather sad aspect of his whole show--the guy's got a TON of lyrics about his high-spending lifestyle. Which the entire world knows is now OVER ... He and the guy he raps with were both inviting everybody to the afterparty at Cabaret (I hope you get a report from that... yikes), and Kevin made a few remarks about the fine ladies of Chicago, how we should come to the party because he's a free man now. Stay away! The world doesn't need more K-Fed offspring! K-Fed started getting a little agitated, it seemed, toward the end of the show. I think people were yelling stuff at him, and there were definitely projectiles--beer cans, a sweatshirt, a blown up condom balloon bouncing around. Everybody was pretty much egging him on and heckling him all night. LOLOLOLOL! See, here's the thing that I don't think that he realizes. He was a joke when he was married to Britney, but because of her fame he was tolerated and paid attention to. Even my coverage of him has always been extremely tongue-in-cheek. Now that Britney has dumped him (and in such a public manner) it's open season on him. No one respects him. The paparazzi used to be nice to him and now they taunt him ... it's ridiculous! He did not have many fans after his show last night. I realize that Kevin thinks that there are women out there who might want to hook up with him now (and only because there are even sadder people out there who are just as fame-hungry as he is) and I just pity the dumb fool who decides to be seen in public on The Federline's arm. What a total and absolute joke! [thanks Abby]

As if K-Fed's taunts from the stage weren't insanely hilarious enough, he now actually thinks that he has a shot at winning sold custody of the children that he had with Britney Spears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ye gods, he is completely out of his frickin' mind!

In what may signal a custody battle to come, Kevin Federline filed a response Wednesday to wife Britney Spears's divorce claim in L.A. Superior Court. In the surprisingly quick reply, Federline, like Spears, has made a claim for sole custody of their kids, Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James (born Sept. 12), with visitation rights for Spears. "It's not that unusual, but if you want to send a message that you want to be amicable, (both parties) would seek joint custody," says Lynn Soodik, an L.A. family law specialist. "That he's seeking sole custody leads me to believe they're heading to a costly battle over the kids," she adds. Federline also asks for spousal support. LOLOLOLOLZ!!! According to a statement from his lawyer: "Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to do what he feels is necessary to protect and safeguard the children and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from pursuit of those goals." There is no chance in hell that a court is going to award him sole custody of those kids ... are you kidding me? Seriously?! This screams of a desperate shot at getting more money out of Britney ... but all it's going to do is piss her off further. I'm just dumbfounded at his immense lack of intelligence. [Source]

Oy ... what next for these two? I can't wait to find out ...


I was really hoping that I would have a lot to say about last night's episode, the fall finale, of Lost because we were led to believe that there would be a cliffhanger so awesome that it would hold us over until the show returns next year. Yeah ... no. Not so much:

I gotta say ... it was pretty much another snoozefest last night ... literally, I fell asleep 15 minutes into the show (granted, I did try and watch it after partying last night but still). This had to be the most boring of Kate's flashbacks ... and it shouldn't have been. We watched her get married to a guy that she apparently loved AND NOTHING OF INTEREST CAME OF IT AT ALL! Were we supposed to be shocked that she used a different name? Were we supposed to be shocked when she left him in the end? The closest I came to a gasp was when she took her pregnancy test ... but the fact that it was negative just made me roll my eyes -- I'm sorry producers of Lost, but you're really losing me here. We did get a couple bits of new info that will be relevant in upcoming episodes -- we overheard that "something" was supposed to happen in two weeks (the surgery or something else?), we saw the message left for Locke on Eko's Bible stick "Lift up your eyes and look North John (Bible Verse)", we got further proof that Alex (Rousseau's daughter) is not fully on Team Others and that's about it (and with all the armament that the Others have all she could scrounge up was a slingshot? LOL). I knew that Sawyer wasn't going to be killed, at least not last night. And I knew the cliffhanger would hinge on Ben's surgery ... but honestly, at this point, I'm glad the show is going away for a while. It'll be good to let it go for a couple months and then return to the story fresh. I'm really counting on amazing shows when it returns ... it just has to get better. The series returns on February 7 with 16 episodes without any repeats at all. Grr ... I really wish there was something, anything, to be excited about from last night's ep. [Source]

Christian Bale, Eva Longoria and others were on hand for the premiere of their new movie Harsh Times earlier this week ... here are a few photos from the red carpet:

Christian Bale is so cute ... I heart him totally! I am very excited for this movie ... I love it when Christian plays a pyschopath. American Psycho is one of my fave movies (mostly because the uncut version shows Christian's uncut wenis) and I'm looking forward to Christian going apeshizz again in a new movie. Apparently, Christian's character gets all cozy with the Latinoids (enter token Hispanic "It" Actress of the moment Eva Longoria) in the movie so you gotta love him for that. Woot! This movie is SO DEFF on my list. [Source]

Kylie Minogue looked absolutely darling at the launch of her new fragrance, aptly called Darling, in Sydney, Australia yesterday. Here are a few pics of Kylie and a massive bottle of her new perfume:

Kylie Minogue's new perfume will be known as "Darling" around the world, but in Australia she expects people just to call it "Darl". The Australian singer held the global launch of her first fragrance last night at a mansion in Sydney's exclusive Vaucluse. "Darling, it's such a warm word. I use it with my friends, my mother uses it with me and it's a little bit showbiz," Minogue said. Wearing a black, knee-length, Audrey Hepburn-style dress decorated with Bulgari diamonds, Minogue said she expected Aussies wouldn't be able to resist shortening the name. Minogue arrived home on Sunday excited about finally being able to perform in Australia again ... She took a break from tour rehearsals to launch the fragrance and admitted having a little help in designing the perfume. "I did ask my boyfriend as we were testing the fragrance - he likes it," said Minogue, who is dating French actor Oliver Martinez. Minogue said she was overwhelmed to be launching Darling. "I'm kind of pinching myself that we are here, we did it. It's like a dream to have your own fragrance," she said. "To be here ... to be able to enjoy the launch of this perfume... to get my show back on the road - that's what keeps me going." I love it! Kylie is just 2 days away from returning to the concert stage with her Showgirl Homecoming tour and I'm so excited for her. Things appear to be going so well for Kylie right now ... I couldn't be more thrilled. [Source]

Last night Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton joined forced once again to whoop it up together at a Playstation 3 launch party here in Hollywood ... here are cute pictures of the once-again BFFs at the shindig:

Bygones certainly appear to be bygones. [Source]

In London last night, Vogue magazine celebrated it's 90th birthday with a bunch of celebs I've never heard of ... but there were a few in attendance that I know and love:

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were there to celebrate with Vogue magazine. I think Kate was actually required to be there ... she is in pretty much every single ad campaign in every issue of Vogue -- the party wouldn't have been a party without her. Nigella Lawson, who I absolutely LOVE, was also in attendance. Nigella is the coolest TV chef ever -- forget Rachel Ray and all the others, Nigella is the real deal. I'm so happy that she has a new show on the Food Network (she used to have a show on Style). Yes folks, believe it or not ... I am a fan of cooking shows -- er, well, only cooking shows featuring Nigella Lawson. Oh and Thandie Newton was there as well but she only got posted because I didn't really care about any of the other attendees. [Source]

Brad Pitt, recently in LA for the premiere of his new movie Babel, is already back in Pune, India to be with Angelina Jolie and their kids ... here are some hot pics of Brad arriving at the airport in Pune:

Is it wrong that I only wanted to post these pictures because Brad was showing off his hot chest? I didn't think so :) [Source]

Gwen Stefani and Kingston James continue their promo tour in London, here are pictures of the pair making their way to Radio 1 for an interview:

Her hair looks so bad. She's got that Something About Mary "hair gel" look about her. Boo! Kingston is still a cutie tho. [Source]

While mother and son are bizzy in London, daddy Gavin Rossdale is elsewhere showing off his new haircut ... which makes him look a lot like Ricky Martin:

I'm not really feelin' the new cut ... it really highlights his receding hairline. Bless. [Source]

Lest we forget about the other big celebrity divorce going down right now, here is the petition for divorce that Reese Witherspoon recently filed against her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Phillippe:

It's been a pretty big week for legal documents around here. While I'm happy that Britney is ready to extricate herself from The Federline, I'm still a little bummed about Witherppe. It's just sad cuz they're both so cute ... and the kids are so cute. I just hope they don't get nasty with one another ... that would be so not cool. [Source]

And finally, have scored this awesome video of Lindsay Lohan telling their cameras what she really thinks about Paris Hilton:

Photo credit:

You gotta watch this video. It's hilarious. [Source]

Les News:
Last night Jim and I met up with my really good friend Rachel Hurley (from who is in town for a Zune launch party that will take place tonight. She and her music blogger friends, who are also in town for the Zune event, met up with us at the TMZ Anniversary Party. I hadn't seen Rachel since we parted in Amesterdam last February. She was there when David and I met (in fact, as you may recall, the three of us were inseperable the whole trip) and we both just love her to death. Rachel introduced me to 3 of the coolest music bloggers around -- Chris (my boy originally from DETROIT ROCK CITY now from Dallas) from Gorilla vs. Bear, Dodge from My Old Kentucky Blog and Matt from You Ain't No Picasso. We had a blast ... those guys were so fun ... as was the rest of the party:

Miss Molly from was also at the party and was my fave dance partner of the evening (and love to Antonia for taking the embarrassing pics of us). I got to meet so many great people last night ... Nick Verreos from Project Runway was a doll and I have to say hey to Piper and Happy Birthday to Nina!

Samantha Ronson spun the coolest shit last night ... we asked her for a little Britney to celebrate to and she did us right. Much love to her! [pics courtesy of Molly]

Interestingly enough, the Federation Records t-shirt I wore arrived along with an autographed picture of K-Fed on the day that news broke of the divorce. Perfect timing, perfect thing to wear last night!

OY! I had a blast ... it was great to get out of the house, lemme tell you. I'm gonna try and meet up with Rachel and the boys this afternoon and prolly for the rest of the day.

Have a great one! I'm out.