Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank You For Being A Friend

I am having the best time here at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm still lovin' LA but being home with my family and friends just feels great right now. I got to hang out with my parents all day yesterday and then with Sarah, Mark and Jeff all last night. Tonight is gonna be amazing ... but I'll get to that in a bit ... let's get to the day's goss ...

Kevin Federline continues his futile trek from city to city trying, in vain, to sustain his fledgling rap career. Even tho Ticketmaster shows only one show listed on his "tour" (the LA House of Blues show next Wednesday, 11.22.06), it appears that he is still trying to salvage something by making personal appearances at different places. I guess this makes sense, it's not like he has a home to go to ... living on his tour bus is prolly his only option these days. Here are a couple pictures of K-Fed and his homie Chris Jones at the Miami Beach nightclub Mansion last night:

From TMZ: Newly "po" crappy rapper Kevin Federline was photographed with his pal Chris Jones at the Miami Beach nightclub Mansion last night, each looking like they can barely keep their eyes open. Chris manages to keep at least one eye ajar. Kevin is wearing one of his new Wal*Mart t-shirts. Hee hee, it gets better ... More bringdown for the FedEx; House of Blues in Anaheim just cancelled K-Fed's November 20 gig due to, what else, lack of sales. LOL! Alls I know is that K-Fed better not cancel his LA show ... I already got my ticket. It could be his last public performance ever ... he should deff do his best to keep the date alive. [Source]

Over in Italy, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took little baby Suri out for another stroll in town so that the world's assembled media could get a good look at their little baby all awake and wide-eyed ... behold, Suri lives and breathes (I think):

I mean, it's totes possible that little Suri is actually an elaborate little muppet that goo-goo/ga-gas on cue when ever a flash blub goes off but this is the most alive I've ever seen her. You cannot deny that the baby is cute as hell ... wherever she came from, she's adorable. You know, since Tom is willing to make an honest woman out of Katie Holmes, I think I can accept their crazy-ass relationship and family. I suppose I can suspend belief and just be happy for them ... at least for a little while. Katie looks happy, Suri looks sentient and Tom ... well, he's always got that insane grin on his face so who knows about him. It's been a long and crazy ride for these two ... will it last? Crazier things have happened I suppose. [Source, Source]

Here is a smattering of the various celebs who have made their way to Italy to bear witness to the TomKat nuptials ... honestly, I expected more star power (hello, Jenny McCarthy?) but the wedding isn't until tomorrow so maybe a few more big name celebs will show up (Scientologists don't count -- yes, I'm talking to you John Travolta) ... here's a taste of what we got so far:

I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the biggest wedding of the 2000s, surely it's the biggest wedding of the year. Isn't it funny as hell that Ken Paves got an invite to the wedding and Oprah Winfrey did not? Hello, she is the most powerful woman on Earth and she didn't get an invite but Jessica Simpson's best girlfriend did. True, Ken only got an invite because he won the right to do Katie's hair for the wedding but still ... Ken Paves?! [Source]

Back in LA, the younger set of stars (none of whom were invited to the TomKat wedding) made their way to the Victoria's Secret lingerie show that was held at the Kodak Theater at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, CA ... here are a few pics from the "pink carpet":

The VS Angels were there (tho, I'm not sure that Tyra Banks was) as were Hollywood "It" Girls Kristin Cavallari (fab), Alyssa Milano (fabber), Nicole Richie (fabbest) and Pete Wentz (the fabbest fabbest). Girls sure love their undies. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan hooked up with Donna Karan (literally) at the Donna Karan Gold launch party in London yesterday ...

... by the looks of these pics, it appears that Donna at least got to first base with Lindsay. [Source]

Here is a preview pic from the new Harry Potter movie Order of the Phoenix that shows a long-suffering Harry finally getting some action from female classmate Cho Chang:

Hopefully Harry gets at least to second base with Cho in the film that comes out next July. [Source]

Getting to third base and beyond is Stavros Niarchos with his on-again/off-again/apparently on-again paramour Paris Hilton ... who is usually so shy and demure but let her entire breast pop out of her dress as she was gettin' frisky with Stavros in their car last night:

Photo credit: X-17

Hey, at least she kept her nether region underwraps. If you're interested in seeing Paris Hilton's boob for the umpteen millionth time click HERE to check it out at the X-17 blog. [Source]

Oh ... just in case you were wondering ...

... Adam Brody is just cute. [Source]

And ...

Photo credit:

... Heidi Klum is STILL pregs. She really should be droppin' that kid any day now. Incidentally, Nina Gordon is due to give birth to her first baby any day as well. C'mon, y'all ... we're all waitin' here! [Source]

Um, so when did McDonald's get so hot? It appears to have become the new "it" place for celebs to dine:

I ain't ashamed to admit it, I'm a huge McD's fan (big ups to the Chicken McNugget Extra Value Meal) but I have to say that I'm a bit worried that it's gonna get all popular now that all the celebs are going there. Boo! [Source, Source]

Josh Duhamel is lookin' hot as hell on the cover of the new issue of Men's Health magazine:

Yeah, it's pictures like these that make me kinda hate Fergie Ferg a whole lot. [Source]

And finally here are a couple new promo Gwen Stefani pics. Gwen has hired photographer Jill Greenberg (famous for making babies cry so she can photograph them) to shoot her new pics:

It's a cute gimmick tho not as involved as the Harujuku Girls she employed the last time ... tho a backup dancer troop of crying children would be pretty inventive ... and would prolly make Michael Jackson seethe with jealousy. [Source, Source, Source]

Les News:
Last night Sarah and I met up with Mark and Jeff at a dive-y little pub called Nancy Whiskey in downtown Detroit. Thursday night is open mic night so anyone can sign up to play their instrument for the blues fans in attendance. We got there around 11 and hung out til they threw us out ... here are a few pics:

It's night like last night that really make me appreciate Detroit. That place was full of real Detroiters having a great time with one another. The music was great, the crowd was great and boozing it up with my friends is always a good time. Last night, Sarah got herself a new nickname -- Booti (the "i" is dotted with a heart) and we learned that it is very important to spend a little less time on the 'brows and little more time on the upper lip. Marcus was faboo on the drums and we even got to hear Reggie belt out a few tunes to round out the night. Click HERE to see more pics from last night's fun.

Detroit Rock City rulz, y'all. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Tonight ... woo ... I am excited for tonight. One of the main reasons I came home this weekend was for tonight. Sarah, Mark and I organized a Friends Thanksgiving Dinner party that will take place at Sarah and Mark's this evening. The idea was for all the friends to come together to just be thankful that we all know one another. Life is too short to take the people you care about for granted ... it was important for me to try and get something like this going. For the most part everyone we invited is coming (tho a few can't come, even tho they really wanted to -- VLB we'll miss you!) so it's gonna be a hot party. From what I understand, the food is going to be off the hook -- I can't wait!

So, for me and my friends, Thanksgiving is coming early this year ... and I can't wait!

That is all ... I hope y'all have a great weekend ... I am out.