Monday, November 20, 2006

All's Quiet On The Midwestern Front

Dang ... there ain't nothing going on this fine, gloomy Monday. It would seem that the matrimonial union of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has sucked up all signs of life elsewhere in the celebrity universe. I mean, yes, some other things did go down this weekend but the news is sparse. Let's work with what we go and get to it ...

Britney Spears has temporarily relocated to Las Vegas to continue work on her new comeback album. She was seen over the weekend with her ex-manager (who I am hoping is her manager once again) Larry Rudolph and I figured that, yes, she'd get some work done (in fact, she went into the studio with producer Lukasz Gottwald to mix tracks for her new album) but that she would also have some fun. Boy did I underestimate her need to have fun. Brit-Brit hooked up with party girl extraordinaire Paris Hilton and the two of them took the town by storm:

Photo credit: Flynet

The pair had only been hanging out together for a few hours before Britney started picking up Paris' bad habits ... Britney decided it would be a good idea to take off her pants and just dance around in her fishnet stockings. Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm not exactly sure what the girls have in common these days but I really hope that this doesn't become a thing. I'm not really looking forward to Britney thinking it's a good idea to flash her vag for all the world to see just because it's what her new BFF is fond of doing. Next up, we'll be seeing Britney partying with Lindsay Lohan no doubt. [Source]

But before Britney was chillin' with Paris, she was spending some time with Dancing with the Stars runner-up Mario Lopez right after she gambled and won $10,000 at the blackjack table at The Mint in the Palms Casino. Looks like her luck is changing now that she got rid of her dead weight freeloader.

And since we're on the subject of said freeloader, here are pictures of Kevin Federline partying with a very generous Biz Markie at the Mansion nightclub in Miami Beach this past weekend ... it was nice of Biz to take a picture with K-Fed:

You will note that K-Fed's days of poppin' bottles of Cristal are over ... homeboy is back to havin' to sip off the 40 oz. these days. [Source]

After he was finished in Miami, K-Fed scored himself a free ticket to the Miami Heat/Atlanta Hawks basketball game, donned a new sweater (one would hope that it didn't come from the Goodwill, but these days you never know) and pretty much just sat there by his lonesome playing with his Sidekick:

I think he showed up for the free hot dogs and beer but I don't know that he actually got any of it. It's so sad ... you kinda almost feel sorry for him ... but not really. [Source, Source]

Pink reader Jacob was at club Fever in Atlanta on Saturday night and was hoping to enjoy an evening of K-Fed's rap stylings ... unfortch, K-Fed ended up disappointing once again: We arrived at the club around 11:00am and waited for Brittney's mistake to show up. K-Fed got there around 12:30 am and was taken to his private table where he started drinking Jack and talking to the Atlanta skanks that were hovering by his VIP area in hopes that their new outfit purchases would pay off. Needless to say, we left around 1:30 am because it didn't seem like K-Fed was going to perform at all. He just moved from one VIP area to the next on the main level of the club, not downstairs where everyone was herded because the club said he would be performing down there. Disappointment. And I was hoping for an early Christmas. I wonder how long he's planning on keeping this stuff up. I wonder if he cares that people only come out to the events he appears at to poke fun at him or to see just how bad he really is. I would think the embarrassment would be too much to take but a paycheck is a paycheck. He gets paid for showing up at these club events and I guess I can't hate on the guy for trying to make a living. He's gotta eat somehow ... and I don't think free hotdogs and beer is gonna cut it for long.

In happily married news, Xtina Aguilera (currently on tour in Europe) and her hubby Jordan Bratman stepped out together on Saturday night to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Here are pictures of the happy couple on their way to their celebratory dinner:

I'm sure they are thrilled to share their wedding anniversary so close to that of TomKat's (who were wed in Italy on the same date). Actually, I'm not even sure what date TomKat will count as their anniversary since they really got married in LA before they even flew out to Italy for their elaborate ceremony BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is that I have to send out much congrats to Xtina and Jordy for making it thru a year of happily wedded bliss. I think these two have a real shot at making it last ... at the very least they have to make it thru one more year together cuz if they don't last at least as long as Spederline did that'd be a damn shame. [Source, thanks Kate]

Pink reader Lindsay was on hand for the tres intimate Kelis performance at Chicago club Enclave this past Friday night ... here are a few of her pictures:

Kelis was workin' the hell out of those gold gloves ... but they're still kinda fug. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that Kelis worked it OUT and rocked the house. She is the total bomb and I heart her, gold gloves or not. [thanks Lindsay]

Here are a few of the pictures of Courtney Love's mostly nekkid photospread in the new issue of POP magazine:

The pics have a definite similarity to some of the pictures in Madonna's SEX book but with less Vanilla Ice. There may be about 3 people out there who have yet to see Courtney Love in all her glory and if you are so inclined you can check out all of the NSFW scans of C. Love HERE. [Source]

Hilary Duff is featured in the new issue of Jane magazine (wearing a whole lot more clothes than Courtney is in her magazine) lookin' all sultry and sophisticated:

I really like her darker hair color. It gives her a more mature look. The Jane interview makes a tiny mention of Pink is the new Blog and you can head over to to check out the interview for yourself. [Source, thanks Meg]

30 Seconds to Mars are set to debut their new video for the song From Yesterday on MTV at 11pm tomorrow night. The video was shot entirely in China, making it the first American rock video to be filmed there. Here are a couple screenshots from the video:

Despite the fact that Jared Leto likes to be a jerk sometimes, I can't help but be fascinated by this band. At the very least they are interesting and they have the money to come up with pretty cool videos. The fact that this vid was allowed to be made in China is pretty amazing. AND FINALLY WE KNOW WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE RIDICULOUS MASKS THEY LIKE TO WEAR ON STAGE! I hear the video is pretty cool ... I can't wait to see just how cool. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday LURVE to my very dear friend Gillian ... the coolest chick at TMZ and definitely one of the coolest new friends I've made since moving to LA:

Miss Gillian turns another year older today (I don't want her to whip my ass for revealing her age) and I hope she has an amazing birthday. I'm hoping to get to hang with her when I get back to LA to help celebrate her b-day in style! Happy Birthday, Gillian!!!

Les News:
Yesterday was pretty much a wash ... I had a hard time getting over the good time I had with my friends at SASS on Saturday night. By the time I actually got up and out of the house it was well after dark again (but, to be fair, it gets dark really early here in Detroit these days). I did get to meet up with Tracey and Zakiya for dinner tho. We had a fun little outing at Chili's and then just chilled for a bit at their place. I took more pictures of my little darling and uploaded them to her photo album HERE on my Flickr page (btw, have I mentioned how much I love Flickr? I just started realizing how cool it is and I've been going uploading crazy!).

Tracey and I have a date to go shopping for a big girl bed for Miss Z this afternoon so I have to be on my way. Hopefully something exciting will happen today so we can talk about it tomorrow ... otherwise, I might have to start sharing recipes with y'all ... eh, and nobody wants that.

Happy Monday ... I guess. I'm out.