Thursday, November 30, 2006

Grease Is The Word

Okay ... so here's the good news ... Britney Spears has gone at least 24 hours with out exposing her genitals to the public at large. Homegirl was spotted doing a little shopping at her friendly neighborhood CVS in Malibu, CA and -- thank the all the gods -- decided to wear a pair of blue jeans:

Now, I'm not saying that she was wearing undies but thankfully the jeans make it a moot point. Yay for no vagina! I only wish she had some common sense in those plastic CVS bags. [Source]

And now the bad news ... Britney has taken on a new BFF ... a male BFF ... a oftentimes sweaty and grossly disheveled-looking BFF: With Paris Hilton nowhere in sight, Britney Spears settled for a D-list sidekick last night. TMZ spotted the pop star-turned-trainwreck at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, and while she finally kept her goodies to herself, she had a posse even more pathetic than her recent late-night peep shows. Among the hangers-on; Hilton BFF Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis. Trust me, I am way more grossed out than you are. How is it possible that Britney is able to associate herself with the worst possible image problems ever ... and only in the span of a few days? It's incredible. And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse ... we have to deal with THIS. Click HERE to watch video of the gruesome twosome steppin' out last night. BOOOO!

I ... uh ... don't really know how to say this ... but ... these days, Kevin Federline is lookin' like the better half of Spederline. Sure, he doesn't have the clout to get any celebs to hang out with him (even D-listers have some semblance of pride) but he is capable of going out in public looking ... well, better than Brandon Davis:

I'm not exactly sure how The Federline managed to pay for dinner at Mr. Chow (where this pic was snapped) but props to him for having the tiny bit of sense to realize that it really takes no effort on his part to come off looking better than Britney -- which just kills me! I'm so serious, if we end up seeing pictures of Brandon Davis with Britney's babies I'll flip my shizz! How has this nightmare come to be?! This is even worse than the Twilight Zone. Again, I say BOOOOO! [Source]

Blah ... this Britney saga is so depressing, now I'm afraid to see what's coming next.

Ugh ... let's move on ... Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet were all on hand for the New York premiere of their new movie Holiday (not to be confused with Last Holiday starring Queen Latifa -- not that anyone out there actually saw that movie ... well, not that anyone out there will see this movie but anyways, I'm digressing). Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Holiday tells the tale of two unlucky-in-love women (one from the UK and one from the US) who trade lives for the holidays to see how the other half lives. It's exactly the kind of cheesy romantic flick that couples may find a great alternative to all the kid fare (Charlotte's Web, Santa Claus 3), the horror fare (Turistas, Black Christmas) or in case all showings of Dreamgirls are sold out. Eh, it's not really my cup of tea (even if Jude Law is in it) so I think I'll pass. [Source]

Speaking of Charlotte's Web -- Dakota Fanning, wearing an absolutely atrociously hideous little dress, is traversing the globe to do promo for her new live-action movie version of the beloved children's book. Here are pics of Dakota doing her thing in Tokyo, Japan:

I absolutely do not get that dress. It's horrid. I can't believe someone dressed her in that thing and thought it looked good. She should sue that person. Anyways, I'm pretty sure there will be big demand for this movie. Charlotte's Web is one of the most famous kid's books around and there are a lot of big-name voices in this movie. Julia Roberts voices Charlotte and Oprah Winfrey plays a duck (or is Gussy a goose, I don't remember) so that should clue you in on the level of starpower in this flick. To me, there will never be a greater pig movie than Babe ... and the fact that this is actually a spider movie doesn't matter. Babe rules! But, this movie might be cute. [Source]

Hayden Panettiere was among the celebs at the GQ Man of the Year Awards awards here in Hollywood last night ... and personally, I thought she was the hottest person there:

The dress is hot, the color is hot ... Hayden just looks hot! She is a great addition to the ranks of the reigning Hollywood "It" Girls. As I said before, she already has Britney Spears handily beat ... and no matter how desperate Brit is to break into the in-crowd, it just ain't workin'. She really should be taking lessons from Hayden. [Source]

Nicole Richie paid a little visit to Santa Claus this week ... here are a few pics of Miss Richie getting her Santa fill:

Photo credit:

Don'tcha just love it when celebs get into the holiday spirit? [Source]

Newly single Joel Madden and his twin brother Benji Madden stepped out last night to attend the Paper magazine Nightlife Awards party in NYC. And uh ... well ... Benji's got a new look goin' on:

I'm not exactly sure what inspired this new make-over but it sure is ... interesting. All I know is it gets cold in NYC in December, I hope Benj covers up that head before he catches the flu. [Source]

See, it doesn't get that cold here in Southern California and yet Adam Brody is out walking the streets of West Hollywood wearing a very loud flannel shirt:

Images Removed By Request
Photo credit: Flynet

He's lucky he's cute. [Source]

Here are a few pics from the Pussycat Dolls show at Manchester's MEN Arena in the UK this past Tuesday night:

Images removed by request

Say what you will about PCD, they are workin' it as hard as they can. I never thought they had a chance at being successful but it turns out that I was way wrong. They've been able to come out with hit after hit -- none greater than their song Buttons (featuring Big Snoop Dogg). I can't really hate on them at all. We'll see if they end up having the staying power to last (the fact that lead only singer Nicole Scherzinger is coming out with a solo album next year might be problematic for the girls as a group) but if they keep employing the hottest songwriters and producers, there's no reason why they can't have at least another successful album. [Source]

Ethan Embry, who played the airhead Mark in one of my fave movies EVER -- Empire Records, was held up and robbed in front of his home in Studio City, CA earlier this week. So what does Ethan do after he gives the robbers what they want ... why, he runs into his house to get his gun and fires off a couple of shots, of course:

Actor Ethan Embry was mugged at gunpoint by two men Sunday night outside his Studio City home. TMZ has confirmed the "Can't Hardly Wait" star told police that two men recognized him from his film and TV roles, and robbed him and wife Sunny Mabrey in their driveway. The thugs allegedly stole Embry's wallet containing $400, a watch, and threatened Mabrey. As the men fled in a silver SUV, one eyewitness tells TMZ that Ethan raced into his house, emerged with a handgun and fired three rounds -- though it is unclear whether they were in the air or toward the vehicle. Police, however, refused to confirm this information to TMZ. Damn. I wouldn't want to be messin' with Ethan Embry, that's for sure. Who knew that Mark had such a vengeful streak? [Source]

Finally! The moment that comic book geeks have been anxiously waiting for has arrived. It looks like the Fantasticar will make its appearance in the new F4 movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer next summer. It's a shame, tho, that they couldn't do something with the name ... it always struck me as just a really bad name for their mode of transportation:

The mileage is great, because it doesn't use any gasoline. And traffic isn't a problem, because it can zoom along at 30,000 feet. About the only problem with the Fantasticar is, well, it doesn't exist — at least in real life. It will, however, make its long-awaited debut in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which gets its first look here. The vehicle, a staple of the Fantastic Four comic books, ranks right up there with the Batmobile and Ghost Rider's flaming motorcycle as the wheels of choice among comic devotees. Uhh, I think that is stretching it a bit but whatever ... But translating the flying car from the page to the big screen was no small effort, says Tim Flattery, conceptual artist for the Fantastic Four sequel, which hits screens June 15. He showed several designs to director Tim Story, including one based loosely on the Batmobile, which he designed for 1995's Batman Forever. But Story rejected the designs as "too aggressive," Flattery says. "He wanted something that looked less like a predator and more friendly. That's always been the Fantastic Four theme." Surely this new design will have fanboys scrambling for the toy version of the Fantasticar in no time. LOL. [Source]

Hilary Duff is featured on the cover and within the pages of the new issue of Lush magazine ... and I really have no words to describe the interesting photos:

I guess I can say, Nice hat? Hey, I'm trying to be good here. [Source]

Beyonce has been spending some time at Walt Disney World in Florida this week hanging out with a new girl group ... here is a picture of Beyonce posing with Princess Jasmine, Belle and Cinderella ... who will all be appearing in the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade that will air on Christmas day:

Is it wrong to note that the princess have nicer wigs than Beyonce does? [Source]

And finally, I have to send out props to my good friend the Thigh Master for calling to my attention that today is Elisha Cuthbert's birthday ... this year she turns 24 ... Elisha plays Kim Bauer on 24 ... yes, the planets have finally aligned thusly:

So the Birthday Lurve goes out to Miss Cuthbert on this momentous occasion ... head on over to Thighs Wide Shut to feast your eyes on the Thigh Master's amazing birthday tribute. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday, Tracey sent me a few amazing pictures of Princess Zakiya chillin' in her very own grown-up big girl bed. Yes, folks our little baby is growing up fast ... she's already outgrown her crib:

This child is utterly amazing ... and so damn beautiful :)

Tonight, I'm meeting up with my pal Matt for a movie and then I'm planning on meeting up with my friend Irene to see The Sounds play a show. Should be a fun night ...

That is all, I am out.