Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother

I really hope you haven't made your New Year's Eve plans yet because Pure nightclub in Las Vegas has announced they have secured Britney Spears to appear at their New Year's Eve party:

Curiously enough, it turns out that I may be in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. Could this be the fated convergence with Britney Spears that I have been wishing for since the beginning of time? Could it be that the stars are aligning thusly so that the two of us can finally meet? I believe so. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. [Source]

In other Britney news, it would seem that she is totally over her ridiculous "love" of Kevin Federline and has already moved on to a new man. I can't say that I'm surprised that she moved so quickly ... but I am a bit surprised at who the guy turned out to be. Folks, say hello to Brit's new hunk of man, producer supreme, Jonathan JR Rotem:

The singer, 25, who split from husband Kevin Federline last month, was spotted with her mystery boyfriend in Hollywood. The loved-up couple went out for dinner. Then Britney, wearing a tiny mini-dress, stripped out of her jumper and climbed on to his lap outside a bar as she puffed on a cigarette. The pair, wearing sunglasses, then left hand-in-hand to get into a limo. An onlooker said: "They looked like a couple in love. She sat on his lap and he stroked her back very tenderly." Isn't it interesting ... JR did some production work on Kevin Federline's album. He produced and co-wrote three of the songs -- the single Lose Control, America's Most Hated and the amazing Dance with A Pimp. It's curious that he did not work on the track, Crazy, which features Britney Spears on lead vocals. Hmm ... it is believed that JR is working with Britney on her new album but it would seem that he is doing other work for her as well. I gotta say, I kinda love it. JR has got some connections to Detroit so I got nothing but love for him. I wonder what Brit babies with him might look like? Don't be surprised if we find out in about 9 months time. [Source]

Dreamgirls had its Hollywood premiere last night at the Wilshire Theater ... here are a few pictures from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Jennifer Hudson looked F-I-E-R-C-E in that black and white gown ... Beyonce looked really disproportionate in her dress. There were quite a few folks at the premiere last night and I think that Sheryl Lee Ralph scared the hell out of all of them ... Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane looked terrified (and yet, even terrified Eric Dane looked hot as hell). Yikes! Dreamgirls is comin' atcha ... folks in LA and NYC will be able to see the movie starting this Friday. Woot! I can't wait to see it again! [Source]

In NYC, Brangelina, Matt Damon & wife and others were on hand for the premiere of Angelina Jolie's new movie The Good Shepherd ... here are a few pics from that red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know it's true love when the chick in the relationship has no problems at all with her dude groping her ass in public. Brad Pitt is a pimp, y'all. I'm not sure who Cutie McFreckles is (I don't even know if he's in the movie or what his deal is) but I thought he was worth posting (UPDATE: Pink reader Jon tells me that his name is Eddie Redmayne, credited on IMDB as Edward Wilson Jr., Matt Damon's character's son in the movie). Truth be told, I saw a preview of The Good Shepherd and I really have zero interest in seeing it ... but it does appear to have a lot of pretty people in it. [Source]

Over in London, Eragon had its movie premiere last night ... here are a few pictures from that red carpet:

I read both Eragon and Eldest over the past few weeks and found them pretty entertaining. I was expecting a Harry Potter-like experience but they're not quite that good. You can tell that the author, Christopher Paolini, is very young ... altho the books are well written, the plot development and language feels forced. I realize in a book about dragons you have to have a lot of fantastical and proper language, but sometimes the dialog came off as downright nerdy. The books are impressive, considering the author was under 20 years old when he wrote the two books. I'm very interested in seeing how the books translate to the big screen. I deff plan on seeing Eragon when it gets released ... I'm hoping the flaws in the book will be fixed by amazing special effects wizardry. [Source]

Over the weekend, a bunch of celebs showed up at Skyy Vodka-Maxim Hot Hollywood Party to get their respective drink-ons. Here are a few pictures from the shindig:

At the little soiree, Shanna Moakler revealed that she is now dating her Dancing with the Stars dance partner, much to the surprise of no one on planet Earth. Also, Mario Lopez and his dancing partner (a la the horizontal hula) Karina Smirnoff also showed up at the party ... pretty much right off their plane from Mexico. Lindsay Lohan showed up late and missed the performance by Ringside, so she got pissed and left. And I understand that Kendra, from this season's Laguna Beach, had a hard time gaining entry into the club. Brody Jenner had no probs at all and breezed right by Kendra and her posse at the velvet rope. Yep, pretty much a typical night in Hollywood. [Source]

Thanks to the modern marvel of 24/7 video surveillance (Big Brother is everywhere), we now have photographs of Nicole Richie's roadside arrest from late Sunday night/early Monday morning -- courtesy of ABC and TMZ:

Nicole's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, has released the following statement: "This is a difficult time for Nicole but she is prepared to accept whatever responsibility is appropriate. She intends to continue with her career and will deal with any other issues that need to be addressed." I gotta say, props to Nicole for stepping up and taking responsibility for her actions ... which is something you don't see very much in Hollywood. Altho, it would be pretty hard to discount the fact that she told the police that she had "smoked pot" and "taken Vicodin". I'm sure a nice long stint of community service is in her near future. [Source]

Yesterday, Nicole was snapped out for a little stroll ... perhaps to clear her head a little from the previous night's crazy events:

Maybe walking isn't a bad idea for her right now. [Source]

Also out for a walk recently was Rachel Bilson ... the newly detached from Adam Brody Hollywood "It" Girl was out for a stroll with her little pooch:

Man ... she's so damn cute. Look at that outfit ... I love the half coat and everything. I really hope she at least stays good friends with Adam. Maybe they can just be FTFs. [Source]

There are many things that Dita Von Teese would do for charity and, apparently, riding a huge-ass tube of lipstick as if it were a mechanical bull (sponsored by MAC cosmetics Viva Glam campaign which raises money to support those living with HIV or AIDS) is one of them:

And get your minds out of the gutter people ... there is absolutely nothing wrong with a semi nude woman straddling a huge tube of lipstick. [Source]

Now, this IS meant to be very sexual ... check out this hot picture of Princes William and Harry as they announce the Concert for Diana, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the death of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales:

The royal brothers, now 24 and 22, announced that a star-studded pop concert and a memorial service will be held in her memory next year. William and Harry are organising a "Concert for Diana", which will be staged at the new £757 million Wembley Stadium on the Princess's birthday, Sunday July 1, when she would have turned 46. The commemorative memorial service will take place in London on the
anniversary of her death on Friday August 31 -- 10 years to the day since she died in a car crash in Paris ... Harry said as he announced the details: "The service is going to include both sides of the family, our mother's side and our father's side -- everyone getting together. It should be a good occasion." The venue for the service has yet to be decided. William said he wanted the pop concert to be "the best birthday present" his mother ever had and revealed the line-up will be inspired by her musical tastes. Sir Elton John, who sang Candle In The Wind at Diana's funeral, will perform, as will the late Princess's favourite band Duran Duran. Other artists include Joss Stone, hip hop star Pharrell Williams and Bryan Ferry ... Further acts will be announced at a later date. Proceeds from the high-profile Live Aid-style concert will go to some of the charities which were supported by the late Princess. Money raised will also help Harry's charity, Sentebale, and the homelessness charity Centrepoint, of which William is patron.
Well now ... good deeds all around! This will no doubt be a stellar event and quite a fitting way to honor the memory of Princess Diana. [Source]

WOOT! Click HERE to watch and hear the Princes talk about the concert! Sexy, Sexy!! [thanks Irene]

Hello magazine is featuring the entire Brangelina brood in its new issue (on newsstands now) and gives us a good look at just how much baby Shiloh Nouvel has grown since we got a good look at her last time in the magazine early in the summer:

Little Shiloh Nouvel is settling into the globe-trotting lifestyle of her famous mum and dad Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She has made her first visit to Cambodia, the homeland of her big brother Maddox, a moment which can be seen exclusively in the latest issue of HELLO! magazine ... Shiloh, whose name means "the peaceful one" in Hebrew, joined older siblings Maddox, five, and Ethiopian-born Zahara, who is now 23-months-old, on the adventure to the beautiful Asian country. And the family's closeness is there for all to see. Yeah, there is no doubt that little Shiloh is the product of the most beautiful genes in existence. She will grow up to rule the world with her stunning beauty and her massive lips. It's prolly bet to get on her good side now and pay tribute accordingly ... All Hail Shiloh -- the OverLady of Planet Earth! [Source]

Sienna Miller is featured in the new issue of the British version of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

Is it just me or does she look completely different in every single picture she ever takes? I am always surprised at how much she doesn't look like I thought she did every time a new photospread comes out. [Source]

Here are the rest of those Louis Vuitton ads that feature their new spokesmodel Scarlett Johansson:

Yeah, I still don't love 'em ... I think I just hate Scarlett's hair. The pin-up theme isn't too bad ... I just don't know that Scarlett is the right chick to pull off the look. It's too bad Dita Von Teese was too bizzy riding oversized tubes of lipstick ... she can really rock this look right. [Source]

Salma Hayek and her enormous boobs are featured in a limited edition 2007 calendar by Campari liquor ... and here are few of the pics:

She is the hotness alright. You can practically get drunk on her cleavage alone. [Source]

And finally, here are some adorable pictures of my good friend Sherri's newborn son Daniel and his big brother Kyle as they shamelessly proclaim their pinkness:

Daniel is just sooo cute! I can't wait to get home to Detroit so I can meet the little guy in person. Congrats again, Sherri ... you keep making the cutest babies around! XO

Les News:
I spent yesterday afternoon doing some Xmas shopping because I have this need to get it all done as soon as possible. I'm planning on getting my LA shopping finished this week and then my Detroit shopping finished as soon as I get there. I poked around different places here in LA yesterday and snapped these pictures of the Xmas tree display at The Grove:

If you squint, it actually looks like a cold, wintry scene ... fortunately for me ... it wasn't cold at all ... just the way I likes it!

Today I get to do fun stuff like laundry and cleaning ... Yay!

And I guess that's it ... I'm out.