Friday, December 15, 2006

The Same Old Same Old

Hey guess what ... Britney Spears is on the loose again! Yeah, this information isn't really that exciting any more. After all the crotch shots and the endless nights of partying have lost their charm what else is there to enjoy? How about pictures of Britney doing some Xmas shopping?

Photo credit: Flynet

Eh ... I don't think that even I care anymore. [Source]

How about pictures of Britney going out on the town for the 900th night in a row?

Photo credti: Splash News

Yeah, even I'm thinking "Who cares?" to myself. I never thought it was possible but maybe I'm starting to realize that not everything that Britney does is interesting. Whoa ... an actual epiphany? Maybe I'm just tired ... I can't be losing interest in Britney Spears, can I? I wonder if there is a support group that can help me out. [Source]

Oh, here are a couple more pictures of Britney inside the the Forty Deuce club where she is stripped down to her bra and is rockin' that feather boa I mentioned yesterday:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

These pictures are a little interesting, right? I dunno what's going on but I think I need to recharge my batteries or something. Perhaps I'll cool it with the Britney stuff for a few days ... or at least until she does something interesting like ... well ... get married again? [Source, Source]

Hollywood's glitterati were all in attendance last night at Area nightclub for Brent Bolthouse's Birthday/Holiday party hosted by Smashbox Cosmetics. Pretty much everyone was there, Nicole Richie included (tho, she only showed up for a brief moment). Here are a few pictures from the shindig:

At midnight, Snoop Dogg took to the stage to do a little performance which got Britney and her girlfriends to hit the dancefloor and caused Lindsay Lohan to jump up on stage with Snoop -- which I'm sure he loved. Someone was obviously not paying attention at the door because Kimberly Stewart managed to sneak her way in but I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time nonetheless -- even Jason Wahler had cause to celebrate ... he wasn't the lamest "celeb" there. [Source]

Earlier in the day, Nicole Richie thought it best to stop going out in public underneath a blanket and showed her pretty face at the Mouawad trunk show in Beverly Hills:

I think it makes better sense to just go out in public and not try and make a big deal about not wanting to be photographed. Doesn't Nicole look much better not hiding under a blanket? Yes. Altho, it's not as funny. [Source]

Yes, that was prolly too many nots.

Prince William has graduated from being a regular cadet to receiving his own commission in Her Majesty's Royal Army this week and he had a whole bunch of peeps show up in support at the ceremony:

PRINCE William's girlfriend Kate Middleton turned up today to watch the future King receive his commission as an officer in the Army. It is the first time Kate has been at a high profile public event attended by the Queen and other senior royals as William's guest ... William is joining the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals like his brother Prince Harry. His grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, father the Prince of Wales and stepmother the Duchess of Cornwall were all watching him march in the Sovereign's Parade at the military college in Camberley, Surrey. More than 220 officer cadets including William were passing out and receiving their commissions. Second in line to the throne William will one day be head of the armed forces. He will be known in the Blues and Royals as a Cornet and will train, like Harry, to be a troop commander in an armoured reconnaissance unit, Kate arrived to take her seat shortly after William and the other cadets lined up on the parade ground. Dressed in a bright scarlet winter coat and dark hat, she was believed to be accompanied by her parents Carole and Michael. Kate was joined also by William's private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Rather than in the VIP seats, they were in the front row of one of the general stands. Two things -- first, I don't think that I'll ever understand the fascination with wearing funny-looking hats among the Royals. Princess Diana used to wear them, Camilla wears them daily and now Wills' girlfriend Kate is wearing one. What gives? I'm sure it's really cool being a member of the Royal Family but all that stuffiness looks incredibly stifling. Second, William looks insanely hot in that uniform. [Source]

Here is a cute picture of Justin Timberlake and Amy Poehler shooting a promo for tomorrow night's episode of Saturday Night Live:

I just love Amy Poehler. She is so cute, so funny. I don't really make it a point to watch SNL anymore but when I do I love the skits that feature Amy Poehler. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of her new movie The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing which is filming in NYC this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Apparently, this movie has nothing to do with monsters, ghosts, dead people or anything else that horror/sci-fi movie associated. Yeah, I don't get it either. [Source]

Colin Farrell is back in his home country hanging out and chillin' ...

... running into family members and friends alike. It's nice to know that Colin hasn't forgotten where he comes from. [Source]

Here are a few cute pictures of lovebirds Kelis and Nas at the Trace Magazine Ten Year Celebration party in NYC. The lovely Miss Kelis is on the cover of the anniversary issue and Nas looks pretty proud of his girl:

Actually, he doesn't look proud as much as he looks really super pissed off and ready to beat someone's ass ... but I understand that his proud face and his pissed off to the point of wanting to beat someone's ass face are both the same. I still hate Kelis' hair but I do love her. [thanks Patryk]

Jennifer Hudson keeps getting tons of accolades heaped upon her for her stunning performance in Dreamgirls (the USA Today review even went so far as to say that J. Hud is the "heart and soul" of the movie and says that Beyonce's performance is the movie's weak link) and continues to be featured in magazines ... slowly but surely. Here are a couple pics of Jennifer in Jewel and Essence magazines:

Keep it coming ... I want to start seeing her on the covers of magazines. It shouldn't be long now. Her Golden Globe nomination should be a lock for the win and once she gets nominated for an Academy Award ... well ... those magazine covers won't be far behind. [Source via Source]

Hilary Duff is no stranger to magazine covers ... here she is on the cover of the Canadian music magazine called Strut:

Hilary looks cute in the pics even if her satin suit looks all wrinkled. I much prefer this look to that crazy 40s look she was trying to pull in that Lush magazine photospread. Stick with what you know, Hil. You don't know the 40s. [thanks Stef]

The new issue of Premiere magazine is featuring the Must See movies of 2007 and has deemed Spider-Man 3 as it's #1 Must See movie ... here are a couple pictures from the issue:

I love the black Spidey suit so much ... I really can't wait for this movie to come out next Spring. [Source via Source]

And finally, the site is featuring fun celebrity inspired Xmas cards ... like these:

Hahhahaah ... that's some funny shizz. I would actually love to send out the Star and Al Xmas card to my friends. LOL! [Source]

Les News:
UGH ... I'm a bit of a mess this morning ... Jim and Davey insisted on us all staying out late last night ... and they insisted on us drinking all night ... er ... well, maybe that's not entirely true but my head is insisting that someone pay the price for last night's festivities and I'm the one suffering. We had so much fun tho ... Tiger Heat is a really fun time -- just ask Jim:

I think his favorite part of the night was all the go-go boy dancers ... but that's just a wild guess.

I understand that Pop Starz is having a Dreamgirls-themed night tonight ... I also understand that Jim and Davey are insisting that we go. I'll have to see what my head thinks about that.

Happy Friday y'all ... have an amazing weekend! I'm out.