Friday, December 22, 2006

Step Back In Time

I cannot believe that it is Xmas Eve Eve Eve already! I guess I haven't been paying attention but I'm just shocked that it's Xmas weekend already. Sarah's annual Holiday Party is tomorrow night and then it'll be Xmas itself and then it'll be 2007 in no time. What a crazy year it's been ... but before I get all into those year end wrap-ups, let's finish out the week with the usual fare ...

... which, of course, means checking in with Britney Spears again. There isn't really anything new to report ... Britney was seen showing off a CD which people are speculating is new demo music ... truth be told, it could just as easily be Journey's Greatest Hits. Here are a few more pictures of Britney's recent visit to the tattoo parlor earlier this week:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Blah. What a way to end the year. For the most part, this has been the epitome of Britney's year. It's been a messy one. I would've much preferred that instead of getting a new tattoo on her hand that Britney would've gotten her weave repaired. That tiny glimmer of hope that we got just after she announced that she would be divorcing Kevin Federline seems like a long, lost dream ... which faded away almost as quickly as it appeared. I guess we'll have to see how Brit-Brit chooses to celebrate the holidays over the next few days. Hopefully she'll go back to Louisiana and have a nice, down home Xmas ... but I suppose anything is possible at this point. [Source]

It might be a bit difficult for Evangeline Lilly to salvage a Merry Xmas this year since her Hawaiian home burned to the ground this week, but by the looks of these pictures it seems that Evangeline is taking it all in stride:

Photo credit: Flynet

Her boyfriend Dominic Monaghan, on the other hand, looks more upset that she does. I wonder if he's upset that his Xmas presents were inside her place when it burnt down. [Source]

In surprising new couple news, it appears that Talan Torriero (of Laguna Beach fame) is hooking up with the lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. The pair were spotted in very cozy fashion together at The Grove in LA this week:

Photo credit: Matrix

I gotta say ... well done Talan. Nicole is a huge step-up from his former fiancee Kimberly Stewart (::shudder::). Tho, it appears that Nicole ain't too keen on being seen with the MTV reality TV show toy boy. It looks like she can't climb up inside that hood far enough for her own comfort. Could this be true love for these two? If they make it to New Year's Eve then I say YES! [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg paid a little visit to MTV's TRL this week to do promo duty for her new movie Black Christmas ... here are a few pics:

Cute, cute, cute. She still insists on wearing those leggings but you can tell that she loves them. I can't be mad at her for that. I also can't be mad at her for showing off just how big she can get her mouth to open. I'm impressed. [Source]

Amy Lee, lead singer for Evanescence, also stopped by TRL for a little visit:

She chose to show off her tongue skills. Once again, color me impressed. Who knew that Hollywood "It" Girls were so adept at the oral acrobatics. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Xtina Aguilera celebrating her 26th birthday in Prague earlier this week with hubby Jordan Bratman and friends:

No drunken nip slips, no messy crotch shots ... just good ol' fashioned birthday cake. How refreshing. [Source]

Speaking of refreshing, here are new pictures of Lindsay Lohan back to work and on the set of her new movie I Know Who Killed Me which was shooting this week in LA:

Photo credit: Flynet

It's nice to know that L. Lo can fit some work in between all her parties, AA meetings, email writing spurts and whatever else it is that she seems to be doing pretty much 24/7. Where do you suppose she gets all of her energy from? [Source]

Wait ... what is going on here:

High waisted pants are the new black? Victoria Beckham needs to be tried for crimes against nature ... she is really getting out of hand. She really needs a software upgrade and a serious tune-up. [Source]

Grey's Anatomy hottie Eric Dane is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine ... here are a few pictures from his photospread:

Even with the Robin Hood facial hair, Dr. McSteamy is really hot. Tho, I much prefer him in just a white towel, he knows how to rock a business suit quite well. [Source via Source]

And finally, here is the rest of Janet Jackson's ridiculous photospread for the Singapore/Malaysian version of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

If she's going for weird then I think she achieved her goal. Isn't it great how the Jackson family always manages to break new ground when it comes to new realms of weirdness? [Source]

Les News:
Last night about 15 of the friends got together at Sarah's house before we all made our way to Greenfield Village for their annual Holiday Lights event (where you can celebrate Xmas in Michigan circa the late 1800s -- Did you know that mince meat pie has no meat in it? Did you know that plum pudding has no plums in it? Did you know "fatback" was considered a meat?). Unfortch, we were met with a steady stream of bitter cold rain but we still had a great time together at this fun outdoor event. Pink reader Kate, who works at Greenfield Village (in the second picture with Zakiya and me), graciously met us at the entrance and brought along a little stuffed frog named Hershel to give to Zakiya. I cannot thank her enough for the kind gift ... Z clutched that little frog all night long. Here are a few pics from the night's fun:

I gotta say ... the Carousel was my fave part of the night ... Megan and I got to ride it two times in a row. Much love goes out to my Sarah for organizing this fun event for all of us to share together. She always knows how to bring us all together so that we can enjoy one another in fun, different environments.

Much love goes out to Mike and Roger for sharing their photos!

Tonight I have a martini date with Megan, a few last minute things to pick up at the stores and maybe a chance to hang out with Tracey and Zakiya. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to y'all! I'll still be posting over the next few days ... tho they may come a little later in the day and may be a little shorter. 'Tis the season!

My apologies to those of you who are still reading this at work :(

I am out.