Friday, December 29, 2006

Don't Stop Believin'

I have had the best time here at home in Detroit over the last couple of weeks and I am a bit sad that today is my last day. Yesterday was a great day and I'll have the deets at the end of this post ... but today I need to write a quick post, pack my bags and get to the airport. I'm flying out to meet David in Sin City where we will be spending the weekend together. I know the holiday is quickly coming to an end for many of you and I just hope you've been able to enjoy it as much as I have. Because it's the weekend and because it's NYE weekend I still plan on posting but the posts may be a bit shorter and may come later in the day. So ... let's get to it ...

Pink reader Andrea sent me these pictures of a new toy that has hit the shelves this holiday. I don't think it's terrible that I really kinda love it either ...

At first glance, one might think that this toy would be an affront to Britney Spears but I think it's just a fun little, cute toy. I love the little blonde "pig tails" and school girl outfit that it's wearing. I might have to get one of these little guys ... I've never heard a pig sing Hit Me Baby ... One More Time. Click HERE to order a Pigney Spears of your very own! (batteries not included) [thanks Andrea]

James Brown's body is laid in repose at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY and fans have been flocking to pay their respects. Here are a few photos from the late Godfather of Soul's very public viewing and wake:

Photo credit: Splash News

It wasn't for nothing that James Brown called himself the hardest-working man in show business. Even in death, the Godfather of Soul still pulled out all the stops to please a crowd. So it seemed Thursday, when thousands of Brown's fans, friends and family gathered for a final public viewing and wake. In the morning, his body was driven through the streets of Harlem in a horse-drawn carriage. By early afternoon, the procession, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton, arrived in front of the renowned Apollo Theater, where Brown recorded a landmark live album in 1962. Onlookers whooped and cheered as Sharpton and others emerged, carrying a gleaming gold coffin. "James Brown! James Brown!" one group shouted rhythmically, while another chanted in counterpoint: "Soul power! Soul power!" Those lucky enough to find a position near the front endured moshpit-like congestion, but they could take pictures from behind barricades, or even hand cameras to obliging police officers. This all seems very appropriate for James Brown. He lived a bit of a crazy life so it's fitting that he would be honored in death by chants, hoots and hollers. I mean, would you expect him to be laid to rest in anything other than a 24-karat gold coffin? It's clear that he will be missed by many ... but his music and his memory will live on forever. [Source]

Among the living, Jennifer Lopez thrilled the folks of Aspen, CO by showing up in their fair city for a bit of a vacay:

Photo credit: Splash News

La Diva Latina really caused a stir when she took to the Aspen streets. There was no sight of her undead hubby Marc Anthony tho ... perhaps zombies don't like the cold? [Source]

Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell got together this week to take their children ice skating in England. Here are a few fun pictures of the ex-Spice Girls gettin' all maternal with their kids:

Photo credit: Getty

Honestly, at first, I had no idea this was Geri Halliwell. She looks very different without make-up. Posh looks a little funny holding and feeding Geri's little baby girl Bluebell Madonna. I'm sorry, there is nothing about Victoria Beckham that even remotely resembles maternity. [Source]

David Beckham, meanwhile, is spending time in Japan doing promo work for the Motorola MOTORAZR cell phone ... so of course the best way to get people interested in cell phones is to kick around a few soccer balls:

Photo credit: Getty

Shoot, who am I kidding? I don't care what the hell Becks wants to do or kick to promote a product ... I just wish he'd kick it with me ;) [Source]

Here are a slew of pictures of Paris Hilton bringing her insane media circus to Bondi Beach in Australia earlier this week:

The girl is a walking spectacle ... it's as if she were born for this sort of existence. Well, I always say that peeps should do the thing they're best at ... I guess that's just what Paris Hilton is doing. And I gotta say, again, that I love her LV bikini and hot MIROR purse. [Source]

Kate Moss was snapped making her way thru Heathrow Airport in London this week, presumably heading for Thailand where she is rumored to be spending the New Year. There are also rumors that she will finally wed long-time boyfriend Pete Doherty. In fact, there are so many rumors going around that Kate Moss has been wonkified over all the speculation:

Did we know that this supermodel who gets paid millions of dollars to beautiful had a jacked up eye? See ... there is no such thing as perfection. I kinda love that she has a normal, human flaw just like everyone else. [Source]

Hmmm ... it's been a while since I've seen Ashlee Simpson out with her boyfriend and band mate Braxton ... I wonder if things are okay between them ... I also wonder if these new pictures of Ashlee out with her other band mate Ray are any indication of what is going on in her love life:

I really hope Ashlee stops dating within her own band ... she really should get out and meet new people. [Source]

And finally, Sarah Silverman is featured in the November issue of Rolling Stone magazine spoofin' on the Hollywood "It" Girls who love to show off their goodies in magazines like Maxim and Stuff:

I love how even when Sarah tries not to be sexy by making fun of girls who try too hard to be sexy she still comes off as sexy ... tho, I could do without the whipped cream in the arm pit. [Source]

Les News:
So yeah ... yesterday was a very cool day. I can finally reveal that I had a lunch date with my ex-boyfriend Erik. It's been a tenuous year for us since our break-up in February and I hoped that we would be able to once again be friends and it looks like that's what we're going to try and do. Erik and I ran into one another at Sarah and Mark's Holiday Party last week and it was actually our first normal "just like it used to be" interaction. We decided to meet up for a sushi lunch and ended up having a really nice time and a really important conversation for us:

Erik has always been very important to me and was always going to be important to me ... I'm just very glad that we seem to be at a place where we can try and foster a new friendship together.

After my great lunch with Erik, I met up with Sarah because we had a little biz to attend to at Somerset mall:

I have to say hey to Pink readers Chelsea and Lauren who I ran into at the mall ... and big ups to my pal Angie (from my fave D-town boutique Incognito) who I also ran into yesterday while she was shopping with her mom.

After the mall, Sarah and I met up with Tracey at Ye Olde Saloon for a little get together thrown by Matt and Ame. It was so good seeing them again ... I've missed them both very much. I'm glad I got to go because I also got to see Dawn and Rich who were also back in town for the holidays.

Sarah and I were on a tight schedule, so after chillin' at Ye Olde for a bit we made our way to the movies. Since we worked very hard to win the pair of movie tickets at her family's holiday give exchange we decided that we had to use the tickets together. I wanted to see Black Christmas, she wanted to see The Holiday ... so we compromised on Deja Vu:

I wasn't too keen on seeing this movie but it's what we decided to go with. I guess I enjoyed it for the most part but it was so ridiculously far-fetched and a bit confusing that I just couldn't love it. I was cool with it until they got to the part where they explained how the "look into the past" machine worked ... then I just gave up. The rest of the movie was interesting but there was just too much suspension of belief for me to truly enjoy the film. See, the thing about these sorts of time-related things is that they have to be at least plausible for me. Like on Star Trek, I can believe most of what happens because all the action takes place 500+ years in the future. I just couldn't believe that the government has a machine that lets you, not only look 4 days into the past but also lets you send notes and ATF agents (!) into the past. AND all that future stuff affecting the past which affects the future biz makes my head hurt. All in all, I didn't hate the movie and found it kinda entertaining ... it just wasn't my thing.

OY ... okay, I really have to jet ... Detroit, I love you! Thank you so much for a great time ... I'll be back soon. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to you all ... I'm off to Las Vegas!


The Hotness Was Broughten

Sure 2006 was chock full of nekkidness and gayness and Jakey pooness but there was a whole lotta other hotness to be had this year as well ... Let's take a look back ...

Reese Witherspoon may have decided that she didn't want to be married to Ryan Phillippe anymore but that does not take away from his insane hotness. Remember when Ryan would show up at the UCLA track to work out?

Or do y'all remember when Ryan would take his kids to the beach and leave his shirt at home?

Yes, Ryan sure added to the hotness of '06 but I think the crown of the Hottest Male Celeb of the Year has to go to David Beckham:

Ye Gods Above ... this summer Becks donned a few different pair of speedo shorts and gave us all a sight to behold ...

... and behold ...

and behold:

Yeah, I was beholdin' all over the place once these pictures came out ;)

For his brave love of the tiny bikini and his overall devilish good looks, David Beckham gets a salute from me!

Not to be outdone by Becks, fellow footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was also one of the year's hot hotties:

Those soccer players really do love the short shorts, don't they?

Reichen Lehmkuhl showed the world was Lance Bass gets to enjoy whenever he likes:

And the boys of McFly got a little cheeky on stage at the G-A-Y nightclub in London:

Paul Rudd surprised me with his sexiness this year:

And the Italian soccer team really brought on the hotness as the World Cup took center stage at the beginning of the summer:

There was a lot of hotness all thruout the World Cup tournament but in the end those lovely Italians ended up winning the whole thing ... so how did they choose to celebrate? Why, pantsless of course:

This is but a taste of the year's hotness ... it was a really good year for bringing the sexy ... period.

The Trifecta

You simply cannot talk about 2006 and leave out the most interesting group of new celebrity friends, BFFs if you will, that burst onto the scene this summer. At first, a spandex-laden Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted around LA doing a lot of bike riding, who then was seen riding with Tour de France Master Lance Armstrong, who then both were seen riding with the anti-shirt-wearing Matthew McConaughey -- and then McGyllenStrong (or was it McArmenHaal?) was born. It turned out that both Jake and Matthew were vying for the role of Lance in a biopic about his life and they were training with him until they heard who got the part. Jake ended up winning the role but Matthew ended up winning a drinking buddy. Lance ended up living the fantasies of millions of people (including me) by getting to spend a whole lotta time with both Jake and Matthew. Here are some of the funnest pictures of the trifecta together, different configurations of couples together and pictures of just Jake and Matthew doing whatever it is that they were doing this year ...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong got a lot of bike training done together this year:

But Matthew McConaughey managed to get a lot of other training in with Lance, too:

Jake met up with Lance in France for the Tour de France ...

... and ended up winning the role that both he and Matthew were going after -- to play Lance Armstrong in the biopic of his life.

Matthew decided that he still wanted to be buddies with Lance:

But he also wanted to be buddies with Jake:

Which I don't think anyone minded one bit:

On his own, Matthew spent a lot of time working out:

He also spent a lot of time showing off:

But with a badonkadonk like this, can you really blame him?

Jakey poo did a little showing off himself:

There were a few times when the zipper on his spandex top failed to stay closed ...

... and suddenly, my hatred for spandex evaporated like the glistening sweat droplets on Jake's chest hair in the golden summer sun ... Whoa! where did that come from? Er ... let's move on ...

Jake rounded out the year lookin' fine as can be:

Obvs, he is proud of his chest :)

The most fun was had, tho, when the three boys were all together ... riding bikes ...

... going to football games ...

... and just chillin' together, melting hearts all across the country:

It remains to be seen if the trifecta will stay intact in 2007 but I'm very much looking forward to seeing what goes down next summer.

We Had A Gay Ol' Time

2006 was a good year for the gays. A lot of closeted celebs decided to come out of the closet and reveal their true sexual orientation. I cannot stress how thrilled I was every time a celeb came out of the closet. This was truly a banner year for the gays.

Chad Allen got the year started as one of the few out actors:

Pop star Stephen Gately took advantage of the legalization of same-sex couples in civil unions in the UK and married his longtime boyfriend Andrew Cowles:

Nip/Tuck got pretty gay this season ...

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

... even tho nothing gay really happened to (or between) either Dr. Troy or Dr. McNamara:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Still, we got to see a lot of hot man booty on the show.

The fantastically funny and sexy gay comedy Eating Out got a super hot sequel and a super hot new nekkid guy to admire:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Le sigh.

I think the biggest gay story of the year was when Lance Bass came out of the closet in the pages of People magazine:

Then he revealed to the world that he was happily dating Reichen Lehmkuhl:

And altho rumors circulated that the pair had broken up, they wind up 2006 still together and happy:

In the wake of Lance's coming out, Grey's Anatomy's TR Knight also came out to People magazine:

And so did Neil Patrick Harris:

Wee! We still need more gays to feel comfortable enough to come out ... and I look forward to welcoming them when they do.

Clay Aiken got himself in a bit of a scandal when it was alleged that he was cruising for man sex on the Internets:

Altho he denies that he is the person in these pictures.

Anderson Cooper has not come out as gay:

But he does keep some excellent company. Eh, he's a stone fox regardless.