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Monday, December 31, 2007

How I Spent My 2007

Honestly ... I have no idea where this year went. While I feel that a lot of stuff went down this year it seemed very much blink-and-you-missed it over all. It doesn't seem like an entire year ago that David and I were in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve and yet ... here we are, a full year later. I find myself feeling very thankful for making it thru another amazing year. I managed to make some really great new friends this year and also managed to spend a lot of time with my dear friends that I've had for years. I also got to celebrate my first full year with David ... all in all, it was a pretty kickass year.

Back on January 1, David and I were the first two folks to skydive with as it was part of my Xmas gift for him. I had ZERO intention on jumping out of that airplane but a funny thing happened on the van drive to the airport ... I somehow found the courage to suit up and jump out of that plane. It isn't something I'm ever likely to do again but it was really nice doing it with David:

In February, David and I celebrated our first year anniversary together ...

... and to celebrate, we spent 10 days in Barcelona, Spain:

I managed to survive the first of a few major fires that broke out in LA:

And I spent another Passover with the Hauslaib family in Connecticut:

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the cd release party for Tori Amos in Times Square in the Spring and then was EXTREMELY fortunate to spend some one-on-one time with her backstage at the Fox Theater with my best friend Sarah in the Fall:

I got to see Legally Blonde on Broadway and got to meet stars Laura Bell Bundy and Orfeh backstage (thanks to my new friend Brett):

Knocked Up, starring Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan, opened in June ... and David and I ended up having cameos in the movie:

I celebrated another birthday, my first in LA ... and I got to party with an amazing new group of LA friends at The Abbey:

In July, I was very fortunate enough to attend David Beckham's first game with the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA ... and I got to hang out with Pink reader Sara who won my PITNB/LA Galaxy ticket giveaway contest:

I got to attend the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards which were held at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV:

I was able to see Lance Bass take on the role of Corny Collins in Hairspray on Broadway ... and Hairspray cast member Lori Eve Marinacci brought David and me backstage to meet the cast, including Lance Bass:

Alex O'Loughlin, the star of the hit CBS show Moonlight, showed Pink is the new Blog some lurve:

The GangTM and I took in our first LA Dodgers game:

I got to be the meat in a Reichen Lehmkuhl and Ryan Barry sandwich:

David and I caught E.T. at a DRIV-IN movie in Manhattan:

Kitson showed Pink is the new Blog and Jossip some lurve in their holiday window display:

And, Woot!, one of my most favoritest words ever (and a word that I have been using on the blog for years now) was chosen as the Word of the Year:

Not too shabby a year, I think. And so ... this is my last post of the year ... I am putting my computer away and I won't be touching it again until 2008. I'll be back to posting tomorrow, natch, but the integrity of the post will depend heavily on how much champagne I have to drink tonight.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL! I <3 U ALL!!! Have fun, be safe ... I'll see y'all next year.


That's All, Folks!

Welp, we've finally reached the last day of 2007 ... but before all the jubilant celebration gets underway let's do one more day of goss so that we can stick our spork into 2007 and call it a year ...

Tonight, the famous Ball Drop in Times Square here in NYC will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and, in keeping with the times, is going Green. Here is what the 100th Anniversary NYE Ball, with it's colorful Green-friendly LED lights, looks like:

The Times Square New Year's Eve ball is celebrating its centennial by going green. The star of the world-famous holiday extravaganza was revamped this year with 9,576 energy-efficient bulbs that use about the same amount of electricity as 10 toasters. Philips Lighting, which created the light-emitting diodes, or LED bulbs, specifically for the event, says they are smaller but more than twice as bright as last year's lights, which were a mix of more than 600 incandescent and halogen bulbs. And the new lights can create more than 16 million colors for a kaleidoscope of hues against the 672 Waterford Crystal triangles. "The whole world looks up to New York's New Year's Eve. I'm proud to be able to save energy and show off this technology to the world with such a special event," said Kaj den Daas, chairman of Philips Lighting North America. The ball was first dropped for the New Year's Eve celebration in 1907. Made of iron and wood, it weighed 700 pounds and was lit with 100 25-watt incandescent bulbs. Over the century, five other versions of the ball were designed to ring in the New Year. In 1999, the ball was made from crystal to welcome the new millennium. This year, the motif is "Let There Be Light" and features a stylized, radiating sunburst on each of the crystal triangles. The new design and technology "will make the ball glow like nothing else," said Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, a business group in charge of the event. The ball was tested successfully Sunday afternoon, making its way slowly up and down the 77-foot flagpole atop 1 Times Square with bursts of color. More than a million revelers were expected to crowd the streets for the annual New Year's Eve celebration Monday. Also this year, wishes from people around the world will be included among the confetti dropped when the clock strikes midnight. For the first time, people can write wishes for the New Year on the multicolored confetti by visiting the Times Square Information Center or by typing a message on a "virtual wishing wall" online via Those message-carrying pieces will be mixed in with the rest of the more than one ton of confetti, organizers said. I submitted my New Year's wish, I think you should, too. Click HERE to read a great article from The New York Times that gives a concise and very interesting history of the NYE Ball that has been dropping in Times Square since 1907. While David and I will be celebrating here in New York City, we are planning on staying as far away from Times Square as possible in lieu of an intimate party with friends at his place. I'm sure y'all have got some grand plans for NYE tonight ... make sure you send in some fun pics that might be shared on the blog later on this week :) [Source, Source]

Elsewhere in the world, celebs have been getting their party plans underway in the days leading up to the big night tonight ... in Aspen, CO, Mariah Carey and her pooch Jack have been deployed for military duty:

Photo credit: X17

Er, at least, that's the way it looks by the way they are wearing the CUTEST matching military-inspired outfits. While I really love how adorable Jack looks in his little sweater/coat ensemble I think my favorite part of the look between the two of them is Mariah's need to have her parka unzipped to her navel so that her heaving bosom can enjoy the brisk Colorado air. [Source]

In Sin City, a whole lotta partying has been going down this past weekend ... and naturally, Paris Hilton has been at the center of it all. Here are a few interesting pictures of Paris partying and cozying up to Britney Spears's ex-husband and failed wannabe rapper Kevin Federline as they boozed it up at Pure nightclub at Caesar's Palace last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The unlikely duo of Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton caused heads to turn in Las Vegas over the pre-New Year's weekend. On Sunday, the duo partied together for the second night running. Both were in town to host separate New Year's Eve parties – hers at LAX, his at Tangerine – but each name attraction started celebrating early, hitting LAX on Saturday and Pure Nightclub on Sunday. A source close to Federline told PEOPLE that the two hung out in Hilton's room Saturday after leaving the club. Yikes! Paris Hilton better be careful ... K-Fed has been known to impregnate women by just standing too close to them ... can you imagine the fallout that would come from a FederHilton baby? Surely that would prove the true End of Days. Yipes! [Source, Source]

By the looks of Paris's state of sobriety ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... we might have just cause to fear the end of the world :( [Source]

Elsewhere in Las Vegas, Lauren LC Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina Paige and Lo Bosworth partied the night away at LAX nightclub at Luxor with their boys and The Hills compatriots Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado ... here are a few pics from their party last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

And while this innocent partying may seem interesting to some, I hear the real story happened on Saturday night when LC was spied canoodling with the Laguna Beach man of her dreams, Stephen Coletti:

Is Lauren Conrad rekindling her high school romance? The Hills star was making out with Stephen Colletti, her ex from their days on Laguna Beach and a host for MTV, at LA's Central on Saturday night. After arriving together Conrad and Colletti stayed close to each other all night, flirting and chatting. They were spotted making out by the bar after Colletti carried her there from the dance area. Perhaps Kristin Cavallari isn't the only Laguna Beach alum who could appear on The Hills. Hold up, let's be clear here ... LC and Stephen were not "flames" in high school, he was with Kristin Cavallari and she was pining after him the entire time. BUT, now that Stephen has been "let go" of his dating duties to Hayden Panettiere (who has since traded up and started allegedly messing around with Milo Ventimiglia) and LC seems to be in dating limbo with Brody Jenner ... perhaps the time is now for these two to finally get together. OY! If this relationship really does come to fruition, the next season of The Hills is bound to feel more like Laguna Beach: The College Years (not quite as good as Beverly Hills, 90210: The College Years but vastly superior to Saved By The Bell: The College Years). Man ... I didn't think things could get better on The Hills than this last, amazing third season ... if both Kristin and Stephen invade the show I might die of utter happiness!!! [Source]

Now, the kids in Las Vegas may have had a great time partying together but I doubt they had as good a time than Lindsay Lohan did all by herself in Capri, Italy this weekend ... well, maybe not entirely by herself:

The Hollywood actress, whose star has been on the wane since a series of embarrassing drunken incidents and spell in rehab, clocked up THREE men in one 24-hour spell during a trip to Capri. The Mean Girls actress, 21, first met waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio shortly after arriving on the Italian island of Capri for a film festival. The pair exchanged phone numbers at a film showing which the actress attended with Heroes star and friend Hayden Panettiere, 18. But she dumped her friend shortly afterwards to meet up with, and lock lips with, Di Nunzio. The pair enjoyed a meal together before getting cozy on a hotel sofa together. But it seems Lohan has a short memory when it comes to romance - the following day she was being whisked away by another Italian hunk, older actor Eduardo Costa. Li-Lo, dressed provocatively in a silver foil mini-dress, listened attentively to Costa's jokes, but it was not long before she was snogging again. The older man looked like the cat who got the cream after his passionate embrace with the young star who recently reconciled with her father and is said to be leading a 'healthy' lifestyle. Her love life is certainly buoyant, as the third of her trio of kisses was another local actor, Dario Faiella. The son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri shared a few intimate moments with the actress Eh ... while the girl deserves some credit for her ... voraciousness ... she kinda loses points based on the dudes she chose to get amorous with. The first guy is kind of a cutie but the other two ain't anything to write home about. Pshaw ... the girl is on vacay, after all ... I guess one can't fault her for enjoying a variety of pursuits while on holiday. [Source]

Back here in the States, Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford was spotted in Miami, FL over the weekend sans new girlfriend Carrie Underwood:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Chace is in town to ring in the New Year with the fine Floridians in Miami and it remains to be seen if he'll be lockin' lips with Miss Underwood at the stroke of midnight. Don't feel sorry for the lad just yet, I'm sure he'll have no problem securing midnight kisses if Carrie can't be by his side. [Source]

In the Caribbean, fashion designer Georgio Armani thought it would be a good idea to slip on a pair of his world-famous white skimpies in order to try and pull off the look achieved by new Armani Underwear model David Beckham ... it turns out that it was a very bad idea:

Yeah, those small little white pants don't look as good on everyone ... but props to the gent for having the balls to give it a go. [Source]

Back in LA, one of the Olsens (I give up trying to tell them apart anymore) was spotted stocking up on Corona beer at the Gil Turner Liquor Store in West Hollywood for either an upcoming NYE celebration ... or a quiet solo drinkfest by herself:

By the depressing look on her face, it's hard to tell which way she's leaning ... she always looks like this. [Source]

You know who won't be celebrating the New Year in grand style ... Mischa Barton ... who is surprisingly contrite after she was arrested for drunk driving and narcotics possession last week. After her arrest, it was initially reported that she was going to honor her co-hosting duties of a new club in Las Vegas but it turns out that Mischa and her PR people felt it wise to stay in and keep it a quiet night instead:

Actress MISCHA BARTON has reportedly pulled out of co-hosting the opening of a Las Vegas nightclub - just days after she was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Following her arrest, Barton has cancelled an appearance at the opening of Cathouse at the Luxor hotel on Saturday night. A source tells New York gossip column PageSix, "Mischa can't give interviews on the red carpet or deal with the press right now, so they told her she can't do the event." So sad. Don't you just hate it when getting arrested just ruins all of your partying plans? Sucks. [Source]

In sad news, Nicole Kidman's people have denied reports that she is pregs, stating that this latest rumor is only the latest in a string of rumors about her being pregs:

Nicole Kidman is not pregnant, her Australian press representative has said. Kidman's expecting a baby was first reported by the U.K.'s Daily Mail, which said The Hours Oscar winner, 40, had told friends and family members over Christmas that she and her husband of 18 months, Keith Urban, were expecting their first child together. But the Melbourne Herald Sun quotes Kidman's Australian publicist as denying the Mail's story. "It is incorrect," the spokeswoman tells the paper. "She must have had about 30 babies by now." As for Kidman, says the rep, "She's in Australia making a film" – director Baz Luhrmann's epic Australia, costarring Hugh Jackman – "and her family are in Australia. She's happily ensconced away somewhere having a few days break. It's the silly season. As far as we're concerned, it's another rumor out of London." Still, a friend of Kidman's tells the Herald Sun it is "conceivable" that the actress is nearly three months pregnant. "She did have a small baby bump a month ago, so it would be reasonable that she'd now be three months and telling her friends and family," the unnamed friend is quoted as saying. Well, again, I hope the story is true cuz I want that woman to have a baby, damnit! [Source]

Here is a great new pic of Alanis Morissette from the latest issue of Allure magazine:

Alanis has been hard at work on a new album since she ended her engagement to hottie Ryan Reynolds ... nothing feeds an artist's soul like heartbreak ... I can't wait to hear what 30-year old angst from the once-again jaded Alanis Morissette sounds like :) [Source via ONTD!]

And sooo ... that's all she wrote folks ... 2007 is pretty much dunzo, y'all:

I will be posting one final post before the day is over where I look back on the fun stuff that I got to enjoy this past year. I hope all y'all had a fabulous 2007 and I sincerely hope you have an even fabulouser 2008.

Les News:
Yesterday was cold, dreary and rainy so David and I stayed indoors pretty much all day long (quelle surprise) but we did venture out into the cold, rainy night to meet up with his friends Shane and Jeremy so that we could all see Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in the East Village:

As far as Tim Burton films go, this one was pretty good ... mainly because it looked exactly like every other Tim Burton film I think I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I generally liked the movie but it wasn't anything that I'd need to see again. The overall look and tone of the film really reminded me of Burton's 1992 movie Batman Returns (the opening credits scene looked very similar in both movies and the dank dirtiness of London looked pretty much like Gotham City but with shorter buildings). It was midway thru the film that it occurred to me that Sweeney Todd was pretty much The Corpse Bride in live-action form ... I dunno, it just looked as if I had already seen it before. As for the music, I'm not a fan. I really love movie musicals when the songs are catchy and memorable ... but most of the songs in this movie were forgettable ... it was pretty much singing dialog. I did like the tone of the film and the endless, fake looking blood. I thought I'd be more grossed out by all the neck slitting but it was the head smashing (when the bodies fell into the basement) that really grossed me out. Johnny Depp was his usual Johnny Depp self and Helena Bonham Carter did an excellent job as Bellatrix Lestrange. I will say that I didn't hate the movie ... I can see how many people might like it. It just didn't really work for me over all.

And so ... this is my last original post for 2007. I am out.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Year That Was 2007

2007 has a lot going for it to keep it fresh in the mind's of pop culture fanatics ... for me, there wasn't really one overriding thing that stood out in my mind over any other (altho, all the celeb arrests and subsequent incarcerations kind of do stand out) most prolly because there was a whole lotta craziness that went down this past year. Most folks believe that Britney Spears is responsible for 90% of 2007's drama but, in fact, there were enough crazy celebs out there who provided their fair share of insanity this year. Even still, there were some very cool non-crazy things that went down ... and, of course, our fair share of deaths. Here is my look back at 2007 -- one helluva year:

Early in 2007, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would, at long last, be releasing the long-rumored iPhone by midyear ... almost immediately, iPhone mania swept the planet ... and the phone was still months away from release:

Isaiah Washington opened his stupid, homophobic mouth in a private argument with his Grey's Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey which, of course, meant that his remarks (he referred to co-star TR Knight as a "faggot" which eventually forced TR to come out of the closet) would make their way to the media and would result in his eventual firing from the show:

Madonna added the title of fashion designer to her resume when she teamed up with H&M to release her own line of clothing called M by Madonna:

Daniel Radcliffe threw off his wholesome image as Harry Potter and appeared in a London stage play called Equus where he had to appear, nightly, on stage in the nude:

Pete Doherty got caught shooting up drugs on video ... it was a typical Tuesday, I believe:

Michael Jackson's kids were allowed to see the light of day and we were allowed one of our first, rare glimpses of the children borne of Jacko's loins (which are, apparently, white):

Prince performed at the half time show for the Super Bowl in February:

Anna Nicole Smith's reckless life caught up with her as she Peaced the Spork Out due to a drug overdose ... mere months after her son died in the very same way:

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's leechy lawyer, tried to convince the world that he was the father of her baby ... most probably so that he could enjoy all the money that baby was set to inhereit:

But Howard wasn't the only person who wanted control of Anna Nicole's baby ... Larry Birkhead (Anna's ex) and her mother Virgie Arthur all butted-heads in court for custody of the baby:

But in the end, Larry Birkhead was proved to be the baby's father and he was granted sole custody of little Danniellyn Hope ... and her immense fortune:

Tori Amos released a new album titled American Doll Posse:

Nine Inch Nails also released a new album this year ... the first 5 songs from the album, Year Zero, were leaked to fans via USB Flash Drives that were found in bathrooms at venues where the band played -- they were left there by Trent Reznor himself. The video from the first single Survivalism showed the world what Trent's vision of the future might be:

Matthew McConaughey spent most of the year sans shirt ... not that anyone minded:

Ricky Martin got mostly-nekkid too ... it was really his greatest accomplishment all year long:

Lane Garrison was sentenced to jailtime after he plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter after he was involved in a car accident that left one boy dead:

Comedian Richard Jeni Peaced the Spork Out:

Lindsay Lohan had her fair share of vehicular mishaps this year ... which eventually led to her arrest:

Tori Spelling gave birth to her first child:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted a new child into their family, Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt:

Naomi Campbell's bad behavior caught up with her ... she was sentenced to a week's worth of community service -- which turned into a week-long fashion show for the paparazzi to photograph each day she showed up for "work":

Jesse Metcalfe submitted his hotness into a rehab program:

Mel B. aka Scary Spice gave birth to a baby that was fathered by Eddie Murphy, even tho he denied the child was his:

Old enemies Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan buried the hatchet this year as Linds showed up to support Hilary at her CD release party for her new album Dignity at The Abbey in West Hollywood, CA -- I was fortunate to be in attendance as well:

Lauren LC Conrad vehemently denied that she was involved in a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler ... it would be this vicious rumor, allegedly spread by LC's nemisis Spencer Pratt and her ex-best friend Heidi Montag that would fuel the insanely addictive third season of the MTV "reality" show The Hills:

Radio talk show host Don Imus was fired from his job for uttering extremly racist and misogynistic remarks on the air about a female basketball team ... sadly, he would end the year by getting his job back:

Don Ho sadly Peaced the Spork Out:

Paris Hilton decided that she liked driving more than she liked obeying the law and a judge decided to make an example out of her by throwing her in jail ... only to have the LA Sheriff release her early ... only to have the angry judge order her back to jail to serve out her entire 20-some day sentence. Her eventual release after it was all said and done made world-wide headline news the entire day and most of the rest of the week:

The first stirrings of the new Batman sequel The Dark Knight happened as Spring got into full swing ... the first Joker sightings began to happen as year neared the halfway point:

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers joined the rehab club this year:

As did David Hasselhoff ... but only after a video of his insane drunkenness, which was shot by his daughter, made it's way to the airwaves:

Lindsay Lohan continued to party as much as she could:

And then she had some more trouble with her car:

And then she had some more trouble staying conscious:

Lindsay fled to the relative safety of rehab to avoid going to jail:

She really tried to be a good girl:

And ended up spending a lot of time in Utah at the Cirque Lodge Rehab Center. She eventually cleaned up her act, served about 15 mins of her jail sentence and managed to keep her nose out of trubs for the rest of the year:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer rose from the dead ... in comic book form ... Season 8 of the hit show found new life as a new comic book series:

The Spice Girls announced that they would be reuniting and going on a world-wide tour, much to the delight of young girls and gay men everywhere:

The iPhone was finally released in June and it became the must-have gadget of 2007:

Prince released a new album, Planet Earth, that he gave away for free in the UK:

The Simpsons made the transition to the big screen in The Simpsons Movie ... but they also made the transition into real life as 7-Eleven stores turned into "fictional" Kwik-E-Marts and real people turned into Simpsons characters -- all to promote the movie, of course:

Tori Spelling, thrilled to be a mother, got herself ordained to marry gay people:

JK Rowling released the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga and broke world-wide book sales records in the process:

Then she stunned the wizarding world and the parents of her young readers by announcing that Hogwart's Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was a gay man:

Very sadly, Tammy Faye Baker Messner lost her battle with cancer and Peaced the Spork Out:

Xtina Aguilera started having a hard time hiding the fact that she was pregs with her first child ... it wouldn't be until much later in the year when she would formally announce her pregnancy by appearing almost nude on the cover of Marie Claire magazine proudly showing off her baby bump:

Drew Carrey replaced the irreplaceable Bob Barker as the host of The Price is Right -- much to my chagrin:

Nicole Richie paid the piper for her DUI arrest:

But not before she went on 20/20 to tell the world she learned her lesson ... and to show off her burgeoning baby bump with babydaddy Joel Madden of Good Charlotte:

Pregs Nicole turned herself in to start serving her time and ended up completing her jailhouse stint in about an hour and a half:

Milo Ventimiglia was hawt and sexy:

Lance Bass released a memoir:

Merv Griffin Peaced the Spork Out:

Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp reprised their roles as Roger and Mark in the hit Broadway show Rent for a limited engagement which I was very fortunate to see in person:

Owen Wilson thankfully survived a suicide attempt:

Luciano Pavarotti Peaced the Spork Out:

Vanessa Hudgens, of Disney's High School Musical fame, showed the world that she wasn't that innocent a girl when nude photos of her hit the InterWeb. She managed to weather the storm and was resigned by Disney to appear in the next installment of the High School Musical movie franchise:

Heidi Montag tried to get her singing career off the ground ... thus far, nothing's really come if it:

Amy Winehouse was an utter, sometimes bloody mess. She managed to make it thru 2007 alive despite all the dangerous shenanigans she endured ... and despite the incarceration of the love of her life, her hubby Blake Civil-Fielder:

Nick Hogan tried to explain away his involvement in the near fatal car crash that severly injured his friend John Graziano who was a passenger in the car he was driving:

Production began on the long-awaited Sex and the City movie:

Project Runway kicked off its 4th season:

Jennifer Lopez finally got pregnant:

Trent Reznor completed the terms of his recording contract with his record label -- he ends 2007 as a free man:

Bobby Brown almost died:

But he ended up surviving his alleged heart attack and was back on his feet, and on the performance stage, in no time:

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical screenings enjoyed a short, fairly successful life touring the US before Fox put a stake thru its heart and ended the screenings altogether:

Robert Goulet Peaced the Spork Out:

The Writer's Guild of America went on strike and crippled Hollywood ... the year ended with the strike still in full swing, threatening TV shows for 2008:

Tori Amos revived her rape survival song Me and a Gun in a pretty surprising way while on tour for her American Doll Posse Tour:

The Spice Girls returned to the stage 10 years after they left the music scene as their Reunion Tour kicked off in Vancouver, British Columbia:

And Ike Turner Peaced the Spork Out:

Obvs there isn't enough time to recap every single thing that happened this year but these are the events that came to mind for me as the year comes to a close. It's been a whacky year ... one can only imagine how things will turn out in 2008.



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Now I Can Die ...

Me and Madonna
NYC 10.17.05