Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Follow Your <3

Apparently Kevin Federline got a few days vacation from the fry cooker to get away for a quick trip to NYC this week ... here is a picture of The Federline tryin' to be as fly can be as he leaves Butter nightclub early Tuesday morn:

I'm not exactly sure where he got that J. Lo fur jacket from but if he wants to be taken seriously as a rapper I think he should stop shopping at Forever 21. [Source]

Oh and does anyone else think it's absolutely HI-LARIOUS that Britney Spears is going around town wearing a Star of David pendant? I've been dating a hot Jew for a year now and I haven't even started that lame shizz. Pick a religion and stick with it Brit Brit.

Tho ... it is kinda cool that Britney Spears ain't too big a star to shun stores like Target (which I *love*) ... here are a few pics of Britters at her local Target store picking up a jungle gym for her baby boy Sean Preston:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

See ... Britney is just like you and me! [Source]

Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton, Piper Perabo and others were on hand for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Because I Said So. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know ... I love Mandy ... but she's been going around these past few years apologizing for her horrible debut album (which she has been quoted as calling "shit") but she has no apology to give for the horrible movies that she continues to make. Because I Said So is a movie based on the premise of "a meddling mother (Keaton) who tries to set her daughter (Moore) up with the right man so her kid won't follow in her failed footsteps" (from the IMDB). Yeah ... I think I'd rather her go back to singing songs about Candy. Also ... does anyone know why Piper Perabo is always so forlorn? She always looks like she's on the verge of tears ... is the girl not gettin' any or something? Also, can I just say that it's amazing that Jacinda Barrett (from The Real World: London) is still on the scene ... the girl actually still gets work. She has to be the most successful Real Worlder on Earth -- which is prolly why you never see her scrounging for free money on all those Real World/Road Rules Challenges. [Source]

Here is the picture that everyone has been clamoring over ... the first time that supermodel Gisele Bundchen and American footballer Tom Brady have been seen ... together!

I know that I *should* care but I kinda don't really. But just in case you do ... enjoy! [Source]

Now this ... I care about ... does anyone know who this hot chick with the very large (if somewhat hairy) boobs is that is hanging out with Denise Richards in Hawaii?

Photo credit: Splash News

You know ... if this chick would just shave her chest she'd prolly not look too bad. [Source]

Yesterday we saw a rare photo of Ashley Olsen eating (yeah yeah, they're effing twins ... I think I'm cursed to always get them confused with one another) and today we get to see another rare Olsen photo ... check it out ... both Mary-Kate and Ashley are ... laughing:

I'm not sure what could have caused the little gremlins to, not only crack a smile but, outright laugh out loud but it must've been something very funny. I bet Bob Saget told them a nasty joke at his DVD release party last night. [Source]

Brad Pitt is finding it difficult to love the paparazzi these days ... apparently he's taken issue with the fact that they *still* like to take pictures of him on a daily basis ... here are a few photos of Brad gently chiding a paparazzo as he sits in his car before taking off on his motorbike:

If the paps don't take the hint I fear that next time Brad might have to resort to finger shaking and disapproving head shakes. [Source]

It has been reported that Hilary Duff recently got fed up with the paparazzi as well and went off on a swearing tangent ... here are the pics:

Photo credit: Flynet

But, it is my contention that these photos are being misinterpreted. I bet that Hilary was just offering her kind assistance to a friendly neighborhood paparazzo who was lost and she was merely giving him directions so that he could find his way. She prolly ran over to hug him afterwards. See ... no harm done. [Source]

Er ... wasn't there something in the news recently about Pete Doherty going into rehab? Is he there yet? Cuz these pictures of Pete doing what he does best on one of his trips to Thailand look pretty worrisome:

JUNKIE rocker Pete Doherty injects himself with cocaine in a grubby Thai hostel — as he tells worried lover Kate Moss he is "fine" on the phone. Bare-chested Doherty shot up several times after joining three girls in a backpacker's £8-a-night room. Around him on a bed was strewn sordid drugs paraphernalia of a spoon and syringes, plus scattered banknotes in British, US and Thai currency. He clasped a mobile between head and shoulder as concerned model Kate asked him where he was and what he was doing. The out-of-it Babyshambles singer replied: "What's the matter? I love you." Seriously ... WTF?! This man really should be locked up somewhere so he can get clean. By the looks of THIS video, he doesn't seem too concerned with his dangerous actions. Kids, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ... or anywhere for that matter. So sad. [Source]

You wanna know how I know that Kingston James McGregor Stefani-Rossdale is a P.I.M.P.? Just check out this shizz:

Lil' homie has got the hook-up! He is definitely pretty fly for a white guy. [Source]

Kingston's fly mama is on the cover of the UK issue of Elle magazine this month:

Altho these photos look to be from an old photoshoot, she still looks pretty dope. [Source]

Diddy and his women (babymama Kim Porter and twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James) are on the cover of the Canadian issue of Hello! magazine this month:

LOL! I love how Kim is pushed off to the side and Diddy is holding the babies as if he was the one who just birthed them. The babies sure are cute tho, I think my fave is the one on the right. [Source]

A few weeks ago we got our first look at the nekkid chaps of McFly from the latest issue of Attitude magazine in the UK ... now we take a peek at the cover along with another pic of the lads more fully clothed:

I take ZERO pleasure in posting nekkid pics of dudes on this blog but I feel it is my civic duty to do so for those of you who enjoy this sort of thing. Er ... yeah ... so enjoy :) [Source]

Fergie Ferg has been named the new face of Candie's and will be replacing the gang of Hilary Duff, Michelle Trachtenberg, Ciara and that other girl as the new spokesdiva for Candie's ... and here are the first of her promo pics:

From the press release: Fergie will appear in Candie's only at Kohl's print advertising campaign, which will debut in March issues of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazines, online at teen dominated websites, and star in a television campaign to be aired on major networks nationwide beginning in February. The TV commercial will debut on the Grammy's on February 11th in select markets. "I was really flattered when they asked me to be the next Candie's girl. There are so many wonderful women who have done past campaigns," stated Fergie. "I had so much fun shooting the campaign, playing up the glam side of my personality and I am excited to have my current single, 'Glamorous' be the music for the TV commercial." I bet she's pretty excited about all the loot and free shoes she's gonna be gettin' too. The pics are hot tho ... Fergie is a good choice for a Candie's Girl. [Source]

Because we can never have enough awards shows, I just found out that a new one is on the way. The Naomis will honor outstanding excellence in ass-whipping, butt-kicking and bitch-slapping in the entertainment and fashion realms ... here is the first look at what this coveted award will look like:

Additionally, the award will not only serve as a beautiful mantle piece but it also doubles as a weapon designed to leave no evidentiary traces on intended victims. I don't know about you but I think it's high time that this sort of awards recognition came to Hollywood. [Source]

And finally, has unveiled its latest masterpiece ... with all the hullabaloo over those steamy Daniel Radcliffe promo photos for his new stage play Equus, the artist at Pretty on the Outside thought it appropriate to pay homage to those photos with this illustration:

Yep, he got the abs right ... but I think he went a little light on the pubes. Er ... not that I was necessarily paying much attention to the pubes ... I'm just saying ... you know? [Source]

Les News:
ACK! I spent much of yesterday afternoon running around town taking care of a few things and never actually made it to the movies. I think I'm deff gonna try to get out of the house and do something fun sometime this week but ... who knows. It's been so gloomy for the past few days ... my energy has been zapped. But thank you again for all the movie suggestions ... we'll see if I actually end up getting to use one of them.

Last, last thing ... Erik emailed me a very nice email this morning and reminded me of one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen (pardon my French) ... so in honor of Erik ... I present you with this:

I hope y'all enjoy it! I'm out.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Equus Opportunity

First, a little housekeeping to get out of the way ... a few industrious and very observant Pink readers (among them Letisha and Kelly -- thanks!) noted something in yesterday's post that escaped my eye ... it turns out that Britney Spears (in the photos from Millennium Dance Studio) and Kevin Federline (in the Nationwide Insurance commercial) are both wearing the same white Christian Audigier hoodie festooned with the same gold chains:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

It seems a very strange coincidence that they are both wearing the same hoodie in these two instances. Obviously, this white hoodie is a fave swag item from Christian Audigier clothier (I'm sure Isaac Cohen has one too) but what does it say that both Brit and K-Fed still have the same taste? On second thought, don't answer that ... I don't want to know. [Source, Source]


When last night's episode of 24 began I had forgotten that we left things with Jack Bauer suffocating his own brother in order to get information out of him. I was happy to see that the action picked up right there and proceeded to stay on point. While this episode didn't have as many OMGs as the previous episodes from this season (I mean, how to you follow up on detonating a nuclear bomb?), I think we now see that things getting very interesting:

I was pleased to see that Jack has no problem cracking his brother like a nut. Jack is the best torturer around and I'm glad to see that he was able to get the info he needed from his brother. I find it a bit ironic that Jack Bauer is our country's ultimate savior and his family seems involved with his most dangerous adversaries to date. Chad Lowe made his appearance in last night's episode and I hate his "yes man" ass already ... I really hope he goes the way of the chubby Hobbit from last season. I really hope that Tom Lennox, the Ally McBeal guy, dies a horrible, horrible death. I think I hate him faster this season than I grew to hate the President last season (tho, it's a tough call ... they both irritate me to NO end). I'm glad they kept the Karen Hayes character for this season ... I love rooting for her and something tells me that she ain't done with that weasel Tom ... but after she goes off to LA to get some lurvin' from her hot Mr. Bill Buchanan. Does she remind anyone else of a younger Helen Mirren? I'm not sure that she's as stacked as Helen is but if we get to see her loosen up that suit of hers we might get a better perspective. It's horrible but I do not completely trust Nadia ... it's obvious we're supposed to feel sorry for her for being racially profiled but I think that's only to get us off the scent. As soon as that whole camp of Muslims were revealed as innocents I became convinced that the true bad guy will turn out to be Nadia ... or Morris! OR maybe even Walid ... they really want us to feel sorry for him ... a little too much perhaps? In the end, what we really got from this episode was how effed up the Bauers really are. You just know that Daddy Bauer ain't as squeaky clean as they would have us believe ... I bet he's in cahoots with Graem. I find it laughable that Graem Bauer would kill the CTU guys and not kill Jack as soon as he was able. It looks like from next week's preview that he's going to live to regret making that mistake. [Source]


Well now ... things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser on this show ... will they never stop introducing new characters? I keep waiting for this show to run out of surprises but they just keep churning them out ...

I really like the invisible guy ... I don't totally trust him but he is very interesting ... and I think it's clear that he will play a pivotal role in the rest of the story. I'm glad that Sylar is back in the mix. He's way too cool a villain to put on the bench. I really hope he gets to tear Claire's dad a new a-hole for what he did to him. I'm not sure how I feel about Hiro's dad getting introduced -- are they kidding us with that Lt. Sulu biz? LOL! He better have a great reason for being on the show. I love the little Hero kid Micah ... it looks like he's got himself a pretty cool power. I was actually waiting for a firestarter character to surface ... funny that it turns out to be Claire's biological mother. I think it's clear that she is the one responsible for the fire that "killed" her and her baby ... and Claire was just able to survive it ... the teaser for the next episode has got me very intrigued about her biological father ... could he be indestructible as well? Is he someone we already know about? Alls I know is ... I can't wait for this family (who look to be a little trashy) to get reunited. [Source]


Props to the PB peeps for keeping me interested. I was sure this convoluted story of the escapees on the lam was going to get old and uninteresting but they keep evolving the story so much that I am just hooked:

The show is getting more cleaver when I never thought it was possible. I was sure that I would get bored this season very quickly ... instead they've kept the story going in such a manner that things I never knew to worry about are now causing me to worry ... I love it! I like the video release idea. It was very smart ... absolutely something Michael would plan. The AA coded message to Sara is much smarter. I somehow doubt that Lindsay Lohan would've caught that message if it was meant for her ... see, she should stay IN the Wonderland Clinic and learn a thing or two. I'm just glad that Sarah is back in the mix ... and you just know that she ain't gonna like working with Kellerman, who we now can't even trust. It's clear that he's got a wet one for the Lady Prez ... will her promises to him make him betray the bros? Something tells me that he's smarter than to believe what the Prez tells him ... but I guess we just don't know yet. [Source]


Okay okay ... I know that the latest episode of Ugly Betty is way old but I just got around to watching it yesterday and I have to say ... the show has finally grabbed me. The introduction of Rebecca Romijn's character is BRILLIANT! It totally caught me off guard and made me go from not really caring about the show ... to a new die hard fan:

David is a big fan of this show so I've been keeping up with it in the hopes that it would get good. I really hated all that Salma Hayek bullshizz and was sure that I was going to give up ... this new development about the woman in bandages actually turning out to be Daniel Meade's supposedly dead brother who is now a transexual (instead of the dead Anna Wintour rip-off who we were fooled into believing in) is just genius. I feel so dumb for not even seeing it coming ... I gotta give props to the show. I'm a total convert now. OH and I think someone should alert Alexis Arquette's lawyers ... it seems very clear to me that she was the inspiration for the Alex Alexis Meade character. [Source]

Okay ... enough TV for one week ... let's move on ...

Last night, in Las Vegas, a new Miss America was crowned ... and for the second year in a row (which I'm not sure has ever happened before) Miss Oklahoma proved to be the most beautiful woman in all the land (er, at least for this pageant) and was crowned the new Miss America ... by Mario Lopez (which is supposed to be an honor?):

Photo credit: Splash News

For the second year in a row, Miss Oklahoma was named Miss America when aspiring Broadway star Lauren Nelson was crowned on Monday. "I watched Miss America as a little girl since I was 2 years old and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be one of those girls on that stage, and never did I think that I would be Miss America," Nelson, 20, of Lawton, Okla., said after her name was called at the ceremony in Las Vegas. A student at the University of Central Oklahoma, Nelson – who will receive a $50,000 scholarship – wants to get a master's degree in musical theater, the Associated Press reports. During her yearlong reign, she hopes to promote protecting children online. Shilah Phillips, the first African-American Miss Texas, was first runner-up, and Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak, was second. The others in the top five were Miss Mississippi, Taryn Foshee, and Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole, whom viewers named Miss Congeniality. Personally, I've always been more partial to the Miss America pagent over the Miss USA pageant and with all this Tara Connor bullshizz ... well, you can see why. I, too, used to watch every pageant when I was little (tho not as young as 2) but not because I ever dreamed of being Miss America but because my mother always made me watch (and by "made me watch" I mean that she put it on and I was too lazy to change the channel ... year after year after year). I always rooted for Miss Michigan (after all, isn't that what we're supposed to do? We root for our home state representatives?) but in recent years (since attending university at OU) I've also been rooting for Miss Oklahoma. Soo ... I guess a WOOT WOOT! is in order. Congrats Miss OK America ... do us all proud, ya hear? [Source]

Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce and others were on hand for the NYC premiere of their new movie Factory Girl ... here are a few pics:

Is Sienna, like, incapable of taking a good photo these days? What is with those dumb facial expressions? And what the hell is wrong with Mena Suvari? She looks like Fergie Ferg puked all over Gwen Stefani ... I'm not sure what I'm more repulsed by ... that coat or those bangs. She deff gets a double POOP SANDWICH with an extra side of POOP SAUCE for this outfit. [Source]

Jessica Simpson has managed to dislodge herself from John Mayer long enough to have a nice dinner with her little sister Ashlee Simpson at Mr. Chow this week ...

... not that it was a very pretty sight. Honestly, if I were Ken Paves I wouldn't want the whole world to know that I was responsible for their gross hair-dos. I'm sorry, but wet dog should never be in fashion. [Source]

Elsewhere in Hollywoodland last night, various celebs made their way to the sanctuary known as Hyde nightclub:

It's clear that these able-bodied celebs has no problems traversing the scared velvet ropes so that they could mingle amongst the in-crowd. [Source]

Curiously ... Tara Reid was not among the celebs who partied at Hyde last night ... but she did have a nice lunch at The Ivy ...

... not that that really means anything, you see. Well ... at least Tara managed to finagle her way into Hyde at least once (after many, many attempts to get in only to be brutally rebuffed at the door) so she should be happy about that ... but one thing she should not be happy about are those scary frown lines ... yikes! [Source]

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were spotted spending some great quality time together this week in London ... doing the usual supermodel/rocker things ... talking, laughing, checking out rehab centers:

KATE MOSS and junkie lover PETE DOHERTY went to a drug rehab unit together yesterday to battle their demons side by side. The supermodel and the shambolic rocker checked secretly into the discreet Capio Nightingale Hospital just half a mile from her home in North West London. They met staff who cleared a 12-place unit at an annexe behind the main hospital building off busy Marylebone Road. The pair were recognised by passers-by as they arrived but registered for treatment using false names. Kate, who has previously been in rehab after being caught snorting cocaine, has told pals she is determined to support the troubled BABYSHAMBLES frontman. She is said to be battling to help Doherty come off drugs. A source said: "They arrived together and will be supporting each other." Kate is discussing her relationship feelings while Pete has a much harder fight on his hands to sort himself out. The source added: "They looked very much a couple as they came in and she is clearly worried about him." Good for them! Now, this way, they might both actually live long enough to eventually get married to one another :) Yay! [Source]

Seriously ... any time that Gwen Stefani goes out with her son Kingston James it is definitely worth talking about ...

... but really, what else can be said other than AWWWWWWWWWWW! She is such a good mommy. [Source]

You know ... it was bound to happen sooner or later ...

... after all, Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen has to eat sometimes. Hee hee, y'all should know by now when I think it's MK it's actually Ashley ;) [Source, thanks Meggan]

Aww ... poor Eragon (played by British actor Edward Speleers) ... it would seem that the season really isn't ripe for dragon hunting anymore ... and after all, one must put food on the table somehow:

A BRITISH teenager catapulted to fame in Hollywood dragon movie Eragon is now working on a building site. Ed Speleers was the fantasy hero of 20th Century Fox's Christmas blockbuster. But weeks after starring with Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich, Ed, 19, is earning £7 an hour as a labourer building a Morrisons store in East Sussex ... A fellow worker said: "It's a far cry from the red carpet. Edward is very much the brickie when he is here. He's chiselling walls and puffing cigs in a hard hat and fluorescent jacket. He's a nice, down-to-earth lad." Ed quit his A-levels at Eastbourne College after Eragon director Stefen Fangmeier chose him from 18,000 hopefuls, calling him "a young Harrison Ford". Screaming fans greeted him worldwide. But despite grossing £165million worldwide, Eragon got mixed reviews. Now Ed's slot on film guide the Internet Movie Database says he has no projects on the go. Ed's agents refused to discuss his labouring job. But his grandad said from the family home in Essex: "He is on a building site for the next couple of weeks. He is reading scripts and having some interviews." Aww ... well, I'm sure something will come along sometime soon ... it's too bad Ed wasn't able to rocket to superstardom like another young British actor by the name of Daniel Radcliffe. [Source]

And speaking of Daniel Radcliffe ... if you didn't get your fill of his semi-nekkidness in the first 2 promo posters for his new stage play Equus that were posted yesterday, feast your eyes on these bad boys:

I'm still pretty much at a loss for words. It's a bit creepy seeing Harry Potter like this ... but the boy did grow up pretty quick ... and how. [Source]

And finally, Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia and his fabulous hair are on the cover of the new issue of Player magazine: Milo needs to be on more magazine covers ... can someone out there make that happen? Thanks! [Source]

Les News:
I spent most of yesterday waiting for my art piece to arrive and now it hanging beautifully in my living room. I am so pleased with it ... I am so pleased with my whole apartment actually. My good friend Diana is coming for a visit next week and I am picking up the last few things that I need to make my place a home. I just recently got a toaster and a blender ... I don't even have salt and pepper shakers yet -- just a drawer full of fast food condiments ... and I know I'm not the only out there like this :)

There was so much TV to be had last night that I didn't make it out to the movies but I got a ton of really great movie recommendations from a lot of you so I think I'm going out to see one of them tonight.

I hope y'all have a great day ... I am OUT!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Well now ... it looks like we won't have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to get our first look at the new Nationwide Insurance commercial featuring Kevin Federline. Pink reader Kristi alerted me to the fact that a teaser version of the Super Bowl ad aired this morning on the Today Show and is now available for viewing on the official Nationwide Insurance website:

LOL ... it's a cute clip and dare I say the song that K-Fed is rappin' is pretty catchy ... he should'a put that shizz on his debut album and it might've sold a few more copies. I was surprised to find out that Nationwide decided to start airing this commercial ahead of Super Bowl Sunday but since it's just a short teaser version I think there will still be enough interest to see the full length commercial when it airs next weekend. Oh and it must also be noted that red is very much K-Fed's color. [Source]

In other fast food news, Britney Spears took a break from her hellacious work-out schedule at the Millenium Dance Studio in North Hollywood, CA to hit the Golden Arches:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

EEK! How awkward to run into one's ex like this. [Source]

So ... the big story o' the day is the Screen Actor's Guild Awards that were awarded in Hollywood last night. Truth be told, I was too engrossed with my last evening with David to tune into the awards but I was happy to awaken today and learn that the usual suspects from this awards season continue to be honored for their work this year ... and HELLLLLLOOOO Little Miss Sunshine ... comin' out of nowhere to win all kinds of awards! Here are a few photos from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Helen Mirren of "The Queen" and Forest Whitaker of "The Last King of Scotland" won Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday as best lead players, their latest prizes on the road to the Academy Awards. The road-trip romp "Little Miss Sunshine" won the prize for best film ensemble, the guild's equivalent of a best-picture award. Solidifying their positions as Oscar favorites, Mirren won for playing British monarch Elizabeth II and Whitaker for starring as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson won supporting-acting honors as soulful singers in "Dreamgirls," reinforcing their status as Oscar front-runners as well. The best-picture Oscar race, though, remains wide open, with "The Queen" and "Little Miss Sunshine" up against three sprawling dramas, "The Departed," "Babel" and "Letters From Iwo Jima."

Murphy, who built his career as a fast-talking comic player, began with a thank-you speech more appropriate for a serious thespian — but his sober demeanor proved a gag. "What a tremendous honor to be recognized by one's peers. I've been acting for some 25 years now and this is a tremendous honor," said Murphy, talking in a British accent. "No, I'm sorry," said Murphy, cracking up in laughter. "I feel goofy up here, 'cause I don't be winning stuff." As a powerhouse vocalist in "Dreamgirls," Hudson continued her breakneck rise to movie stardom after becoming famous as an "American Idol" contender two years ago. Hudson thanked her co-stars, who included Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles. "Because of you, I was able to work and learn from the best. Yes, you are the best," said Hudson, who added thanks to the actors guild. "Just thank you for noticing little old me and accepting me." "Dreamgirls," which had been considered a potential best-picture favorite at the Academy Awards, was among the guild nominees for best ensemble cast, yet was shut out of the nominations for the top Oscar. Backstage, Murphy said he and his "Dreamgirls" castmates were as surprised as everyone else that the film received a leading eight Oscar nominations — but not one for best picture. "We got eight nominations, that was a great thing. We were happy about that," he said. "I was so happy to be nominated, I wasn't feeling disappointment about anything. I was caught off guard that we didn't get nominated for best picture but I've just been happy, nonstop happy." The ensemble win for "Little Miss Sunshine" could give the low-budget film a best-picture boost at th Oscars. But academy voters tend to favor heavy drama such as fellow nominees "Babel" and "The Departed."
Awww .. well at least poor Beyonce got a shout-out from J. Hud as she accepted her award ... was Beyonce even there? Did she fail to get invited? [Source]

Here are a few of the folks who took home SAG Awards last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

I would absolutely DIE if Little Miss Sunshine took home the Academy Award for Best Picture. I honestly don't see it happening (my gut tells me Babel will win but my gut is hardly ever right) but the fallout would be absolutely amazing. Lovely to see Miss America Ferrera still doing well with all of these awards that she's been accumulating and I'm sure, by now, Jennifer Hudson has had to build a new wing onto her residence to house all of her awards. The Grey's Anatomy cast looked great with their trophies and without Isaiah Washington -- perhaps it should stay that way. The next big awards ceremony on the horizon is the Grammy Awards in a couple of weeks ... but the Oscars won't be far behind. Click HERE to see the full list of 2007 Screen Actor's Guild Award winners. [Source]

In other vastly not-really-interesting news, Paris Hilton continues to work her little butt off in the wake of the scandalous personal photos, videos and documents that have been unleashed upon the Internets via the website ... er, but while Paris is continuing to work, is not -- it has been shut down by its registrar for TOS violations (something about the site posting content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable -- one has to wonder if subscribers will be getting any of their $40 back). Actually ... I think it was the sight of Cisco Adler's balls that really shut that site down for good -- OY! Anyways, here are a few photos of the working Paris Hilton in Venice, CA doing a fashion photo shoot:

Photo credit: Splash News

Glad to see that Paris isn't going to let a little thing like the whole world seeing pictures and videos of her engaged in various sex, drug and any plethora of other debaucherous acts keep her from showing up for work like a good girl. That is a PRO right there. The true Paris, exposed. [Source]

Incidentally, Paris' BFF (er, I think they're still BFF ... it has been ages since the two of them were seen together ... I've not heard of a falling out so we'll just assume that things are still A-OK) Nicole Richie spent some time over the weekend at the Shamrock Tattoo parlor on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood ... no word on what exactly she got done but she brought along a sketchpad AND her laptop computer to make sure it gone done right:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Hmm ... why so much care just for a tattoo that prolly reads Joel Forever? [Source]

Lindsay Lohan spent another day NOT in rehab but with her mother Dina, her little sister Ali and her usual cavalcade of hangers-on doing a little shopping at Christian Dior in Beverly Hills over the weekend:

Photo credit: Mavrix, Splash News

Will you just look at that ... Lindsay has already gotten herself back to work and back to the boutiques in Beverly Hills ... it's as if she never went to rehab in the first place ... er, wait a minute ... [Source, Source]

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall have been spending the weekend hanging out with the American colonials in Pennsylvania and New York ... and apparently, Prince Charles was showin' the lads in Harlem, NY his mad basketball skills while in town to receive an environmental award:

Photo credit: Splash News

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited Harlem Sunday during their whirlwind American weekend, making a stop at a charter school where they answered children's questions and the prince took some time to shoot hoops with a basketball team. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in New York from Philadelphia by a private train and visited the Harlem Children's Zone's Promise Academy. The royal couple are on a weekend visit to the United States that focuses on youth development, urban renewal and environmental stewardship ... Charles and Camilla also watched a rehearsal for a Shakespeare play and a basketball practice. Charles, wearing a blue double-breasted blue suit, blue shirt and striped tie, attempted two shots. He missed the first but made the second, drawing applause. "My son was up all night waiting for this," said Arona Pratt, the mother of one of the players. Pratt said Camilla, who wore a brown coat with a beaded collar and leopard print cuffs, "is pretty" ... On Sunday evening, Charles received an award for his work on behalf of the environment. Former Vice President Gore presented Charles with the Global Environmental Citizen Award, given by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School. Gore, who praised the Prince of Wales' knowledge and passion, said he and the prince have had conversations about the global environment for 20 years. The prince said he was "touched" at being honored, especially by Gore. "We had great fun talking about all these issues long ago," the prince said. "I've been so fascinated watching his career, and to receive this award from him really has been a particular privilege but also immensely special." Aww yeah ... I knew that white men could jump. While I think it's great that the Prince and Duchess decided to pay a visit to the US of A I wouldn't mind if their sons Princes William and Harry decided to come out for a quick trip. They could come into LA and be shown the sights by Britney (for Wills -- wasn't there a rumor AGES ago that Prince Wills had a crush on Britney Spears ... back when she was still untainted and gross?) and Paris (for Harry -- she does have a thing for the firecrotch ... and something tells me that Harry could hang) ... wouldn't that be eversomuch fun? [Source]

Speaking of basketball, here are a few really cute pictures of David Arquette with his babygirl Coco at a LA Lakers game over the weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

That little girl is sooo cute ... and I just know that she is going to be a fiend one day. [Source]

Somehow, Maggie Gyllenhaal got talked into showing up for a DVD signing for her movie Sherry Baby (which is in stores now) at a local Borders Book Shop ... and here are the uncomfortable photos:

I dunno what it is but there is something about Maggie that makes it really hard to imagine that she likes talking to ... regular people. Props to her for actually showing up tho ... [Source]

Did you know that Johnny Depp played in a band? Did you know that Johnny's band, called The Kids, played a gig in Pompano Beach, FL over the weekend?

Photo credit: Splash News

Did you know that this is only slightly more interesting than talking about Keanu Reeve's band that no one knows about called Dogstar? [Source]

In vastly more interesting gig news, here are a few photos from the Scissor Sisters show they just played in Tokyo, Japan:

Photo credit: Kevin Tachman

The band also shot a one-take music video for their song She's My Man with director Nagi Noda. And don't forget ... the Sisters will be appearing on the NBC soap Passions on February 8th and 9th -- set those DVRs/TiVos/VCRs. [Source]

Um ... I don't even know what to say about these first promo pictures of Daniel Radcliff (AKA Harry Potter) from his new theatrical play Equus:

I am actually ... speechless. What does one say when one comes upon photos of a beloved children's novel character who looks like ... this? Daniel will appear completely nekkid on stage for this play ... so I'm sure this is just the beginning. [thanks Cam]

And finally, it's been reported that Scientologists see their very own Christ in the guise of Tom Cruise ... and Gallery of the Absurd felt inspired to portray that notion in the following image:

LOL! Yep, I see it now. [Source]

Les News:
So my half-week with David is already over ... he's already back in NYC hard at work with all of his hard work. But I managed to snap one photo of the two of us from this weekend so that peeps can see that we really did have a great weekend together:

My beautiful new art piece is being delivered this afternoon so I'm anxious for its arrival ... and pretty much that is all I have on the agenda. I've been itching to see a movie for the past few days but David and I never found the time to go see one ... any suggestions?

I hope y'alls Monday is a good one ... or at the very least, I hope it goes by very quickly for you.

I am out.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

You Gotta Have Art

You know ... you kinda hafta give it up to Kevin Federline for being such a good sport ... granted, his good sportsmanship is prolly greatly influenced by his need to feed himself but he really has been taking his fall from grace pretty well. Here are a few new photos from his upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Nationwide Insurance which is already shaping up to be a bigger success story than Kevin Federline is in his own right:

It strikes me as hugely ironic that K-Fed seems capable of attaining a new level of fame based on making fun of his inability to attain fame. This insurance commercial will prolly make him more money than his record sales is really no surprise to me. I've always contended that even if he were still to be in Britney Spears' good graces, his album would have a difficult time selling ... I just gotta wonder what will become of those boxes and boxes of unsold compact discs. In any regard, we are only a week away from Super Bowl Sunday so we only have that long to see this final commercial product ... that is, unless the ad leaks to You Tube before then. [Source]

In sad news (again), it would appear that Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl have ended their fairytale relationship (again). As you may recall, Marc Malkin reported earlier this week that things looked very strained between Leichen while they holidayed in Park City, UT for the Sundance Film Festival and it now appears that Lance has confirmed this split by way of his My Space profile:

The post script to his latest blog entry alludes to "recent events" that might refer to the break-up ... especially since he's changed his profile relationship status to "single". So either Reichen hasn't gotten the memo yet or this is merely just another hiccup in their on-again/off-again relationship but Reichen has yet to update his relationship status on his profile page. Absent the fact that all of this My Space biz is so 7th grade, it's a bummer that these two have chosen to call it quits. I really do like them together damnit! [Source, thanks Robbie]

In happier relationship news, Fergie Ferg and Josh Duhamel are still happily attached and have taken to working out in public together. Here are new pictures of the pair on a little romantic jogging excursion in Santa Monica, CA this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Oh Josh ... so cute ... I still don't get the whole Fergie & Josh thing but they must be incredibly happy because they've been together forever and he doesn't seem at all bothered by the fact that sometimes she comes across as a bit manly ... or maybe that's the appeal? In any regard, props to them for managing to keep it together and for devoting as much time to their physical fitness as to their undying love and affection for one another. [Source]

Here is another cutie, Heath Ledger, who seems deeply engrossed at a recent New York Knicks basketball game:

Photo credit: Splash News

Something about Heath Ledger does not immediately scream to me "basketball fan" ... I think it's the girlie clothing. [Source]

Prince Harry has, once again, thrown himself back into his military training (after taking some time off to canoodle with his girlfriend Chelsea Davy while his comrades were working their butts off) ... here are pictures of the Princely one back to work with his troop, the Blues and Royals Regiment, on an early morning run this past Friday at Great Windsor Park in Berkshire, UK:

He really does look like he's trying ... I'm still amazed that he would so willingly throw himself into such hard work when he has no real reason to. I don't think it's been decided whether or not his regiment will be sent over to Iraq but you gotta love that he's thus far been such a good little solider. [Source]

Now, I have *no idea* if this is real or not but apparently this is a sonogram of the baby that ex-Spice Girl Mel B. is carrying in her womb ... the baby that she claims was fathered by Academy Award nominated actor Eddie Murphy:

While I question the validity of this sonogram I am never really that surprised with the way these sorts of things end up making their way to the InterWeb. In any regard, I can sorta see the resemblance to Eddie ... they've got the same big head. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures from Hilary Duff's photoshoot for her new album titled Dignity:

Sigh ... our little Hilary Duff is so grown up now. She really does look dignified in these pics. [Source]

Now that Hilary is all grown up, that clears the way for new Hollywood "It" Girl on the block Hayden Panetttiere to fill in as the young ingenue ... here are a few pics from Hayden's recent appearance in Parade magazine:

The sugary-sweetness of these photos is sickening ... don't cha think? All I can think about when I see her anymore is that song of hers from the Cinderella III straight-to-video movie that we looked at yesterday ... which, of course, makes me want to shove sharpened pencils in my ear drums. [Source]

UGH ... I think I've seen quite enough from the online treasure trove ... especially since the horrendousness is NOT only limited to Paris Hilton but to pretty much every person she calls friend (well, to their face). While perusing the contents of the site I came upon this photo of Cisco Adler (current boyfriend of Mischa Barton) and was brought to a dead stop:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Surely I have been scarred for life. If you wish to remain untainted by the nekkidness of Cisco Adler I highly advise you to NOT click above. If you have a propensity for hilarity then by all means click away. You have been warned. [Source]

Yes, I think I'm quite finished rummaging thru the contents of that website ... I have lost an innocence that I doubt I'll ever have a chance of getting back.

And finally ... it is time, once again, for the Hot Dude of the Week ... while the daytime temps have been very nice here in LA, our evenings and nights have gotten a bit chilly ... nothing near the insane coldness that folks in the Midwest are experiencing but chilly enough for sweat jackets and hoodies ... SOOOO, here is a picture of Christian to is trying to keep warm with a hoodie of his own:

Boo ... if it were warmer, Christian would have no need for that hoodie and he might be able to undo some of the retinal damage done by that uncensored Cisco Adler picture. Ah well, we wouldn't want the Hot Dude of the Week to catch cold, now would we? Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... yesterday was chilly and rainy and even tho I keep telling David that it never rains in Southern California he remains unconvinced because it actually does rain every time he is here in Southern California. But, we made plans to head out to Santa Monica for the Art LA 2007 Contemporary Art Fair and that's exactly what we did. I have been looking for a fabulous painting to hang in my living room and I hoped that I would be able to find one at this fair. There were a lot of great galleries showing really great stuff ... but there were also a few things that I found boring, uninteresting or just dumb. Art is so subjective.

But, we came upon the booth for the Skew Gallery from Alberta, Canada and I immediately fell in love with a few prints from the Doll Mouth series by artist Diana Thorneycroft. I had an immediate response to her images and just knew that I had to have one for my very own. I won't say which of the amazing 28 X 28 prints from the Doll Mouth series I purchased but it is one of the ones shown on the gallery page. I want friends who visit my apartment to be surprised when the come see it.

I was also fortunate enough to meet Pink readers Heather and Alex who were representing their gallery Taylor De Cordoba. It was very cool meeting the both of you!

After our trip to the art fair, David and I met up with his former editor Molly and my friend Jim for diner at BLD in West Hollywood. We had a great time and a great meal ... unfortch for me, I was not feeling well at all. I got really sick last night (from before dinner) and had to cut the night short and come home. Thankfully, I am feeling much better today.

David flies back to NYC tonight so we're gonna make the most of our time together. I hope y'all have been having a great weekend ... I am out.