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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Future Imperfect

For a brief moment yesterday, gave us a gentle reminder of the bygone days of Britney's hey day back when she was happier, healthier and hairier. Here is the new old image that served as the image background for Brit's official website for about a half hour yesterday afternoon:

The site has reverted to the flash image of a tiger morphing into Britney's face and back with that constant growling playing in the background. There is still the promise of a "new official site coming soon". Honestly, I never cared for this picture of Britney ... there is something about how misshapen her body looks in this position (I believe the picture is from the Britney album era) ... but it was a nice reminder of the good old days. Hopefully, she is currently receiving the help that she needs and deserves and will, one day, come back to us as the good ol' Britney that we all know and still love. [Source]

Jennifer Hudson, fresh from her Oscar win, has made her way to New York City and was snapped at JFK International Airport upon her arrival:

She is lookin' damn fly. I love her new bling! [Source]

On the other side of the pond, Helen Mirren made her arrival at Heathrow International Airport in London for her homecoming ... golden statue in hand:

You will note that her assistant is right behind her with a bottle of what looks like Wild Turkey Famous Grouse scotch (thanks Alex) in a bag purchased from the duty free shop at the airport. It looks like Ms. Mirren is preparing to keep the party going for quite some time now. [Source]

Little Miss Abigail Breslin was spotted at LAX airport in LA sans Oscar gold but with her Academy Award date -- her Curious George stuffed animal:

She is a doll and I'm sure this won't be the last we hear from her. She may yet have an Academy Award in her future ... but you know that little girl is prolly pissed as hell that she didn't win. Shoot, I'd be seething if I lost an Oscar to an American Idol reject ;) [Source]

In between house shopping, clothes shopping and shoe shopping, Victoria Beckham found the time to squeeze in a haircut and a dye job -- behold:

Photo credit: Splash News

Eh. It's a'ight I guess. I'm actually not a fan of this short cut of hers. I much prefer her longer, darker hair. But, I guess even emotionless robotic women made of plastic need a change every once in a while, too. Someone really wants to be a California Girl. [Source]

In other hair-related news, Kelis showed off her new pink 'do while dining in West Hollywood with her lover Nas earlier this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

While I'm really not lovin' the pink mohawk I gotta say ... you must respect a woman who can attack a chicken bone like that. [Source]

Paris Hilton suffered another run in with the law this week. Apparently she didn't understand that a "suspended license" means she cannot drive a car -- at all -- while she is on probation for pleading no contest to her DUI charge. So, in order to make the heiress understand what it means to be caught driving with a suspended license the police impounded her $200K 2007 Bentley Continental GTC convertible car:

Photo credit: Flynet

The star went to the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood to pick up some DVDs last night at around 10:30, when she was stopped by the cops -- and her $200K 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible was towed away. Paris' publicist, Elliot Mintz, tells TMZ the heiress was exiting the parking structure which "is brightly lit so she had not noticed that her headlights were not activated." As she drove a few blocks, she was confronted by other bright lights -- those of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. Deputies tell TMZ Paris was speeding down Sunset Blvd. without headlights. She was pulled over and deputies discovered she was driving with a suspended license. According to Mintz, "If that was the case, she was not aware of it." But, apparently not even having her car impounded was cause to ruin her evening ... as her car was carted away, Paris walked over to The Standard hotel and partied with some friends for the rest of the night. That is how she rolls, y'all. [Source]

Hugh Hefner and his ladies Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson were among the celebs who attended the premiere party for the E! shows Girls Next Door and Paradise City (which is set in Las Vegas) at the Playboy Mansion last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

With rumors going around that Hef and Holly are going to get married you gotta wonder how his other 2 girlfriends feel about the sitch. Would they stay on at the mansion as his mistresses or would they be relieved of their duties once and for all? In any event, Holly must be very pleased to be the #1 bunny in his bed these days. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Nicole Richie and her beau Joel Madden as they made their way out of one of Paris Hilton's parties earlier this week:

Photo credit:

They make such a cute couple ... it's strange that they've morphed into such a semi-solid new couple so quickly. Er ... but doesn't Nicole bear a striking resemblance to Joel's last girlfriend in these pics? Hmm ... [Source]

So now we know why surfer dude Matthew McConaughey has been spending so much time being a surfer dude these past few months ... he has signed on to star in a movie called, not very surprisingly, Surfer Dude. Yep. Here are new pictures of Matthew doing some prep work for his new movie:

He is so hot. I hope that one day Matthew signs on to star in a movie called Nekkid Dude. I can only imagine what the prep work for a movie like that would entail. [Source]

Speaking of hot dudes, here are a couple of absolutely ADORABLE pictures of Ryan Phillippe spending time with his kids Ava and Deacon earlier this week:

Even tho it's cute, it's also a bit sad to think of Ryan as the dad that fills his kids with junk food on the days he gets to spend with them since separating from their mother. They make a cute bunch, nonetheless. Incidentally, I got to watch his movie Flags of our Fathers on our flight to Barcelona and am sad to report that it sucked balls. I get that the movie was meant to paint a picture of the WWII era but I found the acting terrible and the story overall terribly boring. Not even Ryan's hotness could save the film ... which was really disappointing. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal brought his hot ass to the set of MTV's TRL to promote his new movie Zodiac ... here are a few pics from his appearance:

Le sigh. I'm sold. I'll go see the movie. [Source]

Hayden Panettiere fulfilled many a comic book geek's dreams when she made an appearance at the NY Comic Con last week ... here are a few pics from her appearance:

I don't even want to think about how many Comic Con attendees rubbed one out while muttering Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. ICK. [Source]

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss (who isn't visible in the pictures) paid a little visit to the local zoo in London to spend some time with some penguins ... oh yes, and to feed them one of his unfinished joints:

EAGER penguins rushed towards Pete Doherty at a wildlife park -- as he threw them his leftover CANNABIS joint. Then one of the birds wolfed it down -- thinking it was a tasty morsel. Junkie Pete, 27, was showing off in front of girlfriend Kate Moss by waving the spliff in front of a group of Humboldt penguins. As supermodel Kate, 33, giggled, he hurled the remnants into their pen, where one bird promptly swallowed it ... A fellow visitor who snapped Pete at the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford, Oxfordshire, said: "Everyone knew he was smoking grass -- he was joking about getting the penguins stoned. He threw them his joint and it looked like one gulped it down. It seemed very wobbly." Talk about your happy feet. Tho, all joking aside, Pete Doherty is a complete ass for doing such a stupid thing. [Source]

Things continue to flourish for supermodel Gisele Bundchen and football hero Tom Brady, despite the fact that he is fathering a child with his former girlfriend ... here is a cute picture of, who I have dubbed, The Brady Bundchen (it sounds better out loud) holding hands in Rome, Italy:

Who says true love can't conquer all? [Source]

Access Hollywood sat down with Larry Birkhead for an emotional interview in the Bahamas this week where he talked about what if felt like for him to finally meet Dannielynn Hope -- the child that he believes is his very own:

After months of buying magazines to see Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern's face and following a host of court proceedings over DNA samples, yesterday in the Bahamas Larry Birkhead finally met the baby he believes is his own ... In this emotional interview ... Birkhead tearfully recounts in detail how he found out about Smith's passing and his romance with Anna, which he described as being like "gold." He also tackles tough questions including what he thinks of Stern and the lawyer's fight to keep custody of the baby ... Birkhead describes in detail where he was and how he reacted when he found out Anna Nicole had died. Click HERE to watch a short video from this interview. It's sad to watch him begin to break down as he recounts how he found out about Anna Nicole's death. His emotion seems genuine ... unlike that of Howard K. Stern. It still remains to be seen who the real father of Dannielynn Hope is but I have a feeling that Larry Birkhead will be the one proved to be her father. [Source]

And finally ... as more tracks from the upcoming Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero continue to be leaked to fan club members at random tour stops on the current NIN European tour (4 songs so far), another Year Zero related website has also been uncovered. This site,, is set in the future and concerns a bombing that takes place in Hollywood, CA as the 81st Academy Awards show takes place at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Blvd (which, if you think about it, isn't that much unlike an episode of 24):


The first dirty bomb went off at the Kodak Theater during the 81st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. Over the next half hour, eight more dirty bombs deployed by Islamic extremists spread a pall of radioactive dust across Greater LA. Three days later a Presidential order required the entire city to be evacuated.

The City of Angels had become a city of ghosts.

This site is dedicated to the people of Los Angeles who lost their homes, their loved ones, and their lives in Hollywood's last fade to black.

Remember, none of this stuff is real -- it only accompanies Trent Reznor's vision of the future that corresponds with the tale he will tell on his new album (due out April 17). The site also features a memoriam page devoted to all the people who were "lost" in the bombing which you can see HERE. It's chilling that this site and the song In This Twilight (the lyrics of which also correspond with this "future bombing") were leaked as the real Academy Awards took place in Hollywood on Sunday night. Trent Reznor really knows how to get his point across. [Source, Source]

Les News:
I pretty much spent much of yesterday sleeping ... I kept telling myself I was realigning my internal clock and that I wasn't being lazy at all. I think I managed to convince myself quite successfully. When I finally woke up (and with David still at his office) I made my way to SoHo for a little walk. This Saturday many of my closest friends will be here in NYC to celebrate Oriana's birthday and I was unsatisfied with the suit I brought to wear for the occasion. I needed a new outfit so that was what I was shopping for yesterday. While walking the streets of NYC I ran into Pink readers Jeanie and Molly who I was very happy to meet. It's amazing that in a city this big I still run into folks who like to read the site.

Here is a picture of me and Pink reader Iñaki who I met in Barcelona at a Mexican cafe called Rosa Negra:

Iñaki just sent me this picture and I wanted to share it with all y'all.

I believe David and I are hanging out with his sister Eden tonight ... other than that ... I think it'll be a pretty chill night. And that is all ... I am out.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So Much For The Afterglow

Balaurgh ... after a very long day of traveling from Barcelona to Paris and finally to New York City yesterday it would be an understatement to say that I am beat. Traveling home from vacation always seems exponentially longer than traveling to your vacation destination. David and I arrived safe and sound last night and I managed to watch some TV before passing out. I think my internal clock is still a little messed up but things should return to normal in no time. Let's do the damn thing already ...

I suppose it was only a matter of time before something like this showed up on eBay but for those of you who might've been interested in purchasing Britney Spears' hair but couldn't afford the minimum $1 million dollar starting bid, this might be the next best thing -- the Bald Britney doll:

Photo credit: Splash News

Of all the Bald Britney dolls on eBay right now, this one is by far the coolest. Hello! It comes with a straight jacket! I know I shouldn't laugh but ... LOLz X 100! [Source]


Fortunately, we arrived home last night just in time to watch 24 and Heroes (I'm still behind on my Prison Break since I haven't watched last week's ep yet) which was about all I was in the mood for before passing out (er, that and devouring some delicious Thai take-out). Even tho last night's ep of 24 ended with a BANG! I found most of the ep pretty snooze-worthy:

Screencaptures courtesy of Twenty Four Online

Is anyone else out there bothered by the fact that the subterranean Presidential bunker (only to be used in the most dire emergencies) comes complete with extra, unmonitored empty rooms so that potential bad guys will have a place to do their work unbothered? I mean ... c'mon! I can buy pretty much everything that they throw at me on 24 but this glaring plot hole is just too hard to overlook. Also, there is NO WAY those chemicals would've made it past security ... especially with the weak-ass security that is used at the subterranean Presidential bunker. I can't take a bottle of Coca-Cola thru the airport security checkpoints but an assassin can get chemical explosives thru without incident. Boo! Ugh ... it's just one of those things you have to just accept in the world of 24. I am having a hard time believing that ex-President/traitor Charles Logan is a good guy now. There is something about him that stinks of untrustworthiness. I am also having a hard time with Morris -- he irks me to death. I realize that CTU is short-handed sometimes but putting a man who was just tortured 2 hours ago back to work on such important tasks is just plain stupid. I'm just dumbfounded how Chloe can keep looking the other way when it comes to his alcoholism. If her data streams are out of sync by 2 nano-nodes she throws a hissy fit but her drunk ex-husband, who could possibly get her ass fired, can get away with murder. I'm totally not feeling emo Chloe at all. Bring back the jaded, awkward, uncompromising Chloe already! And for the life of me, I don't know why anyone in the Palmer family still wants to be President -- they can hardly go a season without someone trying to kill them for one reason or another. I doubt that President Wayne Palmer will die any time soon (at least, I hope he doesn't) but still ... it all seems like more hassle than it's worth. [Source]


Contrary to 24, I found last night's ep of Heroes very engaging and intense. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about what was learned from last night's ep (or at least, what I *think* was learned from last night's ep) but I am thoroughly enjoying where the story is taking me:

Now I'm not sure how much I like the idea that Mr. Bennett, the supposed lead henchman for the bad guys, might actually turn out to be a good guy. I'm not surprised that he ended up having some sort of a conscience but didn't it seem like the work he was doing for "The Company" wasn't as evil as we were led to believe? Maybe I'm misreading it all but he didn't seem as smarmy as he has in all the previous episodes. Obvs, his love for Claire has softened his heart but why the seemingly 180 degree turn against The Company? It's nice to see how the Invisible Guy fits in with everything ... and I was very surprised to see that Hiro's father is also involved with The Company -- but I didn't get the feeling that he knew/knows that his son has super powers as well. I'm sure that info will come in time. The show seems to be really intensifying the action ... things should be progressing very quickly from here on out -- at least, that's how it feels. Next week we finally get to meet Linderman (btw, I think it's *brilliant* that the producers have kept him hidden for this long) and something is supposed to happen that "will change everything" again. I can't wait ... this show has yet to disappoint ... I love it! [Source]

In my haste yesterday morning, I really didn't have the time to proclaim my congratulations to any of the Academy Award winners other than Jennifer Hudson (WOOT!) ... I am so happy that Al Gore/An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary), Forest Whitaker (Best Actor), Pan's Labyrinth (Cinematography, Art Direction, Make-up) and Marie Antoinette (Costume Design) all won awards. I am also happy that Helen Mirren won the award for Best Actress for her remarkable portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen (which I got to watch on the plane ride home yesterday for the second time). Apparently, Queen Elizabeth herself was pleased that Helen won. I have to say that I was aghast to learn that Helen attended the Oscars sans underwear, but seeing these pictures of Helen stuffing her face with a burger afterwards more than makes up for my aghastness:

I am reminded of Hilary Swank's late-night burger fest after she won her second Academy Award a couple of years ago. I gotta say ... Helen Mirren seems like a really cool chick. I am so happy that she's finally getting all this attention. She most definitely rules. [Source]

So after the Oscars came the parties ... and the biggest party of the night every year is the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Here are a few pics of some beautiful (and maybe not quite so beautiful) people partaking of the festivities:

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi made a very handsome couple, as did Natalie Maines and Keith Urban. Al Gore looked great with his Oscar and Aaron Eckhart looked great all by his hot-self. It should come as no surprise that I wasn't impressed with Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise but Beyonce really looked amazing. She's so lucky they let her come to this party (maybe J. Hud put her on the list) otherwise we might've missed out on her exposed cleavage. [Source]

Sidebar: I finally got to watch Jennifer Hudson's acceptance speech this morning and I am shocked at how horrible it was. You mean to tell me that after months and months of preparation for the moment she would win (and I don't buy for a second that she didn't think she would win) she never wrote down an acceptance speech? C'mon girl ... you're lucky you're talented ;)

PS: Jennifer Holliday needs to stop trying so hard. You can sing, we get it, Hah Hah! Ah Ah Ah!

Anyways ... I think we now know why Madonna decided to haul her cookies all the way to the West Coast for the Oscars this year ... she merely wanted to get into as many pictures at the Vanity Fair party as possible:

LOL ... I bet now she's thrilled that she has all these new pictures with celebs to add to her My Space profile. [Source]

Well now ... look what we have here ... it seems that newly single Ryan Reynolds has found a new friend in Jessica Biel:

I suppose it's possible that the two of them were merely hanging out as friends but ... well ... you know how these things get started. First thing you know, he's picking his teeth in front of her and the next thing will be that they're engaged. The make a pretty cute couple ... which is a bummer, I'm sure, for Alanis Morrissette. [Source]

Even I have to admit that Victoria Beckham looked FIERCE in the white dress she wore on Oscar night (including the 14th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party and the Vanity Fair party) ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... but I am a bit surprised to find that she spent Monday afternoon skulking around the trash bins, presumably on her way to shop or something. Gross. [Source]

Here are a couple of *stunning* pictures of Mary Lynn Rajskub at the Costume Designer's Guild Awards last week:

While Emo Chloe on 24 gets a rating of Poop Sandwich from me, Hot Chloe gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. Love it! [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of sisters Zahara and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt hanging out together in their stroller as their grandmother takes them out for a walk in New Orleans:

Photo credit: Splash News

Aren't these little girls just the most precious things you've ever seen? [Source]

The Olsen Twins have descended upon Paris, France (both wrapped in disgusting fur coats) which isn't very interesting at all. What is interesting is that Mary Kate Olsen was asked to contribute a piece for the New York Times about her favorite purse:

Photo credit: Splash News

I have a large, red quilted Chanel bag that I borrowed from my sister Ashley. I wore it to an event and never gave it back. Luckily, she's moved on to another bag, so I'm safe for now. I'm not quite sure how many bags I have, but let's just say I have a few. When I find a bag I like, I tend to wear it to death until I become obsessed with another one. This probably happens three to five times a year. But I always come back to the Chanel. The size isn't overwhelming, and it has enough subtle detail to keep it interesting.

I also have the smaller version in blue and in white, but the red is definitely my favorite. I don't have a stylist — I'd rather just do my own thing and put together my own outfits. The chain-handle bag is the perfect accent to almost any combination I come up with. I look at everything with a designer's eye, but I wouldn't change a thing about this bag. I think that's why it's a true classic.

Okay ... so "interesting" is a bit of a stretch ... but I am surprised that the NYT would even care about something so trivial. It's not even well-written. Were I grading this in 8th grade composition, I'd have to give it a C+ at best. Tho, it is a relief to finally know what sort of purse goes well with ripped leggings and fugly-ass oversized shoes. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal paid a little visit to The Late Show with David Letterman this week to promote his new movie Zodiac (his first since Brokeback Mountain):

Photo credit: Splash News

Click HERE to watch his appearance just in case you missed it live (like I did). He's just cute. That is all. [Source]

This week, Foxy Brown called together a press conference at a Brooklyn, NY church in order to discuss her latest arrest for assault, to proclaim her innocence and to reveal that it was she who was assaulted. Now, Foxy Brown doesn't call many press conferences so I figured it was worth paying attention to:

Photo credit: Splash News

The 27-year-old rapper said she was dragged half-naked out of the store's restroom and then picked on by police officers because she is black. "I was exposed from the waist down on the toilet," she said Monday at Brown Memorial Baptist Church in the Clinton Hill neighborhood. "The only crime I'm guilty of is being a young black woman," Brown said. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, could face jail time if a judge decides she violated probation after she got in trouble for hitting two manicurists with a cellphone in 2004. She has to go back in front of the Manhattan judge this week. Hmm ... if this is true then it is truly horrible that she was treated in such a way by the police. BUT, I think her story would have more merit if it didn't sound like it was lifted from that episode on The Real World: Los Angeles where David dragged Tammy "half-nekkid" in front of the cameras ("It wasn't not funny, David!"). [Source]

Foxy wasn't the only female rapper to hold a press conference recently, Lil' Kim had a press conference of her own to discuss her involvement with the Children Uniting Nations organization:

And you should know that anything that Lil' Kim does, Foxy Brown will do a short time after. [Source]

Eli Roth has unveiled a new teaser poster for his new movie Hostel II:

Apparently, boobs and decapitation (in this case, Bijou Phillips' boobs and severed head) are the recipe for fine, family-going movie fun. Head on over to Eli's official My Space profile to see the uncensored teaser poser. [Source]

And finally, in other new movie news, Rob Zombie has unveiled the first movie poster for his remake of the horror classic movie Halloween:

Personally, I highly doubt any remake will ever be as good as the original but I'm willing to give Mr. Zombie the benefit of the doubt. I'm interested already. [Source]

Les News:
OY! So yeah ... I'm beat ... I think I need to spend some more time in an unconscious state so I'm gonna jet. Have yourself a happy Tuesday! I'm out.


Monday, February 26, 2007

¡Adios, Barcelona!

Woot! I knew it! I knew that when I woke up this morning I'd learn that Jennifer Hudson had won her Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress! Here are a few pix of my J. Hud in all her Oscar glory:

Photo credit: Splash News

I was *sure* she would be a shoe in for the win when I got to see Dreamgirls last November and I am so glad that I was right. She really gave an incredible performance this year and this award is much deserved. Much congrats and lurve, J. Hud -- I knew you could do it. Click HERE for a complete list of Academy Award winners. [Source, Source]

David and I are out the door on our way to the airport, on our way home, but I just wanted to post a Muchas Gracias por Todo to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. We had an amazing time:

I have to give a special shout-out to Pink reader Nicole (pictured above; who is from the States but is living here in Barcelona) who we got to meet and chat with last night at McCarthy's Pub. Click HERE if you have any interest in seeing all the pictures I took on our trip. We loved every part of our holiday here in Spain ... I sincerely home I can return again one day.



Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Is Going Home With Oscar Tonight?

The day that Hollywood has been dreaming about all year is finally here. Tonight the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will hand out its highest honors to a select few (oftentimes) deserving actors in its 79th annual awards show:

The Academy Awards show is the culmination of the film-making awards season ... this is the big enchilada, y'all. [Source]

But ... before the awards can be handed out there is a whole lotta preparation still going on at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's already afternoon here in Barcelona, Spain but the day is just beginning back home in LA. All the last minute touches are being taken care of before the insane-o circus that is Oscar night gets underway. David and I will, unfortunately, not be able to watch the awards as they air live because we have to wake up early tomorrow for our long flight back to New York (but BritBoy in LA will be liveblogging the show, in case you were interested). But, I am confident that I will wake up to the news that at least a few of my Oscar faves (chief among them is Jennifer Hudson who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress) went home with Oscars after the awards were all said and done. [Source]

Last night in Santa Monica, CA, the Independent Spirit Awards were held which annually makes a nice "indie" precursor to the big show that is the Academy Awards ... here are a few pictures from the arrivals red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Rachel Bilson and Maggie Gyllenhaal looked great ... as did the be speckled Josh Hartnett and John Waters. I think that Michelle Williams and her Mia Farrow-esque pixie haircut was the cutest of them all. She looked simply amazing. Additionally, the new blonde color really works well on Amber Tamblyn as well ... I hardly recognized her at first. [Source]

But the big winner at the Independent Spirit Awards was the came-from-nowhere-to-blow-everyone-out-of-the-water-little-movie-that-could Little Miss Sunshine which walked home with 4 awards ... the movie Half Nelson (and more specifically its principal actors Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps) took home the top acting awards. Here are a few pictures of last night's winners:

Photo credit: Splash News

The road comedy "Little Miss Sunshine" won best picture and three other prizes for independent films at the Spirit Awards on Saturday, one day before competing for Hollywood's top honors at the Academy Awards ... Arkin won for his role as an obscenity-spewing, heroin-snorting grandfather training his granddaughter (Abigail Breslin) for a saucy dance performance at a children's beauty pageant ... The lead-acting Spirit Awards went to the stars of another Oscar contender, the classroom drama "Half Nelson." Ryan Gosling played an inspiring teacher battling a severe drug habit, and Shareeka Epps won for her role as a bright student who becomes both his protege and counselor ... Other Spirit Award winners were: Best foreign film, "The Lives of Others," Germany, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Best documentary, "The Road to Guantanamo," directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross, Best first feature, "Sweet Land," directed by Ali Selim, Best cinematography, Guillermo Navarro, "Pan's Labyrinth." Even if Little Miss Sunshine doesn't take home the award for Best Picture at the Oscars tonight they've already had an amazing year hauling in a whole lotta awards. My money says it won't win the award but it'd be cool as hell if it did. [Source]

While all of this awards stuff was going on in LA yesterday, Victoria Beckham had house-hunting on her mind. She dolled herself up in her best lacey frock and spent the afternoon checking out places that she and her family might live when they move to LA later on this year:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm actually surprised she hasn't settled on a mansion yet ... time is running out. I'd hate for the family to have to crash at the TomKat mansion upon arriving in the US because they couldn't find a suitable estate to live in. [Source]

Well now ... it turns out that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie do have Oscar parties on their mind as the pair cleaned themselves up for a pre-Oscar party last night. Er ... while I wasn't too crazy for Madge's new haircut (which we got to see yesterday) I can honestly say that I'm really not diggin' what she did to it last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Madonna -- put down the curling iron and step away. You're not doing yourself any favors. And Guy -- you should wear suits more often ;) [Source]

What is going on with all the suspicious smoking that is going on these days? First we caught Paris Hilton puffing on a hand-rolled "cigarette" and then we caught Mischa Barton doing the same thing ... and now we have pics of Drew Barrymore passing one of those hand-rolled "cigs" to Cameron Diaz while the pair sunned their buns on the beach?

Photo credit: Splash News

Damn ... it's been some high times in Hollywood this week. [Source]

Veruca Salt are featured in a very cool photo spread in New York Magazine wherein the ladies and gents of the band get gussied up in ridiculously expensive threads from the spring collections from designers like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel, Dior and more:

I love this photospread! *I* know how classy the folks of Veruca Salt are and now so does the rest of the world. I sincerely hope Louise and the gang got to keep the clothes that they modeled because they are outfitted in some hot shizz. I love it!! [Source]

Here is the full set of Jedi Knight pics of Fall Out Boy from the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine (which also features the lads on the cover):

Yeah, yeah they look cute ... but personally I'd love to see the boys dressed up as Trekkies ... now that would be really indie/geeky/cool. [Source]

And finally ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... but this week, we get two hot dudes in one ... say hello to the very playful Mike and Myles:

You gotta love guys who are unafraid to publicly show their affection for one another. It isn't too hard to picture these two guys playing around in the locker room doing stuff like snapping one another on the ass with towels. Yep ... just good old, harmless boys being boys. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
As our time here in Barcelona slips away, David and I are trying to do as much as we can while we still can. We spent much of yesterday afternoon at the Picasso Museum (after getting waylaid at an amazing masquerade shop ... we did our fair share of spending at that store but it was well worth it, the masks we purchased were handmade by the very charming, extremely talented shop owner) and we spent last night on the town. We stopped for drinks at Club 13 and then made our way to a place called Sweet (where I got to meet Pink reader Jose) before settling on clubbing at the Metro. We had a great Saturday night in Barcelona last night.

Today we're going to try to do a couple more things before we have to pack up our bags and leave this beautiful city. Because our flight is very early tomorrow, I won't be able to write a full post for tomorrow. Instead, I'll post a few pictures from our trip just like I did on the last day of our Parisian trip last September.

That is all ... we're off to say farewell to Barcelona. I'm out.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Family Reunion

WOOT! It's the weekend bizznatches ... and I'm about to get reeeeeal lazy all up in this piece for today. The weather here in Barcelona has been amazing all week long and today has to be the most gorgeous day so far. It's warm, bright and sunny ... and David and I have to get out and enjoy the city. So ... let's get thru some goss so I can get to steppin'.

The Spears and Federline clans are coming together in this, Britney Spears', time of need. Both mamas from both families have joined forces to pick up the slack for the welfare of the grandchildren Sean Preston and Jayden James. Here are pictures of Lynne Spears and Julie Bleak (K-Fed's moms) as they each arrive at Kevin's manse:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's interesting how tragedies always seem to bring families back together. Tho, one has to wonder if the grandmothers have stayed in contact all along despite the fact that Britney was divorcing Kevin. In any regard, it's nice to see the mothers come together like this. [Source]

While the grandmas where chillin' with the boys at K-Fed's estate, he hopped in his truck and drove out to pay a little visit to Britney at the Promises rehab facility:

Photo credit: Splash News

Kevin Federline visited his estranged wife, Britney Spears, in rehab on Friday, PEOPLE has learned. Spears, 25, is currently being treated at Promises in Malibu. A source familiar with the situation says Federline, 28, has been involved in her stay there. "He cares a lot about her," the source said. Federline stopped by the facility on Friday and stayed about an hour and a half. On Thursday, Spears's father, Jamie Spears, 54, told FOX News from his home in Louisiana that his daughter is "a sick little girl. ... We're just trying to take care of her." He added that his daughter's problems are "not about what other people think" and that he and Spears's mom, Lynne, are "concerned about our daughter." However, reports that Spears is on "suicide watch" are false, her manager Larry Rudolph told Extra on Friday. "The story is absolutely untrue. She is in rehab, and it is very disappointing that various media outlets are running these false stories about her, as Britney tries to get better," Rudolph said ... "Britney scared everyone pretty bad. Kevin is worried that's for sure," a source close to Federline tells PEOPLE. "Kevin just wants her to be OK. He loves her, so however she can get better is just what we'll have to accept. [They] will make it work with the kids – it's all still for them." I am convinced we still don't know the whole story here ... that her father is hinting at some "other reason" for her break-down seems suspicious. And who would've thought that after all of this divorce drama and now rehab drama that K-Fed would be the one to come out of it smelling like a rose. It's strange to see him playing the role of concerned hubby and caring father but I suppose when someone goes as crazy as Britney Spears has then anything this possible. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Spederline ended up getting back together after all of this -- after all, who else but K-Fed could put up with her insanity? [Source]

Victoria Beckham is back in LA after her recent roundtrip stop in Madrid, Spain earlier this week presumably to partake in all the Academy Award hoopla that is going on in Hollywood this weekend. A childless Posh was spotted in one of her signature white suits making her way into a private Oscar party in the Hollywood Hills last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

It would seem that she just can't get enough of the LA scene. I bet she can't wait to make the move to SoCal. She is going to fit right in perfectly. [Source]

Madonna and co. are also in LA this week ... here are pictures of Madge and hubby Guy Ritchie out in West Hollywood ... it looks like Maddy got herself a new 'do:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

I'd actually be surprised if Madonna was in town for the Oscars ... it doesn't seem like her bag anymore these days. LA Fashion Week is just a few weeks away ... perhaps she's in town to prepare for a possible H&M M by Madonna fashion show? [Source]

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard spent an afternoon earlier this week playing with their baby girl Ramona -- who looks exactly like her daddy. I believe that these are the clearest pictures of her little face that we've gotten to see thus far:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

She is seriously the cutest thing ever. They really make a supercute family. [Source]

Soccar star Christiano Ronaldo is featured in the new issue of Vogue magazine and while I'm more partial to the charms of Mr. David Beckham, I have to admit that Christiano looks pretty damn fly in that suit:

I'd play ball with him any day. [thanks Meghan]

Pete Wentz is featured in the new issue of Blender magazine not wearing much of anything:

Somehow, Pete makes doodles covering his diddle look cute. [Source, thanks May]

And finally ... here is this week's batch of Pink is the new Blog reader pictures -- Michelle sends in a picture of the entire All-Star Script Department for the 2007 NBA All-Star Game that took place this past weekend in Las Vegas, NV -- Sam from Ottawa, Canada and her paper bald Britney -- Steve sends in a picture from his boyfriend Jason's birthday party celebration -- Ashley and Jessie, Jessica, and friends Joyce, Kelly, Amy, Rachel, Katherine & Erin all send in pictures from Mardi Gras -- Magenta sends in a cute picture of her dog Rosie:

Much love and thanks to you all for sharing your fun photos! XOXOXO

Les News:
As I mentioned earlier ... it's gorgeous outside today so David and I are out the door to enjoy the rest of the day. Have a very happy weekend, ya'll! I am out!



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