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Saturday, June 30, 2007

TV iPhone Home

Things are a bit messy in Britney Spears-land these days, what with the strained tension betwixt daughter and mother, Lynne Spears. Since the release of those sad photos of Britney hand-delivering a not-so-nice letter to Lynne yesterday we're hearing more about where that strained tension may be stemming from. Britney contends that Mama Lynne and estranged hubby Kevin Federline conspired with her former manager Larry Rudolph to force her into rehab which she now claims was an unnecessary act because she was never abusing drugs or alcohol (and apparently only complied in order to keep them from trying to take away her children). Since that incident, Britney fired Larry Rudolph and has stayed away from both K-Fed and Lynne. It appears that Britney has reignited her anger towards her mother because of Lynne's desire to speak publicly about everything that happened (we know that Lynne wanted to go on The View to tell her side of the story [which got cancelled at the last minute, prolly due to Britney's disapproval] and there are reports that she wants to write a book) ... which has brought us to where we are now. Ugh. Here are pictures of Britney gettin' her hawtness on out with some pals for a night on the town last night because, I guess, she feels justified since she contends that she never had a partying problem in the first place:

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears feels totally betrayed by her mom, her soon-to-be ex husband, her former manager and Promises, the rehab facility she called home for nearly a month. In short, she claims she never had a drug or alcohol problem but was railroaded into rehab. Sources tell TMZ that Lynne Spears, Kevin Federline and then-manager Larry Rudolph all pressured Britney to check herself in. We're told Spears acknowledged having emotional problems after her second child was born, but strongly maintained she did not have a drug or alcohol problem. Nonetheless, multiple sources say Federline threatened to go public by going to court to wrestle custody from her if she didn't go to rehab. Sources say Spears could not withstand the pressure from her mom, Federline and Rudolph, and checked into Promises last February 20 ... After leaving Promises, as paparazzi waited for the golden shot of Britney drinking again, she began getting angry that she was at a rehab facility in the first place. Britney and her assistant, Allie Sims, called Promises multiple times, asking for a copy of the report showing that she tested dirty for drugs and/or alcohol when she checked in. We're told it took several days to get an answer. Only two reports were sent to Britney's rep, both showing no drug or alcohol use whatsoever. Most shocking, the first report was dated March 7, 15 days after Britney checked in. Sources say one of Britney's reps then called the facility and asked for any evidence of a dirty test, but she was told there was nothing in the file ... Britney fired Rudolph and has now drawn a line in the sand with her mom. As for Federline, we're told he's threatened to go to court and question Britney's fitness as a mom every time there's a disagreement. Spears, who is extremely protective, does not want to expose her kids to a public battle, so she's caved on many of his demands. So we're just now hearing about how ugly the whole situation has been for all these months. I suppose I can understand why Britney feels angry and betrayed. I guess we can't fault her for going out and having a little fun every once in a while and, if anything, at least Britney has learned a little restraint. I sincerely hope, for her sake and for the sake of her children, that she is able to, at some point, repair the rift between her and her mother. If she never speaks to K-Fed or Larry again, I'd be fine with it ... but I do hope that she can make peace with her mother again. [Source]

In less dramatic news, former jailbird Paris Hilton is enjoying a whole lotta freedom down in Hawaii this weekend. Here are pictures of Paris breathing in all that vast, fresh, free air at a beach in Hawaii yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

It's plainly obvious that she is thoroughly enjoying her newfound freedom. In fact, it actually looks like she's enjoying it so much that she wants to have sex with it. Yeah, she hasn't really changed all that much at all. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of the amazing Mariah Carey performing at her enormous One Mighty Party concert benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Disneyland Paris in Marne La Vallee, France last night. As you can see, Mariah whipped out all the right moves and props for the grand affair ... making sure to do it better than and outdiva all the other beyotches out there:

With a microphone in one hand and an umbrella in the other, Mariah warmed up 5,000 fans at the first French Mighty Party, an exceptional concert given at Disneyland to help the Elton John Foundation's fight against AIDS. Joking about the unfavorable weather, the singer said some witty remarks, and cheered on by the audience, most of whom participated in the "Pride Walk" that was scheduled earlier in the capital. "Okay, it rains, but it's okay, I'm dropping the umbrella and what a pity for my hair," said Mariah, in a hooded mini-cardigan dress, before hitting the notes in "Heartbreaker." "Wow, I have to warm things up!" she said, putting her breasts back to their place, they were obviously too tight in the outfit. "Because I'm a diva, I gotta check what's going wrong," she joked again, watching herself in a diamond mirror a dancer gave her. "Well, it is a total and complete mess," she added. "Next time I'm gonna do 'Singing In The Rain' instead." The diva also took her diamond necklace off, and her other jewelries thrown into the audience while singing the remixes to "Dreamlover" and "We Belong Together." But she took the time to change her outfit between each song. "I'm a Mickey girl!" she concluded, all wet, saying goodbye to the audience. Meanwhile, fireworks lightened up the sky above the castle of The Sleeping Beauty. It must be said that Mimi is THE reining diva these days even if she has been out of the spotlight for a bit. Leave it to Mariah to whip out all the tricks used by the other ladies and utilize them more successfully. Love it! [Source, Source]

Here are a few pictures of the last day of shooting on Matthew McConaughey's new movie Surfer Dude. As you can see, Matthew successfully managed to get up on that board a few times in order to appear like a bona fide surfer dude:

Photo credit: Splash News

I ain't even gonna lie -- I have ZERO interest in seeing this movie when it comes out (whenever it comes out) but I do appreciate all of Matthew's hard work (and hard muscles) and have thoroughly enjoyed the sexy, wet pictures that have come out of this shoot :D [Source]

In other wet news, here are a few pics of Colin Farrell gettin' amorous with his new lady love Muireann McDonnell at a hotel pool in Las Vegas, NV. It appears that the playboy as finally settled down and has decided on one chick:

You know, it's really sweet to see Colin settling down with a single lady (and an Irish lady at that). He's been famously poking everything in sight all over Hollywood and seeing him calm down in a monogamous relationship is nice. Of course, if these two end up making a sex tape that would kinda ruin all the niceness so we'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best. [Source]

Here's a quick Mary-Kate Olsen update ... she spent yesterday afternoon (among other things, I'm sure) picking up lunch at Joan's on Third and scratching her booty in public ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... you know, just in case you were wondering. I really hope she washed her hands afterwards. [Source]

Here are the first pics of Harrison Ford and Shia LeBeouf shooting scenes together in Connecticut on the set of the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise:

Photo credit: INFdaily

I love Shia but WTF is going on with that hair? Here's hoping he hides that bouffant underneath the trademark Indiana Jones hat at some point in the film. [Source]

And finally, I won't be posting photos submitted by Pink is the new Blog readers today (don't worry, I'll make it up soon) because I'm devoting this section to a very special Pink reader who is celebrating her high school graduation today back in Detroit. I have to send out lots of LURVE and CONGRATS to Adrienne who will be going to Western Michigan University in the Fall:

From what I understand, Adrienne is a fan of the blog and I am very happy to shout her out in this way for her graduation. My dear Tracey gave me the scoop on Adrienne, telling me all about the great things she says to her friends about the blog and I want to show my appreciation. Have a great day, Adrienne! And you better come out to Zakiya's 2nd birthday party in August cuz I'll be there and I owe you a big hug! Love and congrats again!! XOXO

Les News:
  • HERE is a list of the 10 things Apple got right with the iPhone and 10 things that still need tweaking.
  • Hey, guess what! Paris Hilton is lying again.
  • Is Cameron Diaz a homewrecker?
  • Peace the Spork Out goes to Joel Siegel, he was 63 years old.
  • Fantasia Barrino is 23, David Alan Grier is 52 and Lena Horne is 90 years old today. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
  • Stella McCartney will co-host a virtual anti-fur protest.
Okay ... so I decided that I wasn't going to be waiting in line for the seemingly impossible to get iPhone yesterday because I figured that surely it cannot be impossible to get. I ended up venturing out at 6PM, right when they were scheduled to go on sale. The AT&T store that I went to first didn't even have them in stock ... so I make my way to another one and got in line. 2 1/2 hours later I was allowed to ORDER one from the store because they had sold out (I was told it would arrive "in about 5 days" but without guarantee). At this point, I was satisfied ... and then I thought, It's funny what people are happy to accept when their options disappear right before their eyes.

But last night I learned that you can check the stock of Apple stores' iPhone inventory to see if your local store has any in stock (apparently, the Apple stores are getting a new shipment each night for sale the next morning at 9AM). So this morning I trekked out to the Glendale Galleria and picked up my iPhone :) It's still charging but the activation, set-up and syncing took less than 10 minutes. I haven't had time to play with it much but it's a much cooler little gadget than I thought it would be. I've yet to determine its practicality.

A couple of things, it sounds as if people like me are having a much easier time getting the iPhone today than they did yesterday. Oh, and you're better off going to an Apple store rather than an AT&T store.

After all the iPhone drama last night, I had to get cleaned up and head over to the Roosevelt Hotel for my concert date with Prince. As far as Prince shows go, last night's was pretty damn good ... the setlist was amazing (tho not as long as other shows I've seen). There was no photography allowed inside the ballroom but I did snap a few atmospheric pics outside and in the lobby:

Here is the setlist from last night's show:

When the Saints Go Marching In (intro)
Untitled/Some song about a Cockeyed girl
U Got the Look
Musicology (with selected fans dancing on stage)
What Have U Done 4 Me Lately (vocals by The Twinz)
Piano interlude, Sax solo
Somewhere Here On Earth
Love is a Losing Game (vocals by Shelby J)
Sweet Thang (vocals by Shelby J)
Take Me With U
Black Sweat
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Purple Rain

Then there was an after show jazz jam in the lobby that lasted for another hour. Prince entered from the back and milled about the crowd, passing me 3 times and brushing past me once. He played for a little while with the band but the only song I recognized was AnotherLoverHoleInYourHead. After the main show, I managed to score a used guitar pick from the stage! Overall it was a great night.

I got to meet Pink readers Nicole, Achia and Rand (who asked me give a shout out to Corey who needs to get his ass out to LA) and spyed celebs Jessica Biel (sans Justin, obvs), Chris Rock, Alanis Morissette, Nicky Hilton (who I would've thought was in Hawaii with Paris) and Tommy Lee but I'm sure there were others. The show was definitely worth every penny. Prince has another show here in LA tonight and then he heads off to Minneapolis for a special show on 07/07/07 before takes up residency in London in August. If you can, you must see him live ... he is truly amazing.

INCIDENTALLY: I must reiterate my request that I would be thrilled if a kind Londoner could help me out with a free copy of the new Prince album Planet Earth that will be distrubted with the Mail on Sunday. If you'd like to help me out, shoot me an email :)

Tonight Mike and I are going to the True Colors Concert at The Greek here in LA. But I'm off to play with my new toy right now.

Have a great Saturday, y'all! I'm out.


Friday, June 29, 2007

A Mother's Gift

OY! Just when you thought that things couldn't get worse between Britney Spears and her estranged mother Lynne Spears things have to go and get a bit nastier. Not satisfied with posting thinly veiled messages to Mama Lynne on her official website anymore, our dear Britney apparently paid a little visit to her lawyer's office to pick up a carefully worded letter that she then hand delivered to her mother on a set in Valencia, CA where Jamie Lynn Spears was working yesterday afternoon. Here are a few pictures of Britney serving her mother with the mysterious letter:

Photo credit: Splash News

There are rumors going around that the letter is actually a restraining order but I do not believe that is the case. There are other rumors that this letter was a "love letter" but if you watch video of this exchange HERE you can see that it wasn't really a happy situation. I tend to believe that this document is a letter drafted by a lawyer that strongly encourages Mama Lynne to stay away from her children when they are with their father Kevin Federline. It is believed that Lynne and K-Fed worked together to force Britney into rehab earlier this year by threatening to join forces and take away her sons. It would seem that Britney is still upset over this percieved betrayal and is taking steps to try and insure that they can no longer conspire against her. It is hugely unfortunate that things between Brit and her mother have broken down completely ... but at this point, it seems that Britney is cutting ties with anyone that she considers a threat. Obvs, Lynne is "brokenhearted" over this whole incident. The whole situation is just sad. [Source]

In other news, Paris Hilton has packed up her shizz and has left the US mainland for the sunnier shores of Hawaii. Here are pictures of Paris unsuccessfully trying to slip into Hawaii as inconspicuously as possible ... wearing a big white muumuu, a large straw hat and her black wig disguise:

Photo credit: Splash News

It is unclear how long Paris will be in Hawaii but she has committed herself to hosting a poker tournament in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks so she'll have to be back on the mainland by then. I hope she brought along the Bible she claims she loves to read ... that way she can actually learn some passages in case anyone else calls bullshit on her claims. It's funny, this newly reformed and changed Paris Hilton still looks and acts a lot like the old, vapid one. [Source]

Here are, what are believed to be, the last pics of Brad Pitt dropping off his little darlings Zahara and Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt at their last day of kindergarten in the Czech Republic. You will note that Pax is taking his newfound fame in stride and has decided to wear chic sunglasses just like his daddy. Zahara looks none too pleased:

Photo credit: Splash News

It appears that the newest star in the Jolie-Pitt clan is really takin' over. I'm surprised that Zahara has let things get this far and I can't believe that she would let this new little interloper usurp her powerbase already. Is the reign of Princess Zahara dunzo already? [Source]

Jolie-Pitt mom Angelina was unavailable to drop off the kiddies off at school herself because she was bizzy on the set of her movie Wanted:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It's unclear if the children's last day of kindergarten is due to the fact that Angelina's Prague shoot is set to wrap soon or if the kids are just finished with the school year. In either instance it's a bit of a bummer that these daily Brangelina trips to school with the kids will soon be over. As unexciting and painfully normal as this routine has become, I must say that I quite liked seeing Brad and Angelina's commitment to their children on a daily basis. [Source]

David Beckham and his robot wife Victoria Beckham are already on the move again mere moments after Posh and the other Spices joined forces in London to announce the reunion of the Spice Girls. Here are pictures of Posh and Becks as they made their way thru Heathrow airport yesterday:

I'm sure I have NO IDEA why Becks always wears that fugly yellow thing on his head when he travels but at least when he wears it we know he's on his way to or from the airport. I understand that the Beckhams are going on holiday for the next couple of weeks before they are due to arrive in LA on July 12th -- which is my birthday! Oddly enough, I won't be in LA on the 12th as I'll be in London with my David to celebrate my birthday. Ah well, it would've made a nice birthday gift anyways. [Source]

Lily Allen, who famously loves to physically abuse photographers in plain sight of anyone who happens to be on the street, was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting a photog earlier this year. Here is the photo of Lily's high-kicking attack, caught on film, that led to her arrest:

Pop star Lily Allen has been arrested for allegedly attacking a photographer outside a nightclub in central London. The 22-year-old singer attended the police station at a pre-arranged time to be questioned in connection with an allegation of assault. She was released on police bail over the alleged assault on photographer Kevin Rush near the Wardour club in the Soho area on March 13. A Scotland Yard spokeswoman confirmed Allen was "arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. She has been bailed to return on a date in late July." The incident took place in March after Allen left a party she was hosting at The Wardour club in London. As she walked to the nearby Groucho club - a favourite haunt of her father Keith Allen - she suddenly turned on Mr Rush, who was standing among a group of photographers. She is alleged to have lunged forward and hit him in the face, leaving him reeling. Allen was accused of a previous attack on a photographer at the Brits awards. It was alleged she took off her stiletto and attacked a photographer as she left empty-handed, losing out to rival Amy Winehouse ... In another rant, Lily complained that she is a hate figure in the UK, but is treated like royalty in the US. She said: "In LA some of the paparazzi are really nice. But I think people hate me in England. "I'll write 10 million nice things, then I'll write one thing that annoys me and it's like: 'Lily Allen slams Madonna'. And I become that person that badmouths people, which I'm not." Yeah, it sounds like Miss Lily has a few anger management issues to work out. Regardless of the fact that she believes the press "hates" her she really should rethink her strategy of hitting back at her perceived detractors by actually hitting back at her perceived detractors ... um, especially when they photograph or video tape her physical attacks. She'd prolly be much more successful working out her anger issues if she just assaulted her underlings in the privacy of her own home ... just like Naomi Campbell. Oh wait, she actually got busted for doing that. Hey, here's an idea ... how about not hitting anyone at all ... that might work. [Source]

The ever entertaining (and usually scrubby-looking) Pete Doherty was on hand yesterday to sign scribble on copies of his first book entitled Books of Albion for fans at Red Snapper Books in London, England. Here are a few photos from his signing:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Obvs Pete saw no need to shower for the event, opting to wear a snappy top hat instead. Clearly the man is capable of scribbling in books with his eyes closed ... quite a talent. Actually, his scrawl is fairly legible (much more legible than my writing ... and I'm unsure what that says about me) and his little sketches look quite impressive (much more impressive than, say, Paris Hilton's jailhouse artisty). You're never quite sure what you're gonna get with good old Petey but he is fun to watch. [Source]

Now either Kristin Cavallri has a thing for New Zealand or her love for new boyfriend Nick Zano has overtaken her senses. Here is a pic of Kristin at the Pink Taco restaurant launch here in LA yesterday inadvertently showing off a new "NZ" tattoo on her left wrist:

It should go without saying that getting anyone's name or initials tattooed on your body is a bad idea (even if you're married) but at least we can take heart in the fact that Kristin never got a SC tattoo or a JW tattoo or a BJ tattoo (well, that we know of). I'm not sure I could forgive her if she got a BJ on her wrist. Nick Zano seems like a swell guy and a pretty good match for Kristin ... let's just hope this new ink doesn't turn out to jinx their relationship. [Source]

Here are new pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar doing a little shoe shopping in Beverly Hills this week:

With all the Buffyness that has been going on with me lately, it's nice to see her out and about these days. Someone should let SMG know that the Buffy sing-a-long will be back in the LA area in late September and it would be utterly amazing if she decided to stop by and surprise the audience with her presence. I'd even go so far as to share my popcorn with her if that would help entice her at all. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Hilary Duff's performance in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC on the Today Show this morning on NBC:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hilary Duff will be hitting the road in just a few weeks for her World Tour so she must be warming up her act with these TV appearances. It looks like she's got her moves down already :D [Source]

Life & Style magazine scored a bunch of nudie pics of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo gettin' hot and heavy in a hot tub together as they vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last weekend ... NEKKID! Here are a few of the (sadly) censored pics of La-Nessa gettin' in and out of the hot tub sans clothes:

Thus far the uncensored versions of these pics have yet to surface ... but hopefully we'll be able to see what these two are workin' with. I've always wondered what Lachey's Little Nicky looked like. [Source]

Alright, how's about we play a little game today ... can you guess which big name actor is unsuccessfully trying to hide his balding shame underneath a poorly applied wig?

It's a bit ironic that he is suffering with these HAIR issues, especially when you consider the title of his new movie which is due to hit theaters on July 20th. Click HERE to find out who it is. [Source]

Here's a funner game ... can you guess which sports star is the proud owner of this booty crack and these buns of steel?

Sadly it's not David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo ... but there is another athlete that I talk about on the blog from time to time. Click HERE to find out who it is. [Source]

And finally, today is the day that Apple's much talked about iPhone is released to the public. Starting at 6PM today (here in the US), interested folks can purchase an AT&T serviced iPhone in either 4Gb size or 8Gb size at AT&T and Apple stores across the country:

I'm too much of a gadget fiend to not snap up one of these phones so I'm going to venture out this evening to try and get one for myself. If you're lookin' procure an iPhone of your own you can click HERE to find your nearest AT&T Wireless store. I'm not entirely convinced that the iPhone will be the end-all/be-all, perfect mobile phone but I'm willing to give it a shot. [Source]

Les News:
So I spent yesterday afternoon getting ready for the Prince concert at the Roosevelt Hotel last night (ie. I tried to get as much sleep as I could to make up for all the sleep I wouldn't be getting later on) only to find out that Prince was feeling unwell and had to cancel his performance. Fortunately for me, I am able to attend tonight's show instead. So that's where I'll be tonight ... rockin' out to Prince.

Because my Prince plans fell thru last night I got to spend some time hanging out with Mike. We ate and just chilled at his place. Not too exciting but good enough for me.

Another weekend is upon us again ... I hope it's a good one for all y'all. I am out.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Once Again With Feeling

Alright ... first things first ... let's get the BIG NEWS out of the way before I burst. The long awaited, muchly rumored, reunion of the Spice Girls was officially announced today in the UK. Scary Spice (Mel B.), Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell), Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) and long-time hold out Sporty Spice (Mel C.) came together today to make the world-wide announcement that the Spice Girls will be reuniting for a Greatest Hits World Tour that will kick off this December in LA. Here are a few pictures of the Spices from their official announcement:

Seven years after splitting up, the Spice Girls have announced a worldwide comeback spectacular. The girl band will kick off a world tour in America. The five - now all in their thirties - will start on 7 December in Los Angeles - the new home of Posh Spice Victoria Beckham and her family. The group, including Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton fell straight back in sync, striking familiar poses for the world's media. The reunion tour is set to hit London on December 15 and take in Madrid, Koln, Las Vegas, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires among others (scroll to bottom for a list of dates and locations). Posh said: "My main reason for doing this is for my kids - so they can see what mummy used to do. I'm going to be the cool one in the family for once!" David Beckham will be joining the tour as it will coincide with a gap in the US soccer season, his wife said. "He's going to be on tour with the kids and all of our families. He's so excited about us getting back together," she said. The tour will certainly be lucrative for the Spices - they are expected to pocket about £10 million each. All five insisted they are not reforming for the money. Halliwell declared: "Money is not an issue. We're doing this because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Spice Girl again. Who would turn that down?" The Spice Girls' contemporaries Take That had staged a hugely successful comeback recently, but the girls were reluctant to draw comparisons. "Why would we want to talk about Take That? We want to talk about the Spice Girls," said a clearly annoyed Mel B. Mel C chipped in: "Take That have had a fantastic comeback. But the one thing that's very different is that we were truly global. No disrespect..." They also claimed there are no hard feelings over Halliwell's walk-out in 1998. "We've forgiven her," Beckham said. "I love all the girls. Yes we argue, but we are like sisters." LOLOLOL! I love it! The drama is already getting underway and they are still half a year away from actually getting back on stage together. I love the cattiness towards Take That and I also love that all the girls claim that they have "forgiven" Geri for abandoning them. It's gonna be a kickass tour! I am deffo planning on seeing this show live ... I'm gonna shoot for LA and NYC. All I have to say is that this reunion is way overdue ... fortunately for them, the public still seems very interested in seeing them reunite. It's about damn time Mel C. came around and allowed the reunion to take place. [Source]

Click HERE for the official announcement video featuring the 5 Spice Girls talking about the big news. I must admit, I'm pretty excited. I just hope they all have enough zig-a-zig-a left in them now that they're older Spices.

The other big news today deals with Paris Hilton's much ballyhooed first "live" post jail interview with Larry King on Larry King Live. For the most part, I was pretty underwhelmed by the whole interview and to be quite honest, I'm not sure why -- I don't even know what I was expecting. Here are a few pics of Paris's arrival and departure from the CNN building yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

It turns out that the "live" interview had to be pre-taped because Paul McCartney was causing a ruckus up the street at his in-store performance at Amoeba Records. CNN decided to tape the interview earlier in the day so that the media onslaught between the 2 events could be minimized ... also convenient was the fact that Paris didn't have to answer any viewer questions. [Source]

But, for the most part, Paris Hilton held her own for the duration of the interview, adeptly handling the soft questions that Larry asked her. I wasn't at all surprised that she invoked God's name in the first 10 minutes of the interview (saying something like God has a reason for everything) nor was I surprised to find that she was still blaming other people for what happened to her (instead of admitting that she violated her probation, she still made sure to note that it was her lawyer's fault for giving her the wrong information). Here are a few screencaps from her Larry King Live appearance:

I think I was most shocked when Paris actually said she has "no idea" why the paparazzi follow her around. Larry asked her why she was such a target for the paparazzi and she actually had the nerve to contend that it was a mystery to her (she even told Larry that it was "nice" in jail because she was away from all the cameras). Let's be honest here, Paris Hilton made her career on seeking out the media spotlight and for her to say that she never brought the attention on herself is ridiculous. It was at this point that I knew that nothing salient would be learned from her interview ... incidentally, this also happened in the first 10 mins of the interview. Paris revealed that she learned a very important lesson while she was in jail -- Don't serve the time, let the time serve you. Personally, I think that would make a bitchin' tattoo. On the plus side, she did take responsibility for the DUI and she claims that she is cuttin' some of her more shady LA friends out of the picture (tho she refused to name names). Larry asked her pointed questions about Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and Paris was very diplomatic to them both. And really, that was about it. I was pretty sure Larry wasn't going to ask her anything really difficult so I hoped that viewer questions would be a bit more hard-hitting ... the fact that the show was taped pretty much made it worthless. If Paris was more contrite and apologetic instead of appearing victimized I think it would have been more successful for her overall. In the end, it really struck me as just another fluff piece (CNN's own Anderson Cooper wasn't all that impressed either, click HERE to watch video of his reaction to the interview). If you missed it, you can watch the full interview HERE or you can read the entire transcript HERE. [Source]

Next up for Paris, a trip to Hawaii and a gig hosting a poker tournament in Las Vegas. Sounds like life is gettin' back to normal pretty quick.

One last bit of Hiltonness, here are pictures of Nicky Hilton carting around a tacky (yet pink)-looking gift basket full of crap that I'm sure Paris Hilton has no use for but is, apparently, her attempt to convey how much she loves her big sister ...

... and prolly as a bit of an I'm Sorry for not being in town for your release from Jail -- and I'm also sorry for taking over your room while you were away gift. [Source]

Transformers had its official premiere at the LA Film Festival in Westwood, CA last night and all of the principle stars (along with some surprise guests) were in attendance. Here are a bunch of pics from the red carpet last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I was very surprised to learn that Academy Award winner Helen Mirren was in the hiz for the Transformers premiere. She never struck me as a fan but I can dig it -- she is a very cool lady, after all. Of course all the main stars were there for the premiere -- Megan Fox brought the sexy, Josh Duhamel brought the hawtness, Peter Cullen brought the voice (of Optimus Prime) and Shia LeBeouf brought the icky slicked back hair -- but he's great in the film so I guess I can cut him some slack. Thanks to Detroit based General Motors, I was able to attend last night's premiere as well. My Detroit homegirl Dawn managed to hook me up with a pair of tickets for the big show so today I send all my lurve to her (and to her hubby Mike)! Unfortch, I wasn't able to go to the afterparty (which means I wasn't able to meet any of the stars) because I had to book it to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical Episode Sing-A-Long right after the movie but I had an amazing time nonetheless. I did get to meet one of the movie's stars ... our pic and my review of the film is at the end of today's post. [Source]

Incidentally, I peeped Lance Bass hanging out with a very hot guy (not the one pictured above) at last night's premiere ... I wonder why they weren't photographed together ... could it be lurve?

In Hollywood last night, Mandy Moore performed a showcase of songs off her new album Wild Hope at The Roxy. Here are a few pics from her performance:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Not only is Mandy riding high with the release of her new movie License to Wed but she's also enjoying her time as songstress. I've been listening to Wild Hope for a few months now and I really love it! I hope that Mandy had a great time performing live last night because I think it'd be awesome if she took her music on the road. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Paul McCartney's in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Sir Paul doesn't do many in-store appearances these days so fans camped out for days beforehand just to be among the first to secure their spots inside the venue for his performance (and this is why CNN claims they had to tape Paris's interview early). From what I understand, Ringo Starr had to sleep on the street in front of Amoeba to get in for the show because Paul wouldn't put him on the list. [Source]

Wow ... just when you thought Michael Jackson's childhood/adulthood was the weirdest thing you've ever heard of now we have Michael Jackson's kids to wonder at. Little Blanket Jackson (aka Prince Michael Jackson, II) is growing up so fast ... in fact, it would seem that he has outgrown his blanket and now must resort to covering his face with a mask. What do you suppose it does to a child's psyche when his parent forces him to always wear a mask in public? OY ... that poor kid is prolly so screwed up. Here are pictures, taken last year, of MJ with his kids Paris Michael Jackson and "Blanket" Prince Michael Jackson, II at a Japanese orphanage where they were the guests of honor at a special performance by the orphans:

I have no idea where his oldest son Prince Michael Jackson, I was at ... maybe the kid has already packed up his shizz and run his ass away. I cannot even imagine what kind of life these kids live ... it would be so much more normal if they just played with chimps and llamas like their father did does, right? [Source via ONTD!]

Here are a few pics of Kylie Minogue on holiday in Portofino, Italy yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

Easy does it ... so good to see her relaxin'. [Source]

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Colin Farrell taking his son in for a quick check-up at the doctor's office this week:

Photo credit: INFdaily

See, Brad Pitt isn't the only hot dad in Hollywood who takes a hands on approach to parenting. They're even wearing the same hat. [Source]

Nicole Richie is on the cover of the new issue of Nylon magazine:

The magazine headline reads, "I don't have a clue why I'm famous either". Perhaps she and Paris Hilton can get together and try and figure this mystery out together. [Source]

And finally, I must give singer-songwriter Scott Simons a shout for his amazing cover of Rihanna's new hit song Umbrella. If you don't know what I'm talking about head on over to Scott's official website HERE or his My Space profile HERE and check it out for yourself:

Much like Ted Leo did when he covered Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone a couple of years ago, Scott Simons has taken a hugely successful pop song and given it an indie make-over. It's a pretty straightforward cover (he even keeps in the ella ella eh eh ehs) and it is maddeningly addictive (like the original). Scott is even offering his version of the song for free download HERE. I love it! [Source]

Les News:
Whew ... okay, so yesterday night was so frantic! There was so much stuff going on that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it all ... but thankfully I was able to see all of Transformers and still make it to the Buffy screening right after. I met up with Tom at a GM reception at the Nappa Valley Grill in Westwood where we got to chat for a bit with Dawn and her husband Mike (who have just relocated to LA from Detroit) before heading over to the premiere. We got there and found the theater packed (actually, there were 2 packed theaters). I was unaware that the screening was going to be the BIG premiere but that's what it turned out to be ... it was great. Tom and I were very excited to see the film, especially since Tom has a small part early on in the film :)

It is with great pleasure that I can report that this new Transformers movie turned out very well. Yes, there are a lot of changes to the story as we know it but, over all, the spirit of the Transformers lives on in this version. I was very upset when I learned that Bumblebee would not be a VW Beetle in this movie and would instead be a Camaro but the filmmakers did pay homage and give a little shout out to the original yellow VW Bug in the movie. They used some dialog and lines from the original Transformers cartoon and animated movie which was a nice tie-in ... and Peter Cullen, as the voice of Optimus Prime, really made the movie feel genuine. The special effects are CRAZY! Talk about your blockbusters, there are so many explosions and amazing action scenes, it's really hard to take it all in at the same time. When the Transformers are battling one another it's like a crazy melee of fast moving stuff going on. They really did a great job of making the Transformers look real ... the CGI didn't look fake at all and about half way into the movie, I stopped looking for flaws ... it was just a really fun movie. Big shout out to Detroit Rock City which makes an appearance in the big finale. There's a battle on Fort Street in downtown Detroit and a great scene of Shia's character Sam (who really should be named Spike) running into the old Detroit train station. And it must be said that Megan Fox is all KINDS of hawt in this movie. She looks ridiculously good ... I think she's got a nice future in showbiz to look forward to.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that the movie turned out so well. I'd be crushed if they had taken such an important part of my childhood and effed it up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself ... and I can't wait to see it again!

Even tho I didn't get to hob nob with any of the celebs at the afterparty, Tom and I did get to take our pictures with one of the film's stars:


So as soon as the credits started to roll, we had to book it to the Buffy screening. We made it right on time, managed to find 2 seats next to one another and settled in for a night of amazing Buffyness. The screening was put on by the folks who do, the traveling Buffy sing-a-long tour especially for the LA Film Festival. Here are a few of my pics from last night's fun:

Before the actual screening, they showed a few fan made music videos which were kinda fun and then filled us in on all the Rocky Horror Picture Show-like rules for participation. They've got a whole system down for the entire show ... if you're a Buffy fan YOU MUST COME OUT TO THIS SING-A-LONG. I had an absolute blast singing my ass off (as my seat neighbors can attest) the whole time. I was a bit shocked at how much the audience hated Dawn every time she came on screen (screaming SHUT UP DAWN whenever she spoke ... or even appeared) but over all, it's just a fun show. Here is a short vid of the closing credits of Once More With Feeling:

You can hear the audience cheering and then hear everyone doing the Grr Argh at the very end.

The really big shock came at the end when Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon showed up as special guests. They talked for a bit at the end of the show ... making everyone's life! Afterwards I got to meet a bunch of Pink readers including Darion, Kirsten (who went to elementary school with Kylie Minogue in Melbourne!), Robert, Nancy (all pictured above), Lauren, Jose, Kat and I'm sure others who I'm prolly forgetting. I heard from quite a few people that they heard about the sing-a-long from my blog and nothing made me happier. It is an honor to spread the Buffy love! Head on over to to see if the tour is coming to your city (Detroit folks, it'll be there next month!). The show will be back in LA on Sept. 28 and 29 -- so I'm already making my plans :D

OY ... it was a late night ... and tonight looks to be an even later night. I'm seeing Prince at the Roosevelt Hotel tonight and from what I understand he doesn't even take the stage until close to 1AM:

I'm hearing the aftershow jam session goes until 6AM ... but I dunno if I'm gonna be able to stay out that late since I have to be home and blogging at 6AM. Jebus help me! For Prince, it'll all be worth it! I can't wait!

So I guess that is all ... I am out!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wanna BET?

So, okay, I realize that Britney Spears isn't usually quite so good with the wardrobe choices overall but she seems to be exercising particularly unfortunate fashion choices these days. Either she's wearing things that are a bit too small for her (which doesn't make any sense, because we saw yesterday with our own eyes that she actually does try on clothing for size before she buys them) or she's wearing things that are completely see thru ... in both instances, it's not a good look for her. Here are pics of Brit Brit with Cousin Allie at her friendly neighborhood Ralph's grocery store shopping for snacks and Febreze (I'm being totally serious ... and I'm sure I don't even want to know why she needs all that odor-eliminating Fabreze -- so I'm just gonna let that one go) and then a couple pics of Britney out later on in the night wearing a sheer top ... on her head:

Photo credit: INFdaily & X17

Oh Britney. I get the sense that she's trying too hard to not appear as if she's trying too hard. Yeah, that or she just loves the attention. Despite all her craziness I am still very excited to see what (if anything) she pulls off at the True Colors Concert stop here in LA this Saturday night (that is, if she actually performs as rumors insist). Despite what Rosie O'Donnell blogged on her site, I still think that Brit will be a go for the show this weekend -- OY, I can't wait to see what she wears ... and I will have a full report! [Source, Source]

Despite the fact that Paris Hilton will be appearing live on CNN tonight in an interview on Larry King Live, People magazine was actually the media outlet that scored the first interview (and photoshoot) with Paris on the day of her release from jail. Here is the cover of this week's issue, with Paris on the cover, and a few excerpts from the interview:

"Thank God I'm free!" These were the words of Paris Hilton, smiling and fluffing her newly replaced blonde hair extensions Tuesday at her grandfather's Bel Air mansion, just hours after her release from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. In an exclusive interview and photo shoot with PEOPLE, Hilton, 26, gave a candid glimpse into her 23 days in jail – including her explanation of the medical problems that led to her brief transfer to house arrest, and what she says she's learned from her experience. "I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics," Hilton says of her first sleepless nights in jail. As for her fellow inmates, she adds, "All of the inmates were very supportive. There were girls next to me. We could talk through the vents and they were just really sweet." From what I understand, People paid around $300,000 for the photoshoot only because Time Inc. (People's parent company) has a policy against paying for interviews. Uh huh. Anyways, in the interview Paris reveals what was going on with the mysterious illness that caused the LA County Sheriff Lee Baca to release her from jail prematurely (and without Judge Michael Sauer's consent) because he feared for her life, saying: "The doctors were observing me while I was there. They explained to Sheriff [Lee] Baca that they thought I was having severe anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia ... I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics." Paris Hilton also claims that jail has really changed her life and that she plans on proving her detractors wrong, saying: "They're wrong and they don't know me. I'm a good person. I'm a compassionate person. I have a big heart. I'm sincere, and they'll see." While I have no idea what goodness, compassion, big heartedness and sincerity have to do with Paris's plans to give up her hard-partying ways, I guess we'll find out in due time. [Source]

In fact ... we'll get to hear all about it tonight when Paris Hilton sits down for an entire hour to talk with Larry King Live on CNN:

While People technically got the first interview (in print, which we won't be able to read in full until the issue hits newsstands later on this week), Larry King Live will afford us our first chance to hear Paris Hilton talk about her sobering ordeal live. Granted, Larry King isn't the toughest of interviewers, I'm still intrigued to hear if Paris can successfully pull off an entire hour interview on her own. Will she reveal anything new? Will she be making any shocking announcements? Will she be showing off any prison tattoos? I can't wait to see for myself. [Source]

Since People magazine scored the first print interview and photoshoot and CNN scored the first live interview, US Weekly was left with the decision to publish this week's issue completely sans Paris Hilton information -- proudly toting their 100% Paris Free stance on the cover of their magazine this week. While I'm sure they are hoping to look like the more "reserved" publication (going to print, instead, with their usual fare of Celebrity Babies) to me it sounds more like sour grapes. Does anyone really believe that US Weekly is trying to set a higher standard for tabloid journalism? LOL! The insanely hilarious website isn't going Paris Free this week at all and is, instead, churning out lots of fun stuff to entertain ourselves with as Paris Mania sweeps the world. Here is a spoof of the sketch and letter that Paris Hilton gave to TMZ's Harvey Levin upon her release from jail yesterday:

Click HERE to see other spoof pages from Paris's sketchbook. Despite her best efforts (er, well actually, despite her lip service) Paris will continue to be a punch line of sorts no matter what she says and does ... so even if she goes all saintly (which is still unlikely) we'll still have fun stuff to laugh at. [Source]

One last bit of fun Parisness, Pink reader Corie sends in this hilarious photo from a Jiffy Lube in Albuquerque, NM:

Hahhahahaha ... with all this crazy shizz ever stop? I sincerely hope not. [thanks Corie]

Alright, moving on ... BET threw its big party The BET Awards last night here in LA and managed to bring out all the superdivas and divos for an event that honored the Supreme Diva, Diana Ross, a couple of Dreamgirls, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, among others. Here are a few pics from the show last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Dreamgirls stars Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson led the way at Tuesday's Black Entertainment Television Awards in Los Angeles. Hudson, 25, kicked off the three-hour ceremony with a duet of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" with Jennifer Holliday, who made the song famous on Broadway almost three decades ago. The Oscar winner snagged the best actress trophy ("I can't believe I'm still winning awards!" she said) and best new artist award. Beyonce, 25, who led the nominees with six nods, picked up awards for best female R&B artist and video of the year for "Irreplaceable." She also performed a show-stopping rendition of her dance anthem "Get Me Bodied" – followed by her Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland singing "Like This" with cameos from Eve, Michelle Williams and Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles. Later in the evening Diana Ross was given the lifetime achievement award, and urged younger performers to "keep it classy" ... The late James Brown, who died in December, also received a tribute, when Public Enemy performed "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)." The night's other big winners included Ne-Yo (best male R&B artist) Gnarls Barkley (best group) and Forest Whitaker (best actor). Um, not only did Beyonce show up lookin' like C3PO from Star Wars but homegirl also gave a performance very much like the one that Kylie Minogue gave nightly two tours ago (check out Kylie's original performance HERE, Beyonce's performance HERE). I would've thought that Beyonce was better than passing off badly copied performances of stuff we've already seen before ... but I digress ... [Source, thanks Shawna]

... a much more stunning performance can be seen here where Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holliday perform the show-opening duet of And I'm Telling You from Dreamgirls:

That's a whole lotta no no no's and ha ha ha's goin' on betwixt those two. J. Hol really put some stank on her performance (and I'm pretty sure she suffered a minor seizure at one point while she was singing). That is one hot performance right there.

Here are a few pics from the press room backstage at the BET Awards:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Toccara, Lil' Kim, Ashanti ... even Flava Flav ... everyone looked amazing at this awards show! BET really put it down this year and in case you missed it the awards show will re-air on BET this Friday night and Sunday night at 8PM. Click HERE for the full list of 2007 BET Awards Winners. [Source]

Well now ... it appears that the newest addition to the Jolie-Pitt clan is becoming quite the little show-off. Always one to point out the paps (making sure that they can photograph his best side), little Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt is now putting on attention-grabbing shows ... and something tells me that Princess Zahara Jolie-Pitt ain't havin' it:

Photo credit: Splash News

See, I bet Zahara thought that Shiloh Nouvel was going to be her main source of competition and she prolly never counted on the fact that Pax might give her a run for her money. Interestingly enough, both Maddox and Zahara (the eldest children) have no middle names to speak of (well, ok, while they may have middle names they aren't used very often which is a clear sign of unlove) and Shiloh and Pax (the youngest/newest children) do ... could that be a determiner of the new pecking order? All I know is I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Zahara ended up whoopin' that little boy's ass. [Source]

Madonna sneaked her way into NYC this week to meet up with her babydaddy Carlos Leon, do a couple of errands and then sneak back out of NYC almost as quickly as she arrived. Here are a few pics of Maddy's bizzy day in NYC:

Photo credit: INFdaily

I'm not sure but I believe that Madge was in town to take care of some biz pertaining to her new album. I love when Madonna walks around with her guitar like she's a "real" musician. It's cute. [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of Lindsay Lohan taking a hike with some friends and trainers in Malibu, CA as she spends some time away from the Promises Rehab Facility. Never fear tho, despite the fact that L. Lo is spending some time away from the facility, she has pledged to spend more time in rehab to make sure she gets all better. And by the looks of these photos, Lindsay appears to be gettin' real healthy, real fast:

Photo credit: X17

I love it! She looks so normal. While I may have my doubts about Paris's jailhouse rehabilitation I have higher hopes for Lindsay. You gotta admit, she really appears to be taking her stint in rehab seriously. Keep on keepin' on, Linds! [Source]

Newly single Alanis Morissette spent part of her weekend partying with Matthew McConaughey, Matthew's new chick Whatsherface and Woody Harrelson ... and while I'm glad to see that Alanis isn't letting her break-up with Ryan Reynolds keep her down, I'm not sure how I feel about Matthew McConaughey sniffing around her:

I heart Alanis and I want her to be happy ... I just hope that playboys Matthew and Woody are just friends and that she doesn't go gettin' involved with either of them. They are just another jaded, angry girl album waiting to happen. [Source, thanks Eduardo]

Here are a couple pictures of George Clooney showin' off his hot bod on his little speedboat as he vacations at his villa at Lake Como, Italy:

Photo credit: Splash News

Guess who's bringing SaggyBack. [Source]

Nikki Blonsky, from the new movie Hairspray, and the Jersey Boys (Steve Gouveia, John Hickman, Jarrod Spector and Jeremy Kushnier) were all on hand to take part in the San Francisco Pride events that took place last weekend ... here are a few pics:

The Jersey Boys took part in the Pride Parade and Nikki performed a couple of songs from Hairspray. The NYC Pride Parade didn't get anyone this cool ... and Broadway is in NYC. [Source]

Here are a few pics from Kelly Clarkson's performances on ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's The Early Show yesterday in celebration of the release of her new album My December:

Photo credit: Splash News

I've been listening to My December for the past couple of days and while it hasn't grabbed me like Breakaway has, I must admit that I quite like it. You gotta give Kelly props for standing up for what she's believes in despite all the drama she's gotten from her record company. I would hope that she could be rewarded for her integrity but I fear she's in the wrong business for that to happen. [Source]

And finally, here are a couple pictures from the Sinead O'Connor album signing that took place in NYC yesterday as she promoted the release of her new album Theology:

Photo credit: Splash News

Sinead's new album has a markedly Christian feel to it, which may turn off some long time fans. But, as a long time fan myself, I love Sinead's voice so much that I don't care what she's singing about. I'm just glad that she keeps releasing new music. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon was a hot one in NYC but David and I made the most of it trying to keep cool whenever we could. We had a great lunch at a place called Planet Thai where I got to meet Pink reader Marianne and then we spent some time hanging out in the West Village where I got to meet Pink reader Dana (much love to Pink reader Lola who I also ran into on this trip to NYC). Our time is always cut so short ... but we'll be together again soon enough.

The long flight home was uneventful ... but watching TV on Jet Blue is kinda like watching TV at home except I'm not allowed to sprawl out and the naps are never as enjoyable. But I'm home again!

Tonight, Tom and I are going to a Transformers pre-premiere event before we make our way to the LA Film Festival screening of Once More With Feeling, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode:

I've seen the ep many, many times but never in a public sing-a-long setting like this ... so I'm very excited! Hopefully I'll have fun pics to share tomorrow!

Okie ... I have stuff to take care of so ... I guess that is all. I'm out.



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