Sunday, August 05, 2007

2 Cute

Today was Princess Zakiya's second birthday and I wanted to post a few pictures from her birthday party today before the day ends. Everyone met up at Tracey's place for the party where Z got showered with tons of amazing presents including her own DJ machine, a Little Tikes digital camera (that really takes digital photos), a Detroit Shock WNBA jersey and a pair of Burberry boots -- homegirl is pimpin'. Here are a few pics from today's party:

Here is Z with her working digital camera and a few pics that she took with it:

And a few more pics to round out this short post:

Here is a short video of Zakiya playing with the Tickle Me Elmo that David got for her, listen closely and you can hear her ask Elmo if he's "OK" as he throws a fit on the floor:

OMG ... so cute! We all had a great day celebrating the big 2 with Zakiya ... as the numerous pics can attest :)