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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dodger Dawgs

Ahoy there, mateys! Here are some faboo pics of Britney Spears out and about and doing her thing the very week that the debut single, Gimme More, from her new album rocketed to the #1 positions on two different iTunes download charts. Here are pics of our dear Britney rockin' a semi-cute white dress with a semi-questionable pirate-themed belt (and thank the LAWD she was wearin' panties) as she did a bit of partying in the OC this week:

Photo credit: X17

Pink reader Jacqueline was fortunate enough to have a run-in with Miss Brit Brit in the OC and sends in this report:

So, last night I went to Sutra in Costa Mesa for a friend's birthday party, and Britney was there. We found out that there was a runway show going to happen, and there was a raised roped-off section next to the dancefloor/runway. The place is not very big and was super crowded, so we knew we were going to get a glimpse of her. Suddenly, I'm standing on some stairs leading to the bar which is next to the roped off section, and two huge bouncers are flanking a trio of girls, a brunette sandwiched by bleach blondes. Everyone's hair looked fake as hell, so I knew it was Brit. She passed by me about 6 inches away with her head down. We then could see her from the dance floor which was about 20-30 feet away from where she was sitting in her section. She danced half-heartedly in a corner to Gimme More , but spent most of the night on a couch playing with her phone. She wasn't drinking when my friends and I were watching (I did leave rather early b/c it was so packed, so maybe she started later). She had a little white dress on, and while she is not in the best shape now, she still looked damn good.. much better in person, in my opinion, but then, again, it was dark! :) What struck me, though, is that she does not look happy. I know she was probably forced to go to this thing for publicity or something, but she looked more sad than bored. Maybe it was due to the excessive amounts of Justin Timberlake being played.

I can identify, as much as I like JT's music, too much at one sitting makes me sad and bored too ;) [Source]

Additionally, in other perhaps exclusive news, another Pink reader has emailed me to say that he got word from a friend that works at Zomba Records (Britney's label) that the name of her new album will be Blackout. This reader said that his friend "seemed confident" that that would be the name ... so if this news turns out to be true, remember where you heard it from. If not, then forget I said anything :)

Here are a few more pics of Britney as she stepped out to pick up her daily dose of caffeine at Starbucks yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

As I understand it, she drove up to the coffee shop in a tractor and proceeded to pick cornbread from her teeth with a piece of hay. Yeah, just your typical Friday afternoon errands run. It's good to see the new Yorkie is still in one piece. [Source]

One last bit of Britness, last night an art exhibit entitled Just Britney opened at the World of Wonder art gallery in Hollywood, California where more than 30 pieces of art inspired by our dear Britney went on display (artwork includes creations by the amazing artist who runs Gallery of the Absurd) ... here are a few pics of some of the pieces that are currently being displayed which are also available for sale:

Fallen pop princess Britney Spears has been called many things this year as she has bounced in and out of rehab, attacked paparazzi with an umbrella and shaken her stuff on MTV's Video Music Awards. No doubt, Spears has been a real piece of work. Now, she is more than 50 pieces of art at a Hollywood gallery. Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbatos -- makers of the documentary "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" about former televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner as well as other films exploring fame -- gathered paintings, sculpture and other work for "Just Britney," which opened at their gallery on Friday. "We reached out to a number of artists and found Britney is such a polarizing character these days," said Steven Corfe, a co-curator of the show with Thairin Smothers. "People absolutely adored her and wanted to celebrate her bubblegum, pop princess years. Or, they thought she was an irresponsible mother or wanted to play up the drug side of things," Corfe added. "The show reflects that whole spectrum." Pieces range from a portrait of the 25-year-old singer, "Gum Blond XLVIII" by Jason Kronenwald, made of chewed bubble gum, to the 6-foot by 10-foot (1.8 by 3.0-metre) "Snake Charmer" by Jamie Boling, based on a paparazzi photo of Britney exiting a car with her skirt hiked up and no panties on ... "She personifies our obsession with celebrity culture, and it's an obsession that won't die down no matter how far she goes off the rail," Corfe said. "We love to put people up on a pillar and we love even more to shoot them down." "Just Britney" runs through early October at Bailey's and Barbatos' World of Wonder art gallery in Hollywood. Hot damn! You know you're a pop culture icon when an entire art exhibit is dedicated to your influence on the world. Good or bad, Britney Spears is a force to be reckoned with ... and it seems clear, no matter how many times she shoots herself in the (oftentimes bare) foot or suffers some horrible faux pas (or criminal allegation) she still manages to remain ... relevant. I am very interested in seeing this exhibit for myself ... I'd love to see the full scope of how these artists chose to immortalize the wonder that is Britney Spears. [Source]

Alright ... let's move on ... Jennifer Lopez, in spectacular form, kicked off her new En Concierto World Tour at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ last night. There are reports that a decomposing little Latino man was seen skulking around the stage and, at times, even came out onto the stage to try and perform with J. Lo ... being the good sport that she is, she let him do so unimpeded ... but you'll have to forgive me for not including any photos of the undead one:

Love it! This show looks amazing ... I know I previously said that I might stay away from this show just because I didn't want to have to contend with her zombified hubby up on stage as well but, I may have to reconsider. Jenny Lo really knows how to turn it out when she's on the performance stage ... I think I might really want, nay, need to see her live on this tour. Hmmmm. [Source]

The industrious kids at ONTD! have sniffed out another photo of Lance Bass with his new romantic interest Ben Thigpen as they took to the public streets of NYC last week:

By all accounts, the boys seem to be really into one another so I hope that this new interaction becomes something more substantive ... I like seeing Lance paired up with someone hawt he can lurve up on ... [Source]

... and you've got to hand it to Lancey boy, he really knows how to pick the hotties:

These pics of Ben were sent to me by a Pink reader, which came from Ben's Facebook profile. Again, I think it's great that Lance and Ben are spending time together ... there ain't enough open man love in the celeb world :) [thanks Ty]

In other celeb couple news, here are a few pics of Hilary Duff with her hockey boyfriend, the New York Islanders' own, Mike Comrie as they spent the day shopping together on her birthday yesterday afternoon in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, I'm not sure if Mike ended up buying her any more birthday gifts on this latest shopping trip (especially since he already bought her a brand new Mercedes SUV as an early birthday gift last week -- and yes I'm gonna keep mentioning this until I get a brand new car for my birthday from my boyfriend ... ahem, David are you listening? wink wink wink) but I think it's a safe bet that he did buy her some gifts on her actual birthday as well. Whoever says that money can't buy happiness has never dated a rich person so I contend that the smiles on her Hilary's face are real and genuine. Besides, who wouldn't be happy with a nice hunk of beef like Mr. Comrie? [Source]

Oh, Kelly. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly:

When will Kelly Osbourne learn that it is not appropriate for humans to buy their outfits at Pets Mart? [Source]

Here are a few of my fave pics of Michael Jackson ever ... these pics were snapped by the National Enquirer back in 1986 (the TMZ of its day) of Michael Jackson *allegedly* sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in order to extend his life for decades ... or so the story went:

Photo credit: Splash News

Man, blogging would've been so much fun had it existed back in the 80s but, I digress. These pics, along with the other big National Enquirer story that MJ had plans to buy the Elephant Man's bones, were among the biggest tabloid stories of the time ... and only go to show that the crazy antics that we enjoy by the celebs of today are only the latest in a long history of crazyfun insanity. Many interviewers ask me why I believe that people are so interested in celebs these days and I have to remind them that we have always been interested in celebs ... I mean, HELLO! This freakshow was sleeping in a metal contraption that he hoped would extend his lifespan! By these standards, Lindsay Lohan looks totes normal. [Source]

Here are a few screencaps from the 13-minute short film entitled Hotel Chevalier that was directed by Wes Anderson and stars Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman which acts as the prologue to Anderson's new movie The Darjeeling Limited:

As I reported weeks ago when I got to screen the short film and the full length movie, Natalie shows off more than her smile in Hotel Chevalier and now YOU, too can see it for yourself. This short film is being offered as a free download at iTunes HERE and, as Wes Anderson intends, should be seen before the full movie The Darjeeling Limited is seen in theaters. Soooo ... what're you waiting for? [Source]

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that Pink reader Katie has won the pair of tickets to see Mark Ronson at the El Rey Theater here in LA next Wednesday October 3rd. Here is the winning photo which features Katie and her brother:

Katie's pic was randomly selected from all the eligible entries ... much congrats Katie! If you would still like to come out and see Mark Ronson perform live (and maybe run into Katie and me at the show) then you can still purchase your tickets HERE.

So ... did any of y'all watch the series debut of the new CBS show Moonlight last night? I have been anxiously awaiting the show's debut since I'm all into good vampire shows (a la Angel). I was fortunate enough to meet Pink reader Chad at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend, who is really good friends with one of my fave Aussie popstars/actresses ever Holly Valance, who I've mentioned on the blog before and who is dating Alex O'Loughlin, the star of Moonlight. Holly and Chad conspired to get Alex to send in a little treat to all the Pink is the new Blog readers:

Sooo hot! I love these pics!! Anyways, I got to watch the series premiere and, it should come as no surprise, that I really love the show already. Moonlight takes a more human approach to the vampire story (while maintaining a complicated romantic past). I like the narration in the show (it's very Gossip Girl) as it lends itself nicely to the audience getting acquainted with the characters overall. I was shocked and surprised to discover that Tami "It wasn't not funny, David!" Roman (who was a castmember on The Real World: Los Angeles) has a pretty prominent role on the show. I also like the character of Beth (who, IMHO, looks a lot like Elisabeth Röhm who played Angel's human friend Kate on that show) because it appears that she may have a little vampireness inside her too ... which I'm sure will be fleshed out in future eps. OH yeah and did I forget to mention that Alex O'Loughlin is uberhot as hell?! Yeah, I'm impressed so far ... this has been one of the new shows I've been looking forward to this season ... getting the love/shout out from Alex is just the icing on the cake :) [much love and thanks Holly & Chad]

And finally, it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Carly, in the Team Pink t-shirt, sends in a pic from her trip to the Vatican City -- Molly and her friend send in a pic from Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers -- Ben and Wilson send in a pic showing off their pink ICs (Identity Cards) who just completed their 2 years of service to the Singapore army and are celebrating their return to civilian life -- Crystal sends in a pic of her daughter Mia rockin' my hairdo on her 1st birthday -- Theresa sends in a pic that was created by her friend Jewelee (I'm told, inspired by me) on the occasion of the birth of Theresa's baby:

Love, love, love them all! Thank you so much for another round of amazing photos. The new pics continue to stream in and I love seeing them all, even if I can't post them all. Much love and thanks go to all y'all who have taken the time to send in your pics. I love, love, love them! XOXO

Les News:
Last night, Kirsten, Paul, Mike and I made our way to Dodgers Stadium to watch the Dodgers beat the hell out of the San Francisco Giants with a final score of 8-3. To be honest, 3/4th of us were more interested in the fun junk food at the stadium and since this was Kirsten's first baseball game (she's from OZ) I felt it was my duty to show her all the best/worst junk food available:

We had Dodger Dogs, Dippin' Dots, French Fries, Cracker Jack ... we ate until we nearly puked ... it was amazing! We also ran into my dear friend Gillian from TMZ who was also in the hiz for the game.

It turns out that the ever tanned Zac Efron was also at last night's game ... cozying up to a girl that wasn't Vanessa Hudgens:

Photo credit: Flynet

Hmm ... I love that both Gillian from TMZ and I were both at the same game as Zac (and apparently Joey Fat-one) and neither one of us knew it at the time ;)

After the game, we made our way to WeHo for a quick drink at The Abbey and then a few more drinks (and fun and flesh) at Eleven:

Kirsten really liked her go-go boy ... who was actually very hot up close, too. We all had an amazing time. I have to give a shout out to Pink reader Danny (pictured above) ... it was great meeting you :)

OY! So much going on ... the gang is reconvening tonight for a screening of a new skateboarding documentary that Kirsten has been working on and then we hope to head over to the Grand Opening Party for the new Brick and Mortar Flagship Store here in LA ... and then who knows what after.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend ... I'm out.



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