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Monday, September 17, 2007

TV's Biggest Night ... And The Day After

Well ... the fairytale romance couldn't last forever ... just when you thought Britney Spears met the lawyer of her dreams, she has to go and get dumped. Ace attorney Laura Wasser has begun the process of extricating herself from Britney Spears's employ, reportedly because Brit Brit fails to listen to Wasser's legal advice and counsel. I, for one, am shocked! This behavior sounds nothing at all like Britney Spears ... oh wait ...

Photo credit: Splash News

At a hearing in the ongoing Britney Spears/K-Fed custody war that is just about to start, disso-queen Laura Wasser will submit legal papers formally withdrawing as the singer's attorney. Sources say Spears' new lawyer will be high-profile attorney, Marci Levine. The word we hear is that Britney was a problem client because she just didn't listen to and follow the advice Wasser gave so Spears could maintain custody and end the war. Hmm ... so now Britney has gotten rid of her manager, her publicist, countless assistants/nannies/mannys and now her amazing attorney ... add to that the exile of her mother, father and little sister and you've got a big ol' mess. For the life of me, I just don't understand why the girl won't listen to any one else's advice. She seems to be utterly convinced that she knows all the right decisions to make and yet, she continues to make missteps at every turn. Dear Lord above, please save our Britney. I know it sounds like a tall order, even for an omnipotent being, but I'd be extremely grateful if you could just remove that part of her brain that insists on making the worst decisions possible and replace it with a fully functional portion of her brain ... which, of course, I'm referring to as the whole thing. Thank you and Amen. [Source]

So, in case you hadn't heard, the 2007 Emmy Awards took place in LA yesterday afternoon at the Shrine Auditorium and a veritable Who's Who of TV celebs made their way out to celebrate the Best of the Best in televsion. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that Neil Patrick Harris walked the red carpet with his longtime boyfriend David Burtka. Even tho they both look stiff as hell and seemed to make a point not to touch one another the whole time (at least according to the photos and footage I saw) it was definitely one small step for man, one giant leap for Gaykind. Slowly but surely, gay visibility is becoming more evident at events like these ... and hopefully one day, it won't even be a "thing" anymore. Curiously, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiligia didn't walk down the red carpet together ... which is strange because the cozy co-stars have been pretty much joined at the hip for the past few weeks. Maybe Milo just didn't want to sully his hotness by being seen standing next to Hayden in that peach monstrosity. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Hayden was smuggling an entire family of migrant workers inside that dress. WTF whas she thinking? [Source, Source]

The big winner at the show last night was The Sopranos, which walked away with 3 awards (Best Drama, Best Direction and Best Writing). Shows that end their runs tend to get lots of love come awards season ... but since I didn't watch the show (I know, I know ... bad me) I'm not really all that interested. Here are a few pics from the show itself:

30 Rock won Best Comedy, Ricky Gervais won Best Actor, Comedy, America Ferrera won Best Actress, Comedy, Sally Field won Best Actress, Drama, Terry O'Quinn won Best Supporting Actor, Drama and Late Night With Conan O'Brien won for Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Click HERE for a full list of winners at the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. [Source]

Of course, after the awards were handed out it was time for folks to get their party on:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Emmy winner Kathy Griffin (who took home the award for Outstanding Reality Program at the Creative Emmy Awards last week and who gave a controversial shout-out to Jesus in her acceptance speech) and NCIS star Pauley Perrette were both in the hiz at the Entertainment Tonight/People magazine party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, while the very chummy Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiligia (no further comment required) hung out at the Emmy Governor's Ball. Paula Abdul and her shocked-looking (overly tan and uberly botoxed, I might add) boyfriend JT Torregiani were at Les Deux (which JT owns, btw) for the TV Guide shindig. Eh, all in all I guess the parties were a big hit for the party-goers but nothing really stands out overall. Maybe things will be a bit more exciting next year. [Source]

Well ... it's been a few years, but OJ Simpson is back in police custody these days. Here is OJ's new mugshot from his arrest over the weekend in Las Vegas for his part in a bungled burglary heist ... or something like that:

O.J. Simpson was arrested Sunday and faces multiple felony charges in an alleged armed robbery of collectors involving the former football great's sports memorabilia, authorities said. Simpson was arrested shortly after 11 a.m., Capt. James Dillon said. The charges against Simpson will include robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a firearm, all felonies, Dillon said. Wouldn't it be insanely sad if OJ ended up going to jail for committing a crime this lame when it is widely believed that he essentially got off scott free for committing murder 13 years ago? [Source]

Here are a couple pics of a handcuffed and smiling OJ being led away by the LVPD after he allegedly threatened a man verbally and while brandishing a weapon. Er, well, "allegedly" in the "legal sense" ... TMZ has the recording of OJ making the threats:

An audiotape of OJ Simpson's confrontation with a sports memorabilia dealer that led to his arrest on armed robbery charges has been discovered. In the tape, released by the celebrity news Web site, Simpson is heard in a standoff with men he accuses of stealing his memorabilia, and begins with the ex-NFL star demanding, "Don't let nobody out of here." "Think you can steal my s*** and sell it?," the voice identified as Simpson's said ... In the audiotape, a man believed to be Simpson is heard shouting questions while other men yell orders to the people in the room. The tape was recorded by Thomas Riccio, who co-owns the auction house Universal Rarities. Riccio met up with Simpson just before the confrontation at the Palace Station Casino on Thursday night. Riccio was said to be with Simpson to prove certain memorabilia being auctioned by another man, Alfred Beardsley, was ill-gotten. Riccio says he believed Simpson was going to confront Beardsley in the hotel room to give him an ultimatum - either hand over the goods or Simpson would call the police. Riccio turned his Olympus digital voice recorder on before the group entered the room - a group that included Simpson and four other men. Almost immediately, Simpson went wild, hurling profanities at Beardsley and another memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong. The confrontation lasts six minutes. It is graphic and telling. Simpson is clearly the ringleader. What a crazy psycho! He looks like such a douchebag smiling for the cameras as he's led away by the police ... I would be very happy to never have to see his smug face ever again. You can read a transcript of the recording HERE. Or, for you lazy types (like me), TMZ has provided the actual recording for your listening pleasure by clicking HERE (Warning: Some of the language is NSFW so you might want to turn down your speakers if you're at work). [Source]

Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie made their way to Israel last week to join the other pilgrims who flocked to the Holy Land in order to observe the Jewish High Holy Days ... and to rub elbows with dignitaries like Israeli President Shimon Peres:

Madonna has toasted the Jewish new year with Israeli President Shimon Peres and declared herself an "ambassador for Judaism". The singer, who is not Jewish, met Peres at his official Jerusalem residence on Saturday evening, and the two exchanged gifts, with Madonna receiving a lavishly-bound copy of the Old Testament. She presented Peres a volume of "The Book of Splendor," the guiding text of Jewish mysticism, or Kabbalah, inscribed, "To Shimon Peres, the man I admire and love, Madonna," according to a local newspaper. Madonna and A-list pals Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher headed to Israel on Wednesday on a Kabbalah trip. The Material Girl reportedly planned to 'cleanse' the souls of her children during the pilgrimage to celebrate the Jewish New Year. She and husband Guy Ritchie, 39, will take Lourdes, 10, Rocco, seven, and 22-month-old David to a river to cast off their sins. Kabbalah follower Madonna, 49, has told them they must collect all their bad thoughts and send them away down the flowing waters ... Each child will have symbolic pieces of bread in their pockets to represent their sins. They empty their pockets into the river, thus cleansing their souls. Hmm ... I can't wait to see pictures of that. Honestly, I think it's awesome that Madonna is so committed to her faith. She railed against the Catholicism of her youth for so long (practically making a career out of it) that I never thought I'd see her embrace organized religion. She seems just as committed to Kabbalah as she did in her opposition to Catholicism. Good for her. She seems happy and I guess that is all that matters. [Source]

Okay, I know that I have been very fond of saying that Kylie Minogue can do no wrong ... but I think I'm going to have to amend that contention. Here are new pics of Kylie out and about in London over the weekend wearing a horrid black, leather-looking dress that appears to be made out of strips of black electrical tape and fringe:

ICK. Not even the amazing Kylie Minogue can make this outfit look cute. The Shirley Temple hairdo just rounds out this really bad fashion faux pas. If her stylist, William Baker, is responsible for this outfit then he needs to be tarred, feathered and strung up so that Kylie's gay faithful can pelt him with pebbles (or bricks). I really hope this is just one night's bad decision and not a sign of things to come from our sweet and stylish Kylie. I also hope this outfit has already been burned to cinders ... the ashes of which were ground into William Baker's eyes. Clearly, I am not a fan of this look ;) [Source]

Why is is that every other day Amy Winehouse is bleeding from one part of her body or another?

Also, why is it that when she is bleeding, the first thing she does is take to the streets so that she can be photographed? [Source]

Paris Hilton, who has been single for quite some time now, appears to have found herself a new guy to spend her time with:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

The lad is yet unnamed ... and is in pretty dire straits. Poor thing. [Source]

David Duchovny was a participant in the 21st Nautica Triathlon in Malibu, CA over the weekend and was photographed emerging from the sea wearing a form-fitting rubber wet suit ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... tho, I really can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. What do we think ... do we like Duchovny all dressed in rubber? Y/N/Maybe? [Source]

Holy Insert-Your-Favorite-Batman-Euphemism-Here, Batman! John Mayer was spotted making his way thru JFK airport in NYC wearing a very awesome, if I do say so myself, Batman hoodie:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, this is proof positive that John Mayer rulz. I love that he wore this awesome hoodie in public. I'd totally rock this look myself. Love it! [Source]

Well, what have we here. If I recall correctly, Nadine Coyle (the Girls Aloud singer who dumped Jesse Metcalfe earlier this year because he couldn't handle his addictions [which forced him into a short stint in rehab]) recently clarified that she and Jesse are no longer a couple despite the fact that the pair were photographed canoodling at an LA gas station early last month ... which sounds strange considering the couple were photographed together again over the weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Uh huh. Apparently, the newly reunited couple are house-hunting for a new place around LA. Yeah, I give it a couple of weeks. [Source]

Here is our first look at the new gay couple that will be moving onto Wisteria Lane for the new season of Desperate Housewives:

Eh, these two aren't as hot a couple as David Beckham and Robbie Williams would've made but I'll take what I can get. DH is another show that I don't watch but David does so I've seen my fair share of the show. I'm intrigued by the introduction of this same-sex couple. I might have to tune in more often to see how the new guys interact with the ladies on the show. [Source]

And finally ... because there has been a severe drought of Josh Duhamel on the blog lately and because Joshie poo was a no-show at the Emmy Awards this year, I present to you a very hot promo pic of Josh from the upcoming new season of Las Vegas on NBC:

Even when he's lookin' all mean and serious he looks superhot. Yeah ... that's all. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon was a very chill day ... Mike, Paul and I hung out at the pool in the late afternoon before we made our way, with Jill, for dinner at Ketchup on Sunset Blvd. Jill is flying back to Miami tonight so we had to send her off in style:

Dinner at Ketchup was delish. I can never get enough of the 3 kinds of French Fries and 5 kinds of ketchup. We all pretty much ate and ate and ate ... and then ate some more just because we could. Make sure you tune in to The Hills tonight to watch the showdown between LC & Jason and Heidi & Spencer as they cross paths at Ketchup on the new ep. When you watch, you can pretend that I'm LC, Paul is Jason, Mike is Spencer and Jill is Heidi ... yeah, it might sound a little weird but go with it ;)

There are a lot of things going on this week ... which will be discussed in the coming days. The end of the week looks very promising ... I'm very excited for the upcoming weekend ... but, again, deets will come in time. Have a great Monday ... well, as great a Monday one can have on a Monday. I'm out.



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