Friday, January 12, 2007

Take It To The Hills

It's been a whole day since we last checked in with Britney Spears so let's check in with the little minx to see what she is up to ... here are a couple pictures of Brit-Brit and she makes her way home from an evening out with some friends at Il Sole in West Hollywood:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Yeah, there really isn't anything to report ... she looked relatively OK and managed to keep herself from embarrassing herself -- I'd call it a good night. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink readers Jeff and Alex tell me that Britney showed up at Tiger Heat last night ... the ONE night I don't go! BOOOOO!

Check out this prepubescent photo of Brit's latest fling, model Isaac Cohen, all tuxedoed up back in high school:

Photo credit: Splash News

It looks like he's got a little guido in him ... he seems perfect for Britters. I'm not really holding out any hope that this "relationship" will go anywhere ... honestly, I feel that Isaac is too hot for Britney to hold on to. She doesn't seem to know a good thing when she sees one. Incidentally, if you're interested in being My Space friends with Isaac you're outta luck ... homie already cancelled his My Space account -- prolly cuz he couldn't handle all of the friend requests. [Source]

A bunch of lovely looking ladies were out in force last night at an Awards Season preview fashion show put on by In Style magazine ... a couple of my fave chicas from 24 were in the hiz as was one of my fave BtVS alums and a fallen Hero:

Photo credit: Splash News

I gotta say ... I love that Mary Lynn Rajskub is going out to all of these cool events lately. It's high time that she be appreciated for her awesomeness. Kim Raver and Michelle Trachtenberg both looked amazing ... as did Nora Zehetner (who reminds me of a young Audrey Tautou) in her lovely yellow dress. It's too bad that Nora is no longer on Heroes ... I was just starting to really like her character of Eden. [Source]

DON'T FOREGET that part 1 of the 2-night, 4-hour season premiere of 24 airs this Sunday night!

Here are a couple of screen shots from a taped interview with David Beckham (which you can watch HERE) talking about his signing with the MLS team the LA Galaxy:

He is so damn pretty ... I'm not sure if many of you are familiar with the way his voice sounds but I really don't think his voice matches up with his beauty.

Pretty much everyone went apeshizz yesterday over the announcement that Beck$ would be coming to play soccer here in the US (scoring the most lucradive sports contract ever for a single player) and today there are tons of articles discussing the news ... like THIS one from the LA Daily News that has a little quote from me :) [Source, Source]

Madonna is really making sure that she gets the most traction out of her surprise trip to NYC his week ... here are pictures of Maddy at a screening of her new movie Arthur and the Invisibles and then as she arrives for a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm fairly certain that every single minute of her days here in the US are allotted for some promo event or another. I don't think that Madonna gets much sleep ... ever. Her appearance on the Late Show was very cute ... I especially loved her comments on the new "trend" of celebs going out sans underpants:

Letterman: Now, I see these pictures on the Internet of some of your top stars of the day without their underpants.
Madonna: Oh God.
Letterman: You know what I'm talking about?
Madonna: I've been hearing these stories. It's dreadful.
Letterman: It's just remarkable.
Madonna: I love underpants ... Honestly, I live in England and so, I get -- I'm pretty cut off from a lot of these stories. I only read stuff about, or hear stuff about the Royal Family. And so I've come to New York and the first thing I hear is about everyone not wearing their underpants. What's going on? It's freezing outside!

LOL! Yep, Madonna has always been a fan of underpants ... I remember a time when it was the only clothing she'd wear. I love that woman! [Source]

Jennifer Lopez put in an appearance at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, CA for for the annual TV Critics Conference where she was pimpin' her new MTV show Dance Life which debuts on MTV this Monday ... here are a couple pictures of La Diva Latina looking glamorous in gold at the event:

Photo credit:

She is really working hard to make this show a success (and thank the Gods that she left her zombie husband at home) ... I have been hearing about this show forever and it's finally made it to TV. MTV has a very good track record for making these types of shows a success ... add J. Lo to the mix and it should be a hit. I'm definitely interested and will be watching. It's good to have J. Lo back on the scene again. [Source]

Here is the first picture of newlyweds Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer who were wed in a civic ceremony in London this past Sunday in front of 140 guests:

Cumming and Shaffer, an American illustrator, were hitched in a civil ceremony before 140 guests at England's Old Royal Naval College. Well-wishers included Sir Ian McKellen, Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell, Neve Campbell, Jason Isaacs, Rufus Wainwright, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Monica Lewinsky. Festivities included the couple's first skate on a rented ice rink. Cumming has said he would have preferred getting married in the U.S. "We really hope that soon gay people in America will be treated with the same respect as they are here in the U.K.," the X-Men actor said shortly after the wedding. "America is really missing out. You know, the gays really know how to throw a party." Aww ... it's hard to imagine Alan settling down for good with one man ... why, it only seems like yesterday that he was trying to get into my friend's pants when we met him at a party ... in any regard, I'm happy for the newly wedded couple and wish them a long and happy life together! [Source]

Patrick Dempsey is lookin' F-I-N-E on the cover of the February issue of Details magazine:

He really knows how to make those Zoolander facial expressions come alive. [Source]

Not to be outdone by Dr. McDreamy, Dr. McSteamy Eric Dane is gettin' his sexy on in the pages of the new issue of Best Life magazine:

You know ... I'd have a hard time picking a favorite between Patrick and Eric. You'd think that Eric's Robin Hood facial hair would be a turn off but then all I have to do is picture him in that towel half coming off his naked body and ... yeah ... Patrick who? [Source]

In other hot magazine news, Tricia Helfer who stars in Battlestar Galactica sheds her clothes in the pages of the February issue of Playboy magazine:

Photos courtesy of Playboy magazine

I am *just* starting to get into Battlestar Galactica so I can appreciate Tricia's appearance in the magazine. She looks utterly amazing in these pics. Dang ... when did SciFi nerdy shows get so hot? [Source]

Speaking of hotness ... here are a couple of the new Dolce & Gabbana ads for the Summer '07 line that is to be released:

As usual, the men of D&G really know how to bring the hotness ... [Source]

... in more ways than one ... Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves are featured in the new issue of W magazine ... and the designers aren't wearing much of their own clothing in the sexy photospread:

I'm not sure if it's all the Photoshop or what but these elder statesmen of fashion look amazing in these photos. While I can appreciate that these designers want to get nekkid to showcase their sexiness ... let's hope that other designers do not follow suit. Karl Lagerfeld -- I'm talking to you! [Source via Source]

Here is your first look at a couple of posters for the new movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End:

That Disney was able to turn an amusement park ride into such a phenomenon is utterly impressive. I resisted the movies for as long as I could but once I saw them I was hooked as well ... I'm really looking forward to this third installment. [Source]

And finally ... MTV2 is coming atcha with a whole new season of Crank Yankers ... and as much as I don't want to like the show ... yeah, I can't resist loving the show. Here are a few screencaps from the Jessica Simpson crank which features Jimmel Kimmel as her assistant:

Hee hee ... I don't want to spoil the crank but it's a pretty good one ... I never knew that Jess owned a "not a penis". THO, if you can't wait for the show to air you can hear the crank over at Egotastic. The new season of Crank Yankers premieres on MTV2 on February 9th at 10pm. [Source]

Les News:
OY ... last night was a late night for Jim and me ... we went out to Area for The Hills season 2 premiere party and had the best time. I got to chat with LC, Heidi and Whitney from the show and managed to run into some other cool peeps like my bud Brody Jenner and my fave LBer ever, Lo:

Nick Verreos and creepy Vince from Project Runway were also in the building along with Eva Pigford, Jesse McCartney and Stacy Jones from Veruca Salt and American Hi-Fi. There were other peeps there (hahah, yes Brandon Davis is in the pic with Lo but I was sure to steer clear) but honestly, Jim and I got to the point where we were liquored up enough to stop looking and start dancing. The party was totally fun ... great people, great music and lots to drink.

I also got to chill with a few Pink readers:

I have to give a shout out to Carolina, Jessy, Elle, Jess, Steve, Erin, Kristie and everyone else who came over to say hello. As always ... it was my pleasure meeting all of y'all. Much love to Emily and Jessica for taking such good care of us! XO

I need to crash again ... I need more sleep or I'm gonna be a wreck. Happy Friday, y'all ... and have a great weekend!

I'm out!