Monday, January 15, 2007

24 Is The Bomb!

Before we get to the day's business, I want to take a moment to remind y'all that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

Hopefully y'all will take some time today to reflect on what this day means and will be able to contribute something for the betterment of other people. Whether you can spend the day working in a soup kitchen, helping a community center clean up a park, donate clothing to the needy, donate money to your favorite charity (the MLK Memorial Fund can always use donations) or just smile and say hello to someone today ... it's all the same on MLK Day. I hope it's a good one for y'all ... [Source]


So ... last night was the first part of the 2-night, 4-hour season premiere of Day 6 of 24 ... yeah, that's more numbers than the series Numb3rs has but the show kicks so much ass that who really cares? I always find myself wondering what the hell can they possibly to to outdo what they've done in season's previous and, fortunately, I'm always surprised that they manage to come up with really great storylines. The 2-hour ep last night was pretty involved ... things got going really quickly and we're already well on our way to an explosive season ... Jack is back and he's ready to get down to biz:

Screencaps courtesy of Twenty Four Online

We already knew from the Day 6 preview trailer that Wayne Palmer, the younger brother to the much loved President David Palmer, has been elected as the new President ... but pretty much all of the new info we got was a surprise. Suicide bombers hitting locales all over the US -- Karen Hayes and Bill Buchanan are husband and wife -- Chloe brought SexyBack (even tho she managed to keep the scowly smirk we all know and love) -- lots of new stuff going on this season. I have to say that I was very disturbed by the way the US government looks to be handling minorities this season ... it always chills me to see things like this happen in fiction settings because part of me can believe that that sort of thing could really happen in real life. I also didn't like that Ahmed (who I believe is the Kumar from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) turned out to be a bad guy -- this show really effs with your head -- it's hard to know who to root for at any given time. In this first episode, we finally get to see Chloe make a mistake -- she is human after all. Jack is the man ... when he bit into that guys neck ... it was awesome. I think we'll see that his being imprisoned by the Chinese government for 20 months is going to have a continuing adverse effect on the way he operates ... I bet they'll do something much like the season where he was addicted to heroin -- even Jack Bauer could use a flaw every once in a while. I can't *believe* that they implemented the ridiculous convention of having the bad guy reveal his plan before killing the good guy ... which will obvs give the good guy a chance to save the day. I would've thought that 24 was beyond using this convention but ... I guess it was necessary. I like the new people -- Elliot from Will & Grace, Dr. Julian Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the former chief of staff Jim Gardner from the failed ABC show Commander In Chief are welcome additions (but watch that Islamic Organization boyfriend of the President's sister turn out to be a bad guy) ... the Ally McBeal guy is horribly annoying -- he's a schmuck and he's going to cause all sorts of headaches. A couple more things ... I already don't trust Nadia at CTU, I loved how Jack took care of that suicide bomber on the subway and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED for tonight's finale of the season premiere. When they say that "everything will change" they're not kidding. I trust that something huge is going to happen ... and it's only the start of the season. [Source]

Poor David Beckham ... it seems like his current soccer team, Real Madrid, aren't very happy with his new $250 million dollar contract with the LA Galaxy ... Beck$ has been sidelined for the duration of the season. Here are a few pics of Beck$ chillin' in the stands during gameplay this weekend:

n Madrid, Real coach Fabio Capello said at a news conference Saturday that Beckham won't play again for the European power. "He will practice, but he is not going to play," Capello said Saturday at a news conference. Beckham's contract with Real Madrid expires in June. The 31-year-old player would "continue to give his full commitment and professionalism to the club," Beckham spokesman Simon Oliveira said. "David is surprised at the quotes from Fabio Capello, as nobody from the club has informed him of their intentions," Oliveira added. "As far as David is aware, he has a contract for the remainder of the season and he remains dedicated to the club and its supporters." Eh ... it's really hard to feel sorry for the lad knowing how much of a killing he will be making with the LA Galaxy. I'm sure he wants to be as professional as possible and I'm really surprised that his team would stoop this low -- it only makes them look like a-holes. [Source]

So while Beck$ is restin' his buns in Spain, wifey Victoria Beckham is here in LA checking out schools and possible homes for the family to enjoy once they move to the US later on this year. Here are a few pics of Po$h checking out a humble abode in Bel-Air, CA:

Photo credit: Splash News

Her shaggy dog coat is really fugly ... she should do some shopping while she's in town as well. I wonder what sort of pad the Beckham$ will decide on ... I would imagine it'll have plenty of parking for the paparazzi outside their gates. [Source]

Kylie Minogue has had to cancel more shows due to illness but fortunately for her fans, those dates have already been rescheduled ... I'm sure it's no cause for concern, rather doctor's orders so that Kylie doesn't overexert herself:

POP star Kylie Minogue has announced new dates for two concerts cancelled after she fell ill. The pop princess, 38, cut short her gig at Manchester's MEN Arena after just 45 minutes, telling a shocked 20,000 crowd she had flu. Shows on Monday and Tuesday were called off on doctors' orders after she was diagnosed with a respiratory infection. The concerts have now been rescheduled for Sunday 21 January and Monday 22 January. Tickets for the original dates will remain valid ... A spokesman at the MEN venue said: "Kylie has a respiratory tract infection." Kylie's spokesman said: "She tried her best." She really has been working hard since returning to the stage after her bout with breast cancer ... I'm sure she'll be alright after a few days rest ... she's a fighter and she'll be back! [Source, Source]

Here are a couple pictures of the two British princes taken over the weekend ... Prince William is hard at work with his new military training group Blues and Royals while Prince Harry awaits word whether or not he'll be sent over to Iraq to join the fighting:

The 24-year-old is enjoying his first week of duties with the Blues and Royals. And Cornet Wales, as he is known, was at the head of the group which left Combermere Barracks in the shadow of Windsor Castle shortly before 8am. Trailed by a personal protection officer in jogging gear, he set off at a smart pace down the main road and into Windsor Great Park - basically his granny's back yard. The group stopped for a few minutes to stretch before heading off into the distance, returning more than an hour later. While some his colleagues were gasping for breath, William, 24, looked as if he had barely broken into a sweat. And his bodyguard managed to keep up. So while William is running, Harry is waiting to find out if he's gonna get shipped off to war: A British newspaper reported Sunday that Prince Harry was scheduled to begin final training for deployment to Iraq with his Army regiment -- but the defense ministry said no decision had been made on whether his regiment would be deployed. The News of The World said the prince, who is third in line to the throne, would take part in a two-day pre-deployment course which includes instruction in basic Arabic phrases. Harry, known as Cornet Wales by his regiment -- the Blues and Royals -- has trained to command 11 soldiers and four Scimitar tanks. A defense ministry spokesman said the Blues and Royals were among a number of regiments being considered for deployment to Iraq in April. "Even if the regiment is selected, it is not the case that the entire regiment would be deployed. If his unit was selected, it would be down to the unit commander to determine whether it would be appropriate for Harry to go," said a defense spokesman, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, in line with policy. The defense ministry has previously confirmed Harry could go to Iraq if his unit was deployed there, but said he might be kept out of situations where his presence would jeopardize his comrades. And you thought it was easy being a Prince. [Source, Source]

Here are a couple pics of Jake Gyllenhaal after he emerged from the NBC studios in NYC after guest hosting SNL this past Saturday night:

He is always so good to his fans ... but couldn’t he have given us a little more, I think. I realize it's kinda chilly in NYC at this time of the year but would it have killed him to take off his shirt or something? I mean ... c'mon! [Source]

Whitney Houston also emerged this weekend ... from a clandestine dinner at Maestro's Steakhouse here in Beverly Hills with singer Ray J (prolly better known as Brandy's little brother) ... what do you suppose was going on betwixt the two?

Photo credit: Splash News

Um ... at first I assumed that maybe the two were just talking about Whitney's comeback album ... but you don't suppose Ms. Houston was workin' that little boy, do you? Shoot ... if that's the case, you GO GIRL! [Source]

In other couples news, hereare a couple pics of Jennifer Lopez hanging out with her BFF Leah Remini ...

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

... I'm sure the long-time friends were just sharing a lovely afternoon of shopping ... yeah that or LEAH WAS TRYING TO CONVERT JENNY TO SCIENTOLOGY! Yep, just your typical weekend afternoon in Hollywood. [Source]

Nicole Richie is back from her holiday jaunt in Cabo San Lucas with new friend Joel Madden and she's already gotten back into her usual swing of things:

Photo credit: Splash News

Actually ... I like her plaid cap. It looks cute on her, I think. [Source]

Lauren LC Conrad, Heidi Montag and the crew return to MTV tonight with the second season of The Hills:

I soooo kinda hate myself for loving this show ... it's a total addiction for me. I don't know why I have to know how LC dumped Jason, how Heidi and Spencer hooked up, how LC and Brody Jenner hooked up or if Heidi really did get pregnant ... I guess I'm just a sucker for fabricated drama set to a bitchin' soundtrack. Season 2 of The Hills starts tonight on MTV at 10pm (but there's an afternoon sneak airing of the show at 4:30pm). [Source]

One last bit of Lagunaness ... here are newish pictures of Kyndra with some new dude enjoying some wine at what looks to be a vineyard that caters to underage drinkers:

Yeah, I know I care too much about this shizz ... I'm gonna go hurt myself now. [Source]

And finally ... my girl Michelle Trachtenberg is featured in a hot photoshoot in the current issue of UK Esquire magazine:

Sexy, sexy, sexy ... me likey, likey, likey! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon I got to hang out with my dear sweet Adriana ... we putzed around Pasadena and Alhambra looking for fun stuff to decorate with and were met with mixed results. We decided to check out a movie and chose to see The Curse of the Golden Flower:

This movie is a bit in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vein but the story focused on one family ... a royal family ... a very insanely dysfunctional royal family. Yeah, if you think you're family has got probs you ain't seen nuthin' yet. The scenes were beautiful and the parts were well acted ... honestly, I expected more of a story but in the end it all boiled down to a few days in the life of an effed up family with major issues. The story was very soap opera-like and it did get a bit ridiculous in the end ... but hey, I live for this shit so it was all good. Both Adriana and I really enjoyed it ...

... unfortch for me, tho, I got word late last night that my mother fell and broke her hip yesterday. She is scheduled for surgery this week and I spent all morning trying to figure out the deets. It looks like I'll be flying home on Wednesday to be with her for a few days ... the poor thing ... stuff like this never happens to her. My dad assures me she'll be alright but I really want to get home to see her.

I guess that's it ... I have some stuff to take care of ... have a happy Monday ... happy MLK Day, once again!

I'm out.