Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fallout, Boy!

First things first ... let's get the Britney Spears stuff out of the way first, as usual, before we get to the more pressing matters ... with all the new TV that we're being bombarded with PLUS the Awards Season frenzy getting kicked into high gear -- there is a lot of shizz to get thru.

Here are pictures of Britney Spears with her crew partying at the Las Vegas nightclub Pure this past weekend -- about 2 weeks after her last party appearance at Pure on New Year's Eve (where she infamously "fell asleep" in the VIP area). As we all know by now, Britney brought her new boy toy Isaac Cohen to Sin City for a little vacation get-away for the weekend and the pair put in some party time at Pure:

Photo credit: Splash News

You can't tell from these photos but Isaac is in her herd of peoples ... he was just hiding from the cameras. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of BrIsaac chillin' in Vegas ... and you will note that Isaac is required to talk at least two steps behind her Britness at all times:

Photo credit: Flynet

I'm not exactly sure why they went to to such lengths to keep from being photographed together ... it seems foolish for her not to be seen holding hands with a hot guy and for him to not be seen with his new claim to fame. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Isaac, back home in LA, heading off to an audition armed with one of his killer headshots:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Yeah ... poor Isaac still has to work these days ... that is, until Britney decides to marry him, have children with him and then divorce him. Until that happens ... he'll be schlepping his way thru auditions and call-backs. It's a rough life. [Source]

Speaking of having to schlep for work, Kevin Federline is looking for all sorts of ways to make money again now that he has been severed from his Britney's fortune. Word broke last week that he has been signed to appear in a Super Bowl commercial ... here are a couple pictures of K-Fed showing up for duty:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

It is being reported that K-Fed's commercial is for an insurance agency ... but if FedEX is stupid enough to not shoot a commercial with him then they're idiots. A FedEx commercial is prolly the only thing he was put on Earth to do ... that and ruin Britney Spears' life ... it'd be a shame if the opportunity wasn't seized. [Source]


Holy Crap ... Holy, Moly, Crap ... PLEASE tell me that you watched 24 last night. It was prolly the most shocking 24 that I have ever seen ... even tho I kinda had a sneaking suspicion of what was going to happen, something in the back of my head kept saying, "Nah ... they wouldn't do that." But, oh yes, they did ... and it's very true that everything will change from this point on:

Screencaps courtesy of Twenty Four Online

Early on in last night's episodes things got a little slow ... yes, things actually have to slow down for a few minutes so that the storyline can progress and so that more information can be acquired (believe me, it annoys me too). I'm not feeling the interaction between Chloe and her two men. The fighting between Milo and Morris is irritating enough ... to make it all about their love of Chloe is a bit ridiculous. I don't really buy Chloe as the now-bumbling girlie girl caught in the middle of two guys -- it's just wrong. I suppose we're supposed to believe that Chloe is in love with the most unChloe-like man on Earth (Morris) but I just don't buy it ... seems to me that she would choose her career over her boyfriend/ex-husband. I love how 24 has to make everything as complicated as possible ... like making the President's sister be involved with the head of an Islamic Immigrant group and then putting the both of them smack dab in the middle of all the chaos ... not to mention that they named her Sandra (which I find extremely funny because Regina King starred on 227 in the 80s with Jackee who played the character of Sandra). I also love how 24 has no probs killing off major characters at the drop of a hat ... last season, Michelle Dessler got blowed up early on and this season it was poor Curtis who peaced out. Curtis always struck me as a very stable agent ... it's too bad that Jack had to pop his ass for freaking out over that one little terrorist. It sucks that he's dead ... I always thought he would make a good "Jack Bauer replacement" if Jack ever died on the show and they had to continue the series. One last thing I always love about 24 -- the terrorists always manage to get their spies into the most secure areas without fail, without problems at all. We've yet to find a spy at CTU but so far we've only gotten the season premiere -- I'm sure we'll sniff out another one soon enough. Alright ... let's get to the good stuff. 24 finally nuked the US ... tho, a couple of season's ago they did detonate a nuclear device in the desert where no one could be killed (and miraculously, no radiation fall out to hear of) but this time a nuke did go off in a populated area -- Valencia, CA to be exact. If that were really the case, I'd be irradiated by now. My first thought was, OMG! OMG! OMG! and my second thought was, Well what the hell are they going to do now? I really hope there are some nuclear zombies to contend with in future eps ... I mean, if you're gonna go down this road why not go all the way. I'm sure Jack Bauer will know how to fix this little nuclear problem ... after all, of all the Jack Bauers in the world, he's the Jack Bauerist. [Source]

One last 24 thing, apparently there is a DVD on sale starting today that contains a short preview of next week's episodes on it (packaged with the season premiere we just watched) ... I'm sure most people will just wait for the show to air at its regularly scheduled time next Monday at 9pm but -- I'm getting my ass to the store and I'm getting that DVD.

So ... oh yeah ... there was a little awards show last night while all that 24 craziness was going ... I flipped back and forth between commercials (even tho news of who won what broke as soon as it was broadcast on the East Coast) and was very satisfied with pretty much everyone who won awards ... but before we get to that ... let's take a stroll down the red carpet of last night's Golden Globes:

Photo credit: Splash News

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt caused a sensation as did Jennifer Lopez. She looked utterly amazing ... beautiful and flawless as usual. I gotta show love for my dear Mary Lynn Rajskub ... we're so used to see her as frumpy Chloe on 24 that I quite like her lookin' more glam every time we see her. I'm pretty sure the cast of Lost only showed up to try and remind people that they still exist in the hopes that people will still be interested in watching their show when it returns on Feb. 7. I might be compelled to watch again ... maybe. I can't believe that Cameron Diaz chose to get styled by Bjork. That freaky look is suitable for Bjork but just does not work on her. I say ... Poop Sandwich. [Source]

A lot of my favorite women took home Golden Globes last night ... including Jennifer Hudson (who is now a SHOE-IN for the Academy Award), Meryl Streep (who was divine in The Devil Wears Prada) and Helen Mirren who took home two awards for both TV and Movie roles:

Photo credit: Splash News

America Ferrera and Ugly Betty took home awards as did Dreamgirls (including Eddie Murphy -- not Beyonce tho), Babel and Sacha Baron Cohen for his amazingly funny Borat character. There weren't any surprises ... but I feel that the Hollywood Foreign Press got it right. Click HERE for the full list of Golden Globe Winners. [Source]

Pretty much everyone looked great last night (Cameron Diaz, notwithstanding) but there were two ladies who showed up with some fugalicious hair the likes of which I've never seen ... er, well never seen so far this year:

Photo credit: Splash News

Where in the hell did Vanessa Williams get that wig from? It looks like something she pieced together from Beyonce's closet o' weaves. Sienna Miller's milk maid braid was just a bad choice. I'm sure they both were going for individuality ... and I guess they got it ... they're both singled out as messes. [Source]

After all the awards were given out ... it was time to party:

Photo credit: Celebrities.com

This is where peeps like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the other folks who were not invited to the actual Golden Globes ceremony get to hob nob with the true A-list. [Source]

Alright ... enough GG nonsense for this year ... it's over, we move on and prepare the big enchilada in March. Victoria Beckham is really making herself at home here in LA as she scouts out the area for her family's impending take-over ... here are pictures of Po$h doing a little shopping at The Grove over the weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yep, she already knows all the hot spots to hit in order to be seen and photographed by the paparazzi. She will fit in around here just fine. [Source]

Ryan Adams guested on The Late Show with David Letterman last night ... here are a couple pictures of the lad as he exited the theater:

Photo credit: Splash News

Ryan joined Ben Kweller for a performance with the 70s rock group America. Apparently, Ryan, Ben and other like-minded rocksters/hipsters are featured on the new America album which is released today. [Source]

Robbie Williams, who is no stranger to dressing in drag, has glammed himself up for his new video She's Madonna:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS appears to be wearing UMA THURMAN's wig from Pulp Fiction for the video to his new single, She's Madonna. As you can see here, Robbie has opened his dressing-up box again and dolled himself up with a gang of LA's finest drag queens. The video for the track, co-written with the PET SHOP BOYS, has me baffled. It doesn't feature MADONNA or any Madonna lookalikes. In fact, the only link to Madge is that the promo's Swedish director, Johan Renck, previously worked with her on the Hung Up video ... He shot the wacky promo in Los Angeles during a break from his record-breaking world tour. I can reveal the success of his gigs means he WILL receive a nomination for Best Live Act Brit. In the video Robbie cuts a strange figure in a black bobbed wig, tons of spooky eyeshadow and smeared red lipstick. The last time he smothered himself in this much slap was so he could Entertain Us -- and he will certainly get a few laughs with this. The vid features appearances from drag queen ALEXIS ARQUETTE, COURTENEY COX's brother-in-law. Yeah, Robbie makes a pretty damn ugly woman ... but you gotta love a man who suffers for his art. [Source]

Here are a couple new Miu Miu ads that feature new spokes model Lindsay Lohan:

I think I like this campaign. Linds really does look her best when she's a red-head. [Source]

It is my very sad duty to give a Peace the Spork Out to Darlene Conley who played the utterly fabulous Sally Spectra for about a billion years on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She sadly succumbed to stomach cancer (!!!) over the weekend at the age of 72:

Conley died Sunday of stomach cancer at her Los Angeles home surrounded by family and friends, Eva Demirjian, a publicist for the CBS serial drama, said Monday. She was diagnosed with cancer about three months ago, and the show's producers were deciding how to portray the fate of her character, Demirjian said. "She constantly entertained us with every move, every breath, every inflection of her voice. Whether she was the villain, the damsel, the sexpot or the comedienne, Darlene was brilliant," said Bradley P. Bell, the show's executive producer. She started on the long-running soap in December 1988, playing the flamboyant, red-haired chief of Spectra Creations and rival to Forrester Fashions. Her portrayal of Spectra earned her two Daytime Emmy nominations for best supporting actress and six Soap Opera Digest awards. When I heard this news yesterday I didn't want to believe it ... Sally was a much beloved character on B&B. Back in the day, Sally Spectra was the show's #1 villain and #1 trouble-maker day after day. In recent years, her character was no longer "evil" and she was relegated to a much less prominent part. Nonetheless, Sally Spectra was a dominant force on that show and she will be sadly missed. Darlene Conley always reminded me of my favorite aunt who passed away a couple of years ago. I guess I'm now doubly sad. [Source]


In other sad news, Mr. Romance (my #1 pick) on I Love New York was axed from competition in last night's episode. The poor guy turned out to be too crazy even for New York ... and he got sent packing:

Let's all pour one out for Mr. Romance. You just know the poor guy is still crying at being rejected. [Source]

And finally ... it looks like they're going ahead with the sequel to Alien vs. Predator ... here is the first movie still from part two:

As much as I kinda liked the first movie ... I don't really know where else they can take the story. But, I suppose if studio execs can green light movies like Rocky Balboa then ... well, we'll prolly be seeing a few more AVP sequels in the future. [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... I spent much of yesterday preparing for my trip home to Detroit tomorrow. I have received many, many emails of support on behalf of my ailing mother and I can't thank you enough for all the kind words. It means so much to me to hear from so many of you ... I'm still very worried for my mom and those worries won't be allayed until I get to see her for myself. Thank you all again so much ...

I'm out.