Saturday, January 20, 2007

Steady As She Goes

You know ... Britney Spears is a very bizzy woman these days, she can hardly keep up with herself ... that must be why she seems to take such pleasure in keeping track of her weekly goings on by referring to the glossy tabloids in order to keep abreast of her own actions:

She looks extremely interested in reading what the tabloids write about her and her latest relationship with model/actor Isaac Cohen -- which, by the way, Star magazine is reporting is still going strong: Wearing a purple Christian Audigier designed Ed Hardy tee-shirt over a long sleeved thermal shirt ("I love his clothes!"), Isaac talked with Star exclusively on Friday, January 19th at his beige carpeted apartment in Encino, CA where he was listening to music playing softly. Isaac explained to Star that "everything is fine" between him and Brit. "I talked with her earlier today." Tall, handsome and exceedingly polite (Isaac offered to shake a reporter's hand not once, but twice!), Isaac seemed a bit overwhelmed by all of the recent media attention, but was taking it in stride. "I can handle anything that's thrown at me, but I would appreciate if you didn't bother my friends and family. I'm having a relationship with (Britney), not (the media)." Hmm ... I guess we'll see. It's still really early to determine if this relationship has the legs to stand on long term. I just hope that Brit-Brit keeps reading the tabs (or better yet, reads Pink is the new Blog) so that she knows whether or not she's still going out with Isaac. [Source]

In other news, the Sundance Film Festival is in full swing in Park City, Utah and only the biggest names in Hollywood are streaming into the city to partake of the festival's festivities ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... unfortch, those big name celebs usually don't show up in Park City until a few days into the festival week. So far ... this is pretty much all the celebrity Park City has to contend with. It's hard to say who's the bigger star between Gary Coleman (Arnold Drummond from Diff'rent Strokes) or Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills, 90210) so I'll just leave it up to y'all to make that call for y'allselves. [Source]

OOOOH but Lance Bass has already made his way to Sundance, apparently to do a little skiing ... and he is curiously missing one big, beefy, sexy boyfriend:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure it's nothing serious ... perhaps Reichen Lehmkuhl isn't big on skiing ... but you know the drill ... anytime these two are apart people wonder if they're broken up (after all, Reichen is big on swag -- so maybe he'll be along shortly). No worries ... I'm sure they're still together and doing fine ... right? [Source]

Victoria Beckham has completed her mission in Los Angeles and has packed up her mounds of luggage and has flown back to Spain to be with her family. One can assume that her batteries are in dire need of a recharge (and I'm not even speaking figuratively here). Here are pics of Posh making her way thru LAX airport on her way out of the country:

I think it's safe to say that she really likes being in LA ... she appears to really enjoy all the shopping that Southern California has to offer. It won't be long before the entire Beckham brood moves into the neighborhood. It will be a glad day when I get to run into David Beckham picking up a latte at my friendly neighborhood Coffee Bean. IIEEE ... I get all giddy inside just thinking about it. [Source]

Speaking of getting giddy ... here are new pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal workin' on his fitness as he jogs in the Hollywood Hills earlier this week:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Usually, I'm a big fan of Jakey poo wearing spandex (you may recall I became a convert soon after he started bike riding with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey) but I don't know how I feel about these spandex leggings that he's wearing in these photos. I realize they're meant to keep him warm but ... they give him a bit of a chicken leg-look. If this is his new exercise trend for 2007 then I can't *wait* for it to warm up ... that way he can take to the streets wearing nothing but a pair of spandex shorts. Le sigh. [Source]

Well now ... here are some very interesting photos of newly single Cameron Diaz getting in a little surf time with surfing champ Kelly Slater down in North Shore, Hawaii earlier this week:

If Cameron was able to enlist Kelly to engage in the sexual relations with her then I say YOU GO! If she merely enlisted his help for a few surfing lessons so that everyone would think that they are engaging in the sexual relations then I, again, say YOU GO! Any time spent with a hot surfer with a hot surfer body is time well spent. Meanwhile, Cam's ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake has been keepin' bizzy ... with his mother ... you can make of that what you will. [Source]

Ah Lindsay ... I do love you so ... especially since you don't seem to let a little thing like rehab keep you from your daily routine of shopping and what have you ... these pictures of L. Lo were taken the day after she checked herself into the Wonderland Rehab Clinic while she posed for pics at the Envie Beverly Hills boutique:

The clothes are by Retribution ... which is perfect for wearing during your Rehabilitation. Lord ... just get better Linds :) [Source]

One last bit of L. Lo news, here is the 4th Miu Miu ad featuring our favorite little firecrotch to surface thus far:

I quite like this ad campaign ... the images are simple but striking. I really love the colors in all of these Miu Miu ads. [Source]

In other ad news, here is the latest advertisement for Jessica Simpson's line of handbags, featuring none other than Jessica Simpson herself ...

... and her poor pooch Daisy. Seriously ... I gotta know ... who approves these ads? Jess does not look at all flattering in this photo ... and poor Daisy ... she looks like she prays for death on a daily basis. [Source]

Okay ... so ... I am totally digging this new artist called Young Love who is about to release his debut album on January 30th. I've known about Young Love for about a year now (thanks to my good friend Ultragrrrl) and finally got my hands on the full length debut album Too Young To Fight It and absolutely LOVE it. I listened to the whole thing (twice) on my flight out from LA and then realized that the song Find A New Way is the theme song for Jennifer Lopez' new MTV reality show called DanceLife:

Seriously, the whole damn album is so incredibly hooky and catchy ... different songs keep repeating in my head. You can check out the video for the song Find A New Way HERE. You can preview some of this music at the official Young Love profile on My Space. YL opened for Good Charlotte on their club tour late last year but I got there late and missed him ... BUT he'll be doing his own show in LA (at the Knitting Factory) on Feb. 1 and I will do my best to be there. Check out the tunes ... I think there are a fair number of y'all that might dig them as much as I do. [Source]

And finally, here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers from all over the world engaged in various states of celebration and/or just hanging out -- Melissa with her amazing Detroit sign welcoming me back home this week -- Sam, Sophia and Emily showin' love to all the Bar Mitzvahs celebrants -- Paola who is in Jamaica celebrating her new engagement with her fiancee (with her awesome out-of-print PITNB limited edition t-shirt) -- Melanie and her sister Laurie chillin' in Antarctica (note the penguins in the background) -- Mapi and her friend Astrid, who are from Spain, hangin' out in Valencia:

Thank you all, again, so much for your amazing photos. I love them. This week has been a bit rough for me but it's been utterly amazing hearing from so many of you with your well wishes for my mother. I cannot tell you what it means to me to keep receiving so much support ... from the bottom of my heart ... thank you all so much. XOXO

Les News:
So my mother has already been transferred from her regular hospital to a rehabilitation center where they will help her get back on her feet again. I'm not sure how long she'll have to stay there (prolly longer than I'll be here in Detroit) but it's a good move for her. I got to spend a few hours with her yesterday and she looked even better than the day before. I never knew how strong my mom was ... I'm very impressed with her ability to cope and handle this horrible accident of hers. I can't wait til she can get around on her own again and come back home with my dad.

I had planned on driving out to see Tracey and Zakiya last night but a snow storm hit and the roads were in no condition for driving. I went over to Sarah's (cuz we were going to go to Tracey's together) but ended up falling asleep on her couch.

I'm not sure what my plans are for this weekend ... I'm off to see my mom again this afternoon then prolly dinner with Mark. I hope to be able to get to see Tracey and Zakiya while I'm home ... it's just that mom is my top priority right now.

I hope y'all are having a nice weekend ... I hope you're staying warm ... and I hear LA is supposed to be in the 80s this weekend. Grrr.

Happy Saturday ... I'm out.