Sunday, January 21, 2007

TV On The Radio

Things at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah are really heating up now that the bigger name celebs have finally made their way into town ... here are a few photos of some bigger name celebs out and about at Sundance this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Of course, even tho the bigger celebs are out there are still your Tara Reids that tend to lower the property value (tho, I gotta give her some props ... she has been lookin’ much better these days) ... if you know what I'm saying. Still ... I believe there are bigger names yet still to make themselves known at the film festival. [Source]

But in my book, someone like a super duper cutie pie like Adam Brody is a pretty good enough:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm still completely unsure as to whether or not Adam and Rachel Bilson have officially broken up for good or not (there were widely reported rumors that they did call things off but then a different report came out after Thanksgiving that Adam had confessed to people privately that they had not broken up) but they haven't been seen together in quite some time so I tend to think that he is flying solo these days ... which is a damn shame ... letting such adorableness go to waste. Le sigh. [Source, Source]

Motorola has set up shop for the umpteenth million Sundance in a row (this year teaming up with Nintendo) and always manage to have no problem drawing the celebs into their little Park City home ... here are a few pictures of some pretty cool peeps chillin’ at the Motorola Late Night Lounge:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Awww ... don't Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake look so cute together? And who knew that Motorola was able to so successfully bring all the boys to the yard? [Source]

Back in SoCal, Fox threw its annual Winter TCA press tour last night at the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena, CA and some of their most beloved stars showed up to rub elbows with one another:

I kinda love the image of Wentworth Miller and Kiefer Sutherland together ... which reminds me that Prison Break returns with an all new episode tomorrow night directly preceding an all new episode of 24 on Fox. Add to that an all new episode of Heroes also airs on NBC tomorrow night at the same time that 24 does -- Monday nights are about to get very bizzy for moi. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch all 3 shows tomorrow night (I am DVRless here at my parents) but I'll do my best to watch as much as I can so that I can recap on Tuesday ... but we'll see, I have an early afternoon flight back to LA on Tues. BUT ANYWAYS ... the Fox party looked swell, yes? [Source]

Also in LA last night, the Producer's Guild Awards were held in Century City, CA and only the celebs endowed with the most ample foreheads were allowed on the premises:

Photo credit: Splash News

EEK ... Tyra Banks' massive forehead even freaked out Hugh Laurie. You can't tell because of her horrid bangs, but Suzanne Somers is also rockin' a pretty big forehead underneath that bleached out hair ... incidentally, she looks in pretty good spirits considering her Malibu home burned completely to the ground just a few weeks ago. [Source]

In France, the NRJ Music Awards were held last night where Xtina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Fergie were among the US music stars on hand for the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

Apparently, the NRJ Awards are a big deal ... so much so that Lionel Richie decided to make an appearance ... wait, I meant to say that the NRJ Awards are not that discriminating which is why Lionel Richie was allowed to attend. My bad. [Source]

Ruh roh ... Prince Harry, who has been engaged in military training in preparation for his possible deployment to Iraq, has angered some members of his training sqaud because the little prince decided to blow off a training session to go party at the Cuckoo Club with his girlfriend Chelsea Davy ... here are a few pics of the pair as they emerged from the club in the wee hours of the morning:

PRINCE Harry has angered his troops by skipping war training yesterday -- to go clubbing with his girlfriend. The officer, 22, missed a 100-minute march in Windsor Great Park with 160 Blues and Royals at 6am. Instead at 3am he was snapped leaving Mayfair's trendy Cuckoo club with sweetheart Chelsy Davy. His brother William, 24, took part in the tough march. "He is popular with his men but if he wants to earn their respect this is the kind of situation he must avoid. He must muck in with the rest of us." Harry was given ten days off a month after joining the cavalry unit for a holiday with Chelsy, 21. His latest absence will be seen as a sign he will NOT be heading to war with his men. Hmm ... interesting. I never really believed that Prince Harry would be shipped off to Iraq at all. It doesn't make sense to put the youngest Prince of England at risk in such a pointless war. Either way, can you really blame the kid for wanting to go clubbing with his girlfriend? He is the Prince after all ... he can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants. [Source]

Woah ... so this is what happens to a person after they get killed off a marginally successful TV drama ...

... the poor thing. The only explanation for these terrrible pictures has to be that she lost a bet of some sort ... that or the stylist just hates her. [Source]

The official Spider-Man 3 website has been updated with a bunch of new goodies ... here are a few new pics from the much anticipated final (?) installment of the Spider-Man saga:

I've been so geeked over the introduction of ubervillains Venom and Sandman into the storyline that I have completely overlooked Harry Osborn's imminent transformation into Green Goblin II. The site is full of new wallpapers (including my fave, the one of Harry in the Green Goblin II mask) and screensavers. There are still no official HQ stills of Venom but it seems wise on the producer's part to keep Venom as underwraps as they can until the movie comes out in May. Weeee I am *so* excited. [Source]

My boo David Hauslaib, editor of, does these great video goss/media roundups for and, for some reason, he thinks he's really funny (okay, he's kinda funny, I guess) so I'm gonna start posting his weekly vid clips so that y'all can judge his humor for y'allselves ... here is this week's installment:

Yes ... I am a lucky guy.

And finally ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... this week I decided to amp it up a bit and feature a hot dude with only a pair of underwear -- tho, he's not actually wearing the underwear ... say hello to Joey:

He's awfully shiny, ain't he? Yeah, he looks a little tough, he's got a little 'tude ... he's got that I'm hard cuz I look like a white rapper vibe about him but you know what ... it kinda works for me today. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
My dad and I spent yesterday afternoon with moms ... who is doing SO well -- I am so happy. On her second day at the rehab hospital they already had her learning how to get in and out of a car (using a full size car they have disassembled inside the hospital). I'm very encouraged that her hip will heal very quickly and she'll be able to come home very soon.

Again ... thank you all for your kind emails. They keep coming in and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for all y'all's concern. Thank you so much.

Yesterday evening, Sarah, Mark and I did a little book shopping before we enjoyed a massive, delicious sushi dinner at Little Tree ... before enjoying a few martinis at the Living Room ... before completely falling apart at their place for the rest of the night. We had planned on going to Dorkwave (which just happened to be going on last night at the Cork Town Tavern) but Sarah and I ended up not making it off her couch ... in fact, I fell in and out of sleep while we watched this amazingly fascinating show on the National Geographic Channel on multiple babies as they developed inside the womb. Er, then we watched some Oprah After the Show and then the movie Coal Miner's Daughter. Yes, we're sad. Whatevs tho ... we had fun ... I love hanging at Sarah's place :)

Today I'm off to see mom again and then I may meet up with Sarah's family for dinner and perhaps I'll make my way out to Tracey's to spend time with her and Zakiya. My time here is running out and I'm trying to see as many people as I can.

OH ... for those of you in the UK, I'm supposed to be interviewed on BBC Radio tonight sometime ... so maybe some of y'all will get to hear it.

OH and speaking of good readio ... if you live here in Detroit, MI/Windsor, Canada (93.9 actually broadcasts from Windsor just across the Detroit River) and you're not listening to 93.9 The River you're sorely missing out on the best radio station I think this city has had in YEARS!

After being off the air for a few years, The River is back and better than ever before. I knew of it's return when I was home over Xmas but never got around to giving them a shout out. On this trip, it's all I listen to ... they play amazing music by Ryan Adams (I actually heard his song Firecracker on the radio -- which is a very special song for David and me), The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees (!!!), Johnny Cash, Modest Mouse, Love Spit Love, The Sundays, The Jesus and Mary Chain ... stuff you *never* hear on the radio all on the same station. I am in total love with the station. It figures ... as soon as I leave Detroit it ends up getting back it's best radio station.

Soo ... I guess that is all ... I am out.