Friday, February 02, 2007

If You Get The Chance, You Must Dance, Dance, Dance

First things first ... we here in the U S of A have this weird holiday/tradition called Groundhog Day where on the second day of February we focus our attention to a hole in a (now fake) tree stump at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where we dig out a woodchuck (also known as a groundhog) and determine whether or not he sees his shadow. If he sees his shadow then we will have 6 more weeks of Winter, if he does not see his shadow then the forecast becomes Spring will be "right around the corner". Yeah. Anyways ... here are pictures of Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog in question) after he has been pulled out of his hole:

I am happy to report that Phil did not see his shadow this year so Spring should be along shortly. All of this nonsense is moot for me, tho, since I live in California now and it's pretty much Spring most days of the year irregardless of whether or not Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not. But, for my peoples back in the Midwest (where the Winters are cold and bitter), I am thrilled that that little rat is making Spring come faster. [Source]

I have to say ... I was pretty shocked when the following photos were sent to me ... now, I don't consider myself a naive person at all but I don't necessarily want to jump to conclusions either ... so I'll leave it up to y'all to determine what it is that we're seeing in these photos of Denise Richards on a beach in Hawaii:

It appears that she is holding a small vial of ... something ... and then she's doing something with her nose that is leaving a white substance on her nostrils ... I think. Surely she can't be doing what it *looks* like she's doing, right? [thanks Sarah]

Here are more pictures of Denise Richards, with her lover Ritchie Sambora, sunnin' herself on the beach ... but in these pictures she's not playing with her nose ... she's just letting herself all hang out:

Photo credit: Flynet

Click HERE to see the uncensored NSFW images ... if you dare. I hadn't anticipated that Denise would be so ... saggy. Ew. [Source]

Here are a few photos of Prince at a press conference performance for the upcoming Super Bowl football tourney that will air live this Sunday on CBS. Prince will be the half-time performer and he used the press conference to give us all a peek of what he's got planned for Super Bowl Sunday:

Whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed ... but I think it's clear that the funk will be broughten this Sunday night. [Source]

Yay! Homerun! It appears that Mandy Moore and DJ AM have finally graduated to the realm of complete comfort with the public displays of affection:

Surely AM is gettin' the nookie by now. I gotta say ... I think I like DJ A-Mandy together. They strangely make a cute couple. [Source]

Has Gavin Rossdale given up his old music career for the priesthood?

Hmmm ... he makes a pretty hot man of the cloth, don't you think? I bet wifey Gwen Stefani makes a pretty hot naughty nun, too. [Source]

Here are a few promo images of Jennifer Lopez for her new Spanish-language album Como Ama Una Mujer:

She looks stunning. This is a diva, y'all ... I think she looks amazing. [Source]

Morrissey is playing a few shows here in LA this week (the first one was last night and the next two are tonight and tomorrow) and, of course, the tickets sold out immediately (which is why I'm missing out). But, the LA Weekly did an interview with the Moz man where the focus was, strangely, on death ... you'll never guess where Morrissey says he wants to be buried -- actually, it's prolly a very easy guess:

Okay, well, as long as we're on this sort of morbid topic, I loved those pictures of you in Mojo at Keats' grave. They’re really beautiful, and that made me wonder if you have thought about your epitaph.
Home at last. No, that's been used by, I think, Bela Lugosi. I think his stone says, "Home at last." I always felt that I wanted nothing other than name, birth date, death date, nothing else.
Your full name?
Yes, I think so. All three names, Steven Patrick Morrissey.
Do you know where you’d like to be buried?
I've seen a couple of places that look very attractive. And one of them is here. Two of them are in other countries. But mostly people would say, what the hell does it matter, how do you know where you're lying?
Where in L.A.?
Well, there's one place I quite like.
Can you imagine your grave?
Yes, something very modest, I'd say. But when you see Victorian stones, Victorian headstones, they're very dramatic, and they're reaching to you, and they're full of demonic spirits as much as anything else. And I like that, I like that. I mean, death is a serious thing, certainly not to be sneezed at.
I'm sorry, I interrupted you, where is it in L.A.?
Well, you know the place.
Hollywood Forever?
That's a great old cemetery.
I like it... I stumbled across Johnny Ramone's stone -- I thought his stone was very nicely placed. And I sat there for a very long time, and I felt quite good about it. I felt it was a nice position, and it was nice that his bones were under the soil that I was sitting on. So, yeah. That's my spot. And I have considered putting money down for reserving a spot.

The rest of the interview is very interesting, you can read the whole thing HERE. It's too bad I'm missing these LA shows but I've seen the man many times so I'm not upset. I even scored the shirt off his back from a concert in Ann Arbor, MI a few years ago ... so I really can't be complainin' :) [Source, thanks Christina]

Here are a few preview pictures from Katie Holmes' photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine:

She is so pretty. I miss her. [Source]

Speaking of pretty, here are a few more pictures of Diddy and his ladies -- girlfriend Kim Porter and his twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James from the new issue of People magazine:

LOL ... that man looks like a QUEEN in the first pic but he also looks like a supercute adoring daddy in the other pics. These babies are so beautiful ... and they are going to be spoiled ROTTEN. Loves it! [Source]

Justin Timberlake is on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly ...

... in case you were wondering. [Source]

It seems that photos from THIS photoshoot are not going to be used for the cover of Avril Lavigne's new album titled The Best Damn Thing ... it turns out that she decided to go with this cover artwork ...

... which, I'm sure, will look great one day in the bargain bins of Hot Topic. [Source]

And finally, photographer Mark Davidson was at the Young Love show at the Knitting Factory here in Hollywood, CA last night and managed to shoot a few amazing photos of YL front man Dan Keyes before the show ... and he's sharing them with all of us:

Photo credit: Mark Davidson

I love these pics ... they really capture Dan's heat. Hot! [Source]

Les News:
So yeah ... the Young Love show was amazing! I got there right as the band took the stage and found the perfect spot right in front of the stage. Here are a few pics from the show:

Click HERE to see all of my pictures from the show. Dan is so dreamy on stage ... in fact, the crowd kept yelling for him to take off his pants. He promised to do so only if everyone else in the crowd took theirs off first. I love that the boy is not afraid to dance (when it comes to white boys, it can be a scary sight sometimes) which, of course, got the rest of the crowd to dance as well.

Here is video I shot of Young Love performing the last song of the show, Find A New Way:

If Young Love is coming to YOUR TOWN (Detroit on 02.24) you MUST check them out ... I promise, you'll dance your respective booties off!

I got to meet a few Pink readers at the show -- I have to give a shout out to Kristin, Michelle, Jane and Kristina (who are all pictured above). It was great meeting you guys :)

Other than the show last night, yesterday was pretty chill ... and the weekend looks to be pretty chill as well. I hope you have a good one ... I am out.