Wednesday, February 07, 2007

High On Infinity

We're about midway thru New York Fashion Week and Britney Spears is still in NYC doing pretty much everything BUT going to fashion shows. Yeah, I don't get it. But, altho Brit Brit is in town for fun and laughs one must not forget that she is a Mother first and foremost. Here are pictures of Britney being a mother to her eldest son Sean Preston:

Photo credit: Splash News

There now ... lest you think that Britney is a terrible mother ... here is proof positive that she likes her children to eat. Well done, Britters. [Source]

But, once her kid was all full up she stashed him away (prolly with her other kid) and whipped out the thong underwear and her hot pink fuzzy ensemble and hit the streets of NYC ... but not before she managed to slather on a nice coat of lip gloss:

Photo credit: Splash News

Who dresses her? Does this person have a genetic defect or other malady that impairs taste? How can she *possibly* think that this outfit looks good? I mean SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Thank God for the undies tho ... we wouldn't want her cooter bone to freeze in that bitter NYC weather. [Source]

In happy and much more stylish news, yesterday was Kylie Minogue Day in the UK with the unveiling of the new Kylie - The Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The exhibition is designed to "explore Kylie Minogue as a popular style icon and international performer ... featuring costumes, accessories, photographs, sound and video, the exhibition will look at Kylie's career and changing image." I believe the exhibit already debuted in Australia last year but it has finally come to the UK. Here are pictures of Kylie as she emerged from her London home on her way to the gala opening:

She looked great! Strong and confident, Kylie looked as if she were doing perfectly fine since her break-up with longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez. [Source]

As if the basic black weren't stunning enough, Kylie donned an utterly fabulous purple dress for the actual opening ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and she showed up with her #1 main gay (her stylist) William Baker. It is so sweet to see her overcome with emotion at all the love lauded upon her. She is truly an icon ... and she is loved by so many people ... and deservedly so. [Source]

The exhibit runs from Feb. 8 to Jun. 10 and is free to the public. If you are able, make sure you take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see this exhibit:

Photo credit: Splash News

Ah ... to be able to see those infamous gold hotpants that Kylie wore in her Spinning Around video (credited by some for reviving her career again in 2000) up close and personal ... to be able to hear them whisper their secrets in your ear. I sincerely doubt this exhibit will make its way to the US so check it out for all of us Yanks who can't get out to see the exhibit for ourselves. [Source]

Elsewhere in the UK, Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie were spotted partying with a very interesting person ... Prince Harry ... at Mayfair's Mahiki club this week. I wonder what on Earth could a young prince and an old queen have to talk about?

Prince Harry spent more than two hours talking to Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie at Mayfair's Mahiki club ... The unlikely threesome discussed Madonna and Guy's adoption of African baby David Banda last October while knocking back £100-a-pop champagne Treasure Chest cocktails. The 21-year-old prince reportedly had tears in his eyes as he spoke to Ritchie at length about the orphans he has befriended in Africa. Harry has founded his own charity, called Sentebale, to help millions of Aids orphans in Lesotho. One reveler in Mahiki last night said: "Harry wasn't drunk, even though he had a few cocktails from the Mahiki Treasure Chest. The more he talked to Guy about Africa, AIDs and the children, the more he was tearful. He seems to be a very sensitive guy. He also gushed to Guy about how caring his girlfriend Chelsy is towards the African orphans." After their intense discussion, the mood became lighter as Harry and Madonna, 48, swapped exercise tips and compared notes on how much they trained, how far they run and their respective injuries — which raised a few giggles among the party. It certainly looked as if the singer had enjoyed her night out with the prince as she emerged looking the worse for wear in the early hours of this morning. Of course ... adoption! I find it sweet, tho highly unlikely, that Prince Harry was bawling his eyes out talking about adopting African orphans ... perhaps he and girlfriend Chelsy Davy will adopt a child of their own -- can you imagine how Queen Elizabeth would react if they really did adopt? LOL. [Source]

David Beckham is taking a bit of a break from his grueling training schedule with his current soccer team Real Madrid (I think his butt is sore from all that bench warming) and took his wife Victoria for a little holiday in Nice, France:

See ... this stupid crocheted cap would look ridiculous on anyone else ... but it looks great on Becks, don't cha think? And, hey, even if you don't like the hat you can still admire the rest of his hot bod. [Source]

It's a good thing that burlesque dancer Dita von Teese didn't give up her day job once she got married to Marilyn Manson because now that she's getting divorced from MM she can still make ends meet ... such a clever girl. Here are pictures of Dita's performance at at GQ magazine party in Germany earlier this week:

While I've got mad love for Miss von Teese and tho I'm squarely on Team Dita I'm a bit bored with this champagne glass shtick she's been peddling for a while now. Yes, it's hot ... yes, it's sexy ... but she does the same bit over and over again. Aren't there other oversized containers that she can wet down her semi nekkid body in that haven't been used before? Perhaps an oversized milk carton? [Source]

Brooke Shields and her newest born daughter Grier were spotted out and about in LA this week ... and it would seem that little Grier already has a drinking problem:

Photo credit:

She's well on her way for a bright future as the next generation of Hollywood. [Source]

Ryan Phillippe was spotted flying solo this week wearing a very interesting t-shirt:

Photo credit: Splash News

Actually, I didn't mean to say interesting ... I meant crazy. Alas, it appears the poor chap has lost his wits. [Source]

Nicole Richie and Sophie Monk have become fast friends since they've both started dating the Madden twins. Here are a couple pictures of the new couple, Nicophie, hand-in-hand earlier this week:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

We don't usually see much of Sophie out and about around town but I'm sure that Nicole will show her the ropes ... you know, all the right coffee shops, stores and outdoor eateries to be seen at. Sophie appears well on her way to Hollywood "It" Girldom. [Source]

Here are a few SUUUPER cute pictures of Parker Posey from a SUUUPER sweet photoshoot she did:

I just love her ... even if these pics look like they were shot by Olan Mills. [Source]

If you are at all familiar with the show The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo then you know who Slade is (you also know how absolutely horrible every single person featured on that show is ... but that's beside the point) ... here are photos from Slade's official website where he is showcasing his modeling skills:

It would seem that Mr. Smiley has been desperate for fame since before his days on The Real Housewives. I'm not sure what kind of modeling gigs he's hoping to score by hiding his wenis underneath that waterfall but best of luck to him. [Source via Source]

And finally, Newsweek magazine has finally realized that the Hollywood Bad Girls are newsworthy ... they've even decided to put BFF Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on the cover of their magazine ... pictures from last year, talking about a story that broke months ago, featuring "Bad Girls" who haven't been seen together in weeks:

Has the world finally run out of real news that Newsweek must resort to an ancient story that's already been hashed and rehashed multiple times over? What's next, the Kim Kardashian sex tape story on the cover of Time magazine? [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday, Fall Out Boy traversed the USA on a chartered MTV plane on Flight 206 and played three concerts in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Jim and I were invited to attend the show here in LA last night which took place atop the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange building in downtown LA at around 11PM (the boys were a bit tardy due to inclement weather in Chicago). Here are a few pictures from the show:

The show was so fun ... even if the Fall Out Boys looked really, really tired. Nonetheless, they kicked their show into high gear and put on a really fun show for all the kids in attendance. Click HERE to see all of my pictures from last night.

Here is a vid clip of the boys performing their current single This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race:

The show was really fun but something tells me that they were very happy to be finished with their 1-day tour. Much love goes out to Melissa and Emily from MTV for taking amazing care of Jim and me last night. I have to give a shout out to Pink readers Jill, Lisa and Joanna who I had the pleasure of meeting last night at the show.

Incidentally, John Norris from MTV News was along for the ride and boy was he in a pissy mood. As we were leaving, Jim and I overheard him bitching out a PA over the way he was being spoken to or something like that ... he also seemed annoyed that he was made to come into contact with the audience. So lame! Hahahhaha.

It's gloomy and colder today (only in the 50s, boo!) and I have a few more things to take care of before my dear Diana arrives tomorrow. Happy Hump Day ... I am out.