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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So I Guess Toasting Robbie's Birthday Is Out Of The Question

I'm actually quite sad this morning ... I think I'm finally running out of good things to say about Britney Spears. I realize that hope springs eternal and we will have her comeback album to look forward to (at least, until it finally comes out and possibly bombs) but in the meantime it's getting harder and harder to stay positive about her insane antics. Britters is still in NYC and she continues to embarrass herself everywhere she goes :( At least, she sometimes looks pretty good ...

... it, unfortunately, never lasts. She has been spending quite a bit of time with strippers lately ... I wonder if she is trying to tell us something? I suppose it's a good thing that she thought it wise to remove that Star of David pendant from around her neck when she decided to lose her clothes and strip down. The sad thing is ... this sort of behavior doesn't seem fun anymore. I hate that she is having a grand ol' time indulging in trashy behavior ... it just doesn't seem a wise course of action especially in light of recent events. I honestly don't see an end to this behavior. It pains me to think that, one way or another, it's going to take serious consequences for her to straighten up her act. Will no one help this girl? [Source, Source]


Last night 24 hit us with a 2-hour episode that seemed oddly placed within this new season. The show has only been on the air for a month and already they're giving us 2-hour eps? Not that last night's episode was bad by any means but there didn't seem to be enough OOMPH to justify a 2-hour ep ... but I digress. There was enough good stuff in last night's extended episode to give us stuff to talk about:

Screencaptures via Twenty Four Online

At first I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the dumb blonde girlfriend who was hanging around McCarthy wasn't as dumb as I thought ... that is, until she got capped by Fayed. See folks, this is what greed begets you ... if you ever find yourself in a situation where your lover takes a prisoner in exchange for money, don't think it wise to shoot that lover and then try and pick up the money on your own. It just never ends well. Eh, at least she took some initiative. I had a sneaking suspicion that the Chad Lowe character would be up to no good -- something in his beady little eyes screamed traitor ... and why is it that all the presidents named Palmer become targets for assassination? It seems clear that if your last name is Palmer and you become president then you've got a death wish. I really didn't think that Morris would hold out for as long as he did ... that drill would've made anyone cave in -- tho it was remarkable how he could take a drill to the shoulder and still be able to type with his hands. I guess we shouldn't be at all surprised that the Russians are involved, again. Honestly, who's left in the world to war with? In 24 world, the Muslim extremists and the Russians are always the ones in cahoots bent on the destruction of the US. It'd be nice if they mixed it up a little next season ... the bad guys could be aliens ... or Scientologists! Er ... not that anyone would know the difference. I was happy to learn that the sister-in-law Marilyn wasn't a bad guy ... and seeing just how evil Daddy Bauer is now only goes to show that he will get much more nasty. I foresee a showdown betwixt the Bauers -- yes, I am *that* clairvoyant. Emo Chloe got on my nerves again last night ... tho, it was cool that she ended up slapping Morris in the face. I can't really take her seriously as an emotional mess ... normally, she'd be the one inappropriately and awkwardly chastising the emotional agent. As much as I really don't like Milo, it's cool that he's out in the field which gives him the ability to actually do something exciting. I doubt I'll be rooting for him as I rooted for Chloe a couple season's ago when she went out into the field and ended up blasting a bunch of terrorists with her own 2 hands (and an AK-47) but you never know. Over all ... I wanted more from last night's ep. Now we have to deal with the slowly evolving back-story of the assassination attempt (which will, undoubtedly, be linked to the day's terrorist events) and the cat and mouse game that the Bauers will engage in. Hmm. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to see next week's ep (when Jack learns the truth about his father) since I will be out of the country ... I might have to make do with someone elses *gasp* typed up recap. [Source]


I was also a little bored with last night's ep of Heroes. I realize they can't all be gems but there wasn't a single surprise last night that made me gasp out loud ... which is rare for this show:

We're finally getting to the part where Heroes are battling one another ... but is it wrong that I'm really uninterested in Jessica/Nikki as an assassin? I think I like her better locked up in the loony bin beating up on psychiatrists. I was sure that Matt Parkman was going to die last night ... you can feel it, someone is going to die soon (actually, they even said that next week "Someone flies, Someone dies"). As much as I love the actress Missy Pyle (who played that showgirl Hope) I think she fell a bit flat. Since she took off with Ando she'll prolly play a larger role but I didn't much care for her last night. The Star Trek jokes (alluding to the recent guest appearance by George Tekai) were cute but maybe a little forced. One would have been good enough. Claire is having family probs and Sylar is up to his old tricks. If he is able to fool both Sareshes in the same way I'll be pissed. I'm pretty sure that Mohinder won't be killed but ... you never know. Eh ... I think last night was the first uninteresting ep of the season, let's hope it doesn't become the standard. [Source]

Robbie Williams is celebrating his 33rd birthday today ... in rehab. The UK pop star has admitted himself into a rehab facility here in the US. No word on whether or not he'll be rooming with Lindsay Lohan. Here are pictures of Robbie from one of his recent visits to Hyde:

Photo credit: Splash News

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has been admitted into rehab for treatment for his dependency on prescription drugs, his spokeswoman said today. The former Take That star, who is 33 today, has entered a clinic in the US. His spokeswoman BRYONY WATTS said: "Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in America for his dependency on prescription drugs. There will be no further comment on this matter." This is not the first time the star, who now lives in LA, has battled with his demons. After he left Take That, he entered rehab for addiction to drink and drugs ... Robbie received mixed reviews for his latest album Rudebox and only one Brit nomination. He recently cancelled the Asia leg of his Close Encounters world tour, citing stress and exhaustion as the reason. Yes, it was clear that pretty much everyone hated his new album and it's very unfortunate that he took the criticism so hard. Much pros and kudos, tho, that he made the decision to clean himself up. Robbie is hugely talented and it would be a waste for him to become the UK's poster child for illicit drug use. [Source]

After all, that position has already been filled. Here are pictures of Pete Doherty exiting the courthouse after his most recent court appearance for whatever one of his charges he had yet to appear in court for ... oh yeah, this one is for the crime of driving without a license:

Photo credit: Splash News

Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty has been fined £300 and disqualified from driving for two months. The 27-year-old admitted two charges of driving without insurance or a licence at Thames Magistrates Court in London. District Judge Jane McIvor warned the singer that he faces jail if he drives without a licence again. The rock star was arrested in November 2006 by officers who spotted him driving his Jaguar erratically near his east London home. He was fined £200 for driving without insurance, £100 for driving without a driving licence, plus £55 costs. Mr Doherty's defence counsel said the singer was eligible for a licence, but had not applied for one after passing his driving test. Sean Curran added: "Mr Doherty accepts that he was driving with no licence and insurance. He had left the task of getting an insurance policy in the hands of one of his managers, who hadn't done so." Two other driving-related charges were withdrawn. Well ... I'm sure that after this latest appearance in court he has surely learned his lesson. [Source]

In other Pete news, he and girlfriend/fiancee/whatever Kate Moss attended an event at the Face of Fashion exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London earlier this week:

They really do make the perfect couple. [Source]

Penelope Cruz was honored last night at the Elle Style Awards at the event which kicked off London Fashion Week ... here are a couple pictures of the ravishing Penelope posing with her award:

Penelope was named the Elle magazine 2007 Style Icon ... which I wholeheartedly agree with. Penelope always looks great ... even when she looks bad, which is never ... except when she forget to wax her eyebrows. Oh wait, I'm thinking of Salma Hayek. Yeah, Penelope never looks bad. [Source]

Hayden Panettiere paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday, where she was interviewed by her current boyfriend (at least, I think they're still going out) and sometimes MTV VJ (and former Laguna Beach heart trob) Stephen Coletti. Here are a few pics:

Pretty, pretty. Incidentally, Stephen Coletti was in line behind me at the Burbank IKEA last week. I was putting my stuff on the counter and I noticed some dude all up in my personal space right behind me ... after I finished unloading my cart I casually turned around there was looking at his cell phone. I didn't really have anything to say (yelling out TEAM KRISTIN! seemed inappropriate for the surroundings) so I said nothing. He paid for his budget priced IKEA flatware and that was that. Er ... all of which has *nothing* to do with Hayden's appearance on TRL. Um ... I guess I like how her necklace is holding her dress up. [Source]

One of the Olsen twins (I give up on trying to discern who is who ... from now they'll both each be "one of the Olsens") is taking a little vacation from her hectic life down in Mexico ... gone are the fugly clothes only to be replaced by fugly underwear:

I really hope that this Olsen takes the time to rejuvenate herself so that she can return to the Hollywood scene fresh and ready to annoy with her usual bad taste in pretty much everything. Come back soon, Olsen! [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is in Madrid, Spain doing promo work for her new movie Bordertown which is called Ciudad del Silencio in Spanish even tho it doesn't really translate to Bordertown in English (it actually translates to City of Silence). Here are a couple pictures from her photocall for the movie:

Photo credit: Splash News

Whatever the movie is called J. Lo looks great! I'm very much looking forward to seeing her new movies and hearing her new music. It's been far too long since her last album and movie. One can only watch Maid in Manhattan oh so many times. [Source]

While in Spain, J. Lo and undead hubby Marc Anthony have been spending some time with their good friend David Beckham ... who is all bundled up with a scarf to keep the chilly Madrid winter at bay:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

Er ... at least I think he's wearing a scarf. It does kinda look big enough to be a child's blanket or couch throw blanket. It's all good ... we wouldn't want our Becksie poo to get sick now, would we? [Source]

Hmm ... there is much buzz going around that Hilary Duff has hooked up with San Francisco Giants baseballer Barry Zito ... and since the couple were photographed together it must be true:

Lord ... I hope it's true! I so want to start calling them Hilarito! [Source via Source]

Bobby Brown thinks that he can put on his best Bubba Gump Shrimp sweatshirt and sweep Whitney Houston off her feet and make her fall madly in love with him again:

And as long as she lays off the crack, his tactics will prove fruitless. See folks, this is exactly why you don't do drugs ... you don't want to end up with Bobby Brown, do you? [Source]

Matthew McConaughey, taking a break of filming his latest movie down in Australia, pauses on the beach to pontificate upon the meaning of life and his significance in this lifetime ... let's take a moment to ponder this along with him:

Yes, those are some deep thoughts. [Source]

Here are a few portraits featured in the New York Times that showcase various Oscar nominees (either individually or by film) lookin' all artsy:

Eh, I guess they're alright. I don't know why J. Hud is featured in her pjs but ... I guess that's what you call art. But ... MMMM ... Christian Bale. Click HERE to see the full gallery of portraits. [Source]

And finally (and speaking of J. Hud), here is a preview of Jennifer Hudson's upcoming Vogue magazine cover and photospread:

Work it, girl! She is really all over the place these days ... and it is so deserved. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was pretty uneventful until I met up with Tony for dinner last night. We met up at Hollywood and Highland for some shabu, shabu and conversation. I couldn't stay out long since I still had packing to do but it was really nice spending time with him. We hardly ever get to hang out anymore so it's great to catch up every once in a while.

I have a few last minute things to take care of before I fly out to NYC tonight. I'll be coming atcha from the East Coast for the rest of the work week ... tomorrow’s post might be a bit hairy since I'll be arriving in NYC early in the AM. I'll do my best to have an appropriate VD post for all y'all.

Lates! I'm out.



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