Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"I Was Delayed, I Was Waylaid" or, How I Spent My Valentine's Day Parts I, II & III

I have been stranded at the airport due to inclement weather for the past few hours (after a very long red-eye flight from LA all last night) and the funny/ironic thing is that I have been stranded in Detroit. Tho, to be quite honest, the humor is lost on me right now since I've had no sleep at all and it kinda sucks being so close to home without actually being able to go home. I am exhausted beyond belief and we're now being told we're still a ways from our departure.

I am unable to connect my computer to the Internet and am writing this on my trusty BlackBerry.

I will do what I can to get a post up at some point later on today after I arrive in New York but, as of right now, I don't know when that will be.

In any regard, I hope all y'all are having a fabulous Valentine's Day thus far today. XOXO

Wish me luck, I'm out.

Update: It is now about 2:30 PM ET, we've boarded the plane and are still waiting for take-off. After we fuel up, de-ice the wings and taxi out we should finally be on our way. Ugh.

Thank you all for the very sweet emails. Many of them made me feel a whole lot better. Incidentally Pink reader Tess, who I met here at the Detroit airport this during this horrid ordeal, is suffering along with me. Hope y'alls Valentine's is going much better than mine is so far today.

UPDATE 2: After the most hellish travel day of my life (14+ hours from start to finish) I finally made it to New York. I am tired as hell and totally frustrated but I'm with David and it's all worth it:

Much, much love to all y'all ... thank you for the amazing emails all day long. I've only had my BlackBerry to stay connected all day long and the messages really helped make it thru.

To close ... here is one of the first pictures that David and I took together when we met last February:

I finally made it to him this Valentine's Day :)

I'm out.